Trouble launching Creative Cloud Desktop App

I am trying to download acrobat from the download centre and when I do it directs me to launch the CC app on my desktop, however when I go to the app I get a pop up window which I can't seem to exit out of no matter what I try and it wont let me access the main window. I have placed a screenshot below if anyone can help it would be great. I am using windows 8.
Thanks in advance,

Anyone any idea's as I need it for a project for work due tomorrow? Thanks!

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  • I cant launch creative cloud desktop app... it is already installed...

    i cant launch creative cloud desktop app... it is already installed...

    Online Chat Now button near the bottom for Activation and Deactivation problems may help

  • Why can't I launch my Creative Cloud Desktop App? (I get Error -1712)

    I have the Creative Cloud Desktop app downloaded and installed on my iMac (Early 2009/Mavericks OS). When I try to open it I get error -1712. Up until today I have been able to launch it. I cleared out my caches completely today so am wondering if that has something to do with it (cookies?). I can launch other Creative Cloud Apps such as InDesign Photoshop and Illustrator. I am having font sync issues with TypeKit and InDesign as well--typekit says my fonts are synced, InDesign says they are not. Help!

    You might try restarting your computer and then attempt downloading Creative Cloud again. In case you still face this issue please share the screenshot.

  • My installation is complete but the Creative Cloud desktop app is not launching..

    My installation is complete but the Creative Cloud desktop app is not launching so I can't move forward

    Rachaele40456162 do you receive any specific error messages?  What operating system are you using?

  • The 'Apps' tab in my Creative Cloud Desktop app shows a Download Error

    I have tried uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling Creative Cloud Desktop and continue to get the Download Error prompt.  It either shows the Download Error prompt or it continues to just think and think and think.  All the other tabs work normally. I've also signed out and signed in of my CC account multiple times . . . with the same outcome.
    All of this started after I had updated all the available updates . . . I was also looking to install Lightroom CC.

    You may try providing full permissions to Adobe folders under ~/library/Application Support and /library/Application Support.
    Then launch Creative Cloud app and try loading Apps list 
    Still same ?
    Try below steps :
    Launch Activity Monitor and "Force Quit" all the process related to Adobe like Creative Cloud, CoreSync, AAMupdater, AAMupdater notifier, Adobe Crash demon from Activity monitor.
    Click on the Finder and look for the options listed next to Apple Icon located at the top left corner of the Desktop screen and click on "Go" menu button and select "Utilities" option.
    Locate Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Application Manager folder under Utilities window and trash both folders.
    Trash Adobe Creative Cloud from Applications well.
    1) Right click on Finder icon and  select "Go-ToFolder " option.
    2) You will get a text box, type-in below command and then hit 'Return' key.( Do not miss ~ symbol)
    3)Then navigate to Application Support>Adobe.
    Open Adobe folder and trash folders named AAMUpdater and OOBE.
    1) Right click on Finder icon and  select "Go-To" Folder option.
    2) You will get a text box, type-in below command and then hit 'Return' key.
    3)Then navigate to Application Support>Adobe.
    Open Adobe folder and trash folders named AAMUpdater ,Adobe Application Manager and OOBE.
    Click on the below link and download & run Adobe Cleaner tool :
    Select the option "Adobe Application Manager for Mac OS X 10.6" and then click on "Clean up Selected" . oblems/_jcr_content/main-pars/…
    Click on the below link and download and install Creative Cloud desktop app.

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App refuses log-in for Windows 8

    I've been getting this "unknown server error" for 4 days on my windows 8 creative cloud desktop app. I cannot install other CC aps until you resolve this.
    -- This has been a problem ever since creative cloud FORCED me to "upgrade" the creative cloud desktop app last weekend. 
    The Desktop CC app worked fine before the forced upgrade.
    The error looks like this on my screen...
    To solve the problem, you must explain how do I get the upgrade creative cloud app to read my correct log in info?
    I'm using windows 8, AND I've already tried the following...
    1. re-installing creative cloud from the creative cloud website (did it 4 times now)
    2. changing the folder "OOBE" to "OOBE_old" (did not work)
    3. I also tried installing this exe: PC: , which did not work

