TS1717 i loaded music from a flashdrive from my old computer with a windows xp os onto my itunes library.  Now all the songs in my library skip when played or downloaded from store

I decied to load some songs from my old computer which had  windows xp.  I used a flash drive and loaded them onto my new computer with windows 7.  Ever since all songs from my itunes library skip when played, even the ones purchased or imported.  Help how can I fix this?  Would it help to deauthorize my computer and then authorize it again?  I tried diagnosing the compatibility and changed it to windows xp service pack 2, but it did'nt ffix it.

Songs purchased from iTunes Store?

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  • Imovie won't let me drag the songs from the music and sound effects into my 'project'... I have tried everything, restarting itunes and imovie, dragging the songs to my desktop and then onto imovie, youtube tutorials...

    imovie won't let me drag the songs from the music and sound effects into my 'project'... I have tried everything, restarting itunes and imovie, dragging the songs to my desktop and then onto imovie, youtube tutorials...

    Don't drag them, import them from Media.

  • I am trying to sync my itunes with my ipod, but when I get to step 3 of syncing, it stops. Also, I deleted all the songs on my ipod, and when I go to my music in my ipod the songs are all still there and in a grey color and I'm not able to select them.

    I am trying to sync my itunes with my ipod, but when I get to step 3 of syncing, it stops. Also, I deleted all the songs on my ipod, and when I go to my music in my ipod the songs are all still there and in a grey color and I'm not able to select them. How do I completely clear my ipod music, and how can I solve the syncing problem?

    Sync works the same way it always has, connect the device, select the content desired to sync and sync.
    All the media should be in iTunes already, iDevices are not and have never been backup devices.
    If this is a new computer, move the content from the old computer to the new computer.

  • When I export a playlist and then open in excel, do whatever sorting I want, I then save the file and reimport into itunes but not all the songs are there. It appears to be from "comma's" in the song name. Any solutions?

    I see songs such as "Monday, Monday" or "Paint It, Black" or even the artist name such as "Fireballs, with Jimmy Gilmer" which have comma's in them, being a problem when I try to do the following:
    1. Export a playlist which contains songs which are all there and play fine, but some have comma's in the title such as listed above.
    2. I then open that file in Excel and bring it in as a Tab-delimited file.  Everything lays out fine, and all the songs are thing (including those with comma's).
    3. I then sort the varoius fields I want (which I can't do in i-tunes because i-tunes won't sort it properly), and resave the file as a newly named file, which is also a .txt file.
    4. I then import that playlist into my itunes. It is exactly the same songs that I just had exported but i-tunes says some of the songs can't be found.
    I have traced this problem to comma's in the file name of the song such as listed above.  There must be a solution to this either as the file is opened in excel or in how it's saved or some other solution short of having to rename song/artists without using comma's. 

    The additional problem is the file name of the song itself.  Even if I were able to delete the commas or replace with a space for example, changing the file name would result in itunes not being able to find the file.  I would have to go through each file (out of about 15,000+ songs) to find any that have titles such as described in this thread and change not only the song and artist in the fields, but changing the mp3 file itself. 
    I fear that I am really pretty much going to have to start with a list of songs that have no comma and then do a file compare to find those songs with commas and then just physically moving them into a new playlist I'm trying to create, but this is a royal pain as I want to be able to create a variety of playlists based on these chart dates/peak positions. 
    I'm trying to sort the songs in this manner:  I use different fields in itunes so that I can put the "peak position" of each song based on Billboard charts, as well as the date the peak position was acheived. I use the "comment box" for that.  I use the "grouping" field for my peak position.
    So I end up with something like "10/14/1980" in the comment box as the peak position for a song which is in the grouping field, and so forth.  If I try to sort the comments column in itunes for example, it won't sort properly. If I sort the Grouping field, it will bring up all the "1's", but that's followed by "10", 11, ...19, then "2", etc.  This is why I want to export the playlist and sort it as I want, and then reimport the playlist into itunes. 
    What I'm ultimately trying to achieve is a year-by-year peak position playlist so that I end up with every #1 song (in this case) from, say, January 1st 1980 and then every #1 song in sequential order for the rest of the year falls in line.  I have chart position dates from 1955 through 1999.  I have entered in all the data from Billboard books I own so I can really create some amazing playlists, but these commas are problematic. Had I known this ahead of time I would have made "Monday, Monday" as "Monday Monday" and not included commas, but it's too late for that.
    Any suggestions?

