Trouble converting iWorks trial to full version

Hi folks,
Background:  I have a macbook pro, upon which I installed iWorks trial many months ago.  I've only just gor around to attempting to click on the links provided to buy the full version. I suspect I'm running into difficulties because I've notice that support for the iWorks trial was withdrawn in April.  I'm seemingly unable to upgrade to full version and am only seeing options to purchase Pages, Numbers etc., separately.
Question/concern:  My question is whether or not I should uninstall the trial version (which I don't yet know how to do) and start over, than attempt to download these individual products, as I'm not sure whether this will interfere with what's already on my MacBook Pro.  Any advice about this appreciated.

Easiest way to uninstall iWork is to use Yvan's script
You cannot completely delete iWork by moving the iWork '09 folder to the Trash. Instead, use Yvan Koenig's script:
          •          Go to
          •          Choose public_YK > for_iWork'09 > other_iWork'09 items
          •          Click on uninstall iWork ', decompress it, open it in AppleScript Editor and click the Run button
Then you can buy and download the application from  the Mac App Store, if you have MAcOs 10.6.6 or newer.

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    I am currently trying to upgrade my SQL 2014 evaluation version to the full version.
    I have purchased a Volume License for SQL Server 2014 Server/CAL and have extracted the product key from the ISO File.
    I have verified this product key with the product activation department and it is confirmed that it is a valid product key "ProdKey3 SQL Svr Standard Edtn 2014 00204 PA/BP VL:GVLK Pre Pidded"
    However, when i input the product key in to the server, it is showing me the error message:
    The SQL product key is not valid, enter key from certificate of authenticity or SQL server packaging
    Checked on the version of the evaluation and this is the edition - Microsoft SQL Server 2014.0120.2000.08
    The site that I am activating the server on does not have any internet connection, does this affect the activation?
    Would there be an alternate phone activation method for converting to Trial to Full?
    Kindly Assist. Thank you.

    Hi Julian,
    Firstly, according to the error message, please ensure that your SQL Server installation file is not corrupt, and make sure you use corresponding license key matched the edition and version of SQL Server. For more details about the error, please review the
    Secondly, in addition to Ed’s post, you can also use the following command lines to upgrade SQL Server 2014 Trial to a full version.
    Setup.exe /q /ACTION=editionupgrade /INSTANCENAME=<MSSQLSERVER or instancename> /PID=<PID key for new edition>" /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS
    Thirdly, for more detailed information regarding to the license issue, please call
    Monday through Friday, 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Time) to speak directly to a Microsoft licensing specialist. For international customers, please use the Guide to Worldwide Microsoft Licensing Sites to find contact information in your locations.
    Lydia Zhang

  • Question about converting trial to full version.

    Hi there,
    I have 2 questions:
    Currently I am using Framemaker 7.2 trial version. I have the licence code for Framemaker 7.2. I found out from the Adobe website ( that I need to Activate the trial product for it to be converted to a full version but I do not see any Activation button when I opened the trial version. How do I convert from trial to full?
    After Step 1 above is done, how do I upgrade version 7.2 to version 8?
    Thank you.

    You cannot purchase FrameMaker 7.2 anymore, you can buy FrameMaker 8 from Adobe Store.

  • Are there any free OLDER VERSION dreamweaver downloads, not trials; but full version downloads?

    Are there any free OLDER VERSION dreamweaver downloads, not trials; but full version downloads?

    Nothing from Adobe is free beyond the 30 day trial.  If you want free software, you'll need to look at plain HTML editors.  See link below for options.
    Nancy O.

  • Trial to full version problem on lightroom mobile

    I used a trial version of lightroom and lightroom mobile. within a few days of the trial expiring I used a credit card and bought a serial key from to upgrade from trial to full version. but for some reason lightroom mobile on my iPads says my trial has now expired and i need to sign in with an id that has a paid version. i have already done that! how do i solve this problem? i can't use lightroom mobile yet i have full version on my desktop. please help.

    In order to use Lightroom Mobile you must have a creative cloud subscription. Lightroom Mobile worked for 30 days because you are given a trial period. But beyond that trial, Lightroom Mobile cannot be used unless you subscribe to a creative cloud package. The most common one, I believe, is the one that includes Photoshop/Bridge, Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile for $9.99/month.