    Hi Terranovascreen,
    Which OOBE folder have you renamed ? There are 2 which exist.
    Please follow the suggestion in the link below which might help :-

  • Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app; proxy password

    We have some trouble with setting up Adobe Creative Cloud. Our department has an VIP portal on Adobe in which we can provide 'seats' to our users.
    Recently we have added an InDesign CC to an user. The user has already have the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app downloaded and installed !, but is asked to fill in the Proxy Password (Windows).
    We have tried to use our credentials and the users' but it didn't help. Also we tried to remove opm.db file from the computer and re-open the desktop app. Didn't work either.
    Adobe Chat Support doesn't help either.
    Can anyone please help us to solve this, so that we can install the requested product for the user?
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Jos,
    Adobe creative cloud desktop does support proxy auto config file however you may need to open outbound for below Adobe links on your firewall.

  • My Creative Cloud Desktop App says that apps are installed that aren't.

    Important thing to note: I system restored yesterday, which removed the programs that I had installed the day before.
    After my earlier discussion received no answer, I searched for more solutions and found one from only two weeks ago that now suggested that the OOBE folder I was renaming was not the correct one. I should go into Program Files/Common Files/Adobe and rename the OOBE folder there to OOBE_old. While I'm searching for this I'm on the phone with a customer service representative I annoyingly cannot remember the name of who is asking for remote control of my computer, which I am loathe to give him, obviously. So I tell him that I'm in the process of executing this solution which he says is fine. So, I execute the solution and finally, the Creative Cloud Desktop App does not launch with a blank screen! It actually asks for my username and password! I enter it and get to the normal page where it has the list of installed apps etc. Except, there is no trace of those installed apps on my computer, indeed, the Creative Cloud Files folder is empty. They are not in my list of installed programs. Because, of course, they were removed yesterday by the System Restore. But, it now does not give me the option to reinstall it. I tell the customer service representative this. Then, the customer service representative hangs up on me. Hangs up on me.
    I still don't have a solution, and the man who could have given me one clearly did not deign to do so. Is he representative of your customer service?
    I more care about this problem, to be perfectly honest.

    For the benefit of anyone who experiences the same problems as me, this is what I did to solve it:
    I executed the Adobe CleanerTool to wipe Creative Cloud. Then I executed it again to wipe all evidence of Creative Cloud apps. Now! It works! No thanks to the customer service.

  • Creative cloud desktop app show APPD download error

    Creative Cloud desktop app show APPS 'download error' - gives the option to reload applications or contact customer service
    Reload doesn't work
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app - same error
    Trouble began after I attempted to download a Bridge update which wouldn't complete

    Spent 2.5 hours on support chat and screen sharing with adobe support today, and after many uninstalls, CC clean ups etc, they could not get it working.
    Like you, it has always worked until today.
    The only thing we could get to work was to login to os x as root user and run Creative cloud from there.
    It's a PITA, but I am used to it because my desktop CC installer has been broken since last year, so I now have two computers with broken CC installers.
    OS X Mavericks: Enable and disable the root user
    good luck

  • Why does Creative Cloud Desktop App invite me to Install a program that I already own?

    I am a recent subscriber to the Creative Cloud Photographers Program, which includes three programs: Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom.  When I launch the CC Desktop app, the "Installed Apps" section lists three programs:  Photoshop CC, Photoshop CC (2014), and Bridge.  Lightroom appears under "Find New Apps" with a button that says "Install."  But Lightroom is already installed!  Why doesn't the CC desktop app list Lightroom under "Installed Apps" and why doesn't the button say "update?"  I am hesitant to press "Install" unless I am assured that it is safe to do so.
    Details: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
    Creative Cloud Desktop app Version
    Lightroom is 5.5

    @John T Smith
    Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately the URL you gave is a non-functional web page.  The chat button on Adobe's Contact Customer Care page is also non-functional.  I get the feeling Adobe doesn't want to chat, or maybe they went home for the weekend, so I came to the forum.