  • HT1473 I am trying to upload my itunes music from my ipod to my computer.  My current Itunes library is listing the songs, but cannot find them when I try to put them on to my iphone.

    I am trying to upload my itunes music from my ipod to my itunes on my computer.  My itunes music lists all of the music, but cannot find it when I try to load it to my phone.
    The songs are on my ipod, but not on my phone and I don't know how to get them from one device to the other.

    In your case, it would be better to have transferred the library to an external drive from the PC. Then, connect it to the iMac and put the library onto the Music folder.
    You used Migration Assistant, and it creates a new user with the transferred data.
    Open  > Log Out, and log in the new user. Then, open a Finder window, choose Music in the sidebar and you will see the iTunes library. Now, you have to move the iTunes library to /Users/Shared (select Go menu -in the menu bar- > Go to Folder, type that and copy the iTunes library to it). Finally, log in the other user, go to the same folder and move the library to the Music folder.
    After doing that, open System Preferences > Users and Groups, choose the user created by Migration Assistant and press the - button to remove it. This is easier if you have an external drive

  • I just got a new iPod nano, and I'm really excited about it, but I have a problem. A long time ago, I changed the email address on my account, and now all the songs from that account are gone. I don't know how to get them back. Can someone please help me?

    This is really frustrating, I've been trying to get my songs back for hours

    When you say "account," do you mean your iTunes library, because your iTunes library is what is on your computer?  Your iTunes library does not have an email address.  An account that is related to iTunes is your Apple ID (which is an email address) and you use it as your user name to sign in to the iTunes Store, to make purchases.  Changing your Apple ID will not make songs disappear from your computer's iTunes library.
    If you had an Apple ID and used it to make song purchases from the iTunes Store, and then started using a different Apple ID, you should be able to re-download the songs purchased with the old Apple ID.  In iTunes, sign in to the iTunes Store using your OLD Apple ID (and password).  That may not be your current email address, but Apple uses it as your user name, so it does not matter.
    On the iTunes Store Home screen, click on Purchased under QUICK LINKS.  This takes you do the Purchased screen, where you can re-download previous song purchases (for that Apple ID) at no cost. 
    NOTE:  If those song purchases are from more than a few years ago, you may also need to authorize your computer to play (and sync) songs for your old Apple ID. 
    For songs that were not purchased from the iTunes Store, if they are also gone, you cannot get them back unless you have a backup (or they are still loaded on your old iPod).
    If that's not what you mean by "changed the email address on my account," please post back with more details.

  • HT1766 hi i just got a brand new iphone 5s i tryed to set it up but it doesnt work. when i plug it in with itunes it does all the back up and restore and when its finished i still cant use the phone as i still ask me to start the set up from the beginning

    hi i just got a brand new iphone 5s i connected to itunes to restore all my data from the previous phone. when all the back up is finished i still cant use the phone as it ask me to restart again....  dont know what to do i tryed to restore 3/4 times but again when the restore is completed i still can't use the phone????

    Replacements via Apple tech support are usually refurbished units, not new stock, though none of us here can say with certainty what you will receive. But you will not be able to tell the difference between new stock and a refurbished unit, and refurbished units generally go through more extensive testing than do new units, so getting a refurb may well be better than getting new stock.

  • TS1717 i checked into itunes on my pc and noticed that all the songs in my library were erased, except for the songs i had purchased... why??? how do i get them reloaded into my pf

    as i said, i checked onto itunes on my pc and noticed all the songs i had in my library had been erased, except for the songs i had purchased on itunes...how do i retrieve my songs...??

    See this post.

