Transfer domain to Business Catalyst from another host

I have redesigned my first website in Muse and want to host it on Business Catalyst. My client is currently using another host. How difficult is it to make the transfer using the existing domain?

Heaps of guides on this in the guide section here, faq, and the knowledgebase.

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  • Who do I inform/contact about my intentions to migrate my hosting from Business Catalyst to another hosting platform?

    I intend to transfer my hosting to another platform, which is asking if I have informed my current host (BC) of my intentions. I'm not sure who I should speak to about this.

    Hi Ryan,
    You do not need to speak to anyone. You export/grab what you want from BC and close the account.

  • Host subdomain but not domain on business catalyst

    Is it possibly to host a subdomain but not the main site domain with Business Catalyst?

    Hi Liam,
    Thank you very much   yes that what i thought too, sorry i can't leave a link out in the forum coz the client wants to keep the project confidential at this stage, but i can PM you a link...
    So you mean i have to edit the links in edge animate too? at first i couldn't get the shop template's css to load in subcategories, so i changed the links like that (/filename.css) and it worked but the edge animation wouldn't load when changing the paths for the files referred in the edge code that you put inside the head tag. So i'm guessing there must be some other paths that can't find its way around... and i found the below link last night, maybe this will work but I'm not sure how to put the javascripts and how to add the variable declaration to the root of my website like how they have mention in the below article, I'm more of a designer then a programer, but I'm learning on it, it would be great if you could tell me exactly whats that code and how to do it properly.
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  • Add domain to Business Catalyst

    I have released my domain name from another host.
    I want to add it to Adobe Business Catalyst
    How do I do that?
    Thank you

    Please follow the steps in the article provided below.
    Kind regards,

  • May I use my five Business catalyst websites to host . . .

    As a creative cloud subscriber, may I use my five free Business catalyst websites to host my own site with my own domain name or are these five sites only for testing?

    Please refer to : &
    They provide you the complete detail.

  • Upgrade Business Catalyst from basic

    I am a creative cloud subscriber, how do I upgrade my business Catalyst from basic (100mb disc space) to more disc space , for my wesites

    Please refer to the following document, for step by step guide.
    Hope this Helps

  • Can`t connect to business catalyst from within Dw. How to fix??

    Can`t connect to business catalyst from within Dw says there is a server error but internet connection good. Need to publish asap please help !! Was working fine earlier in the day but now refuses. Have tried Muse as well but it can`t reach Bc as well........

    Business Catalyst System Status
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    Nancy O.

  • Is there any way to publish from Adobe Muse directly to a domain without Business Catalyst?

    I'm getting extremely frustrated with Adobe Muse. I think it's ridiculous having to go through Business Catalyst to publish a website when I have already purchased my own domain. Please tell me there is a way around this.

    No problem. We recognize it would provide a more consistent user experience if we merged all possible output paths under the "Publish" experience. It's just not something that's hit the top of the priority list, yet. Enjoy Muse.
    Just as an fyi, there are currently 2 features that require BC hosting, so you may want to keep those in mind as you plan/develop your site.
    1) The CAPTCHA field in forms; and
    2) The In-Browser Editing functionality.
    We are aware many customers would like to see these features enabled on non-BC hosting.

  • Transfer existing website to CS6 Business Catalyst as web host and few technical support issues

        I need assistance with transferring an existing website  -  -  (designed with Dreamweaver CS4) to my Creative Cloud CS6 account - to web hosting by CS6 Business Catalyst.
         Beyond that, need advice as to how to repair a couple of non-funcitonal links on site (check out site to see a couple of pics that don't work).  I'm looking forward to uploading more content (pitchers an' writin's) and to do major upgrade to the site, but am unable to do so ... need technical support re how to do these simple (should be) things.
         Look forward to assistance.

