Tracks Disappearing

I know, I know, I should check past topics for an answer but its midnight and I have a bad headache - I'm not in the mood
Anyway, I doubt its just my iTouch, but whenever I've bought songs on it in the past year, they just...disappear from it after a few days. I know, you ought to transfer tracks over to your laptop... thats fair. But, why should it be a necessity? I have a mains adapter for my iTouch, therefore it doesn't connect to my laptop that often at all.
I think it's poor, that tracks disappear if they're not transferred. It's incredibly unfair, and a waste of my money. This has happened with almost every track I've purchased on my iTouch. I don't think it's right that they just disappear off the iTouch altogether, if not transferred. I never read anything that said I ought to transfer it onto my computer before x amount of time had gone by.
OR, is this just my iTouch? I got a £15 gift voucher from my parents for iTunes, and I'd like to be able to buy tracks over it easily rather than booting my laptop in order to do so.
It'd be great, if you could re-download any purchase you've made, if for instance, you accidentally delete the track. Or if you switch computers and the guy down the repair store has sold the parts of your old one and you can't grab the files :P
So, is there any reason for this, and is there anything I can do to stop it?
Thank-you for your time.
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any ideas?

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  • I am unable to delete music from my iPhone5 either directly or via PC.  On the iPhone the tracks disappear but the phone remains full and the data is still visible on the PC.  I am unable to manipulate the data in any way on the PC.

    I am unable to delete music from my iPhone5 either directly or via PC.  On the iPhone the tracks disappear when swiping left and deleting but the phone remains full and the data is still visible on the PC. The music was installed on the phone from the backup of a previous model but with the addition of new tracks I am now unable to add more or update to the next operating system as the phone is full.  On my PC the music is still there and but the neither the delete function or any form of sorting/management on the music files is functional. Other Apple products work OK including previous phone, ipad.ipods etc Any advice/help available to get past this would be appreciated.

    I think it is 7.1.1 - there was another update today which I've uploaded but it didn't make any difference. It's just the music libary on the 5 that's causing me problems.

  • Tracks "disappear".

    Tracks "disappear". My problem: I've recorded a whole piece of music (playalong, 8 tracks), 3 mins. Now I want to punch in 10 seconds where I played badly. Everything appears fine after I stopped the recording. However, when I click on the first basic track, the newly recorded 10 seconds "disappear" behind the basic pattern and become invisible. Also, I would like the punch to truly cut into the first recording (like I know from Pro Tools) and then I want to be able to create an in- and an out-fade at the corners of my second recording. - thx for helpin'. George
    Track 1_001 basic track plus Track1_0002_1 punchedIf I click on Track 1_001, it pops to the front and hides Track 1_002

    Unfortunately, it's designed like that. I don't ever use dropins myself, but over the years there have been a number of complaints about how Audition handles them. The fundamental thing that everybody wants to do is a 'proper' dropin, where the original simply gets replaced, but due to what amounts to corporate paranoia, this doesn't seem to be possible to achieve (even though it clearly is possible!). It seems that the developers want to try to 'save you from yourself', and fear being sued by somebody who 'inadvertently' manages to delete a perfect take - even though the the concept of consequential liability in this context is a complete nonsense.
    As it is, to do what you want, you have to record your dropin on another track, then split the original track and move it into place. Then you get the crossfade options.

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    Tracks "disappear". My problem: I've recorded a whole piece of music (playalong, 8 tracks), 3 mins. Now I want to punch in 10 seconds where I played badly. Everything appears fine after I stopped the recording. However, when I click on the first basic track, the newly recorded 10 seconds "disappear" behind the basic pattern and become invisible. Also, I would like the punch to truly cut into the first recording (like I know from Pro Tools) and then I want to be able to create an in- and an out-fade at the corners of my second recording. - thx for helpin'. George

    You should find a forum for whichever product this involves and ask for help there.
    Here is a link to a page that has links to all Adobe forums...
    Forum links page:

  • Video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6

    Dear people, can you please help me find out why video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6.
    All it shows is the audio track and it is maximized to the first frame of the sequence. Video tracks are there but hidden - although video IS showing up in the program monitor.
    When I pull the tracks down in the timeline window using the dividing line between the video and audio tracks and set the sequence work area back it works fine, however it is a great annoyance having to do this every time when i swap between sequences.
    Can anybody please suggest a solution to this?
    I'd appreciate any help.

