Trying to figure out how to get Verizon Messaging to work on my Galaxy S5.

At the bottom of the screen it says sending is disabled. I also don't see any way to create a message. No contacts show up either. I do receive text messages OK. But I have to use the generic messaging app to send a text.

I'm having very similar issues to LarryET above. I followed the directions from TominqueBo_VZW, but I could uninstall the updates only. Even uninstalling those and reinstalling them, I have no improvement. My greatest issue is the lack of pictures from the contacts. Some show, others don't with no discernable common thread.

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  • HT2931 I am trying to figure out how to get the pre made "beats" with my garage band for my MacBook Air can u help

    I am trying to figure out how to get the pre made "beats" with my garage band for my MacBook Air can u help

    Hello Mattxy2,
    Thank you for the question. It sounds like you would like to add some Apple Loops to your project.  I recommend reviewing the following sections in Garageband Help:
    GarageBand Help - Search for Apple Loops
    GarageBand Help - Add Apple Loops to your projects
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • I have recently had to fire my web designer who was using iWeb.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the site to open in iWeb on my new MacBook Pro.  Is there a way?

    I have recently had to fire my web designer who was using iWeb.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the site to open in iWeb on my new MacBook Pro.  Is there a way?

    Firstly iWeb CAN'T IMPORT any kind of published html code as it has no import facility.  You can however add html code, javascript and css by selecting the html snippet and placing it on your page the entering the code in here and clicking on Apply.  You DO NOT create a shape as you say - you use the html snippet and place your code in there.
    There are not really a lot of ways in which you can write code - if you want to enter small amounts of code, then you would use an ordinary text editor to do this such as Text Edit on a Mac or Text Wrangler.  If you want to add code to iWeb like this, then you would either use the html snippet method in iWeb itself or you would have to publish the site to a local folder from iWeb and open the relevant html page with a text editor and add the additional code in this way and then publish.  However, if he decided to add the code with a text editor, then you would have to upload the pages directly to the server using an ftp client - if you try to upload the site directly from iWeb, all the extra code will be overwritten.
    As for checking whether the site was created using iWeb, all you need do is view the site in Safari and then click on View and then select View Source Code and it will tell you.
    Even thoough extra code was added to the site and he might well have done this by publishing to a local folder and adding the code with a text editor, he should still have the domain file for the site too.
    Ask again.  I'm sure that for adding quick code, most would not want to use programmes such as Dreamweaver, but a simple text editor will suffice.  As OT already said, if he claims that he does not have the domain.sites file, then try Flux 4 which is a web design programme and has full import facilities.  At least this way, if he just gives you the published version of the site, you have some way of opening it.
    You can download a free trial of Flux 4 and you can also purchase the full version from the Mac App Store if you decide you like it.

  • From the US but in France these days trying to figure out how to get case

    I have an iPhone 4, and I got the email about being eligible for the case. I am from the US, and I am now in France for a bit for work. I am trying to figure out how I could get my case shipped to me here instead of back home, since I will not be back there until December at the earliest. I downloaded the app and it will ship to my US address by default, and I am not interested in changing that because I want to still be part of the US zone.
    If someone from Apple could help and tell me what to do it would be great. I could not find the right department that could have answered this question when I looked on the support page.

    These are user forums - Apple will not respond to you here.
    Call customer service with the order number and tell them that you need to change the ship to address ... they should be able to do that or you...

  • I have creative cloud, I have both photoshop and lightroom current versions installed - I was using the trial period.  I paid for the 9.99 a month and now I'm trying to figure out how to get a current program so it won't expire - which is still says it is

    I have creative cloud, I have photoshop and lightroom current versions installed - I was using the trial period.  I paid for the 9.99 a month and now I'm trying to figure out how to update this. 

    You need to uninstall the trial applications and reinstall from the CC app.

  • Has anyone else spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to get a refund for extra iCloud storage you accidentally purchased?

