TS1702 how do you stop itunes from downloading apps over and over again and again like for ever it wont stop  help.

how do you stop itunes from downloading apps over and over again and again like for ever it wont stop  help.
i tryed everything i  can in the setting and so on , i even clicked on the downloads arrow to pause it and delete them but like i said it will now stop.
theres apps i just dont want. theres a list of them but theres not a place were i can get rid of them. it also says some stuff about icloud yeah right like i have ios 5 or 7 ha . pod touch 2 is what i have lol . plz help thanks.

to the right by search library theres an arrow there click on it : it will show you what it is downloading , from there you can pause and select all and delete them but still will continue to download them if you tell itunes to check for downloads. that download engien is crazy i tell yeah.
no matter what we do it will still download them trust me i tryed everything and i also went to icloud to see if it was there but to what i see is that there is no apps there this is some crazy itune program that needs to remade.

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  • Stop iTunes from downloading apps as I purchase them

    Hi everyone,
    So this is a bit of a weird question, but at the moment (for at least another 2 or 3 weeks anyway), I am on a massively restricted bandwidth, which means I cannot afford to download anything more than a few web pages a week.
    One of the problems I have however is that I make use of one of those apps who tell you about apps which have become free, and given that I am on a very low income, I cannot really afford to miss any of the apps which are free, especially given that when they stop being free, some of them cost a lot of money.
    So my question is this, when I initially purchase the app from iTunes (v11.0.4), via the app store section, is there a way to stop the just-purchased app from downloading in iTunes. Turning off automatic downloads of apps in preferences within iTunes makes no difference, as I am guessing that it is a "feature" of the process of purchasing an app.
    I'm only expecting the bandwidth restriction to last until the two different telecoms companies which I have used to install ADSL2 broadband with sort themselves out and get around to providing me with both telephone lines and ADSL2 broadband Internet connections. Until that point however, I am having to use my mobile phone's data to get online, and this costing me £20 for 4GB of data, which only lasts about 10 days at a time, unless I use iTunes and try to buy the apps mentioned in the now free app, app.
    I am open to making any changes to Mac OS X.
    For reference, I am running a mid-2009 MacBook Pro 13" with 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 320GB Hard Drive. It is running MacOS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), and iTunes (11.0.4, this is where I am purchasing the apps!), the iPad v3 (Released as the "New" iPad, the first to be released with a retina screen, running iOS 6.1.3), and the iPhone 5 (64GB, running iOS 6.1.3) both are sometimes connected to iTunes via the wireless portion of my network (the MacBook Pro is using Ethernet, via a pair of ethernet over power adapters, to connect it to the network, with significently faster speeds than I'd receive with my Wireless "N" network.
    If there's anything else you need to know about the environment or setup that I am running here, then let me know.
    Absolutely any help you can give me will be very much appreciated. When I used to work, I worked as an IT consultant, designing and developing applications for both Mac and Windows machines, so I am fairly well versed with most any changes that can be made to a machine, I just don't seem to be able to work this one out.
    I am also going to upgrade my MacBook Pro (13-inch) in the next 6 to 12 months, so anything I apply to my system now, I'd also like to replicate it to my new MacBook Pro when I've finished selecting it, and saving up for a new one. I'd expect it'll be running the new Mac OS being released in a few months, but I'll understand if no one has played with it enough to understand if the patch/fix will indeed work on iTunes on the new machine as well.
    Thank you all for your time in advance,
    Many thanks,
    Christopher East MBCS

    Here's my recommendation:
    First of all, you can always download previous purchases from iTunes. I believe you know this and know how to accomplish it, so I will not describe this further here.  If I'm wrong, just ask.
    So now the issue is how to stop the immediate download of a purchase you've just completed.  I don't think you can specify "don't download this right now" when purchasing, but surely you can abort the download just after it starts.  One way to do that would be from the download window, simply tapping the "X" on the right side as soon as the download commences.
    I think this will accomplish your objective.  Your purchase will be recorded, available for future download, and you will use next to zero bandwidth for the download right now.

