Two  outbound Delivery for one sales order

Hi Experts
I am an Abaper and i have to find the root couse of this problem
problem is  two outbound delivery getting generated for one sales order with same no of quantity
Now i am unable to find the approch what can be root cause of this problem , I checked the details of these deliveries these are created by some job , but even in job history any positive solution comeout,
please suggest me what are other ways or causes of this problem

Hi there,
Delivery split will be there is the header data in shipping is different.
For eg of shipping points, delivery dates, ship-to etc are different.
Apart from this in the copy control routines at the headerlevel from OR to LF in VTLA, there might be some customized code written to split the deliveries. Possible conditions could be items from different warehouses / storage locs or if the quantity is more, then a delivery split.
Pls check if there is any customised code written in copy control routines in VOFM.

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  • Two deliveries required for one sales order

    Hello Friends,
    I have a quirey , I have two types of goods in one sales order, one is dangerous goods and other one is normal. How ever we are thinking to make two seperate deliveries even they are in one sales order. How can two diff deliveries gets created.
    We are planning to create new shipping point with new loading group for the dangerous goods .
    Will the above decision works or is there any simplest way to create two auto deliverys for one sales order.

    Hi all,
    I have yet another proposal - using copy control and adding there dangerous goods profile LIPS-PROFL as split criterial. This field is populated originally from material master MARA-PROFL field.  You can check for example routine FV50C201. Split criteria are defined in likp-zukrl field.
    I think that is better solution then introducing new shipping point. Because there are some determinations and dependencies related to shipping points. So the more shipping points you have, the more additional config you have. If it is needed by business to have separate shipping points - then fine. But if the goods are shipped from the same place, then I would rather modify copy control instead of multiplying config and master data. I say duplicated effort in master data - because with 2 shippiong points you would need to maintain DG profile field and additionally loading group.
    Kind regards
    Witek Prawecki.

  • Outbound delivery creation - one sales order

    We have an issue on locking of delivery processing of sales orders with two plants.  Is it possible for the two plants to create/change the outbound delivery at the same time? If yes, how?

    This is because plant 2 is processing delivery -2 with reference to sales order.
    So when you want to process deliver -1 then same already created with reference to sales order. it means both delivery cant be accessed one time because reference is sales order, so it lock
    If you want to pick both at same time,
    Then assign one shipping point to both plants, so when you create delivery both item will copy in delivery,then pick both at same time.

  • Multiple delivery for one Sales Order?

    I have been searching for the subject in forum....i dint get any possible answers? So in never the case multiple delivery will be attached to sales order ???
    Thanks in advance for your valuable comments...

    The same concept told earlier for shipments holds good here.
    We can have n number of deliveries for a single sales order.
    One of the example is Availiblity check.
    If all the items in an SO is NOT confirmed at once, multiple deliveries are to be made for that SO.
    So, Depending on the business case, we can have reasons, why an SO can have multiple deliveries.
    Consultant/Systems Analyst - SAP SD/MM

  • How to restrict more than one delivery from one sales order.

    Hi Guys,
    We have a requirement that is, system should not allow more than one delivery from one sales order no even if when there is some line item still to be delivered.
    We want only one delivery for one sales order and rest of line items should be treated as rejected.
    Kindly help
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi MP,
    Its also not working as we have the requirement is that once sales order is saved and one delivery is created then again if we are adding some more item inthe same sales order then system should not allow to create delivery document as one delivery already created.
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  • VL10C double delivery notes for one sales order

    Dear all,
    Currently we encountered an very strange issue in our SAP.  we found that via VL10C, SAP create two duplicated ourbound delivery notes for one sales order, which resulted in a double items and amount in the billing document. These two deliveries notes are complete the same, which were created with 7 sec interval via VL10C. Check in the sales order, we can see delivery Qty was double against order Qty for all the items.
    does anyone have a clue on this issue? your effort and feedback will be most applicated!
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Kyo NG

    I forgot this possible cause. Check Note 61148 - VL04 VL02 AME807 AME815: Insert to table VETVG and related notes, specially Note 931297 - VL10x, VL10HU - Duplicate entries displayed in STO.

  • Two invoices for one sales order

    I want to create two invoices for one sales order
    Scenario is like to create sales order for value of 100 $, and I want to send order reference billing after saving the sales order for 10% of order amount
    I would say 10% of 100 $
    And after delivery I want to issue a invoice for 90 %( rest of the amount) which is delivery relevant invoice.
    Both invoices will be relevant of accounting.
    Would any body suggest this, how it would be mapped it in to SAP.

    Hi Suresh,
    It is possible in Partial billing. Maintain the Billing plan and create a plan with the inputs as u specified.
    Go to IMG-SD-Billing-Billing plan.   Do ur own configuration for Billing plan.
    Now in Sales document creation mode....header details-Billing plan, U block the billing schedules and as per ur requirement , remove the billing block and create billing document.
    If u configured Account detrmination procedure, U wld get the accounting document wrt billing document.
    Hope this wld help U.

