Transfering APC Values Only

Any thoughts on how to transfer asset APC values only on an parital intercompany transfer of an asset for a company that uses depreciation to the day from one Co Code to another ????
Example: Asset 10001 on CoCode 1001 has a APC value of $15,000 and Acc Depr of $5,000.
Need to transfer $5,000 APC value only to a new asset in CoCode 1002 (No accumlated depreciation value s/b transfered)
Original Values
Asset 10001 Co Code 1001
APC            $15,000
Acc Depr         5,000
Net Value         10,000
New Values after partial transfer
Asset 10001 Co Code 1001
APC            $ 10,000
Acc Depr         5,000
Net Value         5,000
Asset 10010 Co Code 1002
APC            $  5,000
Acc Depr               0
Net Value         5,000

try to customize a new transaction type (e.g. copy 300)
and use tcode OA81 - special handling of transfer posting - Trans. APC only

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  • Parallel accounting - different APC values for different ledgers

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    Hi all,
    I defined the following 3 depreciation areas:
    01 - IFRS - posts in realtime / target ledger grp = 0L
    30 - local - posts depreciation only / target ledger grp = Z1
    60 - difference 30-01 - posts only APC directly / target ledger grp = Z1
    0L contains leading ledger (IFRS)
    Z1 contains parallel ledger (local)
    Then I defined a new transaction type for acquisition (e.g. Z10) and limited it to depreciation area 01. This transaction type I wanted to use for acquisitions which are relevant only for IFRS ledger.
    Now I post an $1000 invoice using transaction F-90 (acquisition with vendor). I select posting key 70, in the field Account I select an asset under construction and I choose the transaction type Z10.
    After proceeding this step I would expect that the amount $1000 would be posted only in IFRS ledger. But it is not, it is posted in both ledgers.
    If I want to run the transaction ASKB (APC values posting), I get an error message "Account 14001 in company code 0100 cannot be directly posted to". The account 14001 is the acquisition account for the AuC used when posting the invoice.
    Why I get this message? How can I get the values posted correctly (i.e. only to IFRS ledger)?
    Thanks for all ideas

    Did you get a solution to your issue.?
    Would you please mind sharing your solution ?
    I am in a similar situation where we have area 01 as local Gapp and area 15 as IFRS.
    we want to have 01 posted to leading and 15 to nonleading ledgers.

  • APC value periodic posting?

    In fixed asset, i don't how what is apc value perdiodic posting. And why use apc value periodic posting?
    Thanks, point will be rewarded.

    Hi Alex,
    APC periodic reposting (T.code ASKB)is done to post the acquisition values to the same asset for a different set of GL accounts.
    For ex: If the co.code has to maintian its ledgers in 2 separate sets of books like 1.Operationg COA 2. Country specific COA then we have to post the book values to these separate list of accopunts for 1 transaction. To eanble this we have to create a separate depreciation area which will maintain the country specific accounts. Since in FI-AA we can only have 1 depreciation area as "real time" deprecaition area we should create this area as periodic update for postings.
    Hence we need to to <b>askb</b> as soon as we do a regular acuisition postings (ao90) to the operating COA deprecaition area which is usually Area 01.
    This way system will update the parallel set of accounts maintained with the acquisition values.
    Hope this is clear.
    Please let me know if you need any further clarification.
    Pls assign points if this is helpful.

  • Posting for different APC values to different Depreciation Areas

    Hi All,
    I am trying to manage in ECC 6.0, different APC values for different depreciation areas, i.e. APC values differ from one dep area to another. I need to post the APC to GL only (i.e. for the 01 i.e. Book Depreciation area). For the remaining depreciation areas for the purposes of reporting I need to maintain different APC values.
    One way to achieve this is by maintaining Parallel ledger. Is there any other way this can be achieved.
    Thanks in advance

    Use the trnasaction ABSO and clik in the button Dep. Area.
    Now you can fill in the value by depreciation area. (when this is set up) use the Trans act type 100

  • Different APC value for different ledgers

    we maintain two ledgers, one for IFRS, the other for local accounting. Considering some type of assets, we need to post different APC values to the IFRS ledger and the local ledger. How can this be done?
    thanks in advance,

