Turn off sort in JTable?

How can I turn off auto sort when I click on a column header in JTable obj in JClient/Swing and how to disable edeiting JTable contents.

Could it be some sort of field issue with the encoding? When viewing on the Mac what screens are you viewing on? Won't they be non interlaced by their nature whilst a tv would be interlaced? Just thinking out loud here as to what might be the cause. We use pre-encoded assets all the time and (unless something has drastically changed in the latest SP- why?) it definitely doesn't re-encode pre-encoded assets.
I would have thought if it was re-encdoing you would be likely to see blocking than interlacing anyway...
Try re-encoding a small section - preferably one where you are seeing the interlacing issue worse - with some different settings in Cinemacraft and see if you can trac it down that way perhaps
Sorry I can't be more help
Steve Kirkham

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  • How do you turn off a Windows 8 computer?

    I set up my new computer afew days ago, and when I went to turn it off, there was no place to do it. I was about to give up and just hit the power button when I found something that said I should just hit the power button. I did, and it turned off, sort of. If I just push the button quickly, it reboots itself. If I hold it a little longer, it turns off. The screen goes dark, says "no signal" and it seems to be off, except that every few seconds the power button flashes. Sometimes when I come back the next morning, it is on and sometimes it is off. 
    I don't trust it, so I disconnect it from the internet, physically. It's probably not a good idea to leave unsupervised computers connected to the internet. No telling what they will do.
    Is it off even when it is flashing? Is there a certain way you should hold your mouth when pushing the off button? 
    Windows 8 doesn't seem to be as bad as some people say, it's just that so many things are different from XP, but once you learn them it's ok. Of course, I don't do anything fancy, so once I can get my browser up, find my files and find my programs, (which are apparently called apps now) I'm fine.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Please try:
    (a) Hold down Win key and Press I
    (b) Turn off it using the power icon on the right of the screen
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  • I have locked myself out of my iPad and can not restore unless I go onto the iPad and turn off FindMyiPhone, how do I sort this out?

    After installing iOS7  I was prompted to make a passcode, I did so and stupidly forgot and now continually am disabling my iPad, ways in which I have read you can sort this is restoring your iPad, however I can not restore without iTunes telling me I need to go onto the iPad and turn off FindMyiPhone! How else can I sort this? It is logged into my apple account and everything! This is an iPad 2 also ASAP help!!

    Hello shanefox,
    This can be done by logging in at iCloud.com and removing your device via the Find My iPhone web interface.
    iCloud: Remove your device from Find My iPhone

  • How to turn off automatic photo sorting in camera roll?

    I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the automatic sorting of pictures added to the camera roll? My problem is that I hardly take any pictures of my own using my ipad; instead I like to save funny pictures/memes, screen shots, fan art, etc I find on the internet. I have a ton of those kinds of pictures but the camera roll sorting feature makes it extremely hard to find pics that I JUST added because it sorts them by the date THEY WERE MADE. This is a huge problem because some of those memes are extremely old and I have no idea when they were made, so I end up having to search through hundreds of my pictures by month, years, etc just to find the one I recently added. Is there a way to turn this off so that the photos are just in the order of when YOU YOURSELF added them to your camera roll? For example, in the old version all of my newly added pics would be the very last picture at the bottom of the whole group.   
    I apologize if there is an easy fix to this problem, but I have not been able to locate one if there is.
    I have an iPad 2 and the newest version of ios 7 installed.

    One solution is to take a screen shot of the photo. That should make it last in line.
    Another solution. Make a new album. Transfer the photos to the new album. Then change the photo order, by tapping select, hold your finger on the photo, move it, tap done.

  • Printing JTable after turning off double buffering causing repaint problems

    I've followed all the instructions to speed up a print job in java by turning off double buffering temporarily by using the following call before calling paint() on the component...
    ... and then turning it back on afterwards...
    but the problem is that if it is a long print job, then the rest of the application (including other JTables) isn't repainting properly at all. I have the printing going on in a separate thread since I don't think it's acceptable UI practices to force the user to wait until a print job finishes before they can proceed with using their application. I've tried controlling the double buffering at the JPanel level as well, but it always affects the entire application until the print spooling is complete.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this annoying SWING printing problem?
    - Tony

