UCCX Agent Desktop Auto Answering Calls

Has anyone heard of a situation where CAD is auto answering calls?  The users are reporting it sporadically only when they get a off a call and a call is waiting in queue, the call will automatically connect right after they hang up the first call.  
Sounds bizarre, I know.  
Short of restarting services, i'm not sure where to go with this one.  I've had a couple clients report this issue to me.  They are running UCCX 9.0 (2) SU1

We've had a similar issue.  While the agent is talking, the CAD changes state to "work" i.e. it thinks that the call has been hung up.  It then goes to "ready" while the agent is still talking.  As a result, when the agent hangs up their call, they are in "ready" state and are given the next call immediately.
You may want to check if this is the case with the agent state.
If the state changes are happening like this, check that the handset is snugly sitting on the cradle, reboot the client PC and have them log off/on the phone.
Be sure also to check the CAD agent logs.  I'm about to check ours now to see if they show anything up.

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  • UCCX Agent Desktop v.7 taking over Windows active session when phone rings

    I'm trying to figure out how (if possible) for the Cisco UCCX Agent Desktop application from taking over a users Windows session every time the phone rings.  This is very annoying and takes the end user out of what ever application they are currently in whenever their phone rings.  Does anyone know how to change this?

    Hi Eric,
    Maybe this is better
    Miscellaneous tab options.
    Option Description
    Window Behavior Specify how you want the Agent Desktop window to
    • Normal. The window appears when calls are
    present and minimizes when idle.
    • Keep Open. The window is always visible, but may
    be hidden by other open applications.
    • Always on Top. The window is always visible and on
    top of other open applications.
    • Stealth. The window appears as an icon in the
    system tray.

  • Reminder for UCCX agent desktop

    Hi            There
    We are using uccx 7 and got some requirement to have a reminder pop up when the agent is not ready to remind them that they need to change their status to Ready.
    Our agents are not just sitting in the chair and waiting for the incoming call, they have to move to other area to do some other stuff sometimes, but during that time they may get incoming call and their agent status was changed to Not Ready, when they came back to the desk they just simply forgot to change the status back, is there any way that we can have a pop up window to remind them?
    In the Cisco Desktop Administrator, I can configure the popup window under Voice Contact Work Flows when the called number match the trigger, but there is no way I can add the condition that it only happen when the agent is not ready; In the Agent Management Work Flows, I can have the popup window when agent is not ready, but it is not what we want, it popup whenever the agent's status changed to Not Ready.
    Maybe there is a way in the script that when there is incoming call, it check the "Not Ready" agents and send the popup window to those agents, but I am not sure how to do it.
    Can anyone kindly give me some hint for this?

    As you can probably see reading this thread, there is no easy, built-in way to handle this.  I think the Cisco approved way, would be to leverage the Wrap up time, and force them into the Ready state, as oppose to warning them.
    I have one other method to throw into the mix, and your experience with it may be different from the next person's; so please test this out first before deploying it all over the place.
    If you have MS Office installed on the CAD PC, you can actually leverage a feature out of the MS Word COM Object to view a list of running Window Titles, and since CAD puts the state of the Agent in the Window title, this works.
    You will need to copy and paste the below code into a notepad document, and then save as "All Files" and name it something like "monitor.vbs".
    '=============================================================================='=='=='=='=='=='== This script will attempt to monitor the CAD title window and keep track'== of how long the state is Not Ready, then alert the user once a threshold'== is exceeded. The user can press OK to go ready or Cancel to stay Not Ready.'=='== Microsoft Word Required.'=='== Author=Anthony Holloway'==        [email protected]'=='== Last Update=04 AUG 2009'=='== User defined variables'=========================' The StateThreshold is in seconds, and sets a limit to how long the Agent' state can be "Not Ready"Const StateThreshold = 600' The AlertMessage is displayed to the user; keep it short and sweet.Const AlertMessage = "You are currently in a Not Ready state."' The AlertTitle is displayed as the alerts title barConst AlertTitle = "Cisco Agent Desktop"'==============================================================================Set oMicrosoftWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")Set cRunningApplications = oMicrosoftWord.TasksSet oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")iCounter = 0sCADNotreadyTitle = "Not Ready - Cisco Agent Desktop"' Loop foreverDo While True     ' Does the CAD title contain "Not Ready"?     If cRunningApplications.Exists(sCADNotReadyTitle) Then          ' Yes, Has the state exceeded the threshold?          If iCounter >= StateThreshold Then               ' Yes, Alert the user               iUserChoice = MsgBox(AlertMessage & vbCrLf & "Press OK to go Ready", vbOKCancel + vbExclamation + vbDefaultButton2, AlertTitle)               If iUserChoice = vbOK Then                    oShell.AppActivate sCADNotreadyTitle                    WScript.Sleep 500                    oShell.SendKeys "^w"               End If               ' Reset the counter               iCounter = 0          Else               ' No, Increment the counter               iCounter = iCounter + 1          End If     Else          ' Yes, Clear the counter          iCounter = 0     End If     ' Pause 1 second before checking again     WScript.Sleep 1000Loop
    Then you will need to start it by one of several ways.  One way is to place it into the startup folder of the windows PC.  Another way is to have it launch via CDA Run External Application on CAD Startup.  It just runs in the background all the time, monitoring the title of the CAD window.
    Anthony Holloway
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  • Latest version of UCCX Agent desktop in VDI or XenDesktop environment

    Is anyone out there using Agent Desktop for UCCX in a XenDesktop VDI environment. The release notes for the latest clients don't appear to list XenDesktop specifically but mentions VDI support and XenApp support.

