Trouble with Image Previews (& raw vs dng)

Im new to Lightroom after using Apple Aperture for the past few years.
The install of Lightroom 5 was a brand new full install and has recently been updated with 5.3. The install was error free and i have only around 20 or so images in the catalogue. I have plenty of processing available on the iMac which is only 12 months old.
I have a random annoyance when i open Lightroom. Once opened, i select a RAW file that has had some minor adjustments such Basic Highlights, Shadows, Colors, Tone Curve, Sharpening and light Noise Reduction. Now when i select the image and move to Develop, some of the adjustments do not load, the most obvious one that i can see is Sharpening. I have waited for 30 seconds and it doesnt seem to load so i toggle to another image and the toggle back and all the adjustments are applied to the RAW file. Its completly random when it does this but is annoying to say the least.. If i stay on the image that hasnt loaded the Sharpening and Turn Off the Noise Reduction and Sharpening adjustment and then turn back on, the Sharpeing is loaded.
Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated as im not techinically minded.
Many thanks

Hi Matt,
Not to muddy the water any but, with regards to DNG, it is actually the true open format. Now I am not a follow the herd, whatever "Adobe says" type of guy. DNG is actually the only RAW format that is open to all and to which any camera company or software program can, if they chose to, open, modify, save, and record.
Now, it may seem like I am splitting hairs or like I am on the Adobe bandwagon. I assure you I am not and struggled for a very long time as to whether I should bother with the DNG format. What really got my attention, and converted my thinking, was about 2 years ago when reading an interview with the renown photographer Frans Lanting. He indicated that even while still in the field (likely on an assignment for National Geographic), his workflow is to first copy his .NEF files to a hard drive and second to convert all of those .NEF files to DNG. I thought to myself "Wow, if he views it as that important as to perform this seemingly extra step, while still in the field, then maybe I should consider it too...."
That article got me thinking, 20+ years ago no one saw what a complete dominance of the medium digital photography would have today. Once "descent" digital cameras started coming out, I think we all saw that the future would be digital but no one predicted the shift would be so fast. So, as I sit here today, can I afford to assume that Nikon/Canon will continue to support the propritary files from my D100/10D forever? Can I afford to assume that other software vendors will continue to read the file format once Nikon/Canon discontinues this support? I could end up in the same boat I will be in now if my slide scanner breaks, only one or two vendors with quality products.
Anyway, that is my view on the matter. I, like Frans Lanting, keep both but only work from the DNG files because of the performance benefits. Well, that and to ensure that my original RAW file never gets corrupted or altered in any way but mostly, I do it for the DNG performance benefits.
Welcome to Lightroom. I hope you have a good experience!

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    HI there...First off I just bought a new iMac and haven't a clue what I'm doing so my problem could be related to that.  While I'm waiting for Adobe to transfer over my platform I downloaded the trial of CS5 Extended to get me started.  I'm having trouble with the image processor...I choose file/scripts/image processor...the dialog box comes up and I choose use open files and then try and choose the folder I want to save them in.  I choose my folder and hit run and it keeps telling me specify folder destination.  I can't for the life of me figure this out...what am I doing wrong?  It always worked fine for me on my PC and CS3.  I can't handle saving each image individually in the new folder...

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    I'm trying to create a page with a bunch of my photos but I need the photos broken up into groups so I can discuss the different groups. So I simply cut and paste the photo area several times BUT now when I click on any picture in any group it only does a slideshow for the last group of photos.
    I guess I could simply break the single page into multiple pages but that is so inconvenient in iWeb since it doesn't let you cut and paste template pages! Apple needs to seriously fix this shortcoming. How can you not allow cutting and pasting of pages??
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    PowerBook G4 17 (A1085) 1.5 GHz / 1.5 GB RAM / 128 MB VRAM / 80 GB HD   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    You probably realise by now that you're attempting to do things with iWeb which it just wasn't intended to do. Cutting and pasting the photo grid area just won't work as you want it to. To work within iWeb's limitations might i suggest that you use the 'nesting' approach described in several posts here already. Use a single representative image on your main page for each of the situations you want to cover, and link each of these to an appropriate Photo page which has 'Include page in navigation menu' unchecked.
    You could add a link on each of the Photo pages which returns to your main descriptive page.