    Has anyone figured out how to actually get a refund for iCloud extra storage? I accidentally purchased too much extra storage. The supports site says "Cancel storage not needed" within 15 days.  But there is no instructions on HOW to do that. I have searched for hours for instructions. I did Express Lane Case #s only to have Apple Support "close" these cases with a "resolution" that they told me to visit their support sites. I am in a loop! I have had 3 Case numbers for this with no one giving me the credit refund. I finally was given a phone number.  Been on hold so long my cell dropped the call and had to start over...3 times. Of course, all very nice people who took my phone number in case they need to call me back and then never called me when I lost the call. None of them had the security level for refunds so I had to be sent on to the next person and then the next, all with rediculously long hold times. I finally gave up for the night. Tried to "chat" online, but the only option is to "Chat Later" when I feel like trying again. Again, no explanation on why that is the only option showing (too busy, closed for the night?). Is the ploy here for me to realize I already spent more hours of my time than the cost of the error and I'll eventually give up? On this site I did see someone post a refund resolution for MobileMe. Those instructions are not working for iCloud storage canceling. There was no "choice" to click for canceling that I saw.

    I did get this resolved the next day. So the solution is to not try to resolve this in the evening, the were understaffed. I called the next day during business hours and had the opposite experience. I got in and was only on hold 5 min. Again the first support person could not give refunds and I was passed on to her supervisor, but again the hold time was reasonable. This person was very easy to work with and she took care of the issue. I explained that it was not completely clear that the cloud is not meant to be backup for all your pc files, thus the reason for so many cancelations once we get it and find out what it cannot store. The online support sites could do a better job telling you that refunds require phone calls (during days hours).

  • Trying to figure out how to get custom quiz concept to work

    OK so I've been trying to get this concept to work in CP4. I have simulation quiz questions that gives the user 2 attempts to answer the quiz. The one hitch is that if the user get the question wrong the first time it gives them an "incorrect try again" message and if they get it wrong the second time it gives them an "incorrect please review section...." message. Now I've been trying to get this to work many ways and haven't been able to get the quiz to score right due to the fact I can't get CP to let me use the multiple incorrect feedbacks in a single click box.
    I've tried setting up the questions using 2 click boxes (each click box has a different incorrect feedback message) but I run into the issue of if I answer the question right the first time then the second click box goes unscored and throws off the percentage.  I've been trying to figure out a way to manipulate the captivate system variables (cpinfoquizpasspoints, cpinfototalquestionsperproject, cpinfopointsscored) but I can't for the life of me figure out how to update the variables (ex. overide the cpinfototalquestionsperproject with my own number or add additional points to the cpinfopointsscored variable if the user gets the question right the first time. Basically I need to fig out a way to get this to work and ultimately be able to communicate to a Sumtotal LMS what the results are. I'm very open to suggestions 
    btw. I'm really disappointed that CP4 allows different feedback messages on multiple attmeps for their built in questions but not for custom click box questions!!!!

    I would try the multi choice like captiv8r said. if that doesn't work try a clickbox for each answer and:
    Some quick notes for set up. Slide XX represents the slide that will contain the next question in the quiz. You may want to create all the slides (even if they are blank) as place holders for each question in the quiz. So if a question has 4 possible answers that's gonna be 4 slides for that question. If you have 5 questions and they all have 5 answers then you want to create 25 slides for the questions. (I think I did the math right on that )
    Change the properties for the click box to on success: go to next slide (unless this is the correct answer then select jump to slide XX). Change the options
    Under Options Only check Success Caption, Pause project until user clicks and pause for success/failure captions.
    Click OK......You will be given a click box with a green box that says type success  text here.
    Right click on the green box and select Properties
    If this box is the right answer type in Correct or something to that extent. If its the wrong answer type in "Answer is wrong because ..bla bla bla..... reasons". You can format the font to be red or green and choose the appropiate caption type to match your color scheme (or create your own custom caption)
    Click OK.
    After that all you have to do is duplicate the click box (right click on the click box and select duplicate) and edit the caption to be either "correct" or "answer is wrong because....."
    Once you have all your captions in place you can copy the entire contents of the slide an paste it into the rest of the slides set up for that question (remember if the question has 4 answers then thats 4 slides for that question)
    repeat steps 1 - 9 for the rest of the questions.
    Some things you want to consider. If you only want to give the user say 2 attempts per question then you want to modify the setup to only 2 slides per question. That way if they get it wrong on teh second attempt they are advanced to the next question. If you are scoring this quiz you will have to set-up some variables for scoring.
    The method above is what I used to answer my own question from the original post.... Lots of work but it got the job done! Good luck.

