Two all day events in list view?

Is it possible to have two all day events over the same time period in list view? When I try to add a second, the first is then only shown as three dots on each day (the stripe disappears).

Same problem here; if I EVER find out the solution I will post it here.

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  • Order of all day events • printing list view without empty days

    I have only just started to use iCal in a work context. I need to programme over 500 events in several different locations (probably up to 10 locations on one day). I have divided these locations into five regions, and have made a calendar for each region.
    Times are not important - just the dates, so I have been entering these events as all day events. What I would like to be able to do is ensure that in the month view (and particularly the print out) that the events I put in are always ordered in the same order that I have set up the calendars in the sidebar (I would also like more than 4 events displayed per day in the month view, but that's another matter!). I have been looking on these discussion boards and elsewhere on the internet and this appears to be a feature that many users would like implemented.
    I would also then like to be able to print out separate list views for each region (calendar), but missing out the empty days. This also seems to be a feature that is wished for by many users, and has been requested for some time.
    Any news on whether such changes will be made? Come on Apple, I mostly love your hardware and software, but there are quite a few of these little functionality issues scattered around the place.

    In short, no - there is nothing you can do to determine the the display order of a series of all-day events in iCal. While the appear to generally be listed either in the order in which they were created or in the order in which your calendars appear in the left sidebar, even this is not always the case.

  • All-Day Events in Month View

    When I have more than two all-day events (Just one day) that are in different categories in one day, only two show. The others are hidden and you have to open the week or day calendar to view them. When the events are regular events there is not a problem, but I would like to know how to be able to view three all-day events or more from the month view. Is this even possible?

    Same problem here; if I EVER find out the solution I will post it here.

  • ICal multi-day (not all day) event  in Month view not displayed over days

    What is it when I have an event that starts on a Wednesday and 4:00pm and goes to Friday at 6:00pm (not clicked as an All Day Event), (in Month view) the only day showing the event is the first day?! Shouldn't it show it over the course of the 3 days!? Outlook does that (I can't believe I just referenced Outlook in an Apple Discussion... in a positive light no less). Is it a setting?

    Yes, Apple any help for this would be great. The only way I've come to work around is to use multiple events. So for a flight out of town would be one event, and the return another. I would create a third event then for the actual time out of town. There must be some way to easily fix this.

  • Show ALL all-day events in week view

    I am looking for a way to see ALL all-day events in iCal's week view. By default, it only shows up to two and a half events, and to see more you need to scroll. What's more, you don't see an out-of-view marker, so you don't always know you need to scroll. This is most annoying.
    The same goes for timed events in week view. You do not get an out-of-view marker, so you don't know you need to scroll. This is inconsistent with the Cal app on the Mac, where you do get an out-of-view marker (a small line in the colour of the out-of-view event).
    Is there a way to fix these issues in iCal? Or is there an iCal alternative that offers these things? I am basically looking for these things, each of which is a possible deal breaker for me (and I find it hard to figure out if iCal alternatives offer these basic functions):
    Week view.with out-of-view markers.
    Week view showing ALL all-day events.
    Icon that shows the date (in the icon or in a badge).

    I'm not sure how this got in the iPhone forum. I seem to recall posting in the iPad forum, but I may be wrong. Anyway, it's iCal for iPad I'm talking about, even though the same issues exist on the iPhone.

  • Calendar too many all day events in weekly view

    The headings for events disappear in the iCloud Calendar's "weekly" view when you add too many "all day" events onto 1 day.  It's weird because the event headings show correctly in the monthly view and the day view but just not in the weekly view.  You can tell the events are there in the weekly view but the event headings do not appear.
    The events' headings appear fine when displayed in the "weekly" view in the back on my iMac (desktop).  So, it's just a problem with the weekly view in the Calendar on the
    Anybody else noticing this?
    Can Apple get it fixed?

    Same problem here; if I EVER find out the solution I will post it here.

  • Showing more All-Day Events in Month View?