  • Stop itunes from downloading app

    for some reason, everytime i start itunes, it attempts to download asphalt 7. i have unchecked auto-downloads, but this still occures. i don't want to download it, and i don't want  it on my computer. how do i get rid of it?

    Let it download then delete it

  • How do I stop iTunes from downloading multiple copies of a TV show?

    This is driving me nuts.  Using Doctor Who as the example, for each episode released, iTunes tries to download two HD copies and one SD copy.  I don't need the SD, nor do I need to duplicate HD.  Yet I can't stop it from trying to download them when I start iTunes, nor can I figure out how to permanently remove or cancel a pending download.
    Anyone have any idea how to stop this?
    -- edit ---
    Didn't have much luck matching search terms for this before posting, yet after posting links came up referencing other queries in which people asked how to stop iTunes from downloading the HD and SD versions of a TV show.  Consensus seems to be that iTunes will always download each version, which is just plain silly.  Haven't seen any explaination, however, on why it then tries to download a second HD copy.

    That is correct.  This is the way it is ALL HD purchases come with the SD version.

  • How do I stop itunes from transferring apps from my ipad or iphone to my pc ?

    How do I stop iTunes from transferring apps from my iPad or iPhone to my PC ? I have App sync turn off and I have add files to library turned off. Yet every time
    I sync iTunes transfers all my apps to my PC. I have 20-30 gig of apps on each. A lot of them are 1gig each and it takes for ever to sync , plus I don't want 100 gig of apps just sitting on my hard drive for no reason. Any app I ever want is always available in the cloud so what's the point of having them on my PC in the 1st place?

    I'm pretty sure that the space is used up on your computer's hardrive.
    Anyway my solution to this nuisance of apps/itunes transfer was to allow itunes to download the apps from my phone...
    ...First of all I had tried to uncheck a few boxes in itunes a) automatically sync when device is connected (in the summary section) b) prevent devices from syncing (edit>preferences>devices) and c) Automatically sync new apps (apps section of device)
    HOWEVER, when I would click sync in any section, apps tried to transfer to itunes from my iphone.
    So after all my apps went on my computer (approx. 9 GB), I checked the boxes back, disconnected my device and deleted all the apps from itunes and my computer simultaneously (by clicking del/move to recycle bin).
    Now when I connect my iphone it does it's backup/sync thing automatically ...but no apps try to transfer
    Note: apps from your library cannot be set to sync with your device
    I can now also click sync in any section and no apps transfer.
    (This problem started when I downloaded an app from itunes rather than my device and I later transfered the app to my device. My apps section in itunes is completely empty now and no apps appear in windows explorer either)
    the only thing I am unsure of now is; what's going to happen if I purchase an app from itunes on my pc again ...I'm guessing I'll have to repeat the process (might want to avoid that)     

  • Can I stop itunes from downloading a song I already bought

    Can I stop Itunes from downloading a song I already bought or have in my library

    If I would've read the whole post, I would've seen that. Sorry.
    Strange though. Hope someone a li'l more helpful can find the answer you're looking for.

  • Stop itunes from downloading old deleted tv shows

    How do I stop itunes from downloading old deleted tv shows? After the last update now everytime I open itunes it starts downloading the old tv shows that I deleted to save space, how do I get it to stop doing that?


  • Stop iTunes from downloading old TV shows.

    How do I stop iTunes from downloading old TV episodes that I have already watched? I have turned off automatic downloads in preferences. However every time I try to download something new, all my old TV shows I have already watched start to download. I then have to manually stop and delete dozens of TV episodes manually. I don't want multiple TV episodes clogging up my hard drive. Once I have watched something and delete it from iTunes, I don't want to download it again. Please help.

