U110 How to Retain External Monitor Resolution

I'm trying to help someone with an IdeaPad U110 and an external monitor.  The Lenovo allows me to login with an external keyboard and monitor but as soon as it boots Windows, the external monitor goes dark and I have to choose FnF3 each time to re-enable the external monitor and then reset the resolution to 1680 X 1050.  Isn't there a way to get the Lenovo to retain these settings so I don't have to do this each time I boot it up?  THANKS!!

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Please try these steps.
1 – Click the Start button.
2 – Click Control Panel.
3 – Click Appearance and Personalization.
4 – Click Adjust screen resolution.
Now once you have the resolution page
1 Select your exrernal monitor
2 Set the display type to duplicate
3 Place a check
Restart the computer and check if it remains on.
Hope this helps

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    Try the following,
    TIFFEncodeParam tep = new TIFFEncodeParam();
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    TIFFField fieldXRes = new TIFFField(0x11A, TIFFField.TIFF_RATIONAL,
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    tep.setExtraFields(new TIFFField[] {fieldXRes, fieldYRes});

  • How to change external display resolution WITHOUT clicking "CONFIRM"?

    I have a somewhat unusual situation. My MacBook laptop is actually now a ModBook (a pen-tablet computer), and as such I no longer have a trackpad attached to it. All of my inputs are via the stylus, tapping directly on the built-in display.
    This works perfectly fine, except when I need to give presentations on an LCD projector (which is quite often lately). I like to use the projector as an external monitor, so that I can run the Keynote presentation on it while using my laptop screen as the presenter's display, with the upcoming slide, etc. If the projector doesn't give me an ideal native display option (sometimes, the aspect ratio for the  3 or 4 resolutions available in the Displays drop-down in the menubar turn out to be stretched or squeezed), then I, naturally, have to open the Display System Preferences and try out different resolutions.
    The problem is, since my stylus only interacts by clicking directly on the built-in-display, I have no way of moving the cursor over to the external display when the dialog box with the "Click here to confirm change/You have 15 seconds..." message appears. So I can never click it ... so I can never confirm the new settings.
    The workarounds I've used so far are:
    - Mirror displays (not ideal, as I need the presenter preview of the next slide)
    - borrow a mouse from someone (usually from a Windows desktop, frankly) and plug that in to briefly mouse over and click the confirm button
    I'd love to find a software workaround that allows me to NOT mirror displays and also doesn't require me to carry around a mouse all the time (my laptop bag is already overstuffed...).

    Fateh wrote:
    I hope that my question is clear ... Nope.
    How to change the display resolution of APEX ??APEX doesn't have a display resolution. "Display resolution" is an attribute of the device and user agent software used to view the APEX page.
    What do you mean by "the display resolution of APEX"?
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    And as usual, we're missing:
    <li>Full APEX version
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    You've been posting here for years. You know this basic information is necessary to understand and reproduce problems.
    If you're looking for help it doesn't seem unreasonable that you make the effort to provide a full, clear but concise description of the problem or requirement.

  • External monitor resolution setting is not saved

    I use an external monitor as an extended desktop for my macbook pro.
    The problem is that whenever I turn on the mbp, the resolution of the external monitor reverts back to the default resolution. Is there any way to set the resolution of the external monitor and have the mbp save it even after turning the mbp on and off?

    tar8584 wrote:
    Hello all,
    After installing the 10.5.2 update, my Macbook Pro's boot time increased. So, after researching this issue, I decided to reset the PRAM. This solved the boot time problem, as my Mac now boots as quickly as it did prior to the update. But now, the brightness setting is not saved and the brightness level returns to the maximum value each boot up. Other settings, like audio level, are saved properly. The brightness seems to be the only problem. Any ideas on how to correct this?
    Besides staying with 10.5.1 has anyone found a real solution to this? I want to install Aperture and I need to have 10.5.2 installed in order to instal Aperture v2.x.