    Even with the iCal window maximized, when more than 4 All-Day events take place on the same day, Month View shows "..." instead of the usual All-Day colour bar, even if there's still half the space left in 'box' for that day....
    To be clear: it shows the first 4 colour bars for the corresponding all-day events, then "..." at the top to show there are more, you have to switch to Week or Day view to see them
    I looked at the plist and can't figure what could be changed.... any tips? It would really be convenient to see the maximum possible number of All-Day events even in Month view.
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Unfortunately, it appears that this is intentional. The iCal Help file states:
    "If you're in Month view and you see three dots (an ellipsis) at the top of the day, there is not enough room to show all the events on that day. To see all the events in Day view, double-click the ellipsis."
    I suspect that half of the box is saved for all-day events and half for timed events. On my iMac G3, I get three dots and 3 events, on my G5 with a much larger screen I get three dots and 4 events. If anyone figures out how to alot more space to all-day events, it would be a big help.

  • All-Day events showing up in Weekly view but not Monthly view

    Okay, so I have about 80 All-Day events that I am setting up. They are not recurring events but all will be multiple day events. I am setting all events up to have two alarms, one alarm being a cut off date specific to that event and the other alarm corresponding to a group meeting date prior to each event.
    Since about 95% of these All-Day events will occur on the weekends, I will have several different All-Day events on each weekend. What it happening is that when viewed by month, I am not seeing all of the All-Day events but when viewed by Week, all All-Day events are there and editable.
    I thought it might be a result of space constraints so I deleted events on days where I had several simultaneous events and that did not allow "hidden" events in month view to become visible.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    One more thing, it prints just fine in Month View. Bizarre.

  • Number of all day events viewed on month view inconsistent

    Why is it on some months, I have have three and even four 'all day event' in plain view on the month iCal window, and then other months, no more than two 'all day events' will show, and instead there is an 'ellipse on the day in question? iCal help says its because there's not enough room, but on many months, I easily have three or four up there on monthly view, and then in other months, no matter what I try, only two all day events will show, with the rest being ellipses on monthly view.

    I have a related question - if i keep events as a single day, i can see around 9 per day in month view, but if i make the events all day i can only see 4 events, and then the ellipse. Does anyone know of a way around this?

  • ICal all-day event problem

    iCal on my iPad worked fine for a while. Now, many of my all day events (but not all of them) are showing up a day early on my iPad on week view. Everything is fine on all other devices (iPhone, MacBook) and all is fine on iPad on day, month and list view. All timed events are in the right place. But all day events in week view are a disaster and turning off the iPad isn't helping. Any advice?

    Did you travel out of your home time zone and first notice the problem then? I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Apple Care while I was in the Central zone (I live in Eastern) and nothing the supervisor suggested worked (deleting the account, resetting, turning ipad off, etc). They'd bumped me up to a supervisor because the regular guy had no idea. Supervisor said no one on the internal tech board had seen that particular problem. The final assumption was it was a software glitch on my ipad--the advice was a complete restore which was going to have to wait until I returned home because he said it would take too long over the Verizon mi-fi I was using while traveling. Anyway--I got home to Eastern time, immediately pulled out the ipad to do the restore and all the all-day events were in the right place and have remained in the right place since then. My best guess is that it's a time zone issue but it doesn't make much sense. All my timed events stayed right where they were supposed to be the whole time (time zone support turned off).

  • Wrap text for all-day events

    I've seen this question floating around, unanswered, since 2005...
    How can I get iCal to show the full text of an all-day event in Month View? There's lots of blank white space, but it seems that iCal never wraps the text of all-day events, and just cuts off the text that doesn't fit on one line.
    Am I missing something? Is there any way to get Apple to implement something so basic?

    I have the same question, but need to add one odd observation about my own experience...
    When I enter new events, sometimes the text wraps to two lines and sometimes the text is cut off after one line. It appears to be about 50-50. I can find no explanation for this behavior anywhere nor any way to control it. Very strange.

