TS3989 August Photo Stream not Showing up on Mac

The pictures I took with the phone show up in Photo Stream on my iPad but not the Mac. I think I have everything turned on because July's Photo Stream is there.

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    •    Photostream only syncs photos over Wi-Fi, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to begin with.
    •    Photostream only syncs when the camera app is closed, ensure it is closed.
    •    Photostream only syncs when the battery is above 20%, try recharging the device
Try disabling photo stream on your device (settings > iCloud), restarting your device and then re-enabling photo stream.
If this doesn't help you may need to reset photo stream. You can do this at icloud.com by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then the advanced settings in the pop-up dialogue box that appears.
Note: disabling photostream and re-enabling it will result in any photos that are currently in the photostream album on your device, that are older than 30 days old, not being added back.

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  • Shared Photo Stream not showing video on Mac

    I can now see videos in my shared Photo Stream using IOS7 so that seems to be working fine. I can also see the video when viewing the public website for the shared Photo Stream. However, for the same shared Photo Stream I cannot see the video on my Mac using iPhoto. Is that supposed to work now too?

    I am not aware that video is supported - and do not find any documentation saying so - there is documentation updated on Sept 18 saying that it does not - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4486
    Which photo formats does My Photo Stream support?
    My Photo Stream supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and most RAW photo formats. My Photo Stream does not work with video.
    Wherer are you seeing that it is supported?
    I do see some editorial material indicating that it is and in those there is no mention o fthe Ma - only IOS 7 and Apple TV version 6
    http://teachmeios.com/apple-introduces-video-sharing-via-photo-stream-in-ios-7-a nd-apple-tv-6-0/
    So I'm not sure how it is suppose tto work but for not it appears that it is not for the Mac based on the limited info I've found

  • HT201317 Photo Stream not showing photos: windows pc vista

    I have Windows PC with Vista: when I open 'photo stream' I have 9 'boxes' each one has photos in them. However only 5 show pictures and I can click on those boxes and see the pictures contained therein, the other 4 just show 'clouds', even when I try to open them. How do I get those pictures to show up?

    Hi RMay19!
    Here is an article that will help you troubleshoot this issue with Photo Stream:
    iCloud: My Photo Stream troubleshooting
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!

  • Photo stream not showing up in iphoto

    Upgraded iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and enabled photo stream and upgraded iPhoto on my MacBook Pro and enabled photo stream on it as well but new pics taken on iPhone are not showing up in iPhoto. Any ideas?

    I am having exactly the same issue so would be very keen to find out how to fix it.

  • Photo stream not showing up in iCloud.

    My photo stream is not showing up in my iCloud account. My settings on my iPhone all indicate that it should be backed up there. Can someone help?

    You can't view Photo Stream photos at iCloud.com, if that's what you're trying to do. You view them on your computer or iOS device, & remember, they are only in Photo Stream for 30 days or 1000 photos.

  • One shared photo stream not showing in iphoto

    Hi there,
    I have three shared photo streams and one of them isnt showing up in Iphoto. Ill get allerts on iphoto if anyone comments etc but in Iphoto I cannot go to the album. All three streams are there on my Ipad and Iphone but just not in iphoto.
    Can anyone help?

    Hello BrJL,
    Thank you for contacting Apple Support Communities.
    The following two articles should help you make sure you have your photo sharing set up correctly.
    iCloud: Set up iCloud Photo Sharing
    iCloud Photo Sharing FAQ
    Jeff D.

  • Raw files uploaded to photo stream not showing on devices

    I have Aperture set to automatically upload all the photos I import from my Canon 50D. In the past month the photos in RAW format, have not been showing up in my photo stream. When I look in ~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub I can see all the CR2 files and I can see Aperture uploading in the activity window, but nothing is showing elsewhere. The only exception is my iPad that has some from two weeks ago, but the none of the raw files from yesterday are appearing on any device or iCloud.com. I can see jpg taken via iOS but not RAWs.
    Any ideas? Has the OS X 10.10.1 or iOS 8.1.1 changed something, is there a new check box. Just slightly (very confused)
    Thanks for any help.

    can it be, that you activated iCloud Photo Library (Beta) on your iOS 8 devices? That essentially disables all easy ways to upload photos from your Mac to iOS devices. My Photo stream will stream from iOS devices to other devices and your Mac, but the Mac will no longer stream to the other devices. and iTunes Photo sync will no longer sync photos to the iOS devices. If you enabled iCloud Photo Library (Beta), either disable it again in "Settings > Photos"on your iPhone/iPad, or use the page https://beta.icloud.com  and and the Photos.app on that page to upload your photos from the Mac to your mobile devices.
    -- Léonie

  • Why is my photo stream not showing all the pictures on my mac?

    I just got a mac and im trying to save photos from my iphone over to my mac, the photos are in my iphone's photostream, however when i get onto my macs they dont show up, it shows a good majority but a handfull just arent there. is there any way to fix this ?

    Try disabling photo stream on your device (settings > iCloud), restarting your device and then re-enabling photo stream.
    If this doesn't help you may need to reset photo stream. You can do this at icloud.com by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then the advanced settings in the pop-up dialogue box that appears.
    Note: disabling photostream and re-enabling it will result in any photos that are currently in the photostream album on your device, that are older than 30 days old, not being added back.