    Hi Arup,
    Yes, absoutely - you can use different RD for the same VRF on different PEs. In fact, if you have chosen to use the PE_IP_Address:Customer format of the RD then logically, the same VRF on different PEs will have different RDs because the PE addresses themselves are different.
    There is no obvious advantage or disadvantage to having the same or a different RD per the same VRF on different PEs. The RD is a tool that allows BGP to differentiate between identical prefixes from different VRFs on a single router. However, the value of RD has no influence on how the prefix will be assigned to a particular VRF on the destination PE. For this, route targets are always used.
    There is one specific use of different RDs: Advertising multiple paths to a single multihomed VRF site. Because to BGP, the entire value of <RD><Prefix><Netmask> is used in the best path selection algorithm, if two PEs connected to the same VRF site used the same RD, destination PEs and route reflectors would choose and advertise only one of them (remember: BGP always selects and advertises only a single best path). With different RDs, destination PEs and route reflectors see formally different NLRIs, and they perform the best path selection for each of them individually even though the actual <Prefix><Netmask> is the same.
    However, for simple VRF deployments, having a unique or identical RD on two PEs for the same VRF makes no significant difference.
    I hope other friends here will add their own thoughts about this.
    Best regards,

  • Parallel Ledger APC Values Via A Clearing Account

    Hi Folks,
    Would appreciate any help you can with this.
    Situation :
    Fixed Assets is not integrated with Vendor Payables.
    Fixed Assets is set up with Real and Delta Depreciation Areas.
    When an Invoice is posted in Vendor Payables the offset is to a Fixed Assets Clearing Account - this Document updates the Leading Ledger and all Non Leading Parallel Ledgers with the same amount.
    When the amount is posted against the Asset via ABSO the offset is the Fixed Assets Clearing Account.
    The problem is :
    If there are different APC values between IFRS and Local GAAP this leaves the amount equal to the Delta posting sitting in the clearing account for the Local GAAP Ledger.
    Is there any way to change this behaviour or a different process to be followed ?. not sure what can be done with this delta amount left in the Ledger specifc clearing account.

    I am not sure if it is helpful but what you can do is to define an asset movement type limited to a valuation area, which allows you to post for example acquisitions only in on valuation area, but not in the other one.
    Thus you can post ABSO with one asset movement type for one valuation area (APC-value X) for another valuation area use another movement type and post APC value Y.
    Anyway the difference of the APC value (thats not ativated) needs to be posted to an P&L account.
    Maybe there are other/better suggestions from other people.
    Best regards, Christian

  • Reduction of APC values uploaded last year

    Dear Friends,
    My client realized that last year during upload of Asset values, APC values were high and they want to reduce the APC values from This August, by Debiting Accumulated Depreciation Account. They also require that system should not re-calculate Depreciation for the past period. Requirement is to calculate depreciation on the reduced APC values. Please guide how to achieve this.

    Dear Bernhard,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Client do not want to post unplanned depreciation. By posting thru ABAA, unplanned depreciation can be accounted, which will get posted in the next Dep run. I also understand that thru ABAA transaction code NBV can be reduced.
    But the issue is different. Let me explain again.
    In the last Fiscal year, during upload APC values were uploaded with excess amount. Now, disregarding the Depreciation posted for the last one year, the client want to reduce APC values, by debiting Accumulated Dep account.  With this there will not be any change of NBV. Client do not want recalculate Dep Values last year. The requirement is only to reduce APC values, by debiting the Accumulated Dep and keep the NBV intact.
    Example as on 01 Jul 2014.
    APC value of an asset     : 3,375,000
    Accumulated Dep           ; -1,912,500
    NBV                              : 1,462,500
    To remove the excess APC values uploaded last year, client wants to post 675,000. by debiting accumulated Dep account. Now the values should be as follows:
    APC value of an asset     : 2,700,000 (3,375,000 - 675,000=  2,700,000)
    Accumulated Dep           ;-1,237,500(-1,912,500 +675,000= -1,237,500)
    NBV                              : 1,462,500
    Hence there shouldn't be any change in NBV.
    Does any one come across this situation ? how to proceed. ? which T code and what is Trans type?