  • Old problem I know but I cant play any of the songs in my library.tells me  cant find original  . Have not changed anything  apart from going from xp to windows 7.

    This support community is a bit new for me. Have read some old entries with the same problem but couldnt see any solutions. Libray shows all the songs ( over 2500) but I cant play any of them. Message is that itunes cant find the original.   ???? only difference is going from xp to windows 7 . can I put the songs from my ipod back on my computer maybe?

    Go into windows explorer and find out where the music is now located - in Windows 7 you have libraries for documents, music, photos and video.
    iTunes is located:
    iTunes Media
    If all the files are in that place it may just be that you have to amend a preference in iTunes:
    ensure   Keep itunes Media organised and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library are both ticked
    Once ticked you will have a bit of a wait while iTunes re-organises the library but then your songs should all be playable again.

  • I have unchecked the "Sync Music" option in iTunes, and so I assumed that meant there would zero songs synced to my iPhone. Howver, there are still 223 random songs on my phone. How do I actually remove all the songs?

    As you can see, in this photo I have the "Sync Music" button unchecked and yet when I sync my phone (in the hopes that I will be getting rid of all the songs) there are still 223 songs left on my phone, taking up space that I need.
    How do I truly get rid of these songs, or is this just a weird glitch? I would have assumed that by unchecking "Sync Music" that meant there would be no more MUSIC left on my phone, but that is not the case.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hello amyb3213,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If I understand your post correctly, you are wondering why you still have songs on your iPhone even though you have disabled music syncing in iTunes.  After disabling syncing, did you press sync to then apply those sync settings?  Are the songs on your iPhone ones that you have downloaded from iTunes in the Cloud?
    You can manually delete songs from your iPhone by following the steps below.
    Remove a song from iPhone. Tap Songs, swipe the song, then tap Delete. The song is deleted from iPhone, but not from your iTunes library on your Mac or PC, or from iCloud.
    Playlists - iPhone
    Alex H.

  • HT201272 All my songs appear in my library on my PC but all the songs that I originally loaded on itunes by cd are not on the library on my ipod touch.  I would like them included and I can't seem to find an answer on here that works.  Help!

    I would really like to include all the songs in my library thatare on my pc on my ipod touch, but the ones that I downloaded years ago by cd show up on my pc library but not my ipod touch library.  I've tried looking on support but haven't found anything so far that has worked.

    Only music that you purchased from iTunes will show in the Purchased links - music that you bought from other sites or copied from CDs will only be where you put it e.g. on your computer and/or on your backup copy of your library.
    If you want that music on your iPod then you will need to sync it from your computer to your iPod.
    The only way that you would be able to download that music directly on your iPod, as opposed to syncing it from your computer, is if you have subscribed to iTunes Match and uploaded it to to that from your computer.
    When you try to sync it, you are connecting the iPod and selecting it on the left-hand sidebar of your computer's iTunes under 'Devices' (on iTunes 11 on a PC you can enable the sidebar via control-S) e.g.
    On the right-hand side of the iTunes window there should then be a series of tabs, including one for 'Music' - if you select that you should be able to select which of your computer's iTunes music to sync to the iPod.

  • Ask your question.I tried to sync all the songs in the library of the music folder, when I did my usual sync , I got a message saying

    I tried to sync all the songs in the library of the music folder, when I did my usual sync , I got a message saying
    Some of the items in the Itunes libery. Including “彩虹的微笑“。 Were not copied to the Iphone. “User’s Iphone” because they could not be found
    For a list of tiems that could not be copied , click the “below
    8 total problems, I scroll down the list , these 8 songs has same message like “彩虹的微笑“
    I want to sync 8 songs to my Iphone 4, there is no songs there now.

    I did it. By relocated all the songs. Then did my usual sync. Now , all the songs were synced to my Iphone now.:)

  • How do I get the music from my iPod into my iTunes library on a new computer without erasing all the songs on my iPod?

    My itunes library is empty on my new computer, but I have a full library on my ipod. How do I "reverse" sync? I don't see an option in itunes to put all the info from my ipod onto my computer. I see it the other way, which would then erase all the data on my ipod. Help!!