    I have this problem OFTEN with past Daily Show episodes. Just this morning, in fact, iTunes tried to download 1300+ (yes, 1300+) episodes of The Daily Show, dating all the way back to 2006.
    When I called iTunes Support on the phone, the completely unhelpful person asked me for the serial number on my computer. I told her that the problem wasn't with my computer, that the problem was with iTunes itself, and she was completely unwilling to help me. I've had this problem before, and an Apple support technician simply went in and cleared my download queue for me (a feature that individual users should have the ability to do) but I can't figure out how to get back to the person who helped me last time, because this receptionist insisted that nobody could help me if I wasn't using an Apple computer.
    This issue is not going away. Apple needs to fix iTunes. Nothing needs fixing on my computer.

  • How do you recoup software from the app store after a crash?

    How do you recoup software from the app store after a crash? It's not like the old days when you bought software on CDs.

    Mac App Store: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4461

  • How do I stop itunes from downloading a very large apps that I downloaded direct to my iphone?

    To get around my 5GB limit for internet service, I download a very large (350MB) dictionary app directly to my iphone using a wireless website run by a merchant in town. Now every time I run itunes, it wants to download the app. Is there any way I can stop itunes from attempting the download?

    Some types of issues, such as that one, can't be resolved by the volunteer support here. If I think a request can be answered in the boards but was posted in the wrong part of them, I'll just ignore the fact it's in the wrong place.

  • How do you uninstall iTunes from an iPad

    My iTunes isn't working on my iPad, When I try and connect it to my laptop it's stating I need to uninstall iTunes then install the newer version.  I need some help on how to uninstall iTunes from my iPad 2, thanks

    You can uninstall iTunes on a Windows-based computer by going to the  Start menu and choosing Control Panel.  Look for an icon labeled  "Programs and Features."   Within this menu, simply scroll down until  you see iTunes, right click on it with your mouse and choose uninstall.
    Once you have removed iTunes from your computer, you should download the latest version at http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/.   After you have reinstalled iTunes, you should be able to connect your iPad just fine.

  • How do you move itunes from comp. to External Hard Drive???

    I have an older computer with only like 60 GB. Since I bought a 40GB ipod I am now experiencing many problems with my computer b/c I just have way to many files on my computer. Recently I purchased a 100 GB external hard drive, and would like to figure out how to move my itunes from my computer to my external hard drive.... Can anyone help me with this? I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! Thanks.

    Welcome, Charles, to the Apple Discussions!
    Have a look at:
    Any further questions, post back.

  • Stop Itunes From Storing Apps on Windows

    I was wondering if we're able to disable iTunes from downloading and backing-up Apps onto my computer (windows). It's taking a chunky load of storage (10  GB), and would prefer just downloading directly off Apple store if needed.

    That doesn't appear to be an option. You can however move the backups off the system drive if that helps.
    Relocate iOS device backups
    Make a new folder called MobileSync at the root of the drive you want the backup data to live on, e.g. as D:\MobileSync
    Use Windows Explorer to move current Backup folder at <SystemDrive>\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup into the folder you just made. If the backup folder is large this may take some time.
    To make iTunes look for the data in the new location copy the text below, open a command prompt, right-click to paste in the command, edit the drive letter/path if needed, and then press <Enter>.
    MkLink /J "%AppData%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup" "D:\MobileSync\Backup"
    If you want the backup elsewhere replace D:\MobileSync accordingly.
    Note that while this method works for iOS device backups it cannot be used to redirect sections of the media library.
    If you're considering relocating your media folder see Make a split library portable for background.

  • How can i prevent mail from downloading the same messages over and over again?

    is there any way to prevent Mail from downloading the same messages over and over again? Mail has a minimum of "50 recent messages" to download, but i hate having to delete them every time i check for new mail! why doesn't the program remember if you have already downloaded a message, and suppress any subsequent downloads???

    Same issue since Mavericks.

  • TS1702 How do you close a third party app without deleting it?

    How do you close a third party app without deleting it?

    The same way any other app gets closed.
    Tap the home button to return to the home screen.
    If you want to force quit the app, after returning to the home screen, double tap the home button to pull up the multi-tasking bar.  Then press and hold the icon for the app in question until the red x appears.  Tap the x and the app will force quit.
    All of this is covered in the User's Guide.

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