TS1967 I have just bought a new computer and downloaded latest version of itunes.  It has all installed fine, but when I sync my ipod, it shows all the songs but won't play any of the songs in that library.  Also, I can't add new files.

I have just bought a new computer and downloaded the latest version of itunes.  It has all installed fine, but when I plug my ipod and sync it, the music library shows all the songs and videos that are on there, but won't let me play them.  Also, I can't add any new songs to the same library.  It saves them elsewhere. I have had the previous version on another computer and it worked just fine.  I have been online trying to find an answer but nothing.  Hope someone can help me. Thanks

Installing iTunes does not cause content to magically appear on the computer.
Your media is only where you put it.
iOS devices are not backup devices.
Copy the media from the old computer to the new computer.

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