Transaction code to view order number

Hi all,
Please can anybody let me know the transaction code t view the order number and the related information to it.

Use crmd_order to view your order. Press f5 if you wana create any order and search or open if you have already created order.
Best regards
Pankaj Kumar

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  • Transaction code to view process orders set for deletion

    Hi PP Gurus
    We are trying to search for transaction code to view the process orders which have status as DLFL i.e deletion flag  set for the orders. In cooispi, the deleted orders are not shown in the report output.
    I request you to let me know if there is any other code through which we can view deleted process orders.
    Thanks & Regards
    Harleen Kaur

    In COOISPI  put DLT in system status field and execute the report this will give you the list of all order with deletion flags
    Also refer this thread,
    COOIS Report for Production orders with status DLFL
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  • Transaction code for viewing invoice document and Claims document

    Hi Experts,
    Can u please tell me the transaction codes for viewing invoice document and claims document in ECC.
    I am in CRM and i do not know about the ECC transaction codes.
    request you 2 help.
    Thanks and Regards

    MM flow:
    purchase Requestion (ME51)
    Request for Quatation (ME41)
    Quatation from different vendors (ME47)
    price comparision (ME49)
    purchase order send to vendors (ME22)
    goods reciepts (MIGO)
    logistic invoice verification (MIRO)
    SD flow:
    Enquirey (VA11)
    Quatation (VA21)
    sales order processing (VA01)
    delivery (VL01)
    billing (VF01)
    Also follow this link.
    The specified item was not found.
    i hope this will help you out
    -Thanks & regards
    Saurabh Goel

  • Transaction code for viewing Costing Sheet

    Hello Sap Gurus,
    I am a SAP user.Can you suggest me a Transaction code for viewing Costing Sheet.
    Pawan Kumar

    Dear Pawan Kumar,
    For checking the costing sheets related to product cost controlling use KZS2.
    For Costing sheets related to Internal orders use KALK.
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  • To know material master view order number

    Hi Friends,
    Is there any Function module to know the view order number in material master, ( i want know the view order for a material(mm01) ).
    Kumar M

    i want to know the order of the views while creating a material in MM01, i even need to know how many views attached to a material while creating it.
    Kumar M

  • Transaction code to view/edit IT0007 and IT0008

    Dear SAP Guru's,
    Can you please tell me the transaction code to view/edit IT0007 and IT0008?


  • Report for Sold to Party code against Sales order number

            Is there any standard report to take out the Sold to Party code against Sales order number as i have the sales order number.
    I don't want to use Tables ,so pls tell standard report if any.

    Dear   Monty garg.
    You can use u201CVA05Nu201D to find the sales orders which have been created against for the particular customer/sold to party.
    Please let me know if any further clarifications pertinent to this.

  • Transaction code to view files on application server

    plz let me know the transaction code to view files on the application server...
    thanks in advance...

    Hi Sriram,
    Welcome to SDN....
    Use transaction code <b>AL11</b> to view the files on application server.

  • Bapi or FM or tabel or any standard transaction code for Production order linking to get child production orders based on parent production order

    Dear Guru's,
    we have a requirement i.e. user can convert planned orders in to production orders (CO41) based on those production orders we can get Route card( Z Smart form)  presently we are using manual input for that Route card. recently we got requirement for this i.e. make to automatic generation of route card for this requirement we need to get the list of child's production orders based on parent production order
    so as per my requirement i need to get all child part numbers production orders based on parent production order number and quantity i tried in MD4C and CO46 but those transactions codes are picking multiple lines also so for this requirement please give your valuable suggestions

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for your reply,
    My business process is MTS purely strategy 10, for route card all components with production orders we can give input as like bellow these production orders are converted from planned orders,between few components are don't have production orders those are F-30 materials,because of this reason i need link for production order to child components orders

  • Transaction Code for Purchase Order with Network, Activity, and Element

    I have been asked for a transaction code that will allow the user to view the Purchase Order, Network, Activity, and Element on the same transaction.  I have been able to use CN41 to get them the Purchase Requisition, Network, Activity, and Element, but cannot seem to find one for the Purchase Order. 
    I feel like this should be easy...
    Any ideas?