    When you post code, make sure and put it between code
    tags, so it looks good:
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Doesn't this look great?");
        public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pf, int pageIndex) {
            System.out.println( "Calling print(g,pf,pageIndex) method" );
            int response = NO_SUCH_PAGE;
            Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g;
    // for faster printing, turn off double buffering
            Dimension d = componentToBePrinted.getSize(); //get size of document
            double panelWidth = d.width; //width in pixels
            double panelHeight = d.height; //height in pixels
            double pageHeight = pf.getImageableHeight(); //height of printer page
            double pageWidth = pf.getImageableWidth(); //width of printer page
            double scale = pageWidth / panelWidth;
            int totalNumPages = (int) Math.ceil(scale * panelHeight / pageHeight);
    // make sure not print empty pages
            if (pageIndex >= totalNumPages) {
                response = NO_SUCH_PAGE;
            } else {
    // shift Graphic to line up with beginning of print-imageable region
                g2.translate(pf.getImageableX(), pf.getImageableY());
    // shift Graphic to line up with beginning of next page to print
                g2.translate(0f, -pageIndex * pageHeight);
    // scale the page so the width fits...
                g2.scale(scale, scale);
                componentToBePrinted.paint(g2); //repaint the page for printing
                response = Printable.PAGE_EXISTS;
            return response;

  • My iPhoto often have difficulty in opening without the "repair". Maybe it's because I have almost 2000 pictures! When I initiate repair using Mac for a long time to find and sort faces .... Is it possible to turn off or avoid this feature?

    My iPhoto often have difficulty in opening without the "repair". Maybe it's because I have almost 2000 pictures! When I initiate repair using Mac for a long time to find and sort faces .... Is it possible to turn off or avoid this feature?

    This user has found a "hack" to turn off faces.  Several users have reported success with the method.  I can't comfirm the method as I've not used it.  Use at your own risk.
    Re: Iphoto 11 -How to turn off faces?
    Dec 30, 2013 9:06 AM (in response to mkmichaelmk)
    Start of solution:
    I did some digging in the prefs of iPhoto and found out the following. This is how you can disable (turn off) Face detection, without deleting faces found so far (just in case you want to restart processing at another time):
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Open Terminal Application (Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app)
    3. Type the following (exactly as is):
    defaults write com.apple.iPhoto PKFaceDetectionEnabled 0
    (then return)
    4. - Start iPhoto - Faces stops getting on your nerves...
    If you ever need to re-enable faces, just do the same again and replace the 0 with 1.

  • I can only purchase 3 times per day,how can i turn off this sort of protection?

    I can only purchase 3 times per day,how can i turn off this sort of protection?

    You cannot go back, but you can fix the battery problem, which is NOT an iOS 7 problem. I've had much better battery life on iOS 7 than I have have had in the previous 6 years of iPhones. If you are not then there's something wrong with your phone, not with iOS 7.

  • Can anybody turn off "F2" key bind in JTable

    Hi all,
    I have following problem,
    I use global key action for key "F2", I also use as JTable cell editor my own editable combobox (extended from JComboBox). I have to turn off "F2" key action, which starts and stops editing cells in JTable, but I dont know how,
    can anybody help me?
    Mathew, HSIGP

    i have found solution: :)
              //deleting of f2
              KeyStroke f2=KeyStroke.getKeyStroke("F2");
              InputMap imap=getInputMap(type);
              InputMap m=new InputMap();                    
              for (int i=0;i<imap.allKeys().length;i++)
              if (imap.allKeys()!=f2) m.put(imap.allKeys()[i],imap.get(imap.allKeys()[i]));          
              //end of deleting f2
    not best but working :),

  • My ipad has sort of frozen but will not turn off by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button

    my daughters i pad has sort of frozen. She can lock it and unlock it.  All it is showing is her wallpaper.  All her apps have disappeared.
    We cannot restart it as per the apple support troubleshooting assistant as it will not turn off.  Help

    Have you tried to hold down the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds or so, until you see a silver apple. See if you can get it to reboot.

  • I have a mid-2010 iMac and just purchased a 2TB TC, can't join existing wireless network with AC standard so attached to iMac via ethernet with TC wifi turned off.  How do i access TC now? not showing up in disk utility or on desktop. working fine with TM

    I have a mid-2010 iMac and just purchased a 2TB TC, I just found out that it can't join existing wireless network with new AC standard so attached to iMac via ethernet with TC's wifi turned off.  How do i access TC now? not showing up in disk utility or on desktop. It is working fine with TM.  My cheeper seagate drives etc kept crashing, so i didnt trust cheeper back up options anymore.  Connected those drives to TM via firewire and could see the drives and access them.
    Also, I didn't want to bridge TC with my new fios router that I paid 100 dollars for, to get N speed and also paying 10 dollars more a month for fast speed.  I heard that bridging slows down everything and then there can be port issues with mail etc.  I connect to the internet via airport only and it is pretty fast. Getting over 50mbs downloads and over 30mbs uploads.  Plus everything in my home it connected to my fios router, airport express for music streaming, two apple tvs, vuezone camer system.  I really didn't want to monkey around too much with my system.  But are there other options to connect the new TC.  Can't find info anywhere for this and called apple who gave me the info above.  after hanging up, i see that i cant access my TC and I am wondering if i would have to reset it to turn wifi on again to make changes to the drive, turn off blinking light  or repair it in disk utility if it should become corrupted.
    For other with similar issues i did solve some other problems: when i connected it to my ethernet port on my iMac wifi stopped working.  Found that I had to turn off the ethernet in the system>network screen, but then TM didn't see the TC so i restarted after changes and then it saw it.
    Now a rant.  I can't believe in this wireless age that Apple would make a product that cant join a wireless net work.  The apple rep said i could return it and look for the previous TC that would join an existing wireless network.  Are we going backwards?

