Transferring Open Items, Instalment Plans and Dunning Level

Hi all,
We are implementing SAP IS-U for a water suplly company and we have a process in which an Installation is transferred from a Business Partner to another. For this we are using the Move-in / Move-Out functionality (trx EC60).
So far, so good. The problem is that we also should transfer also the Open Items, Instalment Plans and Dunning level to the new Business Partner and new Contract Account.
The questions is: can we transfer these automatically?
We thought in different scenarios in case this is not possible, so I would appreciate if you can give us an opinion:
1 - Use FP40 transaction and transfer FICA elements manually
2  - Create a FOP process to perform step by step the process from CIC0. The only problem I have found is that there is not any object that allows me to transfer the open items. Does it exist? If not, this option is not valid
3 - Use the "Change CUstomer" Functionality. Did you have any experience using this funcionalidty? The main issue I have with this is that the system generates a dummy invoice, the Move in Date is in the future, and the Account must be closed.
Please any information will be very helpful. Thank you very much in advance!
Best Regards,

Hi Lucas,
You can transfer the open items and the dunning level manually to the new BP and CA through transaction code FP40.
You need to maintain the following configuration settings in the posting area 1055-
Curr-Currency of the Cocd
Clearing Reason-Clearing reason used for transfer
Document Type-Document Type used for Transfer
Only all items- blank
Transfer DL-X
Moreover, you cannot transfer Instalment Plans through FP40, as instalment plan items are statistical in nature.
Hope it clarifies.....

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    Thnks for the reply so we need to apply this note for making the old dunning level and dunning level makes equal after you run the program.
    Also one more doubt, since i have observed that the dunning after the parameters entered. looks like this
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    Try these function modules available through T.code FQEVENTS
    FKK_SAMPLE_0351 or  FKK_SAMPLE_0307   or FKK_SAMPLE_0744 or FKK_SAMPLE_0304     
    Or try creating one procedure to exclusively handle a particular level /dunning activity  only and replace the procedure in the master data
    Hope it offers some help

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    i want to transfer open items from one contract account to another. i have done a recording for FP40 which is used for transfering open items but the recording is giving me problems. I have also tried using function module FKK_BP_LINE_ITEMS_TRANSFER but its not working. Any suggestions will be welcome.

    What's the problem with the recording?

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    Do anyone know if there are SAP tools for the transfer of Account Receivables (AR), Account Payables (AP) open items and General Ledger (GL) balances from old SAP environment 4.6C to newer SAP environment 6.0?
    What should be considered when doing this procedure; what tasks should be done in source client, what tasks should be done in target client?

    There is no interface where you can transfer balances or any other master data from lower version to higher....this is altogether different.
    If you want to do so have to follow the normal LSMW procedure for uploading the balances ..extracting the same from the lower version i., 5.0
    Assign points

  • Open Items with customer and vendors

    Hi all,
    I have to develop a aging report for all customer open items that also includes vendor open items where the customer and the vendor are linked.
    Does someone knows how to determine when the customer and verdor are linked?
    Thanks in advanced,

    In the LFA1 which is the Vendor Master Table , there is a field KUNNR which will not be blank if the vendor is linked to a customer.
    similarily in the table KNA1 there will be a field LIFNR (vendor number) which will also be populated if they are linked.
    Hope this helps.

  • Trouble creating a open items report (BSID and BSAD tables)

    Hi guys,
    im creating a report that must display open items for an especific date, and i do it very well with a query from BSID table.
    The problem comes when u use a date on the past, example last week.
    if u do that, the items are now closed and are no longer stored in BSID table, so i think that they must be now in BSAD table, but i dont know how to relate wich ones are recently closed...
    i also tried to do a query from BSAD with augdt >= last week date, and i almost get the items that i needed(this items plus the ones from BSID), but is not exactly because u can close an item with a date in the past..
    is there any way to relate that 2 tables, or what exactly happens when an items change from bsid to bsad??
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    I think the best way to recive the necessary information is using logical data base DDF.  You can use report RFITEMAR to see how use the logical data base.
    Some months ago I've read the data in my report in following way:
    1. make Z-copy of report RFITEMAR
    2. in Z-copy after end-of-selection insert
    export it_pos to memory id 'POS_TABLE'.
    3. In your report write a form similar to my form below:
    *&      Form  submit_zrfitemar
    FORM submit_zrfitemar  tables    rkunnr  type trgr_kunnr
                                     it_pos  type it_rfposxext
                           using     ibukrs  type bukrs
                                     idatsd  type sy-datum.
       data: rspar    type table of rsparams,
             l_rspar  type rsparams,
             l_pos    type rfposxext,
             akunnr  type kunnr.
       l_rspar-selname = 'DD_KUNNR'.
       l_rspar-kind    = 'S'.
       loop at rkunnr.
           move-corresponding rkunnr to l_rspar.
           if l_rspar-high = ''.
               l_rspar-option  = 'EQ'.
               l_rspar-option  = 'BT'.
           append l_rspar to rspar.
        clear: l_rspar.
        l_rspar-selname = 'DD_BUKRS'.
        l_rspar-kind    = 'S'.
        l_rspar-sign    = 'I'.
        l_rspar-option  = 'BT'.
        l_rspar-low  = ibukrs.
        append l_rspar to rspar.
        clear: l_rspar.
        l_rspar-selname = 'PA_STIDA'.
        l_rspar-kind    = 'S'.
        l_rspar-sign    = 'I'.
        l_rspar-option  = 'BT'.
        l_rspar-low  = idatsd.
        append l_rspar to rspar.
        clear: it_pos[].
      submit ZRFITEMAR
      with selection-table rspar
      and return.
      import it_pos from memory id 'POS_TABLE'.
    ENDFORM.                    " submit_zrfitemar
    You find the necessary data in table IT_POS.
    Edited by: John Smith on Oct 9, 2008 5:42 PM

