TS3694 I tried to update my itunes and now can't get into it at all.  I got a message that says"This application has failed to start  MSVCR80.dil and another message that says,"Reinstalling this application may fix the problem."  I need  someone to talk t

I tried to update my computer itunes program and it failed several times.  First of all I had a message that sdi choose "tools and then download manually."  I did and then everything got even worse.  I got a message that siad, "This application has failed to start...MSVCR80.dil...Reistalllation may fix th problem."
I finally just backed out of everything and then got a message that said, "Itunes was not installed correctly.  Please reinstall...Error 7 (Windows error126).
I need a tech person to call me and help.  I don't have a clue what to do.  I'm a musicain and all of my using is on itunes on my computer...I want to cry...I can't open it...is ti gone!!!!

Got the same problem.  It seems it is happening all over the place with the i-tunes update.

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