Two user accounts one Itunes Music Folder, How do I keep the Libraries sync

Okay let's see if I can explain my dilemma properly. My girlfriend shares my computer with me, so I gave her a seperate account to keep her stuff in. However I keep all our music on an external hard drive in the iTunes music folder. The problem is everytime I upload new music or delete something on my account/ iTunes library, It doesn't update the iTunes library on her account. Therefore I have to sign in to her account to update her library with new music or delete tracks that have been removed from the Music folder. Kinda a minor thing until you upload 5 new CD's and remove like a 100 old tracks/podcasts, then it gets to be very annoying and time consuming. So is there anything I can do to sync our libraries to the music folder when changes are made? Hope I explained that well, and thanks for your help in advance!
powerbook G4 1 Ghz 12.1 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   iTunes 6.0.1
powerbook G4 1 Ghz 12.1 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

As both libraries are the same you're wasting disk space, so have only one library - yours and enable sharing on it.
You need to be looged in and iTunes running, she will enable 'look for shared libraries' in her Preferences... and your library will show up.

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    trying to solve problem with sharing one itunes library on macbook pro (mid 2009) between two users. I moved all itunes folders to shared folder, open itunes on new account with alt key, choose library and seems to be working. However it isnt...on my account I did the same, worked sometimes. After a qwhile I recognized that i cant use both accounts simultaneously. Once I log in to new account and open itunes and then I just switch users (not logging off) and try to open itunes, the first picture warning appears...I include also pictures with sharing preferences which should be OK.
    Any ideas how to solve this?
    Once I log off from account, it starts working with other one. But wioth simple switching users, it doesnt work (or rarely:-/)

    judge2001 wrote:
    Do I also have to create an user account on my Mac for her in order to have her own addressbook and calendar?
    How will she access "my" iTunes library from her account?
    click here for information.
    you can authorize iTunes on her user account to play/use content purchased with your iTunes store account and vice versa.
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  • Two iphones, two user accounts, one iTunes library

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a solution for the following problem:
    I have an iPhone which is synced with the iTunes library, addressbook and calendar on my MacBook in my user account.
    My girlfriend will soon have an iPhone, too. We would like to each have our own addressbook and calendar synced with our phones but share one (=my) iTunes library (music, apps, ...).
    Activating her phone with my Apple-account wouldn't be a problem for her. Do I also have to create an user account on my Mac for her in order to have her own addressbook and calendar? How will she access "my" iTunes library from her account? Or if she uses my user account, how will she get her own addressbook?
    Is there any practical solution for this (common?) problem?

    judge2001 wrote:
    Do I also have to create an user account on my Mac for her in order to have her own addressbook and calendar?
    How will she access "my" iTunes library from her account?
    click here for information.
    you can authorize iTunes on her user account to play/use content purchased with your iTunes store account and vice versa.
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  • Sharing Apps - Two Iphones, one imac, two user accounts, one itunes account

    I've had an iphone for a long time and now my wife recently bought one. We have one imac in the house and we each have our own user accounts (ie we switch back and forth to our own sides). My itunes library and iphoto library are stored on an external hard drive. I have authorized my itunes account on my wife's side and have enabled home sharing. I want to be able to sync my iphone on my side and have my wife sync her's on her side. I also want my wife to be able to sync some of the apps that I have purchased over the years. When I sync my wife's phone on her side she has access to all the photos but can't see any of the apps. What do I need to do in order to give her access to the apps?
    Thank you in advance

    Hi, I am glad I found exactly the same question that I wanted to ask.
    I am going through the same thing right now:
    two iphones4,
    single mac mini,
    two accounts.
    Many many apps on my account only.
    She wants to sync my applications to her iphone on her user account side, but they are not in her itunes library.
    I thought I needed the family pack for that, but it seems that I've just wasted my money, as the apps sharing is not included in the family pack. Could anybody please answer do I understand this correctly or not?

  • Two user accounts, one itunes, and updating apps

    This may be just a rant, but perhaps somebody has some ideas for how to fix this.
    My wife and I both have iTunes accounts, and we have material, including apps, from both accounts on our main home computer.
    Frequently, the Apps icon shows that there are 'updates' for the various Apps. Like a fool, I click on the button and see what updates there are. So far, so good.
    When I try to download updates, though, I have all sorts of issues. The most common is that it says something like 'sorry, bozo, these updates are for the other account, not the one your logged into right now. log into the other account and come back.'
    That's the kind of thing that is just a plain stupid pain. Why in the **** can't it just keep the account information available and just download the blasted updates? I don't want to have to log into other accounts. I don't have to when I download updates on my iPhone (which also has some apps from both accounts) – why do I have to do it in iTunes?
    Bleep, bleep, BLEEEEP!
    It does a bunch of other things that are equally (or more) stupid, too. Sometimes, it gives me a message that I "can't update this software since I have not owned the major version of it". I'm guessing that this is related to the account thing, too.
    iTunes people: For the love of Pete, please, please, make the multiple accounts on one iTunes feature more user(s) friendly.
    Everybody else: please tell me if there is some sort of secret trick for making all these problems go away.

    I still think this is stupid. Maybe I'm one of a small minority that has more than one iTunes account active in a single iTunes library? Or is this a common situation?

  • I have 3 devices and I don't want them to share content. How do I keep the libraries separate?

    I have three devices that we start with the same apple id. I now want them to be separate so we have created our own apple I'd for each device but them keep sharing the same apps and music. How do i keep the libraries separate?

    You cannot seperate the ID without losing apps and music.

  • I have one imac. my wife and i each have our own user accounts and itunes library.  How do we share selected music between user accounts?

    i have one imac. my wife and i each have our own user accounts and itunes library.  How do we share selected music between user accounts?