    I've a confirmation from Calabrio that it has not been qualified and is not committed to a specfic release at this time.
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  • Provide skill selection to agent prior to answering call

    I am rebuilding a call center script for a customer.  The base model is that there is going to be one CSQ involving three skills.  Skill A - General,  Skill B - Dept1, and Skill C - Dept2.
    The Supervisor would like the agent presented with a call to see the skill description so they are aware of the type of calling they are answering.  Right now I looking to display this information over the phone display.  Ideally I would like to figure out a way to do a pop-up on the computer (much like an incoming email).
    UCCX Ver 8.5.1

    OK, got it, but again the routing is not based on skill, but CSQ, so by the time the call gets to the agent the CSQ drove the call routing not skill, so if the agent wants to be able to see which skill were selected then you need to construct your CSQ per skill rather than combining the skills into a singe CSQ, for example:
    skill 1 - language
    skill 2 - call reason
    skill 3 - country
    if customer is asked for 3 inputs and based on it you need to route to skilled agent then you would build 1 CSQ with all 3 skills, but the agent should not care which option was selected as he/she is part of all three and the CSQ name should reflect it, i.e. English-Support-US. 

  • CAD Agent Desktop - Making 2nd call to Back office staff

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have a solution to the following question from a customer?
    “Whilst an agent is talking to a caller, it would appear that the only option available to make a second call at the same time ie. in the case where a member of call centre staff wishes to talk to the back office team whilst the customer is on hold, the agent can put the caller on hold using CAD, however they would need to press the “New Call” button on the physical telephone to dial the 2nd number as the “Make Call” feature is not available within CAD (whist the call is on hold).
    The agent will frequently make a 2nd call whilst on the phone to a customer. Not being able to use CAD to make this second call will cause a lot of confusion! Is there any way around this problem?”
    I know that the ‘make call’ button is disabled when the agent is in a ready state, so how do they make a 2nd call if need? I suppose they could place the caller on hold and go not ready but I’m not sure if CAD allows this (I’m away from a test lab to check) and this would affect the agent stats.
    Or perhaps they could initiate a supervised transfer discuss what they need to with the back office staff member then cancel the transfer and use the alternate button to switch between caller and back office staff?
    Any suggestions would be grateful.
    Thanks Chris

    Using a supervised transfer and then cancelling out of it is the only option with CAD for now. I suggest that you submit a feature request through your Cisco AM to resolve this.

  • S705 Bluetooth music streaming auto-answers incomi...

    I've got a Motorola Soundpilot S705 Bluetooth music streaming device which I use with my N95 8Gb to stream music (obviously). It generally works fine, but for some reason, calls are automatically answered when the device is active and I do not want it to do this.
    I have checked my settings and the device is not set to auto-answer.
    My Nokia Bluetooth earpiece works fine without auto-answering calls, which made me presume that the problem lies with a feature on the S705, however Motorola insist that the device does not have a feature/ option for auto-answering calls and that the problem is with the N95 8Gb itself.
    Any ideas how I can resolve this issue?

    I have the same issue, but I am using a Blueant  Z9i wireless headset, on a N95-8g
    No matter what I set the option to it still auto answers...drives me crazy.
    Tried deleting the device in bluetooth and reseting the bluetooth headset itself. 
    I called Bueant support, and they stated that was not a problem they have seen.

  • Stop auto answer

    Having problems stopping auto answer when removal from a case, can someone guide me as to what I should do. 

    Press your phone's dial key (far left button) to open the dialing screen or call log.
    Press the Menu key > Options.
    General Settings
    Auto Answer Calls - Never.
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  • UCCX 8.02 - call volume on the tone for auto answer

    I have UCCX r8.02. Our agents are configured to have auto answer and calls drop into their headset, the agent set does not ring. The agents hear a tone and are alerted of the call before the caller is connected. Is there anyway to turn up the volume on the tone the agent hears?

    I don't believe so. I mean, outside of turning up the headset volume. Of course this is not a UCCX question, rather a CUCM question. There's a separate forum for that, and those guys may know.
    The hacker in me would root the CUCM and search for the audio file on the disk and modify it. But, that's more than most will risk for a simple audio increase.
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  • UCCX Two agents logged in answered the same call.