  • Creative Cloud desktop app doesn't show apps/can't update

    I am trying to update my current Creative Cloud apps, specifically Premiere Pro CC to the latest release.
    I have installed the Creative Cloud desktop app which launches the Home tab but when I click on the Apps tab
    I don't get any apps listed. I click on the Reload button but nothing happens.
    I have a solid internet connection.
    The error says: Download error. Please retry to try again or contact customer support.
    Any tips on how to solve this?
    Please send help asap!
    Thanks very much,

    Please check if these links are useful.
    Not all apps displayed for download | Creative Cloud desktop app
    Hope it helps you.

  • Creative Cloud desktop app unresponsive and extension manager not downloading

    I uninstalled Acrobat pro from my computer so I could install the newer version and now my creative cloud app is stuck on spinning circle when I try to go to the applications. I can't uninstall the craetive cloud desk app to reinstall it as it says the applications on my computer wont allow it. Also,I have tried to download the new extension manager cc and it says downloading and nothing is happening. It isn't downloading. Any suggestions?

    Zfire45, Lets Quit Creative Cloud desktop app and follow Solution 2 mentioned under the below article. tml
    Re-launch CC desktop app and check if it works fine now.
    Let me know in case you still face the issue.

  • Creative Cloud desktop app won't sync with CS6 applications

    I am running a Windows 7 64bit machine. I had been running CS6 and CC, but had developed a wide range of problems. With the assistance of Adobe technical support I removed all Adobe software from my pc.
    My plan was to do a clean install of CS6, apply all of the updates, and then decide if I wanted to continue with the full CC subscription before installing any CC software. The initial install went fine, as did a whole bunch of upgrades. Along the way Adobe upgraded the Adobe Application Manager to the desktop Creative Cloud app.
    Within Creative Cloud it showed an update to Photoshop CS6 (something to do with a Creative Cloud version 13.1.2). So I clicked on update and got an error message and the advice to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop CS6. I followed the advice. I then started Photoshop CS6 and selected the Help -> Updates option. It launched the Adobe Application Manager and I was able to install the update. So now I think everything is good with CS6 installed and up to date, and no CC software has been installed aside from the desktop app.
    BUT when I run the Creative Cloud desktop app it still show that there is an update for Photoshop CS6! Clicking on the update button generates a message that the update failed due to a download error.
    So my problem is how do I get the CC app in sync with my actual CS6 applications?
    My second question is do I need to uninstall AAM to preclude this happening in the future (and if so, how)?

    Then it would appear the updates have been applied successfully.  You may want to try implementing solution 2 of CC desktop lists applications as "Up to Date" when not installed -

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App not loading certain pages

    The Creative Cloud Desktop app is not loading the Home, Files, and Fonts pages. The only thing I get is the loading graphic spinning away. I've tried signing out then in, quitting the app, restarting the machine, renaming the OPM file to old, tried turning File and Font sync off - which it doesn't seem to do, checked the internet connection without any difference. The Cloud status page says everything is good.
    I'm on an iMac running the GM of Mavericks. I've been running Mavericks beta for awhile and haven't had any trouble previously.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get to those pages?
    Thank you!

    Hi Mike,
    Does reinstalling the Creative Cloud app make any difference? There is an uninstaller in the Creative Cloud app folder in Applications. Also, does the same thing happen in a newly created admin account?

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App Slows All Browsers

    True for both Chrome and Safari on a Mac, one running Mavericks and one running Lion. When Creative Cloud is active in the menu bar, the browsers slow down so much I can't even type an address in the menu bar without minutes of lag. Not seconds, MINUTES.
    I always have a browser open, and I want to be able to use Typekit fonts on my desktop through Creative Cloud - but now I can't do both. This has serious consequences for my work flow.
    I've tested this thoroughly, and it comes down to one thing: I can run a browser, OR I can run Creative Cloud Desktop. I can't run both. Please fix this, Adobe!!!
    The only way to get my system back to normal was to (yet again) uninstall the Creative Cloud Desktop app, run the cleaner, and re-install it. Simply deactivating the Typekit fonts still left me with a laggy, hanging, slow CC app. So - the problem is either Typekit or the CC app, or a combination of the two. What a freaking pain. This stuff is supposed to just work.

    Hi J,
    I'm sorry you ran into trouble here. This is the first we've heard of this issue. However, I'd like to see if we can figure out what's causing it. Would you be able to drop us a line at: [email protected]?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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