Transporting an object

Hi Experts,
How to transport an object for example org model or Business Partner from development Server to Production Server.
Please provide me with some flow.
Thank you

In SAP CRM we have 3 types of data.
1. Master data like business partner, products etc
2. Transactional data like sales order, service order etc
3. Configuration data like SPRO config as condition types, transaction types etc
Out of these only no 3 i.e. configuration data can be transported. Also we can transport the application programs like RICEFW objects.

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  • While transporting the objects from dev to q or production what are the err

    Hi all,
    While transporting the objects from one system to another what are the errors we get?
    Kiran Kumar

    Hi Kiran,
    The purpose of the Forums is to help people with problems, not to "fish" for answers to what appear to be interview questions. There are many ways to become educated in SAP Administration, such as training classes and help documetnation. Please choose these avenues for your questions instead of making these kind of posts in the Forums.
    Best Regards,

  • Error while transporting ID objects via CTS

    Dear All,
    I am facing some issue in Transporting ID objects from Dev to Q.
    We have a Central SLD for Dev and Qual. Prod has a different SLD.
    I have used Transport targets in SLD to point the Dev to Qual and Qual to Prod.
    After this, I created Business Systems in Integration Directory using the Bus Systems from SLD.
    When I try to *export these Business Systems in Integration Directory from Dev to Q via CTS * then  I get the fol error:
    >>>cation Component   NDPL_File_Dummy_P: Obligatorytransport target for business system NDPL_File_Dum
    >>>my_P not found in System Landscape Directory
    >>>on: Import failed because of business system transfer of object Communication Component   NDPL_File
    >>>_Dummy_P: Obligatory transport target for businesssystem NDPL_File_Dummy_P not found in System Land
    >>>scape Directory
    >>>edMethodAccessor490_10000.invoke(Unknown Source)
    Please help...

    Piyush Mathur SAP wrote:
    >  >>>cation Component   NDPL_File_Dummy_P: Obligatorytransport target for business system NDPL_File_Dum
    >  >>>my_P not found in System Landscape Directory
    has the transport path been set? you should have the target BS in the QA SLD present

  • Error while Transporting ID objects

    I have transported IR objects correctly from dev to QA environment, but when Im trying to transport ID objects, its giving me error saying that the Business System is not available.
    I am using File Based Transport.

    HI Sudhir
    As said above
    You need to create the Business system if its not there in SLD. If it exist then it require a cache refresh as XI is not identifying the business system.
    You need to set SLD source and target system so that in future it works automatic to identify the target system.

  • OBJECT SKIPPED while transporting the objects from DEV to QA.

    Hi All,
    While transporting the objects to Quality, I'm getting a warning saying Objects are skipped.
    Can anyone please explain how to get rid of this error? We are facing this issue almost for all the transports which we are moving and the objects do not get transported to the next environment. We have to ask BASIS to use overwrite functionality while transporting to fix this each and every time we face an error.
    If any SAP notes are available then please share it to me.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Srikanth,
    Objects of the selected object types exist in your system as changeable even if this system is globally set to not changeable. As a result, these objects are no longer connected to the transport system. 
    check here........
    for this try contact basis team.

  • How to transport the object in XI?

    Hi friends,
    Anybody can give me the idea or any document for transporting the objects in XI from Development system to Quality system.As per my knowledge we can transport using File and CMS, but i don't have clear idea. Anybody explain me clearly or provide me any document?

    There are two ways to Transport XI objects-
    1) File Import/Export
    2) CMS
    CMS is somewhat standard way to do. Becuase you can track the objects. But for this you need to install the CMS separately.
    just go thru these quick links-
    Also check in for how to guides-
    /people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/11/02/overview-of-transition-from-dev-to-qa-in-xi - Transport in XI
    Configuration of CMS in Central NWDI & SLD to transport XI objects
    CMS Trnasport
    How to Use CMS in XI 3.0.pdf
    CMS based transport in XI
    Change and Transport Lists for CMS Transports
    How To…Transport XI Content Using CMS
    File Transport
    Configuring Groups and Transport Targets.
    also have a look at:
    Transporting XI Objects

