TS4268 iMessage and Facetime activation ISSUES

I had inserted my friend's SIM card in my iPhone when i first bought it. A few hours later I inserted my new SIM card into the phone. Everything worked fine besides iMessage and Facetime. After a day Facetime started working and started to display my number as the default one (Earlier, it used to display my friend's number). However, iMessage is not yet activated. It still shows my friend's number when i check the settings and all i see is that its "waiting for activation". My wi-fi and 3G connections are working fine. Have laready tried switiching the phone off and restarting it. Have also put my number in the 'Phone settings". No matter what I'm doing, the my number is not being displayed in iMessage and only my friend's number is showing.
Please help.

Back up your data and do a reset all settings. This should work.
Settings > Geenral > Reset > Reset All settings In case this does not work connect to your iphone and make sure you atake a back up again and then restore. This will definately work.

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  • TS4268 iMessage and FaceTime activation

    iMessage and FaceTime have always worked on my ipad until now. Now I keep trying to activate both and I keep getting the warning to check the network settings but everything is fine. I even did a reset. Is there anything else I can try to make it work?

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  • Why 7.0.3 update still does not fix my iMessage and Facetime activation issue

    Can someone help me fix the issue

    Hi rudeboouuy,
    This KB article may provide more information on the issue you are having with your Active Sync email. ""Your device is connected to a network but the Internet service is not available. Check your network settings." is displayed when setting up a personal Microsoft ActiveSync account on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone using port 80" http://blackberry.com/btsc/KB34244
    Let me know if that helps.
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  • Imessage and facetime activation failed

    after reinstalling mit iphone 5 (iOS 6.1.4) I'm currently unable to activate imessage and facetime. When I try to activate both I get a SMS from
    +447786205094 with content starting "REG-RESP?V+3;..." after a while I see that imessage and facetime activation failed.
    Does anyone else having this issues today? How can I fix it? Is there a problem in the apple environment?
    Best Regards,
    Thomas Koller

    Yes, i'm having the same Problem. I came back from London yesterday evening, wanted to reactivate iMessage on my iPhone, but i immediately recieved nearly the Same Message from that number. The Link in the Last answer does Not help me.

  • IMessage and Facetime Activation charges with an international call

    Hi there,
    my mobile provider charged me for two international calls, which i thought i didn't make. I live in germany and the calls were made to a number in the united kingdom. So i did some research and could narrow it down to the configuration of my new iPhone 4s. I could recreate the international call: it seems that the iPhone 4s calls the uk number to activate the iMessage and the Facetime services.
    Why is that so? The iMessage and Facetime activation on my iPad worked just fine over wifi without any extra costs.
    I don't mind the 58 cent those calls cost me, but I'm a little bit ****** about the fact, that it was charged without any warning or notice.
    Why isn't the activation possible over wifi or at least 3G?
    Thanks, bye.

    I have the same problem! How can it be that after I changed my AppleID password, iMessage is deactivated and needs to be activated again?? For another 50 cents!! Like you said, it's just a few cents, but it's still annoying if you have to pay everytime you change your password!!
    I hope Apple can fix this soon!

  • TS4268 iMessage and FaceTime are saying check the network connection and try again.

    iMessage and Facetime started saying check the network connection and try again two days ago.

    This same issue occurred with my IPhone 4S after updating to most recent iOS last week. 
    I tried http://support.apple.com/kb/ts4268 - this unfortunately did not help.

  • Please help me!! my apple id and password is not working on imessage and facetime activation!!HELP ME anyone

    Hey Everyone who read this,
    Please help me, Before my imessage and facetime is working with my email not my phone number. And then i try to change it with my phone number but always failed (i turned it off and on again but can't verify with my phone number). Then i erased my apple id on imessage and facetime, and the problem started, when i turning it on again and i need to enter my apple id and password, it said incorrect and i need to reset my password. And then i reset my password with a new one, and enter it again but incorrect again. I also try make a new apple id, but incorrect again. Besides, my appstore, game center, icloud can working with my apple id and password... Please help me with this issues...
    Glory ([email protected])

    If you desire speedy resolution it helps to be more specific with error messages etc. when asking a question here.
    iTunes Customer Service Contact - http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact.html > Get iTunes support via Express Lane > iTunes > iTunes Store

  • An Error Occurred during iMessage and FaceTime Activation. I've tried everything. New iPad.

    Hey guys. I know there are tons of threads of this, but none help me out. I just bought a new iPad and am trying to set up iMessage and FaceTime. I use both on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. I have-
    Made sure I'm on automatic time
    changed the D.N.S. to and
    Hard reset
    Reset settings
    Restore through iTunes
    Please help. This is very annoying and un-apple. Thanks in advance!

    I'm having the same problem!  I can sign in FaceTime and iMessage just fine via my MacBook Pro, but just set up my BRAND NEW ipad and keep getting the "An error ocurred during activation.  Try again." error.    BOOOOO!  What's up with this Apple?

  • Imessage and Facetime activation woes after ID change.

