Trading Goods acounting issue

Dear Experts...
Please tell me whether any accoounting document / entry generates when i am moving TRADING GOODS from inward storage location to FG Storage location. If yes, please tell me the details...
or when it will hit to Consumption Account? (if, any)- because these cost should be charged to Profit and loss account naa?
Please give t code/ path and Goods movement type
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Yes this possible to transfer the goods between the storage locations for that you have to
For single step
Go to MIGO Select the option u201CTransfer Postingsu201D in the drop down box
Give the movement type 311 (transfer with in plant) and mention the from and to plant, storage locations 
This will update the Inventory account and in the account grouping screen (OMWN) if the movement type consumption field V means that will update the consumption account 
This will help you

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  • India: Customer consignment with trading goods

    Dear all,
    we need to implement customer consignment process with trading goods on a depot in India.
    But I am lacking understanding how the process works with SAP:
    Step 1) consignment fill-up:
    We do goods issue, then J1IJ and then a create a proforma invoice. This invoice holding the RG23D entries goes along with the goods to the consignment location. But it is not relevant for payment towards the consignment customer as I have learned.
    2) Consignment issue: When we do a consignment issue, how do we get the correct tax amounts into our invoice (BED, CESS, SeCess)? I am told that the excise is only billed to the consignment customer for the actual consumed quantity. This would be with the invoice for the consignment issue. But the pricing procedure does not pick up the partial excise values from RG23D as we do not create any excise invoice for consignment issue, but only SD invoice. So how to get the correct values in the excise conditions?
    Can anybody explain to me how this scenario can be handled in SAP without entering condition values manually in the invoice?

    Dear tortyv,
    As per my understanding of the requirement,
    You please check the "VL06" report if it satisfies your requirement you enter the execution parameters and execute.
    System will give the list of out bound deliveries. Select one of those and click the details icon (ctrlshiftf3) according to the item view or headder view.
    If it does't suit you have to go for z report.
    I f you want that please provide the input fields in order to fetch the required data for the report.

  • GR for Purchase Order for Trading Goods

    I have a query on configuration for accounting entry for purchase orders for Trading goods.
    When i do the GR for Purchase order for a trading good, the accounting entries are,
    Inventory Dr
         GR/IR Cr
    Purchase Expenses Dr
         Purchase Setoff Cr
    I understand that i can configure for the first set of posting in  BSX and WRX. How do i configure for the Purchase Expenses and Purchase Setoff.
    Please advise and correct my understanding.
    Thanks in Advance,

    The possiblity for this scenario is
    First create the Production order in CO01
    Create of Account assinged PO in ME21N with Account assigned category as "F" with Production order
    Do the MIGO with respect to PO, then system will directly post the Stock to that Production order.
    So in the system GR is done for PO & Goods issue is done for Production order.In this way you can acheive this.

  • Trading Goods

    Dear Experts,
    We have a business scenario where in we purchase a case of 8 units quantity and we break the packing and repack into each case of 3 quantity, we are using different materials codes for both the materials under the same material type HAWA.
    The issue is both the materials belong to the same material type and business is not ready to use the procuring 8 quantity case as raw material. The packing charges and labour charges has to be charged to the product not to any cost object.
    Is there anyway to address this scenario in SAP without creating the BOM
    With Regards

    Hi Stephen,
    I am explaining the complete scenario.
    Creation of purchase order for 8 unit case(8 unit case config) with material X(HAWA material type)
    GRN preparation
    Break the 8 piece pack and repack to 3 piece pack this( 3 piece case config)(HAWA Material type only)
    Requirement is this 3pc pack charges(labour and packing charges) to be charged to the product only without charging to any cost object.
    At present we are doing it manually by preparing the physical inventory document (Mi01) and by posting the manual financial entry which is not acceptable.
    We are using product costing for normal production with make to order for exports and repetitive manufacturing for with in country sales.
    This trading goods issue to be addressed without charging the cost to any cost center or cost object.
    Please explore like capturing the cost on PCC and settling it to material. I tried this scenario but I could not able to confirm the PCC so system will not update the cost to the product
    With Regards

  • Trading goods as raw materials

    Hi friends,
    assuming that, in my business we have regular trading goods which are sold. But in some cases we use them for production ( which are actually meant for sales ).
    Now, we would have already identified them with material type HAWA.
    what are the steps or pre requisites to use them for prodution in SAP. Do i also need to identify that material as ROH. What are the FI effects of this. Because ROH and HAWA have different valuation class.
    Thanks in advance

    Der Material type change associated with the valuatioon class change which is linked with GL a/c
    Now just goto MMAM and try to chage...system will give required pre requisit.
    From FI angle - valuation of the stock will not get shifted GL a/c to other...hence there should not be nay issue.
    Since there was no consumption of gthe material till now in the system, you may hev to fix a consumption account in OBYC for this valuation calss and valuation modifier.
    check from MM angle about you may required to maintain some view in material master if required.
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            Rajesha Vittal

  • Converting Additional mat type to Trading Goods.