    I would recommend you to test BAdI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST.

  • Transaction IQ09 u2013 production ORDER number for the serial number not showed

    In the ALV generated by IQ09, we couldn´t see any production order number with its respectives serial numbers listed.
    We try to check in NOTES SAP, through "SER*" tables and programs RIQEUI21 and RIOBJK00, but without success.
    In the IQ02 and IQ03 transactions, we can find the orders numbers, but our users would like to see at the ALV list.
    Anybody knows any transaction that shows serial numbers and production orders in a unique LIST.

    I think you can customized your requirement, see below table
    In table SER05, the list of serial number details can be obtained. key the order no in SER05 table, get field OBJKNR, then pass this OBJKNR in table OBJK .
    Some useful table for serial numbers
    SER00 Generic table for serial numbers
    SER01 Serial numbers assigned to a delivery
    SER02 Serial numbers assigned to a guarentee
    SER03 Serial numbers assigned to a material document
    SER04 Serial numbers assigned to an inspection lot
    SER05 Serial numbers for a production order
    SER06 Serial numbers for Handling Units
    SER07 Serial numbers for Stocktaking
    SER08 serial numbers for Orders (SD)
    I hope that this information clarifies the issue.

  • Cost center planning data table and transaction code to view

    I want to see the cost center planning document. In which transaction code, I can see this document.
    In which table, cost center planning data is stored?
    VS ramaiah
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    I do not think that COEP contains the plan line items*. For plan line items it is COEJ. But as suggested by Christian the better option in case you want to create a report is you use COSS/COSP and COST. The latter is for activity type planning (KP26) and the other two are for cost planning (KP06).
    The transactions to view the plan document is KABP and line items is KSBP.
    * Christian, do correct me if I'm wrong. I was not able to see anything with value type 01 in COEP.
    Kind Regards // Shaubhik

  • BW Transaction Code to View Variable ABAP Code

    Hello All,
      Is there a BW Transaction to view Variable ABAP Code?

    hi Tina,
    If you are looking for Customer Exit Variable ABAP Code,
    1) Tcode: SE80 (Here select Class and Interface and give the technical name and display, you will get all customer exit variables created)
    2) Tcode: CMOD. Give Project name and then goto "components" --> Function Exit and in the code, goto "ZXRSRU01".
    3) Tcode: SE19 (Now, generally CMOD is not used, BADI is used. Initially SPOT enhancement implementation is created which can have many BADI Implementations and for each BADI implementation, class and filter is created where you write code for variable given in Filter.)
    Hope it helps

  • Transaction code for sales order totals and purchase order totals

    Hi i am using alv grid report to display the sales order and purchase order totals by productline(profit center)
    Now i have to call standard transactions from first list to display the totals of sales order and purchase order.I have to display these transctions for specfic orders and their specfic lineitems only.
    in VA05n transaction it is allowing me to enter only the document numer but not item.
    Can any one help to find the standard transaction to display the totals for only specific orders and line specific line items

    Hi Polite,
    The transaction CRMD_ORDER is the superset for all the transactions mentioned by you. So it is better to remember just one transaction instead of remembring the subsets . Once you use the transaction CRMD_ORDER and then Follow the menu Business transaction -> Create (F5) you will get the list of transactions you can create this is nothing but the the transactions you have mentioned.
    If you know the transaction no. you can directly open that in transaction CRMD_ORDER. The other opetion is to use the SAP Menu instead of transactions.
    <b>Reward points if it helps!!</b>
    Best regards,

  • Transaction code for viewing billing details of a customer.

    Do we have any tansaction code where we can view all the invoices related with a customer for a particular month.
    Please advise.
    Kind regards.

    In R/3 VF05 will show list of all the invoices for the date chosen by the user entry
    This will show only list for a particular payer and material combination
    N Ganesh

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