  • Anyone figure out how to get Powershot G2 to work again after update to 1.5

    All my raw files from my Powershot G2 are now "Unsupported" since the update. Has anyone figured out how to update the program to allow support for that camera again? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

    You can get the old hack for the Canon Powershot G2 RAW support to work again on 10.4.8 and Aperture 1.5, and you do NOT need to revert back to the old 10.4.7 IO Frameworks file. The solution is to download the new 2006-01 RAW Camera Support update from Apple's web site. Here is the link version for PPC machines (which is what I have):
    There his also a Universal version on Apples site (but I have not tried this version): ml
    After you install this update, it will place a new copy of the RAW.plist file in the usual place:
    /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/ImageIO.fram ework/Versions/Current/Resources/Raw.plist
    Edit this file with the old hack, making sure to add the "<!-- 10.4.0 -->" to the 1st line and save it back. A few notes on this:
    1) I'm not sure whether the "<!-- 10.4.0 -->" is needed, but similar items appear in all other cameras now, so no harm in adding it.
    2) To place the editted version back in the library, I had to 1st move the old RAW.plist file to the trash, then copied the editted version to the library. I then restarted to allow me to delete the version in the trash (otherwise the system thinks it is still in use).
    3) To be safe, I also did a repair permisssions (which did repair the permissions of the new RAW.plist file).
    After this, I was able to open Powershot G2 RAW files in Aperture and PReview (have not tried iPhoto, but is shoudl also work there).
    Here is the hacked code for the Canon G2 camera.
    <key>Canon-PowerShot G2</key> <!-- 10.4.0 -->
    <key>blackReplace</key> <true/>
    <key>black</key> <integer>32</integer>
    <key>max</key> <integer>1023</integer>
    <key>white</key> <integer>1023</integer>
    <key>premul0</key> <real>1.90</real> <key>premul1</key> <real>1.00</real> <key>premul2</key> <real>1.22</real>
    <real>1.0507</real> <real>-0.4281</real> <real>-0.0161</real>
    <real>-0.5540</real> <real>1.2938</real> <real>0.2909</real>
    <real>-0.1205</real> <real>0.1844</real> <real>0.8335</real>
    <real>0.9087</real> <real>-0.2693</real> <real>-0.1049</real>
    <real>-0.6715</real> <real>1.4382</real> <real>0.2537</real>
    <real>-0.2291</real> <real>0.2819</real> <real>0.7790</real>
    <key>mc</key> <real>0.83355</real>
    <real>0.450</real> <real>0.090</real> <real>1.467</real> <real>0.260</real> <real>1.842</real> <real>0.652</real> <real>1.040</real> <real>0.538</real>

  • Can't seem to figure out how to get the signature to work correctly

    I am having trouble getting Digital Signatures to work on a PDF. This is the first time that I have ever tried to use them, and the first time that I used Lifecycle to convert a form instead of just building it one field at a time in Acrobat Pro.
    In the past, I have gotten several PDF's that required signing. It seemed like an easy process, I clicked on the signature to sign it and then the email button to submit. The first time I did it before I had a signature, it walked me through the process of getting one set up, that was easy too.
    Now, I need one, and all of the sudden, it doesn't seem so easy any more.
    I have the CS3 Design suite with Acrobat Pro 8.0
    I did the layout in InDesign, and the form conversion in Lifecycle. The signature fields were added there automatically, all looked good so far.
    I open the file in Reader 9.0 and am unable to add a signature. I made sure that Reader 9.0 knew where my signature file was, but no matter what I do the document sign options are all greyed out.
    I opened the form in Acrobat 8 and it will let me sign, but I have to immediately save/as or the signature doesn't take. I have to save it save/as twice because there are two signatures.
    I figured there was some rights setting wrong, but can't find it. I have searched for signature, but can't seem to find a post that applies to my problem.
    This is driving me crazy. This shouldn't be that difficult. I am missing something here.
    Can anybody here shed some light on this?