    To give other users read-only access to your library, use the Sharing features of iTunes. Sharing works over the local network as well as on the same computer. See the built-in help for details.
    If you want to give full read/write access to more than one user, see the support article linked below.
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • I have 2 iTunes accounts on the same computer.  How do I keep the libraries separate?

    I have 2 iTunes accounts on the same computer.  How do I keep the libraries separate?

    Try this:

  • My iTunes music folder is almost 1.5x the size on disc as my iTunes library. How can I get rid of this extra data?

    When I look at the iTunes music folder in Windows Explorer, it shows as 28.0 GB. In the iTunes library, it says my music is 18.3 GB. I would like to get my 10 gigs back.
    I've tried to add the media folder to my library - it just duplicated maybe 10 songs, didn't add any new ones. This suggests that there isn't any extra music in the folder. So why is it 10 GB larger? How can I get rid of the extra non-music data?

    Apparently there are some mp3 files that aren't adding despite importing the folder...
    That is actually a very common problem, due to iTunes being strict/finicky/incompetent (pick your own interpretation) about slight variations in MP3 formats. The problem can usually be corrected by treating the files with a 3rd party tag cleanup program, such as MP3 Validator.
    i don't know how much of the missing 9.7 GB this will apply to, but definitely worth a try.

  • One iMac - Multiple user accounts - Can iTunes music be moved b/t accts?

    My family (wife, son, daughter, and me) share an imac but we all have our own user accounts. Our entire itunes music library is in one user account and is getting to the point of being unmanageable.
    Can I move some of my itunes library (e.g., my son's music) to another user account on the same iMac?
    It's my understanding that an ipod can only be synced with one itunes library at a time, but I thought Apple also restricted the usage of music bought from itunes to a finite number of computers. If this is true, I think I would be able to transfer a group of songs from one user account to another so long as the user accounts were on the same computer.
    I think if I place the songs i want to transfer to my son's user account on an ipod, log into my son's account, plug the ipod in, start up itunes, then I should be able to transfer the purchases from one user account to the other.
    Will this work?

    Thanks, this will work.
    One somewhat related follow-up question. After I have dragged the .M4P files into the shared directory, and logged into the other user account, they appear as "protected". After clicking the "more info" button, i can change the access to "read and write" for each m4p file, and then I can drag it into itunes.
    How can I make this change (read and write) global so I will not have to unlock and enable each m4p file?

  • Two Windows User Accounts, One iTunes?

    First, I've done and read everything Apple says ( ) about setting up a single itunes account/library for multiple itunes users and it does not work. But maybe it's the way I import music to my itunes, so if anyone can help. I'd appreciate it.
    I obviously have my computer set up with multiple users and my account is the administrator account and where itunes is currently working and full of music. I have installed itunes on another account and all I want to do is have that account be the same/mirror as the intunes under my account. However, what might be the issue is that I do not allow itunes to do anything for me, that means under the "advanced" tab in preferences, I deselected the options to allow iTunes to "keep itunes media folder organized" and "copy music to itunes." They are both inefficient and time consuming methods that result in disorganization and duplication of music, each of which requires more time than necessary to fix.
    So, after moving the itunes media folder to a share folder as Apple states and point both itunes to that folder, the second user does not work.
    Do I have to copy all mucis to itunes to get that to work? Is there something I am missing?

    I posted the questions individually and got answers. Thank you Apple Discussion forums, and especially b noir.

  • I lost my itunes media folder how can I export the photos from my ipad to another location

    I lost my itunes media folder and also my iPhoto files. I have the majority of the photos from iPhoto library on my iPad. How can I get them from my iPad to another location. Like exporting them to a folder on an external drive.Is this possible. I know I can move photos I've taken with the ipad to a new iphoto, but how can a get the old iphoto photos from my ipad to a new location? I'm basically starting over. Don't ask what happened. It was horrible.

    An external drive? Not sure that there is any way of doing that. There are a number of WiFi transfer apps that should let you transfer the photos back to the Mac itself. Look at some of these.
    This application allows you to transfer all iPad content back to your computer.

  • After receiving an e-mail and forwarding it on everything ends up in Sent including the one I received. How do I keep the original in my Inbox?

    Some mail disappears from my inbox and I have discovered that if I have to answer or forward the original e-mail it disappears permanently and the original and the reply/forward e-mail all end up in my Sent box - which is emptied each month at the moment. Any ideas how to keep the original in my Inbox? Has only happened since updating to maverick.

    where on my computer am I suppose to make the individual picture files and have them to upload on my ipod touch.... I do have a photo library on my computer, but in the photo tab in itunes for the ipod touch and there is nothing checked for syncing, cause when I do check it it always says its going to replace everything i have in my photo library on my ipod touch.....  So how am i suppose to have it checked and have it NOT replace pictures on it????
    Also I cannot make more photo albums into my ipod touch, it just replaces the one album every time....
    I am very frustrated cause I have tried the manuals and the apple support help etc and nothing pertains to my exact issue.....
    Please if u could elaberate I would appreciate it alot..... 
    thank u

  • I have two apple id accounts with separate music lists, how do I combine the music lists on my iphone?

    I have two apple id accounts with 2 different email addresses and do I combine both lists of music on the two accounts into one list on my iphone, ipad and desktop?

    Stop using one. Everything you've previously purchased from it has that Apple ID stored inside the file, which can't be changed.

  • One of my user accounts will not load. How can I view the bookmarks saved on that account using another account on my laptop?

    A problem has occurred on my laptop and my user profile won't load. I am currently using another admin account, but was wondering if there was a way that I could access the bookmarks that I had saved on my original account? Thanks

    * [[Recovering important data from an old profile]]

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