    This is the audio tracks problem i cannot overcome:
    (basically every type of audio i drop/place onto the timeline becomes left channel only, regardless of it being music or camera-recorded audio.
    In the source monitor everything plays back just fine, but when placed to the timeline - it becomes LEFT only.
    Weird.... (or am I and not it)

  • Video tracks disappear

    Video tracks disappear after leaving a sequence or after reopening a project in Premiere Pro CS6 (Windows7, 64bit). Cannot find them. Audio tracks are still there. Reinstalling doesn´t help. Anybody knows an answer?
    I´m using a Toshiba Tecra W50-A104 Notebook.
    Intel Core i7 4800MQ
    NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2048 MB
    Thank you

    Have not heared this for CS6 yet, anyway
    Pull down the audio.

  • When I import my footage, the audio track disappears!

    I have footage taken with my Canon vixia hfs11.  Footage looks great.  However, when I import the footage into Premeire Pro CS6, the audio track disappears.  I have used the Media Browser to import and import under file.  Nothing works.  The file is a MTS.  Please help!

    As Karsten Schlüter, says MPEG Streamclip is a great way to make sure the video is as compatible as possible. You can also try downloading to multimedia helpers like DivX (in the case of some Xvid/Divx MP4 formats). I have a Flip mino video camera that requires DivX to be installed to play them back. And once I installed it the videos would be editable in iMovie '11. Something to try.

  • Audio Tracks Disappear When Zooming on Timeline

    It's very strange, but whenever I zoom in on a certain portion of a timeline I'm working on, audio tracks warp, change, duplicate, or disappear altogether. See below for a video:
    Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? Thanks in advance for all and any help!

    It's actually a feature film I've been working on for quite a while – most likely several CC versions back, maybe even from CS6 – sorry I can't remember off the top of my head. Could that be what's causing it? Is there any fix? Or do projects that have been upgraded several time throughout CC update history always have this issue?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Help! Project Damaged, All Tracks Disappeared!

    My project, which was fine the last time I opened it, now gives me the following messages when I try to open it:
    "Minor correction of project has taken place (1)"
    "Warning! Project may be damaged"
    When the files opens all the tracks are gone! If I create new tracks and add audio files, they appear for a minute then disappear.
    This project resides on my external LaCie 500GB external drive. Other projects on this drive work fine. Creating a new project works fine. I have a backup on my internal drive but an old version. I'm looking at hours recreating the piece. Does anyone know what's happened? Is there any way to recover my work?

    Yeah, the project is still there, as are the audio files, thank god. And yes, there are ten backup files but they all are similarly corrupted.
    I did find the Undo History and was able to back up a few steps so that my tracks reappeared. BUT: most of the tracks say No Output with the icon crossed out in red and have lost all their inserts and channel strips and basically all their data (and do not play of course). Interestingly the Undo History describes actions performed on "No Output" as the track name instead of, say, "Piano 2."
    The last thing I did a week ago was bounce the track (to mp3 not aif, alas) then quit Logic and I haven't used it since. So the project somehow got messed up while dormant. And no, nothing seemed wrong during the bounce.

  • All audio tracks disappeared form the Timeline, but audio still works

    Hi there.
    I've been using Premiere for quite a while (I still have the 2.0 version), but this problem never occured before. I'm running Premiere on Win Vista.
    I've been working on a project for a few weeks and eventually I got a version that was more or less final. Thus I tried to render everything a few times (Quicktime H264) but the render never succeeded because of an "API failure". Didn't manage to fix that, so I tried to render in wmv, just to check if it worked.
    Well, it worked, but when render finished all the audio tracks had disappeared form the Timeline. I tried to find a solution on the web but couldn't find anything useful. No matters how much I scroll down and/or move the windows, the audio tracks just are not there. And the triky part is that I still can hear the sound when playing the sequence! I tried to add some empty audio tracks and Premiere apparently does it (it records it in the history), but no audio track shows up...
    Any solutions?
    Thank you

    This sounds like a redraw problem, which is usually the fault of graphics hardware/driver.  Try checking those.

  • Itunes track disappeared

    before i bought an album i had one song off the album as a single on my itunes. once id bought the album the track off the album i had already as asingle had disappeared. but the single had stayed. does anyone know how to get the track back on the album please?

    Problem solved: The tracks need to be sorted by the first column (track numbers), otherwise the "join tracks" option disappear. The option disappears even if the tracks are in the right order, if the sort uses another column. I would call this "lousy design".
    1. The option should always be in the menu, but shaded when not available.
    2. If the track joined are in the right order, the option should be available, not matter what column is used for sorting

  • Tracks disappearing mid-song

    around frame 79 all tracks in a song disappear but one. the data of all the tracks is still visible but there is no sound; it happens at the exact same time for all of them. everything drops out except for one track.
    any idea why this might happen?

    I had the same problem and was freaking out..
    Then I just moved the slider on the "tempo" of the master track under "Track info" and the whole tracks show now.. all two hours

  • UPS tracking disappeared!

