Transporting the entries of the table TSTCT

Dear All,
Is there a way to transport the entries of the table TSTCT.
I've tried the procedure specified in the below link, but it is not working for the T*  tables.
<link to blocked site removed by moderator>
Please suggest if there is a way.
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HI ,
Check this [Thread|transport system objects i.e. contents of table t100 from one system to ano; , in that they have tried to transport T001 , And replies have few links check that too , will help you to transporting the entries of the table TSTCT.

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    Hi All,
    There is a potential issue with the size of table CDCLS on production system. We need to reduce or manage the amount of data in this table. CDCLS is a cluster table and cannot be reduced directly,
    So first we were reduced the entries in CDHDR and then from CDPOS tables.
    After that we tried to reduce the entries from CDCLS table through the program - RSSCD7RE, We are facing the error as - no data available and No active archive key was selected.
    Please help me out, how to proceed further in this task. Thanks in advance.

    Go to DB15 and see the archiving object.
    You can also use the archiving object CHANGEDOCU, please refer SAP documents for that.
    Transaction is
    SARA -> Archive object CHANGEDOCU
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  • How to delete the entries from NAST table

    Please help me out by providing any function module that delete's the entries from hte NAST table.

    delete from nast where VSTAT = '1'.
    If you see the FM : NAST_DELETE_OBJECT, its only useful when NACHA = 7 (i.e. message transmission medium = Simple Mail)
    For others its not useful.
    We had similar issue few days back and after long RnD, we straightaway deleted the entries using the Zprogram.
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  • Who mainatined the entries in sap table

    Can someone please tell me how do I find which user mainatined the entries in table B006 or any sap table.
    Also how will I know who has authorization to maintain the entries.

    first go to SE16n and enter the table name as CDPOS  and in the selection screen enter the table name as B006 and execute now you will get the following
    change doc object
    object value
    document number
    make a note of the above and now goto se16n and enter the table name as cdhdr and enter the above values which you got in CDPOS
    like change doc object or object value and execute now you will get the user name who had maintained or changed the entries for that table

  • Delete all the entries in target table when message mapping?

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a requirement in the project. When I do message mapping, I need to delete all the entries in the target table and then insert the new rows. From searching the old posts, I know it is possible without BPM. Can anyone please help me out? I really appreciated it.

    Hi Bai,
    Check the below links:
    Defining a DELETE Statement

  • Who have made the entry in Z table

    Hi Friends,
               Can anyone tell me - how to find out who have made the entry in Z table ?

    Hi sonal,
    I want to say that if logging of tables is on in your server and you have also make log on in Technical settings of the table then you will be able to see the log using 'SE14'.
    First consult with basis about the setting of server and if they have set logging of tables ON
    goto se11 and give your table name.
    open the table and click on  'Technical Settings'
    in last their is a check box 'Log data Changes'
    Check if this is on or not.
    If both condition are ok then you can check the log of your table in SE14
    using 'Object Log' button in application tool bar.
    Wasim Ahmed

  • Restore the entries of RSRVARIANT table in BI

    Hello Gurus,
    Unexpectedly I deleted the entries in RSRVARIANT table in development system.
    Is there any way that I can copy the values from production system?
    Please provide your inputs.
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    Go to RSA1.
    Source system tab.
    Right click on source system -
    > Transfer Exchange Rates.
    Hope this  helps.

  • Checking the entries in internal table with Ztable

    Hi ,
      Please go through the below requirement and please give me the code.
    I am having an internal table ITAB with 5 entries and also having a Ztable with 10 entries. I should check weather any of the entry in the internal table ITAB  is present in the Ztable or not?
    Please give me the code
    Thanks in advance,

    Select f1 f2 f3 from ztable into itab1 "say ur ztab entries
    *now say ur itab contents are in itab2.
    sort itab2 by f1 " set the primary key in both .
    delete adjacent duplicates from itab2 comparing f1.
    Loop at itab2.
    read table itab1 with key f1 =  itab2-f1.
    if sy-subrc eq 0 .
    write:/ 'Entry exists '.
    On every sy-subrc hit i.e eq 0 write statement tells u a hit and no of times = number of the entries.

  • How to rebuild the config from the entries in the change logs

    We have overwritten something vital in the KEDR t.code through a transport.  The users have created their own entries in the KEDR t.code directly in the system because this t.code was available for editing although the Client was locked for customizing (option no changes allowed). Not sure why SAP allows KEDR to be edited although the client was locked for customizing. Anyone knows?
    Now the problem is how can we restore the entries maintained by the users?
    Fortunately this KEDR table is enabled for audit log. Is there a way to actually restore the entries from the change logs? Please advise.

    If the device is already in the Prime Infrastructure, you can open it in Device work center and select the device > use the configuration archive option > scheduled deploy.
    Also, the Prime Infrastructure Plug and Play feature allows you to perform an initial provisioning of a software image and configuration on a new device. For more details check :
    Automating Device Deployment Using Plug and Play Profiles
    Working with Device Configurations

  • Transport data entries along with table

    How can we transport data entries along with table?
    Do I need to declare of specific type??
    Thank you,

    If you have created a table maintenance..
    You can use SM30..
    Press maintain button..
    In the menu..Table view -> transport...Then select the entries include them in the CR.
    If the transport menu is not enabled..
    Go to SE11..
    In the table maintenance generator...Choose the radio button which says "Standard recording routine" and then save..
    Now the transport menu option will be enabled..

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    Bear in mind that the files will ALSO be in Windows or Mac's recent document list, and even if they weren't, the files will still be around and available. If they are not available, then just the name may not be much of a security bit (unless the file is called my_secret_bid_for_ibm.pdf or some such).

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    Hi Dieter,
    Your profile shows Mac OS X (10.6.8) so it seems you are using Numbers version 2.x
    Numbers 2 does not have the ability to sort Pop-Up Menu entries (except by a painful process of adding or subtracting entries in Inspector).
    Numbers 3 makes Pop-Up Menus a breeze. But it is your choice whether to update to OS X Mavericks and Numbers 3 . Some features have been lost, other features have been added, and there are some workarounds.
    Have a look at these threads before you decide:
    Features that Apple has promised to reinstate:
    Hints on workarounds here:
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  • It is necessary to realize the ability to sort the entries in the "Notes": creation date, modification date, by name

    It is necessary to realize the ability to sort the entries in the "Notes": creation date, modification date, by name

    hi , please check the link below

  • When I move to the next record on a form it shows the entries for the previous record even though the record is actually null

    I have a form that logs fibre analysis for asbestos analaysis. Let's say I am analysisng 2 samples. I log all the details for the first sample and hit save. Now I use the scroll button to move to the next sample. When the screen refreshes all the entries for the first sample are still showing on the screen. But these are just phantom entries, when I look at the back-end database there are of course no entries against the second sample. This does not occur with any other browser.
    I have tried clearing the cache to no avail.
    Any ideas?

    Is Firefox filling the form via the cache or via saved form data?
    If this data still gets filled when "Remember search and form history" is disabled the Firefox fills it from the cache.
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history": "Remember search and form history"
    In such a case a hard refresh via Ctrl + F5 might help to reset the form data.

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    Dear sap guru's,
                 Please suggest how can we invoicing  the entry in the system against  purchase order no- 4500133826 because it is a return purchase order.

    Hi SubhadipRoy,
    As Satish posted, the solution can achieve your goal. In addition, you can right click the Chart Series Labels and Series Label Properties, and then select Number in the left pane, finally select Scientific below the Category option. The data label may not
    overlay. Or you can enlarge the chart.
    Heidi Duan
    Heidi Duan
    TechNet Community Support

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