  • All day events one day out (early)

    I sync my iPhone 3GS calendar with my Outlook 2003 calendar and yesterday noticed that any All day events were listed on my iPhone for the day before they are listed on Outlook. I have completely deleted my calendar and restored it (which seems difficult in itself) and completely restored my iPhone as well to no avail. What am I doing wrong and how do I rectify this issue. BTW I have only noticed this in the last week and strangely any all day events prior to this week were correct - I can only presume this is something to do with the clocks going forward here (UK) last weekend?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Another one suffering the effects of this, most annoying.
    It does seem to be effected by ALL DAY events only.
    If i remember rightly, when i updated to the latest version of iTunes, all of my ALL DAY events ended up changing to be spread over 2 days. Initially i thought little of it and made the changes, but it has go worse.
    If i create and ALL DAY event on the iPhone, when i sink with Outlook, it shows the all day event as running from 0100hrs on the day i set to 0100hrs the following day, thus spreading the all day event over 2 days.
    Definately think this is a day light saving issue affecting people in the UK?
    I presume a fix hasn't been found yet, I certainly hope Apple are fixing it.

  • IPhone 4 calendar entries get duplicated for all day events

    Hi all,
    A new one, I have an iPhone 4 which is duplicating all day events for no reason. You can delete one of the events and then it promptly shows up again. The other two all day events for the same item can not be edited or deleted. They originally where doing the same thing on the Mac but I resolved that by following Apple's support info on deleting the cache and resetting sync history. The Mac shows the correct calendar info just the iPhone is doing the duplicates. I've removed the iPhone calendar and then added it back to the iPhone to have the same thing happen. I've also copied all calendar info to a new calendar, removed the old one from iCal and the phone and synced the new one to have the same thing happen again. I am not using Mobile Me, never have and don't have an account so it's not that.

    I've found a solution that worked for me. I hope it works for you too:
    1. Make a backup of your Mac iCal. (It's not a step to recover the data in case something go wrong, we'll need the backup file for sure)
    2. Download iCal Dupe Deleter from
    3. Run iCal Dupe Deleter and select the calendar in wich you have the duplicated events. Then press the "Test selected calendar" button.
    4. If the app finds any duplicates, another button will appear. Press it and follow the steps.
    5. Once iCal Dupe Deleter has opened iCal and restored the data with the new one, load the backup file that you saved on step 1 and restore.
    6. Sync your iPhone with iTunes as you usually do and your iPhone calendar will be perfect again.
    Please, let me know if it works for you.

  • All day events in iCal on 3Gs w/ iOS 4.0.2 show up day early in List view

    For some reasons, all day events on my Calendar (iCal synced via MobileMe) are showing up a day earlier on my iPhone, but only when I use List view. They appear fine when I use iCal on my MBP or iMac. This happens with all day events on my calendars and subscribed calendars (e.g., birthdays).
    If I tap on an event in the Day or Month view, the correct date is listed. If I tap on it in the List view, the day before is listed as the date.
    What in the heck is going wrong here?

    I am having the same problem. I have tried different scenarios and it looks like its an issue with syncing from MobileMe. I thought I had it beat when I saw my preferences for in iCal were set to to start at 8AM and end at 6PM. I made it Midnight to Midnight but that did not fix it.
    I am perplexed - has to be a bug!
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  • Old All-Day events not showing in Calendar List View

    Reviewing events in my Calendar on the iPhone and have noticed that All Day Events that are older than one year do not show in the "List" view
    For example, I have all my holidays in a calendar called "Vacation". Month and Day view list holidays from earlier than today (09 Sept 2008) properly, however list view shows nothing. Timed events (e.g. day trips) in the same calendar show.
    Similarly no Birthdays appear in the past. I can see a case for Birthdays being omitted in the past, but not other events (e.g. wanting to know exactly when you went to that all day wedding last summer)

    I have this same exact problem. For me, past events that have a specific time associated with them show up in List view; however, past events that are all day events only show in List view once in a blue moon only. Apple support has been absolutely clueless about this issue. They just tell me it's weird and they have no explanation. It's unbelievably annoying though.

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