  • 2 issues - Invalid Serial Number issue & Lightroom 5 Trial vs full version folder hierarchy question

    not sure if I should split these two questions...
    1 - Invalid Serial Number issue
    I'm helping out a friend with their large photo collection and they bought Lightroom 5 and received the serial number but when we add this to Lightroom it states that it's invalid - I tried leaving it until the following week (I visit them weekly) and it still refusing the number - when I went into their Adobe account and took a look at downloads the option to download the full version is greyed out (or an x - I'm not sat on their computer right now so can't double check) but it wouldn't allow me to do anything so we just had the trial version.
    anyone know what the issue is - shall I get them to contact Adobe to get them to take a look - I also had issues trying to find a customer support email address lol. (I seem to faffing with lots of websites/software/companies this week so getting a little frazzled!)
    2 - Lightroom 5 Trial vs full version folder hierarchy question
    This question is linked to the above i- I am wondering if the folders in Lightroom are different in the trial version vs the fully paid version.
    I had set up some greeting card templates and contact sheet layouts for my friend and tried to transfer them to her computer but whilst, LR 'sees' the folders it just doesn't acknowledge the templates - I tried it several ways but I've not had that issue before so will that sort itself when I get the serial number fixed?
    Thank you for any help or suggestions - hope you all have a good weekend :-)

    Hi Lenny, the two questions may be related but the trial is actually the same as the full version. I would suggest getting the serial number issue sorted out first. There have been known issues where a paid for product still shows up as a trial.There is not a lot the community can do. You need to contact Adobe directly using the link below. Use the dropdown menu for boxes (1) & (2) to scroll down the list and choose:
    1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
    2. Serial number issues or activating my product
    3. Click on the blue button: Still need help? Contact us – then click the button marked “chat now”
    It’s usually possible to start a live chat, if an Adobe agent is free, and often to get the problem fixed right away.
    Click here to get help now Contact Customer Care

  • Adobe Flash Pro CC Trial or Full Version?

    I have no idea if I installed a trial or full version is there anything that appears in the opening start menu that says its a trial?

    There will usually be some form of indication that you are using a trial version.  If you did not purchase anything you can be fairly sure it is a trial regardless of whether or not there is an indication.

  • Converting Trial to Full Version

    I have an old computer with acrobat pro x and I have the license number. I have a new computer with acrobat pro xi trial version. i want to convert the trial to the full version. I just paid for the upgrade. Where do i put the license number?

    Trial versions are normally full versions, they are just limited by the amount of time you can try them.  Your serial number for the old version will not work for the new version, except to help confirm the upgrade during activation.  You need to purchase the upgrade and that should end up providing you with a serial number for the new version.

  • Converting PM from trial to full version

    I had asked in another thread whether I could download and install the current tryout version of PM, and then use my old serial number from a PM 7 upgrade I had registered with Adobe back in 2002.  I was under the impression this process would work for InDesign, or at least since ID required "activation," but PM dates to another era and my memory is not that good.  No one answered, so I went ahead and installed the Tryout, and can now report that the Tryout version does not allow conversion to the full version by adding a valid serial number; in fact, the Tryout installs itself in a special Tryout folder, suggesting that it expects to be un-installed before the full version is installed.
    I kept searching through old stuff  and eventually turned up my original PM 7.0 CD -- an upgrade -- but not the carton it came in.  I uninstalled the tryout, installed PM7.0, and found that because it was an upgrade I needed a valid serial number from an earlier PM.  The only serial number on Adobe's cardboard sleeve for my PM6.5 Plus was for the bundled Photoshop, but having registered my purchase with Adobe I could still retrieve the number, a string of 15 digits.  PM 7 upgrade rejected this, as well as the 15-digit serial number for PM5 (not to mention the PS serial number from my PM6.5 CD).
    I had done a cautious un-install of the tryout: when the un-install process said there were elements that might possibly be shared with other programs, I let it preserve those lest I disrupt the CS2 software I still use occasionally.  After my valid serial numbers were rejected, I threw caution to the wind and re-installed the tryout so I could zap it completely.  Not surprisingly, the re-installed tryout found traces of its previous incarnation, reporting I had just 7 days remaining in my 30-day trial (I thought I'd started the day with 8).  I un-installed again, this time telling it to take everything.  I then tried installing my PM7 upgrade again, and this time it accepted  the serial number from my PM5 carton: the same 15 digits preserved in Adobe's registration, but this time broken up by hyphens, NN-NNNN-NNNNNNNNN.  I think I had tried the hyphen-less version first, and thus that the hyphens made the difference, though they key may have been the complete un-install.
    A quick test of suggests IDCS2 is happy as ever on my XP machine.  Perhaps I should add that I have carefully avoided upgrading the OS to XP SP3, dimly recalling that SP3 can complicate ID's ability to read PM files.  For what its worth, I turned up the box for my Mac PM6 which shows the serial number as a single string of 14 alphanumerics, two of which are letters.