  • Problem in transporting authorization object

    I am facing a problem in transporting the authorization object. We have an existing cube in development and production. In production the object has 3 authorization objects checked. Now I want to change the authorization object assignment in my cube. So I changed the assignment in the development, but when I tried to transport the authorization object it collected all the cubes where the authorization object is used.
    I want to transport only the authorization object associated with that cube, not all. I understand that logically if we are transporting the authorization object from RSSM, it takes all the assignments. But I don't want to do that because there may be some inconsistencies between the system.
    Can you tell me weather we have any other way, so that the authorization object is transported only for one particular cube assignment not all.
    Thanks in advance

    I tried that but not getting anything.
    Can you please tell me the steps.
    Steps I have done are as follows.
    1. Go to RSSM and select the authorization object.
    2. We have a button which says transport authorization object. I clicked on that.
    3. I got a list of all the authorization objects there. I selected my authorization objects and clicked on Transfer Object button.
    4. Then I get the hierarchy authorization objects.
    5. After that I selected a request and everything is included in that request. I didn't got your above mentioned option.
    Do you want me to go to the table RSSTOBJDIR and delete all the other entries??
    It would be great if you can tell me the steps to do that.
    Thanks in advance

  • Transporting an object from testing client to development client

                 This is Sekhar . My question is
      If i transported an object from development client to testing client .After transporting object to testing client i got a bug so that ABAP developer should work on that and how could i modify that bugs in testing client .Is it possible to modify in testing client? Is their any reverse transportation from testing client to development client?
    please give me reply for my question.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sekhar Rao

    Hi Ankesh,
    You said that
    "        If there is a bug then make appropriate changes in DEV and transport the object again.
            Reverse transports are not needed and such paths are not created.   "
    I am asking that my object is in TES client and i need it in my DEV client again to make appropriate changes for bugs i got.then what i had to do.
    please reply  me
    Thanks & Regards

  • Transportation of objects.

    Hi All,
    when we use  the  Transport connection  from RSA1 to transport the objects?But normally we go to SE09 or  SE10 Tr code to  release the task and then release the request to transport the objects from Dev system to QA system. which is most preferable and when?
    If request ID assign to saved object then we go to SE09 to release it.
    If you object saved in $TMP or local object then we to Tra connection in RSA1 to assign request ID and release.
    please correct me.

    hi Hari,
    we use rsa1 - transport connection - to collect objects in transport request.
    then go to SE09/SE10 to release the request.
    -- > so we need both, no preference (though we can also add/include object in SE09/SE10)
    and STMS in production to import the reqeust.
    other tcode : SE01, SE03 ...
    docs on transport
    Re: Transport Organizer---
    transport query (bex objects)
    hope this helps.

  • How to Transport development object in SAP BI

    Hi to all,
    Please can any body tell me , How to transport development object from one server to another server.
    i am fresher in SAP Bi , so i need to know in depth , please also send me website link so i can get more depth knowledge.
    Please also send step by step process for that.
    i shall be thankfull to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana

    <Removed by Moderator>
    You can surf through for referring the material or surf in SDN forums..where you can lots of info for getting in depth knowledge on this.
    hope this is clear for you.
    Edited by: Pravender on Jun 8, 2010 6:41 PM

  • Transporting SLD objects from DEV to PROD

       I need to move My SLD objects from DEV to PROD. There is no QA. Also SLD is not common across DEV and PROD.

    How to handle SLD for Tranporting Dev to Quality ser
    Transporting XI from DEV to QA
    Transporting XI from DEV to QA
    using CMS system. in XI
    1. /people/sap.india5/blog/2005/11/03/xi-software-logistics-1-sld-preparation
    2. /people/sap.india5/blog/2005/11/09/xi-software-logistics-ii-overview
    3. /people/sap.india5/blog/2005/11/28/xi-software-logistics-solution-iii-cms
    4. /people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/11/02/overview-of-transition-from-dev-to-qa-in-xi --> Overview of Transition from Dev to QA in XI
    5. /people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/12/20/inconsistencies-while-transporting-rfc-objects-from-dev-to-qa-150-sp12 --> Transporting XI Objects  .htm --> Configuring Groups and Transport Targets
    Look into this blog for how to export / improt IR and ID objects,
    Please go through these links which actualy show you how to configure CMS and also gives you all information regarding it.
    Here are some blogs.
    Re: Moving project from Dev to QA
    Error while exporting/transporting the Business system from Dev to Quality
    Transporting the scenario frm Dev Server to PRD Server
    transporting data from Dev to quality  using CMS
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  • Approvals for transporting XI objects

