Transaction code for excise JV especially to cenvat on hold account

Can anyone advice that in system for correcting excise register, the jv have to be posted for the following accounts-
cenvat on hold
cenvat clearing account
By which transaction code, jv to be posted. I know that for RG23 BED, ECS, H CESS, Cenvat clearing account can be corrected by using transaction code - J1IH but in my case i have to correct cenvat on hold account also for assets items.
Can anyone advice how to proceed.
Madhukar Mittal

like u have done following enrty
cenvat on hold     115 +
RG23 BED     100 +
RG23 ECS        10 +
RG23 H CESS    5 +
cenvat clearing account   230 -
now u want to reverse it right
then u will first have to go to J2I8 and tahe the credit of 115 cenvat on hold account
so that
RG23 BED     100 +
RG23 ECS        10 +
RG23 H CESS    5 +
will come to RG 23 C register on credit side
so ur RG23C registure will have
RG23 BED     200 +
RG23 ECS        20 +
RG23 H CESS    10 +
now use J1IH other Adj select Rg23C
for amount
BED     200
ECS        20
H CESS    10
so that the entry will be passed
RG23 BED     200 -
RG23 ECS        20 -
RG23 H CESS    10 -
cenvat clearing account   230 +
this is the std sap way to reverse the Captial credit taken
hope this helps

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  • T.code for excise register closing

    Hi All,
    What are the  T code for excise register closing.  can any one tell me the step by step closing T code in sap.
    thanks in advance
    points will be given.

    Dear Gopi,
    You can use the transaction SM30, table  V_T001B or by SPRO Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Posting Periods -> Open and Close Posting Periods.
    Also, check the transaction F.16.
    Thanks and regards,
    Paulo eVARISTO

  • Basic Transaction Codes for RailCAr Management

    I am looking for some basic Transaction Codes for Rail Car Management especially loads and unloads.
    Anyone please?

    Hello Shirley,
    I assume that you are using either Event Management to collect the load/unload events OR your manually entering this data onto the Freight Unit?
    If the answer to the above information is correct, then it would depend where you are storing this data. Are you adding the data to the Freight Orders or to the Freight Units? If you are using FOs then some of the fields might be present on the FO work list and you could create a query/view there to view this data. There is also a work list on the FWO side but it would only contain a summary of the FUs. That is due to the one to many relationship between FWOs and FUs.
    You might be better off building an ALV report to gather the fields that you need. Alternatively this could be done in SQVI but it is more limited.
    An alternative to all of this if your using Event Management, is that you could produce a report in EM to give you this information. This however would only be possible if you are sharing all of the info that you need in the report with EM.
    Hope that helps

  • Transaction code for Open sales order other than VA05

    Hi all,
    Can any one tell me what is transaction code for open sales order other than VA05.
    Please help me .
    Thanks & Regards ,
    Srikanth P.

    Hi Srikanth,
    You can try below options.
    1- VA05N - This can be run for multiple sold to party & multiple material, etc which was not in VA05. But this doesn't have all columns in VA05 report.
    2 - You can check the sales order tables from transaction SE11 or SE16N
    Try with below tables for your requirement.
    Sales order Header data - VBAK
    Sales order Item data - VBAP
    Schedule Line Data - VBEP
    Business data - VBKD
    Status header - VBUK
    Status items - VBUP
    Best regards,

  • How to create Transaction code for Table Maintanance generator.?

    I have created a Z Table. and I maintained the Table maintenance generator for the same. Now, my requirement is.. I have to create Transaction code for maintain and Display of this Z table.
    Can someone help me how to create the transaction code for Maintain and Display of the table. I know that we have to create a Transaction code for 'SM30'. Can someone tell me the steps to do the same. When I goto SE93 and say CREATE transaction, I get 5 options, Which one to select and what are the details should I provide in the subsequent screens.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

         Check the below steps......
    1. Go to Tcode u2018se93u2019.
    2. Select ' Transaction with parameters'.
    3. Then Transaction 'SM30' with click on skip initial screen
          UPDATE   : X
    4. Maintain the  Table maintenance generator
      Authorization group : &NC&
      Authorization object :
      Function group : name(xxx)
    Maintenance Screens :
    Maintenance type : One step
    Maint Screen No : Overview screen (2)
    If still u have problem I will send u steps with Screen shot ...send me Yr id.

