Two forms sessions locking

Hi guys i am having a problem with users locking a table in Oracle forms but when i try it in SQL it happens here too. I wondered if anyone can shed light on this?
I have posted in SQL and forms forums as not sure which is correct place!
I have created two scenerios one that works and one that doesnt based on primary key and foreign key constraints(but the one that works is not possible for us as it would mean changing table design which we cant do) .
I have hard coded in numbers 1127,1128 to make it easier (in reality this is a sequence)
ok scenerio one (our scenerio)
two tables
   (     LABP_IRN VARCHAR2(25 BYTE),
     labp_no NUMBER(8,0),
   ) ;ok now session one does the following
DELETE FROM      testSFLABPR     WHERE   LABP_CONFIG_ID            = 1127;          
        1127||'CF Route',
1127);session one is left in this state.
session two now does the following
DELETE     FROM testSFLABPR     WHERE   LABP_CONFIG_ID            = 1128;     session two is now locked until a commit or rollback takes place.
If i run the exact same scenerio with only one primary key on the table no locks take place
   (     LABP_IRN VARCHAR2(25 BYTE),
     labp_no NUMBER(8,0),
        1127||'CF Route',
DELETE     FROM testSFLABPR     WHERE   LABP_CONFIG_ID            = 1128;I hope i have posted all information that is relevent.. db version were on is Oracle Database 10g Release - Production
Any help is much appreciated..

You need to add index on all FK columns:

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    Apex Collection is a table like any other. It is accessed using a package since it contains session related data. To see how to work with collections, you may want to have a look at this example:
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    You did help me until now, thanks. Alas, the error is still here. /var/lock is clean except firewall entry, which is fine. A reboot didn't kill the session/lock situation. The session directory in .config (homedir) is empty.
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    In this doc we can read the following:
    The JsessionID, which uniquely identifies a Forms session. The Forms Listener Servlet uses two session tracking mechanisms:
    - Cookies, where the Servlet container sends a cookie to the client.
    The client returns the cookie to the server upon each HTTP
    request, thereby associating the session with the cookie.
    - URL rewriting, where the Servlet container appends a session ID
    to the URL path, for example:
    Does this means that forms uses one of those, or uses both mechanisms simultaneous?
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    duplicate post: Oracle forms session crashes.

  • Appropriate Session Locking

    Our site framework creates a User.cfc object and assigns it
    to the session variable SESSION.User. The User object has all the
    usual CRUD methods plus instance variables for if the user is
    logged in and various other account flags. The object is created in
    the Application.cfc onRequestStartMethod() and is wrapped in a
    session lock tag. When a user logs in, the
    SESSION.User.UserLogin(useranme,password) method is called, the db
    lookups are made, all the instance variables are set, so forth.
    Then, all over the site various methods such as
    SESSION.User.GetUserID() and SESSION.User.IsUserLoggedIn() are
    called for specific actions.For instance, a form post to update an
    email address would be SESSION.User.SetEmail(FORM.Email) and then
    SESSION.User.SaveUser(). Logging out of the system just clears the
    session struct and sets the SESSION.User var to a fresh instance of
    the User.cfc.
    My question is it is safe to be making calls to the
    SESSION.User methods without locking the session scope. I've never
    had an issue with memory or race conditions before but a recent
    server move and increased traffic has caused some unexplained
    results. Just trying to narrow the problem down and am wondering
    about best practices in user of objects stored in the SESSION

    I set the session like this:
    <cffunction name="onSessionStart" returnType="void"
    <cflock scope="session" timeout="20" >
    <cfset StructClear(session)>
    <cfset SESSION.User =
    <cfset SESSION.Company =
    And then yes, I just call SESSION.User.GetUserID() or any
    other method as appropriate.
    I'm just wondering if any memory or race conditions could
    occur if calling the get/set methods of SESSION.User with out
    locking it. Is it enough to just lock the assignment of the User
    cfc to the SESSION scope.

