Tungsten t3 will not sync with Windows 7 64 bit using cradle sync

Tungsten t3 will not sync with Windows 7 64 bit using cradle sync any suggestions?

Try a low-tech solution.  Check the condition of the HotSync port connection on both the T3 and the cradle.
Look for any possible corrosion, coating, or bent fingers in the cradle.  Sometimes a good cleaning with either Contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol can work miracles!   (Use a q-tip swabbed in it, do not pour it onto the PDA).
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    You can download the latest official Firefox here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
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    Hope this helps.

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      Microsoft Windows 8.1 officially supports all currently supported Microsoft Office versions including Office 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 , and may be even earlier versions unofficially. I use Microsoft Office Professional Plus on my Windows 8.1 and it runs fine with no issues.   Could you try what has already been suggested by others including Big_Dave and reinstall Microsoft Office with complete reboot/restart  between uninstall/new installation <restart, not shut down and start over>. If this doesn't work, please post again if installation went fine, what exactly is the error code (if any), what is the problem exactly, any screenshots ?

  • HDX 9010nr, Radeon 2600 will not work with WIndows 7

    Apparently, HP is not going to support the HDX 9010nr for Windows 7.  That's the bad news, the good news is that it "mostly" works. 
    The only big issue is that the display driver stops every few minutes and then restarts.  So you sit there for thirty seconds while the machine recovers.  But, it doesn’t support a second screen; and worse, every 10th time the video driver crashes; it locks up the whole machine. 
     ATI has a version of the Radeon 2600 software that worked with the Release Candidate (RC) of Windows 7, but it will not work with the shipped version of Windows 7.  ATI recommends that you get a version from your hardware vendor.  Which brings me back to the first sentence.  HP isn't supporting the 9010nr. 
    The question is do any of the "supported" HP laptops have the ATI Radeon 2600?  If so, might that work on the HDX 9010nr? 
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    Updating the BIOS solved this problem.

  • My blue tooth will not pair with windows 8.1

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    Hello, jpalazzi
    Welcome to the HP Forums.
    I see that after upgrading to 8.1, your having a few issues with the notebook. I will try to assist you with this.
    If you haven't you may need to update the drivers.
    You can also try these documents:
    Using HP SimplePass Fingerprint Reader (Windows 8)
    Using Bluetooth Devices (Windows 8)
    If you require further assistance, please provide the model and product numbers for your notebook.
    Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.
    I worked on behalf of HP.

  • Perifials will not work with Windows 7

    I have a new HP h8 1214 PC WiFi with Windows 7 installed.  My old HP ScanJet 4850 and my HP Personal Media Driove 1600 will not install. My previous operating system was XP. 
    I would like to install the ScanJet 4850 because it can send slides and film strips to my computer to be used in a slide show with Adobe Photoshop Elements and  Adobe Premiere. I have started a slide show of these items and did not get all of the slides transferred before my old computer conked out.
    I would like to use my Personal Media Drive for backup and it also has pictures I would like to be able to obtain.
    I don't know if perifials that are not WiFi will install on a WiFi computer.  Apparently not!
    Any help will be greatly appreciated,

    The reason the CD will not work is evident. The CD is for Windows 98,  XP Home or XP Professional.
    The WIN 7 64bit downloaded driver file is what you need. Download and install the driver.
    Here is a link  ( see pg 5 and 11) that discussed the power supply for a PMD drive, your's may vary. But you must have a power supply (modular plug with cord), or brick/adapter (has AC cord into power supply, then another cord that supplies DC).
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  • HP 2311C USB Monitor will not work with Windows 8.1

    Just done a clean install of Windows 8.1 on my HP Spectre XT Pro.
    The HP2311C monitor is working fine as a USB hub and the built-in Network card but will not detect the monitor as a USB monitor.
    This was working when it was a Windows 8 build and previous Windows 7 build.
    I have downloaded and installed all the HP drivers and run the HP Support Assistant to make sure everything is up to date.
    My two other collegues who have done the same upgrade with the same kit and are also having the problem.
    If we plug the HP2311C into a Windows 8 or Windows 7 machine the USB monitor works fine.
    Tried several reboots, connections and uninstalls, which have not worked. Also there are no event logs to suggest an anwser.