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    chflags nohidden ~/Library/
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    Thanks for your time,
    When i run APP, it will clearing all my open items from my house bank,  when i try to display the check register it will show no check information. 
    and i want view print preview my vendors summary information, advice notes.
    Please help me.  i trying last 5 days same problem.
    Thank you

    Once you have the check the Cheak lot no  and select cheak lot seqencialy and non-rsequencilly,but App run the cheak lot select the non-rsequencilly,other we FBZP bank determation field ,

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    Hi Gurus,
    I have a question , I want to copy client with next information:
    1.- All Cuztomazing
    2.- All master data
    3.- Only open items FI-AR , FI-AP,
    4.- Stocks MM available for production.
    5.- Documents sales valids
    6.- Complete Balance (fixed , available and current asset, etc.)
    From one client to other client.
    ¿How can I do it?
    I know that cuztomazing and master data it's possible, I need to find from 3 to 6 point if it's possible for copy tables or some trx complete this information.
    This work it's because my company code changue NIF and information TAX , and I need to have a cut over for carry forward only the describe information.
    Thank's a lot

    Hi Julio,
    How did you solve this? I need to perform exactly these steps.
    I am very interested in 3, 4 and 6.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Open item of vendor and customer balances entries

    i want yo upload all the open items of the vendors and customers what will be the accounting entries generated while uploading the balances of the open items?
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    hi ranjeet,
    first of all use t code fb60 and fb70 for vendor and customers respectively, if you are using the tool LSMW, then
    in case of vendor open invoices
    Vendor offsetting account Dr. .......
                 vendor accountn cr.
    for down payments
    vendor account Dr..
             Vendor offsetting account Cr
    In case of customers open invoices
    customer offsetting account Cr...
               Customer Account       Dr.
    for customer downpayment
        Customer account Cr.
                 customer offsetting account Dr.

  • Extraction of the open items(TC FPBW) and clear items in FI-CA(TC FPCIBW)

    Dear experts,
    I have a question regarding as the transaction FPBW and FPCIBW .
    What i know is that these transactions tranfer the open item and clear item information from the table DFKKKO to table DFKKOPBW and DFKKCIBW.
    But I would  like to know whether there are some filters when  these transaction SAP transfer the table from DFKKKO.
    As we are adding a new document type (DFKKKO -> BLART) in the FI-CA system, I wonder whether they would be also transferted by the transaction.
    Thanks in advance.

    How you resolved this issue?
    If you are having the solution for this please share with me as well.
    and one more thing, how can we schedule these two jobs in background for daily loading the data into DFKKCIBW and DFKKOPBW.
    Please share these two things with me.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Installment plan and Participation group  Assignment to contraact

    Hello Experts
    I have 2 questions:
    1 My client has developed a certain residential stand for sale . They have set up an installment plan to individuals who needs to buy the stands ,upon completion of the installments the relationship of my client and this individual ( customer ) ends. What contract type should i assign this installment plan?
    2.What suitable contract type should i assign a participation group for serrvice costs.I tried assigninig this to a commercial lease out with service costs conditions but the tricky part is that some of the rental objects assigned to the participation group are not assigned to this commercial lease out.

    Hi David,
    As far as I know there is no concept of installment plan in REFX. But you can map the same my creating each installment as different condition types. And condition purpose of it as "One time rent". You can use commercial lease out contract "CO01" type for this purpose. If there is no object attached to it then the service contract can also be used. The valid To date of the contract will be the date of billing of the last condition type. Whereas Valid From date will be the billing date of the first condition type.

Maybe you are looking for

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