    Ok... it is getting a bit clearer but there are still some questions.
    I connect to the internet via airport only and it is pretty fast.
    I was assuming airport in this statement in your first post meant the TC or the Express.. but I now realise we are still in the mass confusion stage where apple calls everything wireless an airport. So what you mean is the airport internal card of the computer??
    Also, I didn't want to bridge TC with my new fios router that I paid 100 dollars for, to get N speed and also paying 10 dollars more a month for fast speed.  I heard that bridging slows down everything and then there can be port issues with mail etc.
    I think this is mistaken.
    Putting the TC in bridge mode plugged into your FIOS will not slow the network.. nor will it cause mail or port issues.. in bridge the TC is just a fancy WAP and switch plus the network hard drive.
    If the computer is close it will be faster than the FIOS.
    You can run both wireless networks with different names.. so it is clear which is which. But you can also setup roaming so the computers themselves pick which is the best wireless.
    I tried extending the wireless net work and tried joining wireless network, but the TC kept crashing and I had to keep resetting the TC.  the Apple support person said these, extend wireless network and joint wireless network, are no longer a connection option with the new TC because of the new AC protocol.
    Thanks again!
    You cannot extend to a non-apple wireless router.
    You cannot use join a wireless network because when you do the ethernet ports will be cut off.
    But that has not changed.. I don't think Apple support is correct.. there has been no change with the AC model.. it is simply a fact that apple routers do not work in join wireless mode other than as a dumb client. The same applies to AC as to the earlier version.. but I have asked another person to check this.
    Join in the express is the only apple router that still allows an ethernet connection.
    For now you best use of the TC is bridged to the FIOS. Wireless you can sort out between several options.

  • How does the gps on my iPhone 4S know we're I am if I have no service, it's in airplane mode, and wifi is turned off ?

    Let me just say that I didn't get the answer I wanted from contacting apple care and the customer service rep was very rude and gave me what seemed like a short answer just to get me off the line. So here I am hoping that someone can give me a straight answer.
    I have an iPhone 4S and I have not had cellular service associated with it for over a year now. It's basically acting as an iPod touch right now.
    Yesterday I took a car trip to Boston with my wife and I was playing around with google maps. I had loaded our destination prior to leaving our home so the route information was still loaded. I have my 4s on airplane mode all the time so constantly searching for a signal wouldn't drain my battery. I turn wifi off when I'm not in a hotspot for the same reason as well. So as I was looking at our route info I noticed that the little node that indicates your position was moving along with our corresponding location almost as accurate as any other gps. This concerns me because
    1- I have no service on this phone
    2- airplane mode is enabled
    3- wifi is disabled
    Now the even weirder thing is that my son has a nexus tablet. Just strictly wifi. We pulled into a rest stop and conveniently it had free wifi. So I loaded our route info onto his Google device. When we got back on the road I turned wifi off on his tablet and SHOCKER the node was moving along with our position.
    I want to know why my iPhone 4S running on iOS 7.0.4 is receiving gps data when all of the supporting features are turned off. As an added concern I would like to know why my sons wifi-only tablet is receiving gps data as well.
    What is apple doing with its devices or what is google doing to their devices and/or application software.
    Thank you to whoever helps me out with this.

    Because GPS has nothing to do with WiFi, cellular signals, or data of any sort. GPS is implemented by signals sent by satellites that are received by GPS receivers. The receivers process the information from the GPS satellites and calculate your location. GPS never sends data anywhere; GPS functionality is receive only.
    If you have WiFi or cellular data turned on this can improve the accuracy of GPS, because the GPS receiver can then use the known location of cell towers and WiFi networks to refine the GPS location. GPS by itself has an accuracy of 10 meters, or about 34 feet. Using the additional information from WiFi and cellular data this can be brought down to 3 meters (10 feet). This mode is called Augmented GPS, or A-GPS.

  • How can I turn OFF iTunes Match on ALL devices?