  • How to Create Transaction code for a Report

    Hi Gurus,
    I created some reports and I wants those reports
    should be placed in the SAP Menu(initial screen) not
    in the User menu in the form of Transaction codes.
    I would really appreciate if any one can please send the process to create transaction codes for the User reports/Report groups in R/3 and how to add those created Transaction codes to the SAP MENU.
    Thanks in Advance

    Try to insert it into the main menu if you must change S000 (there is a function module for everything)? Perhaps SAP protects their menu trees from foreign subnodes in SE43?
    Also note that for report transactions you do not need to give the user transaction code start_report. If you do, then they could enter it directly and potentially start many other reports too. The system will call start_report for submitting the report internally without authorizations for it required (unless start_report is maintained in SE97).
    Regarding DE, this also confuses me sometimes and I noticed that it generally indicates that I am doing something which has an implication for a SAP standard object. Try either hitting the enter button to see what the next screen is, or, choose original language in the previous screen, or, logon in sy-langu = DE and (remember the path if you dont speak German) change it, or, follow JCs advice to create your own menu.

  • How to create transaction code for a Z-table

    How to create transaction code for a Z-table?
    Se93 --> then which radio button to be selected? and what is the program nam e to  be given

    Hi Sam,
    <b>Procedure to create a TCODE for ZTABLE:</b>
    Create a table maintainance/View for the Z* Table.
    Once you create the view goto SE93>Select Parameter transaction and give the short desc.>
    Give the transaction as SM30(Skip the first screen-optional)>Check all check boxes under GUI support>In the default values(grid)section first row give the VIEWNAME as you created initially and the second row UPDATE as X.
    <u><i>Se93 --> then which radio button to be selected</i></u>
    Select the parameter transaction as a radio button.
    <u><i>what is the program nam e to be given</i></u>
    no need to give any program name. Instead you have to give the transaction code name as SM30.
    Pls mark the helpful answers.

  • How to create transaction code for maintenance view

    hai friends,
    i hope every thing goes good.
    i have doubt, how to create transaction code for maintenance view. I created view for tranperant table and now i want to create transaction code for the view.
    i tried and i donot know the screen number and program name and where can i give the view name.
    if any one know please post in details.
    thanks in advance.

    Hi Elam,
    You need to create a "Parameter Transaction".
    What this means is that you will have a transaction (let's call it "ZMAINT") which calls "SM30" and passes in your table name.
    Go to transaction SE93 and enter your new transaction code. Enter in the Tcode description and choose "Transaction with Parameters" (it shouldbe the last radio button).
    Enter in the default transaction "SM30" and tick the "Skip Initial Screen" check box. Hit Enter.
    Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see a Table Control where you will need to enter in the values to the SM30 selection screen.
    Because you hit ENTER, the program will have loaded in the Selection Screen parameters into it's memory. Hit the drop down for "Name of Screen Field" and select "VIEWNAME" and then enter in your Z Table in the "Value" column.
    Now go to the next line and hit the drop down and select "UPDATE" in the "Name of Screen Field". Enter in a "X" in the value column.
    Now save the transaction and there you have it.
    Hope this helps.
    PS. Kindly assign Reward Points to the posts you find helpful.

  • Transaction code for vendor account statement for perticular duration

    Transaction code for Accounts payable
    statement for perticular date
    duration...... (from date and to date)

    You can use the following reports, there are quite a few other reports but the ones below can be used easily to tweak to your requirement using the many selection and display options available:
    1. S_ALR_87012103 - List of Vendor Line Items
    2.  FBL1N

  • Transaction code for Proforma invoice

    Transaction code for Proforma invoice

    If you want to create proforma Invoice. First of all you have to maintain copy contol for billing. Where you can maintain in Billing F5/F8 and in source document you can maintain Delivery Document type of Sale order Document type as per your business requirement.
    After that in Transaction code VF01 you can create Proforma Invoice based on Sales Order No. of Delivery document No.
    Reward if it solves your querry.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Dilip Shende
    Edited by: DILIP SHENDE on Apr 4, 2008 2:09 PM

  • What are the different transaction codes for PGI?