    Hello Everyone,
    I am converting material type from Additionals to Trading goods through MMAM tcode and i am following error.
    The material type cannot be changed.
    The reasons for this are:
    The old and new material types have different material type IDs.
    ID of new material type:
    No material type ID
    ID of old material type:
    So how to fix this issue.

    Hi Ilyas,
    Change of Material Type can be done only if it doesn't have different quantity/value updating, resulting in
    different account determination.
    The reasons for this are:
    1. Stocks may be already existing in one or more plants.
    2. No open items is left for tht materials.
    Once everything is clear, may be system does allow in changing this material type.

  • CIN-Pricing Procedure for Trading Goods

    Hi Gurus
    Need yr expertise... Currently we have trading goods process which do not require any excise duties but VAT or CST is required.. Could you pls advise what will be the best pricing procedure to be used as the proposed pricing procedure by SAP (JFACT or JDEPOT) cannot be used as it will propose excise invoice?
    If we do not maintain any excise duties in J1ID, system will not prpose any excise duties if we were to use either of the suggested pricing procedure but we will hit a warning message that excise duties are missing in J1ID..
    How can we avoid this and what will be the best pricing procedure which do not require excise duties but sales tax is required?

    Hi Vinz,
    you can make your won pricing proced.
    e.g. ZMKTPRICE
    here you can use your regular condition type what you have defined.
    e.g PR00-Sale Price
         MWST= 4% or 12.5  (PR00-K007).
    I think this will help you.
    Best Regards

  • COPA : Cost of sales for trading goods

    Dear friends
    We activated cost based accounting and made setting in  "Define Access to Standard Cost Estimates" to transafer standard cost of material to copa. We have to transfer Variable and fixed part of the standard cost to COPA, to two diffrenct Value fields
    And it is woking fine
    But when we sell, any purchased goods (having price control V) system asking for standard cost of the purchased goods. Then we are running Standard cost run for that material and we are able to sell the goods.
    Please speciy the above procedure is correct, any other procedure is available.
    The problem I am facing is suppor today I run standrd cost run for a trading goods and sold the same, today for that material MAP and standard cost is same.
    After some time the MAP of that same material is changed and if we sell the that goods, old standard cost of that material will go to copa
    How to solve this probelm.

    For the purchased products, you may perhaps use the condition type VPRS to bring in the  material price from the material master.

  • Trading goods in MM

    Dear Gurus
    Kindly suggest me what Item category and account assignment category will be used for Procurement of trading goods

    Only u have create th material with HAWA type.
    Then do normal Po , noneed of ASC and IC in PO.

  • Define Number Assignment for Goods Receipt/Issue Slips

    Hi Experts,
    please can you help in the creation of manual creation of transport request for the customizing activity "Define Number Assignment for Goods Receipt/Issue Slips": settings for assigning goods receipt/issue slip numbers upon goods movements (MM) or deliveries (LE-SHP)?
    Customizing for this functionality is composed by the following points:
    1. functionality activation at plant level
    2. number range group/interval code assignment
    3. Groups and intervals creation
    4. Plant / Storage Location / Movement type combination assignment to number range group.
    Customizing request is automatically created for points 1, 2, 4, but NOT for point 3 where you have to create Groups, Intervas and assing each others.
    You receive a message from SAP that you have to insert the relevant object manually into transport request.
    Please can you tell me exactly what I have to put into transport request as object:
    - Program ID     (I think R3TR)
    - Object Type
    - Object name
    and any other relevant information with all the details.
    Thank you very much
    Kind Regards

    You need to create the transport request by selecting the required number & clicking on the trnsaport icon, then a prompt for transport request will be displayed, there you can create the request & move it to production.
    Reward points if usefu;
    Thanks & Rgards

  • RE: Difference between Trading Goods and Finished Goods

    What is the difference between a trading good and a finished good?
    My business contracts the manufacturing of surfboard to third party manufacturers. We then distribute the surfboards out as our product to customers. Would you describe our surfboards as a trading good or a finished good?