    You can publish your site to Business Catalyst in few simple steps. Please check out these videos : lyst-and-dreamweaver-cs6-creating-and-publishing-sites/ lyst-and-dreamweaver-cs6-creating-and-publishing-sites/
    Once you have created a business catalyst site, all you need to do is to upload your existing site content to the your business catalyst site. I am assuming you have a local back up of you site.
    If you need any further assistance, you can contact BC support by initiating chat from
    Kind Regards,

  • Domain & Business Catalyst Website Muse Hosting URL Change

    Hi everyone,
    in case I host my muse site with BC (Business Catalyst). And I want to use a domain (for example "") which I purchased at a third-party.
    In case I choose the re-delegating option as mentioned here: managing-your-site/
    Check –> minute 4:14
    As you can see on the pop-up window, there is a description:
    "Recommended: use this service to host your website requiring you to re-delegate the domain"
    Will it show in the URL if a user checks out my website? Will it then be "" instead of ""?

    Responded to your previous thread,
    Please let me know if you still have any issue.

  • Point 123-reg domain to Business Catalyst

    Hi everyone,
    I just published my muse website through Business Catalyst and additionally purchased a domain from
    I now want to point the domain name to Business Catalyst DNS servers but am not sure how to do this.
    I read about this in the muse help forum but don't know how to apply it to my domain on
    Can somebody please help me?
    Thank you

    I have done exactly that and also came accross this document. I have found the DNS section on the registrar's website but don't understand what to fill in?
    here is a screenshot if what I see right now.
    Thank you, I appreciate your help

  • Cannot start Business Catalyst from Dreamweaver CS 6.

    I have a x64 Windows 7 operating system and have CS6 Dreamweaver installed. I have the Master collection and have a subscription to the creative cloud. When I click under Site - "New" Business Catalyst Site.... A dialogue box opens up that says Business Catalyst on the title bar but the box is white and then disappears.  On the right side where it has the Business Catalyst tab that says "Login" and the button does nothing. No response at all. If I select Site -> Manage Sites and select either Import Business Catalyst Site or New Business Catalyst Site  the
    dialogue box opens up that says Business Catalyst on the title bar but the box is white and then disappears.
    Everything else works (I can log in to the Phone Gap service), but anything related to BC will not work at all. If I login using Muse all is ok. Muse is on same machine as dreamweaver CS6 .On another windows 7 machine using dreamweaver cs5.5 I can log in to BC just fine. Just from dreamweaver CS6 I have this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    You say "once you subscribed ...."
    Does that mean you had the DW stand alone from Master collection installed then subscribed to the cloud?
    If so, you may be experiencing a conflict in registered users. Is your DW registered to the same Adobe ID of your Business Catalyst stuff?
    Just trying to eliminate possible causes.

  • Business Catalyst | External Link | Hosting on BC | Original, "fake" URL | External website | Muse

    Hi everyone,
    I am hosting my Muse website at Business Catalyst. But of course I don´t want to my users to see where the site is hosted.
    Thus my real URL is like: "" but I made an adjustmend in my BC account so the URL which shows up in the browser is "" (example)
    Now – here comes my problem:
    I want to have a link to an other website on my homepage.
    When I click on the button, I am transferred to the other website, but the URL still shows ""
    But in this case I want it to show the real URL of the other website "" (example)
    Is this something I can change via Muse or via Buiness Catalyst?
    Or can I change it at all, if I want to keep the settings with "my fake URL"
    I am so lost here!
    Please help.
    Thanks XOX,
    best Frenchfries

    You can hyperlink the button to external page url , which when clicked will take the user to external link.
    Please let me know if this is not what you are looking for.

  • Business Catalyst free web hosting

    What level of subscription do you get with the free Business Catalyst Creative Cloud site hosting? For example, is it WebBasics or WebBasics+?

    The minimum: webBasics
    "Receive five Business Catalyst webBasics sites for personal or client projects as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud™ membership."

  • "Un"configure Business Catalyst from contact form???

    Help! I hope there is a way to have a contact form in Muse without it configured to Business Catalyst? Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance!

    Only custom web forms in BC have an ajax / json response request, that will not work with the login form and some others in BC.
    You will need to do your own ajax request but then you will not issues about the cross domain etc. You need to look at how the BC login works, your refresh and how to address that. (Its more complicated then you think)

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