  • How to display field value only once in REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY

    hi experts,
                   i am using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY, for alv outpur display.but i want one of the field in output ,not to display the value which is of same, it have to be displayed only once, I mean i have a number which contains multiple line items corresponding, here i want to display the field value only once when it is repeating , for the same header number, how can i achieve it

    check the sample code,
    Database table declaration
    Typepool declaration
    Selection screen elements
      s_carrid FOR sflight-carrid.
    Field string to hold sflight data
      BEGIN OF fs_sflight ,
        carrid   TYPE sflight-carrid,      " Carrier Id
        connid   TYPE sflight-connid,      " Connection No
        fldate   TYPE sflight-fldate,      " Flight date
        seatsmax TYPE sflight-seatsmax,    " Maximum seats
        seatsocc TYPE sflight-seatsocc,    " Occupied seats
      END OF fs_sflight.
    Internal table to hold sflight data
      t_sflight LIKE
             OF fs_sflight .
    Work variables
      t_fieldcat TYPE  slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
      fs_fieldcat LIKE
             LINE OF t_fieldcat.
      PERFORM get_data_sflight.            " Getting data for display
      PERFORM create_field_cat.            " Create field catalog
      PERFORM alv_display.
    *&      Form  create_field_cat
          Subroutine to create field catalog
          There is no interface paramete
    FORM create_field_cat .
      PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING   'Carrier Id'    'CARRID'   '2'.
      PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING   'Connection No' 'CONNID'   '1'.
      PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING   'Flight Date'   'FLDATE'   '3'.
      PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING   'Maxm.Seats'    'SEATSMAX' '4'.
      PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING   'Seats Occ'     'SEATSOCC' '5'.
    ENDFORM.                                    "create_field_cat
    *&      Form  fill_fieldcat
          Subroutine to fill data to field column
         -->p_seltext      Column label
         -->p_fieldname    Fieldname of database table
         -->p_col_pos      Column position
    FORM fill_fieldcat  USING
                        p_seltext    LIKE fs_fieldcat-seltext_m
                        p_fieldname  LIKE fs_fieldcat-fieldname
                        p_col_pos    LIKE fs_fieldcat-col_pos.
      fs_fieldcat-seltext_m  = p_seltext.
      fs_fieldcat-fieldname  = p_fieldname.
      fs_fieldcat-col_pos    = p_col_pos.
      APPEND fs_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.
      CLEAR fs_fieldcat.
    ENDFORM.                    " fill_fieldcat
    *&      Form  get_data_sflight
          Subroutine to fetch data from database table
          There is no interface parameter
    FORM get_data_sflight .
      SELECT carrid
        FROM sflight
        INTO TABLE t_sflight
       WHERE carrid IN s_carrid.
    ENDFORM.                    " get_data_sflight
    *&      Form  alv_display
          Subroutine for ALV display
          There is no interface parameter
    FORM alv_display .
          it_fieldcat   = t_fieldcat
          t_outtab      = t_sflight
          program_error = 1
          OTHERS        = 2.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    ENDFORM.                    " alv_display
    End of code

  • How to set a payload field value only once for multiple instances selected?

    The user needs to set a payload field value and then he can approve the task so the task can continue through the process, that's fine when the user selects one instance and sets the value in the task details section and then clicks the approve button, but how do we achieve the same behavior in a multiple way?, I mean the user can select multiple tasks in the workspace (in this case the details task page is not available and instead the following label appear "Multiple tasks selected") then if the user clicks the Actions drop down -> APPROVE he only gets the message "your request was processed successfully", so how can the user modify the payload field value only once for all the selected tasks so when he clicks APPROVE the value is populated in all the instances selected.

    In the action which displays the edit page just set the form idx value before displaying the jsp.

  • How to implement value only articles in SAP retail.

    I have gone through the sap material on Value only materials, but i am not able to get hold of how value only materials would be implemented in SAP retail. Should we use WERT material type to start with or is there any other way to implement the value only materials.
    Any material or links leading to step by step procedure to implement value only materials would be highly appreciated.

    Please have alook at
    Material type WERT is correct.
    In Material type maintenance you can control at all if a store will be value only inventroy managmenet or both.
    Further in the Site master WB02, you can control it on MC level.

  • APC Value and Plan Value for an Asset.

    HI Gurus,
                      I am developing a report where I have to display the APC value and Plan value of an Asset.Can anyone pls give an insight how to find this for the Asset.

    why don´t you use the logical database ADA which most of the FI-AA standard reports do? The logical database is a service to get this information without developing all the READ information and translation by yourself, especially when talking about mid-year-reporting, consistence checks, etc..
    If you decide to use ADA, then the events GET ANLA0, GET ANLAV and GET ANLCV are from interest for you for information about APC and planned/posted depreciation value.