    I ordered my phone from Apple on 10/5 and on 10/7 I got notification of shipment. I was able to track it over the past few days from China....Korea....Anchorage....Louisville. Once arriving in Louisville (I live in Louisville BTW), it not only scanned arrival, etc but also had an import/acceptance scan which to me, would indicate that it actually arrived in Louisville and was being prepared to be delivered on the predicted delivery date of Monday 10/13.
    Tonight I logged on to print the deliver w/o signature form and clicked the all DISAPPEARED!!!
    Now all the site says is label created on 10/7 and "Order Processed: Ready for UPS".  What the HECK????? Has this happened to anyone? Maybe just a UPS website issue or do you think my phone never really shipped in the first place?? If it didn't then how did it get scanned at all those places?

    I had the same exact thing happen to me tonight. I ordered the iPhone 6 Plus and the label was created on 10/9. it went from Kentucky to ontario CA. it was shipped second day air saver and it had a delivery date of 10/13. Just check on it tonight and all of it is gone. Ups tracking just says label created on 10/9, order processed: Ready for UPS. I sure hope this is just a glitch in their website. This is the first time i have encountered this problem.
    UPDATE: just checked it right now and all the info is back. That glitch is weird, but I'm glad its back to normal.

  • Random tracks disappearing from iTunes on purchase or sync

    Since iCloud has been introduced, I've had nothing but headaches keeping the songs I want on my iPhone. Until the cloud, it was simple enough. I had all my songs on my Mac. The ones I wanted on my iPhone, I checked, did a USB sync, and I was golden. Since the cloud, whenever I buy an album, either from my phone or from my computer, there are are invariably tracks that don't appear on my phone. They come, they go. You'll see the album, look down the list, and then a "Complete This Album" link, which will show you the songs you purchased but Apple thought you probably didn't want. I'm sorry for the sarcasm, but this just has me crazy. I've established that it isn't a capacity issue on the phone. I can sometimes fix the problem with a USB sync, but when I did this a couple of days ago to complete the album of Beethoven Late Quartets on the phone, I found later that the new Beck album dropped three tracks. Completely at random.
    I swear I'm going to become one of those vinyl geeks pretty soon . . .

    Hi Greg,
    O.k. understood you were explaining how you import your cd's. I don't quite get the copy bit though.
    My iTunes is set to import a cd into the iTunes music folder at a custom sample rate (higher than standard) you can choose this by following; iTunes, preferences, advanced, importing, then change the setting to custom for a better quality import. This is stored straight into my 'iTunes music folder', which for storage and (laughably) security reasons I have changed from the default location to a 250GB external hard drive. As far as I know iTunes only copies my cd to this location then ejects it.
    I had to change the location of the Music folder by following; iTunes, preferences, advanced, general. the box will show you where your library is stored and you can change this location if you want. Once you have changed the location you will need to 'consolidate library'. Yes this does look very scary but all it really does is find all the music stored on your computer and copy it into the specified iTunes music folder location.
    I bit the bullet and did a consolidate library earlier, it searched my computer and listed loads of tracks which had gone missing. I thought, great! it's just going to re-import the missing tracks but they never arrived on my track listing and the total number of tracks didn't change...
    There are songs in my iTunes music folder that I can play straight from the file which will then re-appear in iTunes but it won't recognise them untill I do which is bloody annoying, but less annoying than having lost the tracks completely.
    Search for your missing tracks everywhere with spotlight and if no joy considate your library, watch the screen and see what it finds. If it tries to re-import them then surely the files must still exist somewhere.
    Are all your missing tracks still in the iTunes library list but marked with or have they vanished from it completely?
    Good luck

  • Why do audiobook tracks disappear after ripping to library

    I have been ripping audiobook cds to iTunes on my Mac for several years without any unsolvable problems.
    Recently, fully ripped and saved audiobooks will have anywhere from 2 to 6 tracks missing from each disc in the set. I am not best pleased. Having to re-rip 24 discs is time consuming and having to check every audiobook before syncing is the only way to assure I have a full set of tracks for each disc.
    I've searched my harddrive for the missing tracks with Spotlight to no avail.
    I do not have any other libraries. I use only iTunes on the Mac.
    Any clues?

    If you would like to create a new project and set up a topic with your CSS in it, I will take a look at it. How to send it is described on the Contact page on my site.
    The most common issue with upgrading to 8 was lists. You can read about that on my site. Look under RoboHelp > Lists.
    With 8 the big issue was a bug that will not affect you in 9. The project lost track of files.
    I cannot help you on the FM integration and suggest you post a separate question on that aspect at
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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