    First of all, I am not sure which is the right forum for this question
    Coming to your query, a trading goods can be a finished goods or semi finished goods but not all finished goods can be treated as a trading goods.  Hope you got the difference.
    From manufacturers point of view, whatever they produce and sell, it can be treated as a finished goods.  Whatever they procure and sell, that can be treated as a trading goods.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Quality inspection before goods are issued

    Dear friends,
    We have got requirement that before Goods are issued all materials shall undergo Quality inspection and then materials are issued.
    How to map it in SAP.
    Please suggest

       you have not made it clear that you want through QM or in the framework of Inventory management.
    for the material in QM, you need to active QM view for that material and define the quality parameters for the material accepatance or rejection.
    if through inventory management, you can select the stock type Quality inspection at the time of PO or Migo.

  • Sale order costing for Trading goods

    Dear Experts,
    My client having retail industry.Client used to sold customers also like outwright customers direct sales not through retail stores. Now business would like to check margin agasinst one sale order through costing. My SAP working enviornment is IS Retail ECC6.0.
    1. Is it possible to do sale order costing for trading goods.(Goods p[urchased for all stores not particular customer)
    2.Wihtour BOM is it possible?
    3.Please forward any user docs ,if possible that costing
    Costing sheet like this
    1.Trading goods
    2.Packaging materila
    Beat Rgds

    Answerd with Condition type

  • Error in KE27 - run for trading goods

    Dear gurus!
    i have a error when i run KE27.
    Current, my customer don't have production activity. In SAP system, we activated Material Ledger. in period, i wanna run Periodic valuation (KE27) for all trading goods. (Note that we don't have finished good because not have production, customer just sell trading goods)
    I configured some steps follow:
    1. Define and Assign Valuation Strategy (in this step, i wonder that which valuation strategy is user for valuation for trading goods)
    - valuation trategy : 001
    - sequence     material costing       quantity field
           10                        x                            VV099
    - assignment of valuation strategy
    point of valuation                   record type              valuation strategy
        02                                              F                               001
    2. Define Access to Actual Costing/Material Ledger
       Costing key -  01
      0 legal valuation
      1. only trasfer total  cost
       periodic a/c line item
    3. Assign Costing Keys to Material Types
    point of valuation           record type    Material type        Valid to         costing key 1
            02                                   F                 HAWA              31.12.9999       01
    Then, after run period closing in Material ledger, i run KE27 to periodic valuation , but system get error:
    " Message no. KE435 - Costing key 01 does not exist
    In Profitability Analysis, the system tried to valuate by reading a product cost estimate. The Customizing settings in CO-PA call for valuation using costing key 01.
    This costing key is not defined "
    explicitly, i maintained costing key and assigned this to trading goods - material type.
    Please, help to fix it!
    any idea is appreciated.

    Activating ML is necessary because in my customer's company sell goods at planed price then revaluate value of inventories and COGS at actual price in the end of each of period. So we decide to use standard price control for trading goods and active Material ledger.
    end of period, we run period procedure of ML for trading goods, we expect allocation different amount, revaluate inventories and consumption. Run revaluation step of costing run in ML, we revaluate all   ending inventories and consumption transaction except billing transaction. So, we think that we need to run Ke27 to revaluate all line item document in COPA from billing.
    so anybody to help me revaluate consumption amount from billing at actual price in end of period?
    thanks in advance!

  • Requirement types & requirement class for trading goods.

    Dear all,
    I am working on a project in which there are only trading goods. Majority of the items are make to order & few are make to stock.
    For the make to order scenario, what will be the requirements type & requirements class to be used for the trading goods. Which item category is to be used......will it be TAN or different......
    For the make to stock scenario, what will be the requirements type & requirements class to be used for the trading goods. Which item category is to be used......TAN cannot be used here as it will be used in the MTO scenario so diffferent controls.
    What control parameters should I take care of while defining the requirements class & requirement type.
    With best regards,
    Niyaz Sayyed.

        As my understanding,  You should copy a new requirement class and make the following parameters and its values.
       For Requirements,
          req.transfer is X
          Allocation ind. is 1
          Prod.allocation is X
         No MRP is blank
      For assembly
                    assembly type is 2,
                     order costing is X,
                     Special stock is E,
                     order type is ZXXX
    You can refer to the sap standard MTO strategy 20 to complete your project. This is the most important parts defining the requirements for sales and distribution module.

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