    InDesign CS2 will not be able to open PM files on XP SP3, Vista, or Win 7.

  • Trial to Full Version: Still have black bar across project...why?

    I just downloaded the full version of Premiere Elements 9 for my Mac.  The project I had created with the trial version I was led to believe would cease to have the black bar across the video once I downloaded and installed the full version.  The black bar still exists.  Is there something else I need to do to get it to go away?

    Seleting "Timeline > Delete Rendered Files" hasn't worked for me - the black line is still there.   Now I've done it, the "delete rendered files" option has greyed out so obviously Elements think it's done what it can.
    Im using Premiere Elements 9 on Windows 7.   Could there be anything else I need to do?
    Other info:
    I'm using A Dell Pavilion hP Laptop with i7 Q720 1.60 GHz and 4GB RAM
    My project uses MPG4 fles covnerted to AVI format but still with MPG4 codecs in (haven't figured how to sort that one out yet despite great help here...)
    My Project is set up as DV - NTSC.
    Workflow - haven't used any transitions or anything. One single mp3 on one track (although slip up 8 or 9 times to stop slippage), with hundreds of 2-3 second video clips (as above) on 3 video tracks.
    Anything else I can tell you?
    Really hope you can help as I've just spent about 8 hours on this project!
    [EDIT - could it have anything to do with the fact that I have been rendering clips as I went along (I had to as I was having trouble with file formats). If so, there is there any way of "re-doing" a project, or do I have to start again from sratch?   I guess the auto-saves won't help me as I've been rendering every 30 secs or so.]
    [EDIT 2 - problem solved (after a very worried hour!).   I removed all files from the organiser and then brought them all back in, and that did the trick]

  • Lightroom: upgrade from trial to full version, how to enter license key?

    I installed Lightroom from Creative Cloud (CC) trial on Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. The version is LR 5.6. I do not want CC, so I purchased the full version of LR on DVD. I was going to reinstall LR from the DVD, but see that it is only version 5.2. I have already done a fair amount of work with the trial LR 5.6 and am worried about losing the catalog that I have created.
    So I thought I could apply the full version license key to the trial install, but there is no place to do that within LR. When I bring up the CC master application it shows that I have 5 days left with LR, but still has no way to apply a license key.
    I had a very long and frustrating chat session with tech support. In the end I was advised to uninstall the trial, then install the full version. I might be able to download LR 5.6 full and simply install that.
    So let me summarize my questions:
    Is there any way to apply the license key for standalone full version of LR to the trial version that was installed using CC?
    If I uninstall trial version, will I be able to install LR 5.6 download and apply license key?
    If I cannot install from download and instead have to install from purchased DVD, will version 5.2 be able to import the existing catalog? Will subsequent upgrade(s) to 5.6 go smoothly?
    What about the catalog? Will the existing catalog simply be found during a new installation? Or do I have to manually import?
    I've found the community help in the LR forum to be very good - and that is why I am abandoning ACDSee after many years Thank you all for your help.

    You should just uninstall what you have installed for LR 5.x, now, then download and install the LR 5.6 update from the Adobe Updates page, and enter your standalone serial number, and things should pick up where you left off. 
    You might want to go into LR’s preferences (if LR is still opening for you) and see where the catalog (.lrcat) file actually resides on your computer in case you have a problem and have to double-click on that .lrcat file to open your catalog, but my experience is that nothing will seem different after you’ve installed the new version other than the version number will be newer.  The preferences, catalog, and pictures are somewhere different than where the program is installed so uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn’t affect any of it.
    LR 5.6 update is here:
    FYI, the CC-LR is licensed by logging into CC, the standalone version is licensed by entering a serial number.  That is why you have to uninstall the CC_licensed version and install the non-CC-licensed version.
    It also probably wouldn’t mess anything up to install LR 5.2 from the DVD, but then you’d have to turn around and immediately download the LR 5.6 update, anyway, and it would waste time, so why not start with the latest update.  The update is a fully function program, not a patch to an existing program.  It’ll either find your existing licensing information if you’ve already entered the serial number or ask for a serial number if it doesn’t find anything—which sounds like your situation.