    To enable the form to be signed in Reader you will need to open the form in Acrobat; goto Advanced>Enable Usage Rights and then save this copy of the form for sending out to the users.
    The user should then be able to edit and digitally sign the form. They can then email the signed/saved pdf as a browsed for attachment or via the email icon in the toolbar. Note - if you have created an email submit button on the form, then unless they have Acrobat they could only return an xml file.
    The other way to do this however is to create a dataset by 'distributing' the form. This time the Email Return button will send back a full version of the form. During the distribution setup you will have the option to email the form directly or to save it and send it later,so you can send to users as and when or even post it to a website or intranet.
    When you receive and open the returned form it will ask whether you want to add it to the predetermined dataset (or if you want to categorise the returns into geographical areas for example, you could create new additional datasets at this point). If the form is data heavy however, the dataset will become very large and unwieldy pretty quickly, but you can export the data from it (including signatures) in xml format and import this into an Excel spreadsheet.
    To simplify the Excel xml import process I'd recommend you carefully structure your form in the hierarchy (LiveCycle) into the order you would want the data items to appear in your spreadsheet and switch off those data items that you will not need by setting the default binding for the irrelevant fields to "None".
    Clear as mud? Hope this helps.

  • HT201272 im trying to figure out how to get purchaches on a app

    you see i bought a app over a year ago, lost everything on my computer due to virus. I had to wipe the entire hard drive. so i lost all my itunes and all my apps and had to start over. well i got the purchaced app back and all the stuff i bought on that app is no where to be found. Is there any way of recovering what i bought on that app?

    never mind i figured it out.....thanks...................

  • First, I am not well versed when it comes to computers, with that being said I need help. I was trying to figure out how to get my music from my ipod onto my computer and somehow all my music on my ipod is gone and none of it made it to my computer.

    Is there any way I can find my music? I had originally added this music to my ipod from my old now deceased computer and I didn't have it backed up externally.
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    It is now gone. If it was not iTunes purchased music you will have to get your CDs out and rerip them on the new computer. You have to use 3rd party software to copy non-iTunes music from an iPod to a computer, such as Yamipod.

  • Trying to figure out how to get font sizes in textfield to show up right

    This is a flash question it just gets a little complicated.
    Running into a cross platform problem.
    I have a microsoft .NET application that I created to draw graphics. I put the properties of the drawn object into a database.
    I then read the properties into flash and dynamically build the objects that were drawn in with actionscript.
    The problem I'm running into is I'm using the Microsoft gdi+ model to draw text in my development environment with a specific font size in points.
    When I translate that over into flash, my runtime environment the font size appears smaller.
         I'm using a textfield object and setting the htmltext property to create the text.  Then I'm using the bitmapdata object to convert
    the textfield into a bitmap.  I do this for a couple of reasons.
    I can get the fonts to match closely If I multiply the font size of the textfield by 1.50.
    For example
    var fontsize:number = DatabaseFontsize * 1.50;
    this gets my fontsize close for the textfield.
    However with certain fonts this does not work.   Any help would be appreciated
    Am I posting this in the wrong place??

    I'm having very similar issues to LarryET above. I followed the directions from TominqueBo_VZW, but I could uninstall the updates only. Even uninstalling those and reinstalling them, I have no improvement. My greatest issue is the lack of pictures from the contacts. Some show, others don't with no discernable common thread.

  • Trying to figure out how to get NTSC progressive video

    I've tried the Advanced Frame Settings and set the output to "progressive" but sadly the resulting .m2v file still displays in DVD Studio Pro as 720 × 480i.
    Can anybody help?

    I've tried the Advanced Frame Settings and set the output to "progressive" but sadly the resulting .m2v file still displays in DVD Studio Pro as 720 × 480i.
    Can anybody help?

  • Trying to figure out how to get more wired ports

    I have an Airport Extreme and since it only has 3 wired ports, I need some addtional wired ports. Directly off the Airport, I have an iMac, PS3 and my VOIP phone. I need additional wired connections for my TV, Directv box and my new Mac Server. I want to be able to see the entire network so that I can share files.
    Any advice??

    An ethernet switch will perform better than a hub and it will be only a few dollars more. Ethernet switches come in 5 port, 8 port, 16 port, etc versions.
    Since your Extreme has Gigabit ethernet capability, be sure to get a Gigabit switch.
    If there's a Best Buy or electronics superstore near you, they will have what you need. $50-60 for a quality Netgear or Cisco 5 Port switch.
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  • I need help trying to figure out how to get deleted texts back from icloud storage. can someone help me its really important?

    really important. need help.

    If they were on your phone when it was last backed up, restoring the backup to your phone should recover them.

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