    Hi all,
    I had to change my Apple ID due to an email change. I then started the process of changing my Apple ID on my iPad 3 and my iPhone 3Gs.
    iCloud is working fine and so is the app store (I can install new apps and update old apps). The problem comes with iMessage and Facetime. Whilst I have managed to input the new ID and password (using the 'put in the wrong password until it asks for the ID again' method) it will not verify or activate.
    Once I have entered the new username and password on the Enter Apple ID page, I hit 'Sign In'; this then takes me to a page saying 'People will message you using your email address. What email address would you like to use?' Sometimes it then goes back to the Sign In page without any action from me and other times I get to hit 'Next' (the address is already filled in with my email which is the same as my Apple ID). It then goes through the verification process which fails, saying 'Unable to verify addres. An email with verification link has been sent to the above email address'.
    The email address is verified if I check my Apple ID online and no email ever appears in my email; I have checked the Spam etc.
    I have tried doing a 'Reset All' and also a 'Reset Network Settings' (although I have no network problems).
    This problem occurs in the same way on both my iPhone and my iPad which makes me think it is an account problem and not a device problem. Do I need to go through the registration process with both devices using the new Apple ID or could there be another problem?
    I have searched the forums but can't find exactly this problem being solved elsewhere.
    Many thanks.

    Hi Karl.
    Thanks for the tips, but when I wrote earlier:
    "Tried all that, but unfortunately nothing worked.
    Both iMessage and FaceTime used to work properly always, and the problem started after updating to iOS8.
    I followed all the steps you suggested, including the annoying reset, but things are just the same."
    I was referring to a similar suggestion made by ManSinha  where he said:
    "Log out of iCloud
    Reset the phone
    Then Log back into iCloud
    Then reactivate iMessage and FaceTime"
    Also followed the steps suggested in the Apple support papers you mentioned, but things are still the same.
    I think I'll have to wait for my next trip to USA or Europe where I can visit an Apple store and work out things there.
    As a matter of fact, I'm about to receive my new iPhone 6 in these days (brought by a friend of mine from USA), and hopefully I'll be having my services back, but I'm still worried by this iPhone 5s issue because I'm passing it to my son.

  • IMessage and FaceTime activation error during international travel- WiFi still works

    I am travelling out of the US for a few months and had been successfully using my iPhone 4s through wifi (no international plan, just using wifi features). I left a wifi zone and upon my return, my iMessage and faceTime are both showing me errors when I input my AppleId- that the ID and/or password are wrong. I've changed my password through my phone, through iTunes, and through the Apple ID website to no avail. My ID and password work for everything else.
    Also, I am additionally getting an error message that my iPhone and cloud cannot be backed up now either.
    Please help if possible- I am out of the US for a few more weeks to months.

    In order to activate FaceTime and iMessage, the phone has to be able to send an SMS. So, if you put your phone in Airplane mode and turned WiFi back on or have turned off roaming, the phone won't be able to send that text. Sending a text, even internationally, shouldn't cost you more than about fifty cents.
    Best of luck.

  • TS4268 Imessage and Facetime ID

    i have a new ipad mini. when trying to sign in using my apple ID for imessage and FaceTime. it shows that apple id or password is incorrect. help please

    Go to Settings>>Message>>Send&Receive and check if your Apple ID was set or not. If not, set it properly.
    If it is still not working, unsign your Apple ID and select your mobile number ("+" "country code" "mobile number").
    Also check in: Settings>>Message if you turned on iMessage before. Here, turn off "Show Subject Field".
    Did you turn on iCloud as well?

  • TS4268 IMessage and FaceTime not working on iPod touch

    Hey, so I got this iPod fifth generation three days ago. I have been iMessaging and facetiming a couple of my friends and it was working great up until yesterday morning. I have tried several other suggestions off the apple help site but none have worked and I don't want to have to restart my iPod because I will lose the information that I already have. My Internet is working great because I am on it right now. If anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    Have you tried:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime
    Can you receive them?
    Have you tried when connected to another network?
    What exactly happens when you try? Error message?

  • TS4268 imessage and facetime set up on new phone

    Hi Can't activate imessage or facetime on my new iphone 5S. I have restored from my old phone, wiped the old phone back up and done a new one, disabled restrictions, waited the 24 hours, set the old phone to default so it doesn't interfere? Thanks

    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime        
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    FaceTime, Game Center, Messages: Troubleshooting sign in issues

  • TS4268 Imessage and FaceTime enabling

    Hope this is some what related, but does iMessage need to be turned on/enabled for FaceTime calls? I know you need an account, just wanna know if it needs to be set to On in the settings menu. Thank you!

    You do not need to turn on imessage for face time calls.You will need to have an apple id to use imessage and face time.You must be connected to wifi.
    Thank you

  • TS4268 iMessage and Facetime have a "Waiting for activation" message.  What do I do?

    Facetime and iMessage have a "Waiting for activation" error message in the setting section.
    Need help figuring out what to do.

    iMessage is currently down.  You can always check system status at:  http://www.apple.com/support/icloud/systemstatus/

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