Trouble with my Thumbnails since 2.1.4 update

My Thumbnails have been acting crazy will show the wrong picture for the thumbnail, I have to go up to the toolbar and generate thumbnail, then it is fixed, until I come across the next one, which seems to be happening all the time now.
Anyone else experiencing this?
I have not bought Snow Leopard yet, but I did update Aperture.

Aperture 2.1.4
Professional wedding shoot. 1,500 photos. 8 CFs. Imported each into separate projects to easily vfy card and project counts matched. Edited 90%. Everything seemed to work fine including thumbnails/previews. While editing last 10%, decided to move all 8 projects into 1. Went to each project, Select All, drag, repeat. When images were all filed under one project, suddenly half the images have a blank thumbnail/preview in the browser pane. Each missing preview is bordered by a roundtangle with a dashed white stroke.
Tried the following with no luck:
Quit/Restart Aperture
Restart Mac
Create new project, drag photos to it (same thumbs are missing)
Drag back
Create new project, drag 10 photos to it (same thumbs missing)
Ctrl-option > Generate previews
Ctrl-option > Delete previews
Ctrl-option > Update previews
Same without option
Toggle in and out of Quick Preview mode
Resize previews via slider
Enter/Exit Full screen
Cycle thru all Viewer/Browser modes (V)
Quit Aperture, open Aperture Library package, drag thumbs file to desktop, Open Aperture
repeat with other 2 files that appear to hold previews (e.g., ...minis...)
Now attempting to export project with 1,500 photos, copy entire Aperture Library to 2 TB drive, open backup library there, rename project, re-import exported project.
There appears to be some reas
Hunch: when it asks something like "In the process of generating previews... Quit, Cancel?" it could be that selecting Quit leaves the database in an inconsistent state. Although I have clicked Quit once or twice (successfully) before and the wedding photos are from September and should have had valid thumbs generated in 2 months of daily use, somehow they still went missing. I don't quite see how this is possible since moving photos to a different project shouldn't require new thumb creation. Furthermore, it appears that Apple has seen this problem during development and took the time to add options to delete, update and regenerate and force the generation of previews so there appears to be several uncaught bugs here related potentially to Quitting while generating, losing track of previews during drags between projects, deleting and re-generating, and even moving the internal thumbs files can't trick Aperture into regenerating them from scratch. The Canon 5D MarkII could be an issue but thumbs get generated for half the RAWs fine so that doesn't seem to be the root cause. From the clues it seems like thumbs/previews and pointers to them from the full size images are getting corrupted. I assume it's recreatable and therefore fixable based on (others reporting these same problems/symptoms). To do so, create 8 projects with 200 photos and drag into one project. Quit Aperture during the process and select the Quit (while generating previews) option when offered that choice. When blank previews appear, try the delete, update and generate previews options and watch them fail. Clues suggest that the SQL lite database or some other mechanism is holding preview or preview pointer information and these are getting balled up by the above process due to multiple Aperture software defects and glaring omissions in the Aperture test plans (for a premium software package targeted at professional photographers with 100,000+ photos who can't spend days trying to regenerate blank photos).
A potentially related issue is the false "Unsupported image format" error message displayed on a maroon background where the photographer expects to see his image. I have tens of thousands of images from the same camera, of the same image format and images that display properly 10 times can suddenly flip into an unsupported format? This appears to be another example of poor programming, poor error handling, poor testing and taking shortcuts. For example, why doesn't the error give some actual actionable information such as the format encountered, the size (e.g., zero?), data that, if sent in a screen shot to Apple, could help solve a problem with reports online dating back almost 5 years or more (2005).
A temporary workaround is to click a blank preview and force it to regenerate a thumb for the now tilted image. There may be a way to CMD-click all the missing thumbs and stamp a slight straightening onto them and regenerate all your thumbs. Depending on how severe this corruption is, it's possible that the new previews and pointers have no choice but to be updated and stored in all the places that Aperture has to keep track of them. Take care not to obliterate and stamp over any prior straightening or enhancements with this workaround to regen your previews.
My fear is that this band-aid could mask a bigger corruption. If so, you could wind up with all your Vaults and Time Machine backups harboring the same corruptions and restores that take hours, days, weeks only to return you to a state with blank previews and potentially deeper corruptions. One post on the web documents the potential for previews to not only go blank but to also turn to squares and lose all knowledge of the master and, apparently because the size and aspect ratio get forgotten and revert to 0 KB and 0x0, the master, even if relocated, can never reconnect with the blank icon. Hunch: this may have something to do with poor programming and error handling in the area of referenced masters and reconnecting with offline projects, libraries or folders. I've used these but do not in any of the projects in the Aperture library suffering these problems reported here.
Hopefully these details help apple and others get to the root cause of this potentially severe problem.
Note that this is NOT a snow leopard problem as I chose not to risk installing that (given past upgrades in iPhoto and Aperture where photos were lost forever and upgrading previews/projects took my business offline for 1 to 2 days solid while Aperture churned on its database) until after completing this project.
I will post the results of the re-import once it completes...potentially another temporary workaround that may hopefully save others a day of lost work actually enhancing photos for customers instead of being wasted trying to see the photos in your library--the minimal feature of a premium photo library package! -Sam

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    Texas Mac Man's Flash hack/post...
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    (If you are running a PPC Mac with Flash Player and are having problems with watching videos on FaceBook or other sites, contributor Texas Mac Man suggests the following solution which fools the site into thinking that you are running the latest version:)
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    Similar to issue one:
    There's supposed to be 6 jam packs, but only 2 of them show at the bottom of the Library list. I believe they are: Jam Pack Voices and Jam Pack World Music. I looked up the location of where these jam packs are supposed to install and all 6 of them are there in folders.
    Issue 2:
    I would LOVE to get this fixed, but I don't even know exactly the issue anymore, so I've kind of gotten over this. I recently opened logic after not touching it for months, after a huge update. I now have this annoying midi issue. It seems as if the midi is CONSTANTLY being triggered on whatever track is being highlighted. But the sound is all distorted. I might be about to shoot a video for you guys to see if that helps. Ive only got 3 peripherals. An axiom 49 midi controller, a presonus faderport, and a m audio fast track ultra 8r...all of which I turned off and unplugged and still had the problem. It happens on old sessions and new sessions. As soon as an instrument is selected, it starts triggering it and cutting into whatever being played.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME if you have any clue on how to resolve either of these issues. I've done SO much research and have found nothing. I only gave up on logic because I haven't ever gotten it to work correctly. When I did mess with it, I enjoyed it. I'm a pro tools guy who wants to expand his options, but this is really causing me to never touch it again.
    Ill report the specific error name to the first issue when I see it again. It happens when I'm searching through sounds, Ill go to click on one and itll just pop up saying something about it not being found, or exs24 sampler can't be found or something like that. Though I installed them all on the hard drive...everything. Also, I have tried re-indexed my logic library like everyone suggest and nothing has changed.
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    This is the error message I get one clicking on certain instruments:
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    This error happened on my old macbook white and my brand new imac which logic was freshly installed on. Thats two separate systems both exhibiting the same issue. Even on a NEW iMAC! I wonder why no one else is having these issues.
    P.S. I copied and past this from another forum on the net (gearslutz) because I wasn't getting any help or suggestions.  I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.  I can post video clips of any of the issues if anything is unclear.

    Update on Issue 2:
    I'm actually starting to believe its related to my Faderport.  I initially tested to see if it was the problem by unplugging it while logic was on and the problem still occured, but I closed down logic and unplugged it, then started it back up and it seems to be working fine as of now.

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