    I am in Australia and just paid AUD34.99 last night to buy iTunes Match and have had so much trouble with it since I want to turn it OFF on all devices.  Ideally I'd love a refund but understand that terms and conditions may limit this - though am really disappointed that it simply does not seem to work despite me following everything to set it up correctly.
    In theory, it's a great service and I'm sure in the long run will be useful but for now until I could figure it out I wanted to just turn it OFF on both my iphone & Macbook pro - have done this in settings - music - turn off on iPhone...but still ON!  Also on Macbook, have turned off in store - turn off - and it's disappeared off my store options - BUT IS STILL ON in Itunes!
    It's not only the hours of my time and frustration at trying to do simple things, for example had some friends around today and trying to just play music on my mac, and it kept skipping all over the place (i.e. would not finish a track, go to the next one, then skip through several on shuffle meaning a long gap between songs).  It also does not find a lot of music in my library that is definitely already in iTunes store, meaning that it is using my valuable upload limit for a lot of songs.
    Overall, what the app promises and what it actually delivers in practice is very disappointing and frustrating.   I realise it's just recently launched so may still have some issues, but I don't want to pay for a service that doesn't work properly for me - and then not even be able to turn it off?  Can anyone help or have had similar experiences?  I've emailed Apple customer support but meanwhile wanted to try and get this sorted asap.

    ok after another hour of playing around i might have half solved this...I turned match off via my account within the store which didn't seem to work properly, but then found another option to "turn off" via the store dropdown in the menu bar which does seem to have worked on my mac (but not yet on my iphone so still need to figure this out). Now I have turned it off on my mac it seems to offer me the option to buy it again - but as i've already paid for the year I don't know if there is the option to turn on again if I choose to later?

  • In a fixed-layout epub is there a way to turn off the faux spine effect for just one pair of pages?

    I'm formatting a graphic novel as a fixed-layout epub.  Because the pages are generated in Manga Studio with an intended print target, it by far makes the most sense to just use a single, large image for each page.  I'm coding the .opf, .xhtml, and .css files by hand, and I more or less understand everything I'm doing.
    Because the pages are often full bleed, I actually want the faux book chrome afforded by having <meta property="ibooks:binding">true</meta>.  The shadow effect in the gutter gives a nice deliniation between the pages without me having to do anything additional with the formatting.
    However... a handful of pages in the book are two-page spreads.  These look good enough with the shadow spine in the middle, but they would obviously look better without it.  What I'd like to do is identify these particular page pairs as two-page spreads and turn the binding chrome off for just that page pair.  I could of course "fake it" by adding a shadow to the pages themselves (except the spreads) and turning off the binding chrome on the entire book, but it'd be a lot easier to be able to do it in software.
    Apple's formatting guide mentioned nothing of the sort, and searching for a while hasn't turned up anything (not even anyone asking the same question so far as I can tell).  I'm guessing this isn't possible, but it never hurts to ask.  Anybody know of a way to do this?

    Just found this... Sorry to waste the post...
    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20083707-263/managing-mac-os-x-lions-applic ation-resume-feature/?tag=mncol;title

  • How can I turn off Voiceover on iPad air 2?

    My iPad Air 2 (OS 8.1.3 ) will not allow me to turn off the Voiceover feature in Accessibility. When I tap the toggle button it slides to off position and then turns itself back on immediately. I have tried a settings reset and it stayed selected. This didn't happen with my previous OS version.

    You're welcome, glad to hear you gpt your iPad sorted out. If you had a black screen while in VoiceOver thats called screen curtain. Triple tap the screen with three fingers to turn screen curtain off. Hopefully now that you restored your iPad you won't be needing to turn screen curtain or Voice Over off again.

  • I tried to soft reset my ipod touch with the top button and the screen button.  it turned off and went to the blue screen with the apple.  now it won't do anything-it has stayed on that scren for 4 hours now.  does anyone know how i can fix this?

    i tried to soft reset my ipod touch with the top button and the screen button.  it turned off and then went to the blue screen with the apple like it should.  however, it now just stays on that screen.  it has a sort of clock looking thing at the bottom of the apple that does not move either.  it has stayed on this screen for over 4 hours.  i also can not hard reset it in itunes.  i am not really goood at this sort of thing.  does anyone have this problem or a possible solution?  thanks

    See Here for
    Frozen or unresponsive iPod touch
    The Basic Troubleshooting Steps are:
    Restart..  Reset..  Restore...
    Try this First... You will Not Lose Any Data...
    Turn the iPod Off... ( if it isn’t already )
    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...
    Wait for the Apple logo to Appear and then Disappear...
    Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... (But can take Longer...)
    Release the Buttons...
    Turn the iPod On...
    If that does not help... See Here:
    Backing up, Updating and Restoring

Maybe you are looking for

  • ITunes 10.4 not playing songs all the way through

    Hi all, I am having an issue with iTunes 64bit 10.4. My songs don't play all the way through, sometimes playing a few seconds before skipping to the next one and sometimes well into the song before skipping (without any predictable pattern even for t

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    Hi I have a macbook and an imac g5, but the g5 does not currently have airport on it (although the macbook does). Is there a sensible way to connect my macbook to the desktop and how do I share files/ software etc?

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