    I am having the same problem with my SPECTRE PRO 13 and Windows 8.1 - most unhappy about it. There is no 8.1 driver for the L2311c and I get no help out of HP as to when there might be one . These items are not cheap in NZ and I feel I have wasted my $$. It works fine on XP!

  • Photoshop CS5 will NOT open with Windows 8

    I have photoshop loaded on an external hard drive. I was using Windows Vista, but that computer crashed. I purchased a new computer already loaded with Windows 8. Photoshop will not open. I do know there is nothing wrong with the version of Photoshop because if I take the external hard drive to a different computer, it'll open and work fine.
    I have changed the compatibility to everything in the list, and nothing works to open Photoshop. I do not have the disk, so I can't uninstall/reinstall, but it's on an external hard drive to begin with.
    Any ideas?

    When you install on an external drive it writes files to the C drive on the computer you installed from.  PS will not work if you plug external into another computer as it does not have the licencing files on the other computer.   So in effect the external is only good for one computer.

  • Bonjour 1.0.6 will not open with Windows 7 RC

    I Have had this problem for months. I have a brand new 17" MacBook pro with windows 7 RC loaded via bootcamp. Also in my chain I have an Airport Extreme and a Dell Dimension 8100. The printer is hooked up directly to the Airport via USB. I can print off the Dell machine and I can print from the Mac side of my computer. When booted in Windows 7 on the Mac, I can print if I have my printer is directly hooked up to my computer however Bonjour will not even open. I double click when in Windows 7 and it acts like it wants to open but nothing happens. Also it will not recognize the Airport base station when I run Airport utility.....does anyone know how to rectify this hatred my Windows 7 RC has for all things Mac?

    Please try importing the attached reg file to enable crash dump generation on windows, reboot, then try to reproduce the crash again.  
    Then look in "%localappdata%\crashdumps"
    enable_dumps.zip ‏1 KB

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    please help!!
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    yes same happened with my laptop also but after some days i tried it again then i was able to download it and install it...
    You can try the below link and download it
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  • My scanner on the MF4370dn will not work with Windows 8 or 8.1.

    I have a Canon MF4370dn which the scanner portion has not worked right since I got a computer with windows 8 and will not work at all since I downloaded windows 8.1.
    I have reloaded the scanner tools, tried the Presto! PageManager that came with the oomputer. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the scanner from the site.
    It worked with Windows 7 fine, but that computer no longer is functional and I use my scanner often.
    Any ideas?
    Go to Solution.

    Fixed my own problem by redownloading and installing the Windows 8 (x64) drivers and the toolbox software. Thanks anyway.

  • H-P Laserjet 4L printer will not print with Windows 7 operating system. Need help

    I have an H-P Laserjet 4L printer that worked fine with a Dell PC and Windows XP. But, it no longer worked when the PC was updated to Windows7. I was advised to buy an adapter that would accept the H-P plug and connect to the PC by means of a  USB port. I did that, but the H-P still will not print. Anyone know what to do about this problem?

    Hello EugeneZ,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums!
    To get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial product. You can do this at Commercial LaserJet Forums.
    The support page for your product may be helpful in the meantime: HP LaserJet 4L/mL Printer series
    I hope this helps!
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  • Firefox v. 29 will not work with Windows XP in accessing Comcast email.

    My Comcast email will not load and I cannot access any email after installing Firefox v. 29. I went to Microsoft web site and installed the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. This did not help. Do I need to reinstall Firefox 28? The only other solution is to get a new computer it seems with Windows 8.1 and I'd rather not unless absolutely essential.

    Moses: a tech rep at Comcast finally told me they needed to do some upgrades to make the full version of their email program compatible with Firefox 29. He set the email on 'Lite' which seems to work. This was the 4th call to Comcast! Now email seems to be working due to this change. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Itunes version 11 will not open with windows 8 pro, itunes version 11 will not open with windows 8 pro

    I install the new itunes version 11 .The program will not open. What is the problem . I have windows 8 pro.

    I can't even get it to install. The installation process stalls at a certain point and nothing happens. I try to cancel and that doesn't work either.

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