  • HT201317 My photo stream not showing up as iphoto events?

    photos that show up in my photo stream (on mac) don't show up under Events in iPhoto? why not? and does this mean they aren't saved on my mac and could be deleted after 30 days? preferences are checked for my photo stream

    It sounds like you are using Photos, not iPhoto, since iCloud Photo Library isn't available in iPhoto.
    In Photos, My Photo Stream shows up in the Albums tab, see this help article: https://help.apple.com/photos/mac/1.0/?lang=en#/phtc0bf4b9bb

  • Photo stream not showing up on iPhone after upgrade and ical not updating calendar on Mac

    I just cross upgraded from 4 to 4s. I have 1000 photos in photo stream from old phone and on Mac - after restoring from backup (done right before the phone switch), I only have 161 photos - its not increasing over time....
    Is there any way to push this to the phone?
    Also, my calendar is not updating in the cloud with items on the phone.

    i have also upgraded my phone to a 4S and have an ipad.  I will not upgrade to Lion until the primary software i use is made compatable.  just spent 30 min with tech support to learn that because of the icloud, i can no longer upload my photos.  i can not turn icloud on my mobile devices without losing totally the syncing of my calendar, contacts, mail to my computer running 10.6.8!!  If i do turn the feature on, I must create a new identiy on the mobile devices, that identity would take over  my calendar, contacts, mail etc, and not sync with my office computer.  i asked multiple times if the new identity could be separate from my primary information and was told multiple times no.
    i suffered all the growing pains (syn) of mobile me and feel now back in the worst days of Apple with some pretty new hardware
    is it possible the tech guy was wrong?

  • Photo Stream not showing all my photos.

    I recently misplaced my iPhone 5 but because it was near the end of the contract I took another one out and bought the IPhone 6. When I got the phone I thought all my pictures if not some would be in the photo stream but they're not so every single one of my pictures throughout the years have gone.
    IS there anyway that the other pictures from the Photo Stream can be recovered because it means a lot to me.

    If the Photo Stream photos that are missing are over a month old, or if you had more than 1000 photos, then they are no longer on the Photo Stream. The Photo Stream is not designed as a backup for your photos. It's primary purpose is to share photos among devices signed onto the same iCloud account. If the missing photos were on your Camera Roll as well, and you have an iCloud backup, you can restore to that backup.
    If they were not, and you did not import your photos to your computer, then they are gone. Sorry

  • Photo stream not showing up under photos?  There is options for photos and album under photos but no photo stream

    I just bought an ipad mini 2. However, could not find photo stream under photos. Why?

    Hi there, thanks for the answers. I think I didn't explain it clearly. I have enable photo stream, however I couldnt see my photo stream album in the Photo app. When I take photos from my iPad mini, it synced to my photo scream on my iPhone so i assume I am using the same iCloud account. But this photo stream album does not appear on my iPad mini.

  • Photo stream not showing on pc

    my photo stream is empty in the folder that has been setup through the icloud control panel. i have 750 pics on my iphone 5 photo stream (on the phone). any ideas?

    After I posted this request for help I found the discussion "Photostream is not syncing on my Windows 7 PC" which gave me some ideas.  The Photo Stream download to my 32-bit Windows 7 PC now seems to be working.
    Yesterday I changed "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Internet Services\ApplePhotoStreamsDownloader.exe" to XP SP3 compatibility mode then killed this process, which was running at 100% of one of my CPU cores. I also configured iCloud to download to a new "download" sub-folder of the default Photo Stream folder.
    It isn't clear to me whether all of these actions were necessary to solve the problem but when I took a new photo this morning and checked the download folder a few hours later, there it was! Also, Downloader.exe is not running continuously as before - it seems to be a client application called by ApplePhotoStreams.exe only when there is something new to download.

  • TS3989 iCloud photo stream not working between iPhone and iPad

    The photo stream from my iPhone is not streaming via iCloud to my iPad photos. Both have the correct settings:  iCloud enabled and turned on, and within iPloud setting both have photo stream turned on.  I have purchased additional iCloud space and that's certainly not the problem.
    IPhone 4S: IOS 6.1.3
    IPad: IOS 5.1
    I would appreciate any help.

    Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac using Continuity
    base on the link above you can't use ipad 3.

  • All photos in icloud photo stream not saved in local mac library

    Basically, I have a shared icloud photo stream that is 1003 pictures, if I select all of them and say show in library, it only highlights 992 pictures on my local drive. Is there any way I can reimport a photostream?

    Hello asbreck,
    You can use these steps to reimport photos from a Shared Photo Stream. 
    To save photos from shared photo streams you subscribe to:
    Photos in shared photo streams are view-only. However, you can import the photos into your iPhoto library, apply edits, share the updated photos, and add them to your slideshows and books.
    In the Source list, select Photo Stream.
    Double-click the shared stream containing the photos you want to save.
    Select the photos.
    Import the photos into your library by dragging them to Events in the Source list.
    iPhoto '11: Subscribe to shared photo streams
    It's important to note that if some of these pictures are already in your library and you reimport them, you will have a duplicate of the picture.  If you can isolate the 11 pictures that are not in your library, I recommend importing just those 11 photos.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

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