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    image in site folder is. Multiply x 100s of images = tons of extra
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    Please hotlink selection: Bridge W/DW and DW with

    I have done everything described but nothing has helped. It has nothing to do with the Type Tool, but with the new rendering. It occurs every time I want to insert a picture into the text flow. There is no workaround and the whole feature is completely broken.
    UPDATE: I have found out that it only occurs when I use the method via alt-clicking the anchor icon and dragging the cursor into the text. (Quick anchoring introduced in CS6) When I copy and paste the image frame into the text, it does not crash.

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    those aspect ratios are different.  to fill the screen, you will need to make a descision to leave space at the top/bottom, crop your stage width or distort your stage. 
    you can publish for 100%x100% and use the scaleMode property of the stage to select your option.

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    The onmouse over and out need to go in your href tag. You have them in your img tag. Should look like this
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    byte[] buf = new byte[1024];
    int nRead;
    while( ( != -1 ){
    / Close up all our resources
    response.flushBuffer();JSP code in pieces.
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       response.setDateHeader("Expires", -1);
       response.setHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
       response.addHeader("Cache-control", "no-store");
       response.addHeader("Cache-control", "max-age=0");
    <img src="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/imageServlet?imgType=badge&imgName=<bean:write name='badge' property='name'/>" width="136" height="136" alt="" border="0">

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    Attachments: ‏23 KB

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    Did you define your local site folder in DW before you started this project?  Without this critical 1st step, DW cannot properly manage site assets for you. 
    Go to Site > Manage Sites or New site.  Tell DW where your site files are located on your hard drive.
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    Nancy O.

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    I have Photoshop CC 2014 running on an HP ZBook 15 with Windows 7 Professional. I recently downloaded Camera Raw 8.7.311. I did not install the DNG converter. I shoot raw in my Nikon D750. I download the NEF images to my HP laptop using a memory card reader. I installed Bridge from Creative Cloud. When I check in Photoshop CC 2014, it says the Camera Raw plug-in is present. But if I try to open a NEF image, it fails and says it is an unsupported file type. When I go into Bridge, the "Open using Camera Raw" option is faded and cannot be selected. So what do I do? TIA, Rob

    Success! My problem was I had the old version of the Nikon software on my computer and I had used that to download the photos. I copied the NEF files directly from my memory card reader and then could open them no problem in Photoshop CC 2014. Many thanks to gener7 and all who made suggestions.

  • Trouble with Adobe Camera Raw

    I have started to use ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) for making changes to my photos before opening them up properly in Photoshop, and I have 2 quick questions:
    1. The Photoshop guide I'm reading says that in the White Balance section of the 'Basic' tab (on the right of the big preview image), that I should be able to choose from pre-set white balance settings such as Cloudy, Sunny Day, Flash, Fluorescent etc.
    However the only options that are available for me are 'Auto, As Shot and Custom'. Am I doing something wrong?
    2. In the main preview box, some of my photos load up with a funny blue outline around the image. Is there a reason for this?
    Thanks for your help!

    1) Those options are only available when working with raw files. When working with JPEG's you get only As Shot, Auto and Custom, it's a trade-off for lower filesize.
    2) that blue color indicates that you have clipping in those areas. You can turn it on/off by clicking on the icons with a triangle in them from the top of the histogram
    White balance controls in Camera Raw: html
    Preview highlight and shadow clipping in Camera Raw: html