    Does anyone have documentation on how your companies are handling approvals for transporting XI objects? I need to prepare a change management document that will be SOX compliant and wanted to know how everyone else is handling approvals? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    LeAnne Fulton

    I know Satish has answered your question, but just to add some more info to it , have a look at this
    From above link :
    During the export, a packaged binary file is created in a directory defined on the repository server (or directory server). To import this file to another Integration Repository (or Integration Directory), you must manually copy it to an import directory (see below). <b>You require the appropriate authorizations to be able to access directories on the SAP Web Application Server.</b>
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    hello friends,
    first i transported the datasources from source system(dev) to source system(quality) and then i replicated them in to the bw(quality) system. after that i given the source system mappings in the bw(quality system) and then i started transporting the objects independently in the following manner.
    transport connections:
    collection mode: (start manual collection)
    and then i collected all infoobjects and clicked on the gather dependent objects ( the option which is available for the start manual collection option in the collection mode tab) and then i set a package and then i transported . in the same manner i created transport requests seperately under the same package for the infosources , datatargets,update rules. and then i released the requests and in the quality system we successfully imported the objects(infoobj,infosources etc....). but one infoobject for example 'X' which is a dependent attribute for the another infoobject 'Y' is inactive in the quality system(bw). but X is active in the bw(dev) and when i imported the object it exists inn the bw(quality) but in inactive mode. because of this all the dependent objects like datatargets are not active. once again i released the infoobject 'X' [which is active in bw(dev)] seperately by creating a seperate request and then imported but still it is inactive. i tried several times but i am failed. shall i install that infoobject('X' infoobject ) from business content(in bw quality). if i do so does it effect all the imported objects. pls let me know.
    thanks & regards,

    dear bwer and anand raj and friends,
    when i am trying to import '0crm_f_cust'(X) object i am getting the following error
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR IOBJ (Activation Mode)
      Error/warning in dict. activator, detailed log    > Detail
      Value table /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST is not active
      Search help /BI0/OCRM_F_CUST is not active or does not have parameters
      Enhancement category for table missing
      Enhancement category for table missing
      No active nametab exists for /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST
      Termination due to inconsistencies
      Table /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST (Statements could not be generated)
      Flag: 'Incorrect enhancement category' could not be updated
      Enhancement category for table missing
      Table /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST is not a database table => not suitable as selection method
      Row type /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST is not active or does not exist
      Table /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST is either not active or inconsistent
      Srch Help /BI0/OCRM_F_CUST could not be activated
      Table /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST could not be activated
      Table Type /BI0/WSCRM_F_CUST could not be activated
      View /BI0/RCRM_F_CUST could not be activated
      Domain /BI0/OCRM_F_CUST was activated (error in the dependencies)
      Data Element /BI0/OICRM_F_CUST was activated (error in the dependencies)
      Return code..............: 8
      DDIC Object TABL /BI0/SCRM_F_CUST has not been activated
      Error when activating InfoObject 0CRM_F_CUST
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR IOBJ (Delete Mode)
      Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for IOBJ L
      RS_AFTER_IMPORT belongs to package RS
      The errors affect the following components:
         BW-WHM (Warehouse Management)
      Post-import method RS_AFTER_IMPORT completed for IOBJ L, date and time: 20060620132453
    pls let me know the solution.

  • Doubt in transporting the objects

    HI all,
            I have a doubt in transporting the objects,
    I have made changes in Function module's include program only , Should i have to transport the include prog alone or the whole the FM itself,
    Please suggest
    Thanks in Advance,

    hope it will help you.
    reward if help.
    Use the following BAPI's:
    or use the fun module:

  • Importance of "Source System Assignment While transporting the objects

    Hi Friends,
    What is the Importance of "Source System Assignment While transporting the objects. And when do we select this icon. what is the exatly significance for this.
    Thanks in advance for all......

    HI Rameshpennabadi ,
    This option is only enable for object like  transfer rule, data source and IP if  you want them  to assign source systems,other wise the dialog box Choose Source system by Default? appears.

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