    1. What are the different transaction codes for PGI?
    2. What transaction code should I use for a Group Delivery?

    Go to VL02 and you can do the PGI.
    Regfarding Group Delivery, you can create a batch job and link the program to the batch job so that the job picks up all the orders and create deliveries.
    Creating a Background Job Using the Job Wizard
    •From the main menu select System>Services>Jobs>Define Job (transaction SM36).
    •Press the Job Wizard button and step through the screens as follows:
    •2: Enter a name for your job. Continue.
    •3: Continue with ABAP Program Step selected
    •4: Enter the ABAP Program Name and variant name.
    Press the Print Parameters button, specify the required printer and set the "Time of Print" to "Send to Print Spooler for now".
    Press green tick
    •5: If more reports need to be added to the job tick the checkbox, press continue and repeat screens 3 and 4.
    •6: Select how the job is to scheduled (eg Date and Time)
    •7: Enter the required scheduling information ( eg Date and Time) and if required tick "Periodic Jobs"
    •8: If "Periodic Job" was selected select the frequency (eg Monthly)
    •9: Check the job details and press Complete
    Hope the above info helps.
    Reward if useful

  • Transaction code for Creation of Material

    Hi Code Guru's,
    can any one please tell me the Transaction code for creation of material.
    Syed Khutubuddin.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 14, 2008 4:45 PM

    Hi syed,
    Goto T.code MM01 then create Material name,
                       MM02  is change Material name,
                       MM03 is display Material name.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 14, 2008 4:46 PM

  • Transaction code for maintenance view

    Hi all
          I created a maintenance view and I also generated the table maintenance dailog for the view.Now I am changing the values using the transaction code SM30.But I have to create a transaction code for this maintenance view to access it and update the table instead of using sm30 for this purpose.Please help me.
    Thank You.

    create transaction using 'se93'
    select parameter transaction and give below attributes
    Transaction code ZTX1
    Transaction text Maintain View ZSDCZTVIEW
    Transaction SM30 Screen 0
    From module pool
    Name of screen field Value
    UPDATE = X

  • Transaction code for Depricitation Report

    we have asset accouting with WDV Method & maintaing our books as per F.Y. April to March
    But, due to foreign investor's investment, we have need to closed our books, twicely, i.e.  IFRS - F.Y.-Jan to Dec / ( US gap ) & Indian gap, FY. April to March.
    Currently, We are using, AR03 trasaction to view the Depriciation Report (Asset Register)
    My problem is, when we run the Deprication report for IFRS Books closing, we could't get report, properly, because of our F.Y. maintan April to March.
    in that case we have need to maintain Manually on XLS.
    Please tell me any transaction code for depriciation report for IFRS  Books closing as well as Indian Gap.

    dont you have an option in there to run based on your depreciation area? Select your depreciation area and the report date based on your fiscal year variant. Optionally, you can also try reports like S_ALR_87012006 - Ordinary Depreciation, and S_P99_41000192 - Posted depreciation by asset and posting period with depreciation area selection.

  • Transaction code for report

    Hi All,
    I am new to SAP area. I have created ABAP program (Report and variant) which generate list of materials. User would like to run whenever they want and have little knowledge of SAP. So I would like to provide Transaction code for this report to user. Can anyone let me know how to create transaction code for report. Also suggest, if any other option available to provide the same to user.

    Hi Yogesh,
    Just as an option, you necessarily dont need to create a transaction so that the user can run the report. You can include the report in the menu for the user within his role to which he is assigned.
    Hence on SAP easy access screen when he logs in, the user would be able to see the report  all he needs to do is double click.
    Just an option for you.
    p.s. Transaction for role maintenance is PFCG .... refer to your basis consultant for more information

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