  • Trouble with CR2 and converting to DNG

    I am new at using camera raw files.  I recently got a Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D as well as Adobe Lightroom 3.  I tried loading my CR2 files into Lightroom by "copying as DNG."  Once I did this, the program said "the files are from a camera which is not recognized by the raw format support in lightroom."  I then tried downloading the latest DNG converter from to convert my files, but this program also said "the source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files."  The third route I tried was loading my photos into brindge directly from my camera and checking "convert to DNG."  This did not work either.  When I looked on Adobe's website, I saw that Camera Raw 6.3 should be downloaded for Lightroom 3, but it is not compatable with CS4.  I did not do this because I did not want to interfere with the other CS4 programs and I am not sure if this has anything to do with it (I have camera raw 5.7 I beleive)  I have also tried saving my photos to my computer, then importing them, as well as directly importing them from the camera into Lightroom.
    Can anyone help me with this?  LIke I said, I am very new to using camera raw and Lightroom and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    CG_1225 wrote:
    also, I am not sure why the size of the photo was so small.  Could this be part of the problem?
    Almost certainly. I suspect the file got truncated.  The header info is there, but it looks like most of the image data is just missing.
    Buy some new good quality media and do not trust the card these images came off of until you can verify them. Even if the media is suspect, a card reader might have better luck extracting all the data, so just put the media away and look at it later.
    I've said it before, but it bears repeating. It isn't about /if/ your media or hard drive will fail, but /when/.  Flash media is tricky because it can go bad in really inconvenient ways like this.  Pro cameras are starting to accept dual media so you can at least have a JPEG copy on the other media if the raw write fails. But, as suggested elsethread, ALWAYS format the media in-camera so that the firmware on the card can spread the writes out over the entire card over time, and map out bad spots as they occur.  And they always occur.  Flash media starts to fail the moment we buy it and stick it in the camera.

  • Having trouble with images in old Aperture Library?

    I have and old Aperture Library that I updated.  I opened a project in that library and tried to export some photos to my desk top.  I got an error message that was a error with about 10 images.  I went back to that same project and now those images are blank with the upside down question mark? That says “Unsupported Image Format”  Any help would be much appreciated!!
    Jeff Skinner

    Hello Jeff,
    I don't undersand that with iphoto? The images are so old I forgot if they were originally iphotos or aperture files.
    I saw the "iPhoto Original" keyword attached to one of the images in question. This keyword usually is set for an original master image, when you import from iPhoto.
    I cannot find anything special about these imiages???  I noticed that there is no file size for the corrupted files.
    If the image format is not supported, then probably Aperture cannot read the file size.
    Not sure if the images are managed or referenced?
    If these were imported from iPhoto, then they might have been imported as referenced, if you set the "Store Files" selector to "In their current location" on import. That would mean, that the original masters are still in your iPhoto Library, and if you edit them using iPhoto this may break the references to your masters in Aperture.
    I think I just located the original imaiges in an old hard drive!
    That is good, at least you still have a backup; but did you see the imported, unsupported images in the masters folder of your Aperture Library? It would really help to know the exact condition of the images that are problematic. Or are they not in the library? That would mean they are referenced, but then the exclamation-mark tag in the Browser is confusing - I then would expect an icon with a broken arrow.
    It did not happen until I tried to export them though?  What can I do to prevent this from happening futher?
    Then Aperture probably did not notice that something was amiss with the images, until it needed to access the master image files for export and noticed that those could not be read. As long as you do not try to export or to edit the images, the Previews are sufficient, but on export the master has to be processed.
    The master image files of the other images in the project may be problematic as well - make sure you have a working backup, before you try anything at all with other images in that project.

  • Trouble with flash preview of PDF documents, embedding.

    Yesterday, I noticed that the embedded PDF documents that I have posted on my blog weren't loading. The message in the embed window reads: 'Unable to Create Flash Preview. Please download to view in the native application.' In, when I try to open the file for viewing it has a message that says: 'This file cannot be previewed. Please download instead.'
    Thinking that there might be a problem with my PDF files, I uploaded a Word .doc, and used to create the PDF. That PDF wouldn't preview either. I signed into my wife's account, and had the same problem.
    Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Chris. I will attach a copy of the PDF I am trying to upload and embed, in case there are problems with the file itself (?)

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It's weird, eh? I tried the flash update, tried opening everything in FireFox... Same problems. I am attaching a few screencaps so that you can see what it is doing.
    #1 - This is what it looks like when I click on the file of -
    #2 - Here's a working PDF that I uploaded two days ago -
    #3 - Uploading a new PDF, displays this before going to #1 -
    #4 - Here is a PDF that I uploaded two days ago, embedded (and working) on my website
    #5 - Here's the failed embed in iWeb. (Looks the same on the page.) -
    I attached the PDF file to the previous post. It's strange. I also logged in to my wife's account and got the same problem.

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