    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not a backup device and media transfer is designed for you maintaining a master copy of your media on a computer which is itself properly backed up against loss. Syncing is one way, computer to device, updating the device content to the content on the computer, not updating or restoring content on a computer. The exception is purchased content.
    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1848 - only media purchased from iTunes Store
    For transferring other items from an i-device to a computer you will have to use third party commercial software. Examples (check the web for others; this is not an exhaustive listing, nor do I have any idea if they are any good):
    - Senuti - http://www.fadingred.com/senuti/
    - Phoneview - http://www.ecamm.com/mac/phoneview/
    - MusicRescue - http://www.kennettnet.co.uk/products/musicrescue/ - Mac & Windows
    - Sharepod (free) - http://download.cnet.com/SharePod/3000-2141_4-10794489.html?tag=mncol;2 - Windows
    - Snowfox/iMedia - http://www.mac-videoconverter.com/imedia-transfer-mac.html - Mac & PC
    - iexplorer (free) - http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/ - Mac&PC
    - Yamipod (free) - http://www.yamipod.com/main/modules/downloads/ - PC, Linux, Mac [Still updated for use on newer devices? No edits to site since 2010.]
    - 2010 Post by Zevoneer: iPod media recovery options - https://discussions.apple.com/message/11624224 - this is an older post and many of the links are also for old posts, so bear this in mind when reading them.
    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive - https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3141 - dates from 2008 and some outdated information now.
    Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide - http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/copying-music-from-ipod-to-co mputer/ - Information about use in disk mode pertains only to older model iPods.
    Get Your Music Off of Your iPod - http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Get_Your_Music_Off_of_Your_iPod - I am not sure but this may only work with some models and not newer Touch, iPhone, or iPad.
    Additional information here https://discussions.apple.com/message/18324797

  • Hey, when i deblockaded my ipod nano 5thgen, all the songs and vids' dissapeared but my memory is still filled as 'others'... How do i get my music back? (restoring doesn't work cuz the songs were from a laptop, but it crashed...) thx!!

    Hey everyone, when my ipod( nano, 5th generation) was stucked, i deblockaded it, but then all the music and video's dissapeared.... And  when i check thee info it says '6.4 GB others' and '567 MB free.... And don't know how this could happen but i really want all my music back!! And i cant put all the songs back because the laptop i used for this ipod crashed and it's still in the store to ffix it... So now i have a lapop that i borowod from the store but i only have 100 songs on that laptop ( manual mode, so i can put them on the ipod but i cant tpuch the others)  and that means i would download 1200 songs, and that really takes a long time... And my memory is full, so i can't put new songs on it.... S, the question: is there a way i can get all my songs back?? And if that is impossible, how do i clear my memory, so it's free for new songs??
    Already thanx a lot!!

    Well, shut my mouth!  There was a similar question over to the right about a 6th generation nano repeating over and over again -- I read the answer to that one, followed the instructions, and holy crap, it's back to normal.
    Is there a name for this when you end up replying to your own aggravating question?  That's what I did.  Now I can go out and listen.  It's only 91 degrees.  Heaven. Thanks, Apple. 

  • I have a problem that I can not load or even close the download in iTunes, it turns out I have hanging in the mode, and because of that I can't download from AppStore, because it turns out that the other programs I have on standby. What do I do? Thank you

    I have a problem that I can not load or even close the download in iTunes, it turns out I have hanging in the mode, and because of that I can't download from AppStore, because it turns out that the other programs I have on standby. What do I do? Thank you.

    If there are multiple apps trying to download at once, only one can download at a time and the rest say "Waiting" until it is then their turn. Try this. Double tap the icon of the Waiting app, and it should resume the download.
    If that doesn't work:
    •  Log out of your iTunes store account.  Go to Settings > Store > Sign Out Then press the Home button.
    • Then press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously and don't release them when it brings up the Turn Off screen; keep holding them until the Apple logo appears.
    • After restart, the Waiting should be gone.
     Cheers, Tom

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