  • External monitor resolution problems with Mountain Lion

    I have a problem with my external monitor (Samsung LS19B150NS) and Mountain Lion (running on unibody Mac Mini). Each time I reboot OSX the resolution get reset from native 1366 x 768 to something lower. The display is connected via DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter. Some observations:
    - I tried selecting "Best for..." option or "Scaled" (set on 1366 x 768 or 1360 x 768). The problem is still there
    - Sometimes resoltuion might stay alright for several reboots, but then the problem re-appears again
    - Sleep mode doesn't reset resolution
    - Other monitors work fine via the same adapter
    - The Samsung LS19B150NS work perfectly well with other Win PCs
    Any suggestions how to fix it?

    I have a problem with my external monitor (Samsung LS19B150NS) and Mountain Lion (running on unibody Mac Mini). Each time I reboot OSX the resolution get reset from native 1366 x 768 to something lower. The display is connected via DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter. Some observations:
    - I tried selecting "Best for..." option or "Scaled" (set on 1366 x 768 or 1360 x 768). The problem is still there
    - Sometimes resoltuion might stay alright for several reboots, but then the problem re-appears again
    - Sleep mode doesn't reset resolution
    - Other monitors work fine via the same adapter
    - The Samsung LS19B150NS work perfectly well with other Win PCs
    Any suggestions how to fix it?

  • How big an external monitor can i plug into the X60?

    I will be running Serato Scratch Live SL3 DJ software on my X60 and it would be nice to have a little extra sceen area for the display. How big of an external monitor can I plug into my X60? What can the built in graphics card handle?
    (best notebook I have ever owned btw! light, strong, stable)

    i have tried 24 inch with WUXGA resolution.
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

  • How to adjust external monitor brightness / contrast

    I just recently bought a MacBook Pro, and I am trying to calibrate my Lacie photon20vision (not mark II) but cannot figure out how to adjust the brightness and contrast. The problem lies in that when using the DVI input on the monitor the on screen adjustments are not available. You are required to use software to adjust the levels when using the DVI on this monitor. In Windows I would just go into the driver properties and adjust and all was fine. On my mac I can choose resolution and err, that's it.

    I am not too sure if I get to the Windows because screen is damaget so much you cannot see anything, but bo matter what I do external monitor is in power safe mode. And I know for sure the monitor is good - tried on different system and it works.
    The whole idea is I do not need to use this laptop as portable device, I was planning to connect external monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it as office CPU.

  • External monitor resolution

    I've just made the longed for switch from pc to mac by buying a 17" mac book pro.
    I have also bought a 27" external Viewsonic monitor which arrived today - Christmas come early for me this year.
    Everyone's up and running fine, that was easy enough. But I do have an issue with the different resolutions of the 2 monitors.
    On the external 27" the screen is not showing all content on the mac book screen - there's areas cropped off top and bottom.
    Is there a way to resolve that so I can see the same area as on the mac?
    If so how please?
    ps: External monitor is a Viewsonic VX2753mh-LED 27"
    Mac is running OS X 10.6.7

    Google this: Screen Spanning Doctor
    Note: It may void the warranty, but it does work. Very well in fact.

  • External monitor resolution in Vista on MacBook Pro

    I am running Vista Ultimate on a MacBook Pro. I have a Dell 24" external monitor plugged in, which supports a top resolution of 1920 x 1200. But Vista thinks it's a generic non-PnP monitor with a top resolution of 1024 x 768. I have installed the Windows drivers from my Leopard disk, but neither the Vista Displays control panel nor the nVidia software think the resolution of this monitor can go any higher. I tried looking on nVidia's site for newer drivers, but they said for the M series video cards to go to the computer manufacturer for drivers because they modify them for power consumption and other special needs.