  • Report to show APC value changes

    Is there a report which will show all the APC value changes for an asset. The asset acquisition/transactions report shows addition of new cost (new aquisition). The requirement is the changes to the cost, for instance adding additional cost to an asset  or any credit memos done. Retirements should not be a part of this report.
    Edited by: sapfincon on Sep 16, 2009 12:54 AM

    if you have to differentiate acquisition postings in the same fiscal year, then in fact you have to use 2 different transaction types. You can change the transaction type in ABZON according to your needs during the posting.
    If the transactions are in 2 different fiscal years, then it should be no problem. The acquisition from the prior year will not be shown isolated, it is contained in the cumulated APC amount at fiscal year start. This is history sheet group YA. And the current year addition can be shown under it´s history sheet group assigned to transaction type 100.

  • Write to measurement file note: x values only guaranteed for one data signal?

    Hi everyone,
    Attached is a vi I have developed... When I save the data my .lvm file has a note in the header than says" X values only guaranteed for Power (Filtered)".... Power is one of 9 signals... I am not sure what this note means, but I assume that there is a problem synching these signals to a common timebase...
    Would someone be able to explain this note and how I can fix it? Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Go to Solution.
    Attachments: ‏361 KB
    Lode_Test_14.xlsx ‏973 KB

    Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for your reply... How can I change the scalars to dynamic data?... I want this single value to be written as the same rates of the other values (4kHz).... So the current heart rate value should be written each iteration as with the other data until the value updates...? That is to say, I want a heart rate value for every data point/row in the .lvm file?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated... I have been working on this for some time and am getting no where..

  • Print out a column value only if another column has a specific value (CASE Statement)

    Hello all,
    I tried many hours to find a solution for the following request but wasn't successful. Maybe you could help me.
    I've using the already existing SQL Views in Microsoft Service Manager to do some basic reporting about my tickets.There is no closed date in the activity tickets so I decided to print out the lastmodified timestamp when the status is "closed".
    That's my query:
    dbo.DisplayStringView.DisplayName AS Status,
    CASE WHEN dbo.DisplayStringView.DisplayName = 'Closed' THEN dbo.DisplayStringView.LastModified ELSE 'NO CLOSED Date' END AS ClosedDate
    FROM dbo.MTV_System$WorkItem$Activity$ManualActivity LEFT OUTER JOIN
    dbo.DisplayStringView ON dbo.MTV_System$WorkItem$Activity$ManualActivity.Status_8895EC8D_2CBF_0D9D_E8EC_524DEFA00014 = dbo.DisplayStringView.LTStringId
    Unfortunatelly I'm not getting the value from dbo.DisplayStringView.LastModified. SQL outputs that it is not possible to convert the string to date/time.
    I think there is a problem with the CASE statement in combination with a value select.
    Any ideas how to print out a column value only if another column has a specific value?

    I think it is the other way if you want the missing date shown as a string.
    Convert( varchar(10),dbo.DisplayStringView.LastModified
    , 101) ELSE
    'NO CLOSED Date'

  • ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column in 11.2

    We have been getting the following exception when we try to save an XML (>5k).
    SQL state [72000]; error code [1461]; ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
    This is occurring only for Oracle 11g (
    Our column is CLOB type, not LONG type.
    Could anyone please suggest what could be the reason and fix?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for quick response!!
    Inserting throw JDBC (Spring jdbcTemplate)
    using the ojdbc6.jar as driver
    here is the stask strace
    Caused by: org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException: PreparedStatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [INSERT INTO tabl1(c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, c8, c9, c10, c11, c12, c13, c14, c15,c16(CLOBCOL),c17, c18, c19) SELECT c1,c2, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? FROM table2 S JOIN table1 D ON S.c1 = D.c1 WHERE S.c2 = ? AND D.c5 = ? GROUP BY S.c1];
    SQL state [72000]; error code [1461]; ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
    ; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
    at org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate.execute(
    at org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate.update(
    at org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate.update(
    at org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate.update(
    at com.smartstream.cms.message.dao.SSIMessageDao.editSSIInstance(
    ... 52 more
    Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
    Edited by: paruvid on Aug 9, 2011 5:07 AM
    Edited by: paruvid on Aug 9, 2011 5:17 AM
    Edited by: paruvid on Aug 9, 2011 5:23 AM

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    hello friends could you please provide the details for the above jar files

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