    UCCX 8.5.1 We had two agents get handed the same call at the same time.  Basically, the caller called in and was queued up and when they both became available it rang both of them and which it auto answered both of them and they were on a conference call with the caller.  We have the call and a time range. 
    1. Has anyone had this issue before?
    2. How do i even start trying to figure out what happened?

    i have seen such issue multiple times and it always turns out to be some config issue , or due to some misunderstanding of the issue
    There is no way this can happen , untill unless there is some configuration issue
    can you double check any shared extension on Agent phone ( IPCC+NON-IPCC line both ) ?
    2: Did this issue happened for the first time ?
    and if you can pull CCX engine logs aka MIVR logs , that will be great,
    let me know once  you have the logs along with timestamp and i can go through the logs for you.

  • UCCX 9x - Calls not Disconnecting from Agent Desktop after hangup

    I have a Team of agents and 3 of them are experiencing the same issue. They will get a call and once it hangs up, the call state remains "connected" in the agent desktop. Then they get a second call it shows up "connected". So even though there is only 1 call active, it shows the 2 connected.
    The IPCC extension is only assigned to one device, the correct line is assigned to their user. The max calls busy trigger is 2:1. I have had a TAC case open for almost a week and initially they thought it was the "connected" state in my script. I made the change and still issue persists. I haven't gotten anywhere with them after sending MIVR loges, etc
    I have done some additional searching and haven't found anything.

    well, I can only assume TAC already told you what debugging levels to set.
    Would you mind do a test call again, collect the logs and post them to here? I am not saying I am any better than TAC but I might get an idea while taking a look at the trace files.

  • Agent Desktop Error When receive Incoming Call

    Hi, I have  CAD Ver   |   CUCM Ver   |   UCCX Ver  running on my network now.
    there some problem occurs when I put an Agent into the Line Group with Top Down Distribution call(actualy all the Distribution call type face the same problem).
    1. When the Agent Receive Incoming Call from outside(PSTN) sometimes the CAD don't Show Up and show no response but the CIPC work normaly. showed in  Not Responded.jpg
    2. When the Agent Receive Call and it is show up. I can't answer the call. When I press ctrl-A or i push the answer icon i got the error message show in error.jpg , sometimes when i want to make a call the same problem happens
    3. When the Agent Pop Up and the caller end the Call before I can answer. The call got stuck in Agent and Agent cannot make a call. Agent must logout and login again to fix this problem, show on the stuck.jpg
    4. When the problem 3 occurs and if the Agent don't fix this problem, the stack got more caller. show in stuck2.jpg
    I dont know why this happen, all the call come from outside(PSTN). when I test call from internal the problem doesn't occur.
    Please help me. Any help will be helpful
    Thank you for your help and participation

    I have an auto attendant, for example like this:
    Welcome to the XYZ Company,
    Press 1 for purchasing (10 Agent)
    Press 2 for Consult (5 Agent)
    Or press 0 for operator help (3 Agent)
    When the consumer press 1, I want the call distribute to 10 Agent in the Purchasing team.
    To make scenario like this I use the hunt pilot and to use hunt pilot i must have line group first.
    So I need to put the 10 Agent into the Line Group.

  • UCCX and agent desktop +E.164

    Hello - we are running 10.0 UCCX and looking to see if +E.164 is supported.  The issue we have with this is that with agent desktop it does not allow the + sign in the extension field.  IS there a work around for this?

    Hi Ed,
    Use of E.164 DN on agent devices requires Finesse. E.164 is not supported with CAD / IPPA.

  • Passing "Caller Entered Digits" to CTIOS Agent Desktop through IVR.

    Please suggest me on the below issue-
    I need  to Customize CTIOS Agent Desktop for the Screen POP-UP, where is Customer ID and Customer Address etc should be populated in CTIOS Agent Desktop. I have created the  tabs for these (i.e. Customer ID and Customer Address), Now I need to send values(Customer ID) from IVR to CTIOS Agent Desktop, so that it can populate on Agent Desktop.
    Please let me know to achive this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Manish Gupta.

    Use the Call.PeripheralVariableX (X could equal 1-10).  The call leaves the IVR and you pass the CED to ICM, ICM looks at this CED and puts it in a peripheral variable (PV for short).  These 10 PVs are past on to the desktop once a call is received, they are part of the call context and travel with the call.

  • Agent Desktop vs One-Button Logon - UCCX 7.0

    Hello, I'm new to the forum.  I'm working with Customer Service supervisors who are asking what is the difference between an agent being logged in using the Agent Desktop vs the One-Button login on the phone.  I have done some research online, but can't find the answer to this question.  I realize the agent can't see the reporting functions, but we're not concerned about that.  They are there to answer calls, not check their stats.  Thanks for any help on this.

    IP Phone Agent (whether set up as one button login or not) will allow you to have an agent without having to install software on a PC.  The downside is that it's a little clunkier to use.  Sometimes you have to hit several buttons on the phone to do things like transfer a call. 
    The agent desktop moves this to an interface that gives you something a bit easier to navigate.  Also, it provides a much easier way for you to display additional information to the agent that may be relavent to the call.  The script can populate custom information based on caller input, caller ANI, DNIS, etc.  do database dips, and pop that info onto the screen.  Also the agent desktop can drive actions to other programs (opening screens, navigating to preconfigured web pages and populating data, etc.). 
    Both work and work well.  You would have to examine your needs to determine if one is more appropriate than the other.

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