    I found the solution.
    Go here:
    Click on Driver to download it.
    Extract it
    Go to
    http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17701 again
    Click on Modded INF to download it.
    Copy it to the extracted folder.
    Run setup.exe
    You now have full control over your nvidia card. Which also means you can plug in external monitors
    Tested on Macbook pro 15" with nvidia 8600M GT.
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  • External monitor resolution problem on MacBook PRO

    MacBook Pro mid 2012. Samsung 204Ts Monitor is not working in full res. However it works in full resolution on Mac Mini (Core 2 Duo)

    In order to get the external monitor's native resolution uncheck use mirrored mode in your display preferences. If you are using mirrored mode then your computer's display, including its resolution is used on the external monitor,

  • Est. external monitor resolution

    I am trying to set up a samsung syncmaster 191Tplus as an external monitor on my macbook from early 2008 running 10.6.8. When I plug it in, both screens flash (not just a flicker) as shown in this youtube video posted by someone else, but my problem is the same
    I am using the mini-DVI to VGA adaptor. The resolution of the samsung is 1280x1024, which is not listed in my choice of display resolutions. Is this the cause? What can I do? I can't access settings to change anything after the monitor is connected, and I can't find settings for the external monitor before it is connected. Would using SwitchResX work to create a monitor resolution preset before plugging in the second monitor?

    OK, here is something to try. Go into System Preferences and select Displays. In the window that opens will be a checkbox for "Show displays in menu bar." Put a checkmark there and make it active. There should now be a little icon of an Apple display on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen. If you click on it, it will drop down and give you a short cut to different resolutions. There should be a checkmark next to the currently active resolution. Is it set to 1440 x 900? If not, set it there.
    If you are still getting that message from the monitor, well, I don't think the Mac is lying about sending 1440 x 900. If the screen doesn't look right to you, try using the Auto Adjustment feature on your Viewsonic monitor. It could just be that the image needs adjusting.

  • Low external monitor resolution

    Hallo, I've the Macbook AIr 13" (2012) with an external Samsung Synchmaster XL 2370 LED monitor. Unfortunately, the screen resolution of the 1920x1080 Samsung monitor is not at 1920x1080, but lower. The Mac OS 10.8.1 uses the profile HD 709-A. This cannot be the correkt profile. Does anyone have an advice? 

    Are you using mirrored or extended display mode. If mirrored then the resolution of the laptop will also be mirrored. If using extended mode you can set the resolution of the external monitor differently than the resolution of the laptop. And try to toggle the resolution in System Preferences>Displays.

  • External monitor resolution problem

    My external monitor's resolution is 1920 x 1080 but the highest I see in resolutions' list is 1600 X 900 or 1344 x 1008.  I am connecting my MacBook snow leopard to Asus ML249H with HDMI cable.  I've tried some suggestions that were posted for Mac Pro but nothing worked.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!

    I have this same problem but im running Lion OSX 10.7
    Any ideas out there?

  • Lenovo X201 external monitor resolution issue

    I'm having issues connecting my Lenovo X201 through the docking station -> display port -> Dell 3011.  The native resolution for the monitor is 2560x1600.  However, I currently can only set the resolution to 1920x1080 (ugly!) as any high resolution results in the monitor entering power save mode.
    I'm using xrandr to set the video mode in my .xinitrc (running dwm).  This creates a good Xinerama config for dwm.
    I'm currently using the line
    xrandr --output DP1 --mode 1920x1080 --above LVDS1
    to set my resolution.  When I change to --auto or --mode 2560x1600, or 1920x1200 etc I get the blank screen on the external monitor.  I'm using the xf86-video-intel-sna driver package (I tried the -uxa as well to no avail).
    Any hints?

    I was able to get it by having arandr help generate the config, here's the solution that worked for me:
    xrandr --output HDMI1 --off --output LVDS1 --auto --right-of DP1 --output DP1 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal --auto --output VGA1 --off

  • Elitepad 1000 G2 external monitor resolution problem

    Hey guys, 
    Recently I got this elitepad 1000 g2 window 8.1 tablet,  I connected hp lv1911 monitor using docking station with it, however  the highest resolution is only 1366x768 for the external monitor. I have tried to update all windows updates, and remove displaying driver and reinstall it, but nothing changed. Can you guys help please? 
    Thank you in advanced,

    Hello @Kevin_Ouyang
    To get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since the {insert product model} is a commercial product. You can do this at
    Notebook - HP ProBook, ZBook, EliteBook, Compaq, Slate/Tablet PC, Armada, LTE
    The support page for your product may be helpful in the meantime:
    HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Tablet
    I hope this helps!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom to say “Thanks” for helping!

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