  • Mobile Server Session lock

    Hello Guru's,
    Since last few days our MGP cycle is not finishing and everytime there is a transaction level session lock held by 2 different Mobileadmin user in our mobile server.
    After few hours we have to forcefully killed blocking SID and then only MGP cycle finishes on Mobile server.
    Does anybody had face the same problem on their if yes kindly can you please share your experience and how to resolve this issues.
    Few thechincal details:
    1. We are running windows server 2003 with Olite database
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    We are having probably the same problem (we run on linux).
    tends to be one of two issues
    1) table C$ALL_SID_LOGGED_TABLES has a level 6 lock by an INACTIVE mobile session. killing the inactive session allows processing to continue - SR raised with Oracle
    2) contention for C$ALL_CLIENT_ITEMS in setting the dirty flag for objects that need to be processed MAY result from multiple MGP threads attampting to process the same transaction, two different transactions in the in queue for the same user or user sync around the MGP processing, but reason not yet tracked down. We have switched to a single thread until we can identify the problem

  • Blocking forms sessions

    I am trying to find out and kill locks that arise thru forms (locks generated while 2 people trying to access same form that are 30 min old),
    below script is not yielding any result,
    SQL> select /*+RULE*/
    'SID=' || s1.sid || ' (' || s1.MODULE || '-' || s1.action ||
    ') is blocking ' || 'SID=' || s2.sid || ' (' || s2.MODULE || '-' ||
    s2.action || ')' AS blocking_status,
    l2.CTIME time_blocked,
    s1.sid||'-'||s2.sid SID_BLOCK
    from v$lock l1,
    v$session s1,
    v$lock l2,
    v$session s2
    where s1.sid = l1.sid
    and s2.sid = l2.sid
    and l1.BLOCK = 1
    and l2.request > 0
    and l1.id1 = l2.id1
    and l2.id2 = l2.id2
    and l1.request = 0
    and l1.ctime > 30*60
    and l2.ctime > 30*60
    and s1. action like '%FRM%'
    any modifications needed for this?

    I have gone thru that doc and select spid, sid, a.serial#, b.username from v$session a, v$process b where a.serial# = b.serial#; It's not giving form related sessiosn info.
    Our requirement is to kill blocking locks that arise from forms sessions and >30 min.

  • Prevent user to open more than two forms

    Hi everyone
    I have a forms application deployed on Application Server 9i r2 on Windows 2000, I want to prevent any user of this application to open more than two forms while they are working, I mean each user can open only two instances of this application.
    This application uses Oracle Single Sign-On to authenticate users, also I don't have the .fmb files, so I can't made any modifications to this application.
    Any Ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    Just an idea:
    Create a "decorator-form" and call this as a start-fmb instead of the one you arc actually calling. This "decorator-form" would do nothing but just the logon to the database, some checks if the user-session is valid and then call the "real" fmb using NEW_FORM.
    To store some information to check the session you could use DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_MODULE / DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO_SE_CLEINT in the decorator-form to store something like "FORMS" in it and to check for validity read these values from V$SESSION.
    hope this helps

  • How to get HttpServletRequest parameters from two forms in a JSP

    I have this JSP with two forms calling the same servlet. Problem is, when I use a submit button in the second form, I am unable to retrieve the request parameters from the form through the servlet. I am wondering if anybody could give me some info on how to get the request parameters from the second form. I tried to see all the parameter names in the request by calling request.getParameterNames(). But the parameters in the second form are not even seen in the request although I am clicking the submit button in this form!

    First, two forms works fine in one jsp so no need to argue about that.
    Second, did you put the form actions and type ("multipart/formdata " ?) explicit in every form header ? Did you supply different form names ?
    Try to call the submit function through javascript - document.forms[0].submit() for your first, and document.forms[1].submit() for your second form...
    Did you forget to close the form tag by chance ?

  • Urgent:: Not able to open/lauch forms session

    Hi All,
    I had cloned our production instance to create a new instance.
    But now I'm not able to open the form session. We are having apps
    The dbc file is perfect.. I even checked ICX parameters & related profile values.. seems to be ok..
    I can login through /dev60cgi/f60cgi. But can not lauch forms from personal home page.
    Can anyone plz suggect wht might be wrong?
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    Hi Kali,
    Thanks for the response.
    I'm not getting any sort of error.. It just dont proceed after clicking the menus.. Even I try to check the error from java console, but even no errors are listed in it..
    Moreover , I m getting successful AOLjtest run on the cloned instance.
    The inputs I can give is -
    The error_log shows -
    [Sun Aug 31 07:19:54 2008] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /fh02/BON/oraapps/common/java/java
    [Sun Aug 31 22:22:13 2008] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: proxy:http://severname:8212/pls/BON/f
    The access_log shows - - - [31/Aug/2008:22:22:11 -0500] "GET /OA_HTML/RF.jsp?function_id=271&resp_id=20456&resp_appl_id=160&security_group_id=0&lang_code=US&oas=NvqKw
    EsSQW1RppGR5XrWdw..&formsLink=yes HTTP/1.1" 302 376 - - [31/Aug/2008:22:22:13 -0500] "GET /pls/BON/fnd_icx_launch.launch?resp_app=ALR&resp_key=ALERT_MANAGER&secgrp_key=STANDARD&s
    tart_func=ALR_ALRALERT&other_params= HTTP/1.1" 403 240
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  • How can I share data between two forms on different lists