  • From trial to full version?

    Hope this is the right forum for this question.
    My Adobe Acrobat XL Pro trial version has expired and I wanted to upgrade it. There was a "buy" button and from that point everything got very confusing. I can choose to buy a full version for 6371sek (unsure of whats included in this) or upgrade 2730sek (upgrade from what? trial? and what do I get?). What way do I go to get exactly what I experienced in the trial version, with form central included? Appreciate all help.

    The Acrobat Pro XI (11) upgrade is a special price for people who own Acrobat Pro X (10) or Acrobat Pro 9. It will not install for anyone who does not already own the older software.
    (I am not sure if Form Central requires a separate subscription -- see this page

  • Updating from trial to Full version, can't get rid of Trial Overlay on the Video.

    Hey guys,
    I just bought the Premier Elements 11 full version and installed it. I had made a video on the trial, and was hoping that when I opened that in the full version, the overlay that says "Created with Adobe Premiere Elements" that hangs out there for the whole video would disappear. Is that not the case?? Is there anything I can do to the file what will get rid of that...or do I simply have to re-make my video??
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the follow up information on what you observed trying to get rid of the Premiere Elements 10 tryout watermark in the project.prel from that 10 version in the purchased Premiere Elements 11. You say that the watermark was not removed automatically by the purchased Premiere Elements 11. I had never heard "automatic" to be the case until I tried this myself with Premiere Elements 11, not 10, tryout and then the purchased Premiere Elements 11. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the Premiere Elements 10 tryout to make a comparative test between
    Premiere Elements 10 tryout
    Premiere Elements 11 purchased
    Premiere Elements 11 tryout
    Premiere Elements 11 purchased
    But I have seen my observation verified independantly by at least one other.
    But there are a lots of things here that SG and Adobe need to help us clarify.
    a. Can you really remove the watermark from the Timeline once exported as a file (.mov, .avi, etc) from the tryout or is he and Adobe referring to removing the watermark on files still within the project.prel file.
    b. Classically SG has said to go Timeline Menu/Deleted All Rendered Files as the route in the project.prel of a purchased version to get rid of the watermarked video still within the project.prel from the tryout. The Rendered files are .avi files for SD project and .mpeg for HD project. It is my understanding that there is a fundamental difference between "Rendered Files" and "Conformed Video" files, the latter typically having the file extension of .mcdb. So, when SG says
    "You delete the Media Cache by going to the Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and, on the Media page, clicking the Clean button.
    That should get rid of all of your render files -- and the watermarked video along with them."
    I would ask him to revisit that statement. If you are doing anything with that directive, you are deleting conformed video files that are found in Local Disk C\Users\owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Database Folder. That information is clearly available in the Media Cache Database dialog in that Common Folder. The "Rendered Files" are still alive and well with their companion .xmp files in the Adobe Folder (default Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements). This is true for Premiere Elements 11 and 10 Windows 7 64 bit.
    I do not see where the question that started this thread has really been answered. And the latest SG comment forces to ask for a clarification on that.
    We will be watching for your results.

  • I have just bought VAIO Fit 11A and it come up with a bundled PSE12. is it trial or full version?

    I have just bought VAIO Fit 11A and it come up with pre-loaded PSE12. In the first time I ran it, PSE request the Abode ID so I created the Adobe ID.
    Then, it run and work properly but today it show the notice that the software is trial version and can be used for 30 days or enter the key.
    So, My question is the bundled PSE12, is the full version? If it's full version, how can I find the key? Should I contact Sony support or Adobe support team?
    Thank you.

    You will need either a serial number or a redemption code (which lets you get a serial number). For bundled versions, whoever bundled it (in your case Sony) is responsible for distributing the serial numbers, so you'd need to talk to them, or else wherever you bought the computer.

  • How do I upgrade trial to full version

    Hi - I downloaded the LiveCycle Designer trial and now have ordered the full version  How do I enter my new serial number?  If I have to uninstall the trial, how do I make sure to take all the files out properly so I can install the full version?

    They never answered.  When I got my license key, I clicked the new download link they
    sent me, without first uninstalling the old version, and I chose the default option, which
    was something like "fix current installation" and it worked!  Didn't even ask me for my
    license key.

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I type in a keyword on a photo, iPhoto completes the word or phrase for me and usually gets it wrong.  Then I have to do backspacing, or deleting and reentering, etc., and I'd love to turn that feature off.  Is there any way to do that? Thanks!

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