  • How to create one delivery for multiple sales order

    Hi!! Friends,
    Can some one explain the steps to be followed in creating one delivery for multiple sales order in SAP SD.
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            AKASH TAMBI

                  You can combine different orders in to one delivery ,But for the customer Order combination should be checked in  the sales area data of the shipping tab,we can combine orders but the ship to party,Route,Inco terms,Shipping date,shipping point should be same,you can do in T.code VL04 & VL10
    REWARD if helpfull
    Thanks & Regards

  • Two billing for one sales order for same customer

    Dear All ,
    I have a requirement of posting a two billings for one sales order.
    One is for Sales and another is for commission...
    Entry could be
    Sales Entry - Db Customer
                        Cr  Sales
    Commission entry could be
    Db - Cusomter
    Cr- Sales commission income account (P/L)
    We are having third party sales scenario , In this case billing is MIRO dependent.
    Once the miro is done then only billing is possible ...
    Could you please advise on that ..

    Dear Ratish,
    Thanks for yr reply.
    I already did that but it is not serving business purpose.
    Comm payment  - comes diff time than sales payment.
    so ,I will post one entry customer will get hit with total amount Sales + commission
    like below
    Let say 10, 000 is the sales value and 500 is the commission
    So , This entry will get posted
    Customer Db- 10,500
    Sales Cr- 10,000
    Comm Income Cr- 500
    But, As I said sales amt will be paid before so We need to clear it partially and some time customer pays also diff amount due to some defect.
    So, We wont be knowing for which case we have or havnet received the payment against commission.
    As , Customer account is got hit with total amount( Sales+ Comm..value).
    Pls advise how to solve this.

  • One delivery for Multiple sales orders

    Dear friends,
    Am not able to do Single Delivery for Muktiple sales orders. Can you guide me what r the configuration settings i have to do on this?

    Am not able to do Single Delivery for Muktiple sales orders
    Have you searched the forum for this question as to why you were not able to generate ??  It could be due to multiple reasons.  Please search the forum and update here what steps you have taken after taking the inputs from here, if the problem is still not resolved.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Outbound delivery document from Sales order

    Hi ,
    While creating the outbound delivery document from Sales order, all the line items of the Sales order are populated in the Delivery document. The line items where stock is not available, the line is still populated in the delivery document with zero quantity.
    Pls suggest the way in config, so that at the time creation of the delivery document system to populate only the lines with the available stock.

    Hello Soumya
    I could not able to find any std transaction or config via you could restrict it. However you also no till 'Picking' not completed user is not able to make postings... so i couldnt see any issue in this.
    Still you need to restrict this, you to configure User Exit via you can restrich the lin items to come in delivery for no stock item.

  • Auto-create delivery for multiple sales orders

    I would like to ask how to create auto-create 'single' delivery
    for multiple sales order during release sales order in R11i.
    It is found in my example during release sales order, multiple
    sales orders fulfill release sales order criteria, a single pick
    slip is generated but it is found that each sales order have
    individual delivery with it. It will casue multiple pack slips
    for a singles pick slip. Is it normal feature for auto-create
    delivery, or any setup to solve it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Am not able to do Single Delivery for Muktiple sales orders
    Have you searched the forum for this question as to why you were not able to generate ??  It could be due to multiple reasons.  Please search the forum and update here what steps you have taken after taking the inputs from here, if the problem is still not resolved.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Goods Issue for a Return Outbound Delivery for both Sales Returns

    Hi gurus..
    tell me the approch for the following development....
    custom transaction to perform a Goods Issue for a Return Outbound Delivery for both Sales Returns and Consignment Returns (Pickups) process within a lean warehouse in SAP.
    it is vry urgnt

    I seem to have found the information I required here:'s
    I'm going to keep this post active because I'd still like answers to my questions and any advice that you might be willing to share in regards to what I am trying to do.
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  • Create ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items

    Hi ,
    I want to create a ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items. Preferably SAP GUI.
    This selection of data will be from an external file/ variants which will have only one row of data in it.
    Firstly: I have to sort the external file having same PO Numbers in an order.Group them together.
    Second: I have to create sales order for those many line items having same PO Number.
    Best Regard

    Hi Micky
    Firstl you should upload the Line items for a particular sales Order in an Internal table
    and then pass that internal table to your BAPI during your coding corresponding to a particu;lar sales order
    In case of any issues pls revert back
    Reward points if helpful

  • More than 3 AR for one Sales Order in relationship map

    i would need some advice on the following: If you have more than 3 Invoice for one Sales order these are not shown seperately in the relationship map. SAP could reproduce the issue and refers to it as normal system procedure at the moment. They adviced me to post a thread here.Is there any way you could make the invoices be seen one by one.
    SAP Version 8.81 PL 5
    Thanks a lot for any advices on this topic
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    Welcome to the forum.
    If you have any suggestions you post them on sap's new idea collaboration page. You do bring up a good point and hopefully in 8.82 it will be resolved as the relationship map was not originally on the road map. Hopefully they can develop this feature.

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