    Using a custom content type, I created two lists that I want to share the same data - one is a calendar.  Our employees complete a form from the "Out of Office Request" list that has workflow functionality that sends an email to that person's
    manager.  If the manager approves the request, the item automatically populates the "Out of Office Calendar."  The problem is that the only information from the request list that populates the calendar is the Title field and date/time fields. 
    I need the manager name in order to create a view for each manager.  
    How can I connect the other information in the request list to the calendar list.  It seems to me that if the title and date fields carry over the information, there should be a way to connect the other information.  I'm using Designer.
    I've tried to connect the two lists' webparts with the wizard, but when I get to the page that maps the two lists, there are no column names and the "Next >" button is grayed out.  This seems like the logical place to connect the two lists,
    but it isn't working.

    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted share data between two forms on different lists.
    To show external  information on the calendar event, there are two methods: Calculated column, workflow. You can refer to:
    A Simple Guide to Show More Information on a Calendar Event
    I recommend to use workflow to achieve what you want. But you need to create a people column to display the manager.
    You can create a workflow associated to the "Out of Office Request" list, add action to Start Approve Process. If the manager approves the request, you can create a item in the calendar, and then update the people column and the title column.
    Then the calendar will display the Title, date/time and the manager.
    To create a view for each manager, you need to modify the Filter. You can use the people column is equal to the manager name or the Title contains the manager name.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

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    Hi All,
    Oracle DB version: Oracle Database 10g Release - Production
    Oracle Forms version: (Oracle Developer Suite 10g) Production
    I am entering some data in the oracle forms and committed the data to database. This form is still open.
    By some reasons i get a error as "FRM-92101: There is error during forms server startup" and the forms session gets crashed.
    When this event happens i wanted to update the records which are inserted before this error occurred. For this purpose i created a BEFORE LOGOFF ON DATABASE trigger (in SYS user) and declared that transaction as autonomous and performed update and then commit.
    But when i get this error in forms runtime session, this trigger doesn't fire and also the records don't get updated.
    If i query to v$session view, the session entry is gone because the forms session is crashed.
    Can anyone please tell me why this trigger don't get fire when oracle forms session gets crashed? Or is there is any other way to run update statement as soon as the forms session gets crashes?

    please check java runtime console for more issue information.
    SystemControl->Java Plugin Ver XXXX -> Standard -> Check "Show Java Console"
    In Systray, check the console for information about errors in java after the form error.

  • Two forms on same state of one form while submitting other.

    I have 2 form on same page....
    first is form on table....
    nd another is tabular form.....
    now if I make an entry in both table ,,,,and after entering data in tabular form if click on submit button of tabular for the data of tabular form get submitted,,but the data I have been enter in first form get erased.....
    now my question is how can I save state of my first form even after clicking on submit button...........

    Hi Shirish,
    in your scenario you can write manual process for one form in your both forms, using this way you can achieve you functionality.
    do the above and for that manual process keep the button name as your second form button means, for two forms saving with only one button.
    i am not sure in this, but you can try something.
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  • Recording forms session -output file specification?

    In Oracle applications you can set the value of ICX Forms Launcher to have the parameter "&record=FILE" and the session will then record the form activity to the file you provided (directory depends on your apps version).
    Now there are tools out there to manipulate this file for setting up repetitive data loads however they don't quite meet our needs in one way or another and also the licencing costs for many users can be high. I would therefore like to write a bespoke process that manipulates this file.
    I have gained a pretty good understanding of it just by recording different forms sessions and seeing how the file changes, what actions cause various entries in the record file etc.
    What I woudl really like though is some kind of technical document which describes the output in this file. Ie, what fields are possible in what column position, just so I don't miss anything out.
    I've searched high and low, done a search in Metalink etc and turned up nothing.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    What OS is running on your PC? I'm having the same issue with a Windows 7 PC, but not with a Windows XP PC.
    What I think is happening is that after you hit "Stop" there's a process called "iTutorCleanup" that's run to post-process the .sim file. On a Windows XP machine I can see this running, and I end up with a working .sim file afterwards. I suspect on a Windows 7 PC this cleanup process is failing and that is why the .sim file disappears.
    I'm still playing with compatibility mode settings, but haven't found anything yet that makes it all work. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful!

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