UCCX SQL access for third party application

We have a requirement from customer to allow read access to UCCX database. This account would be used to query the UCCX database and it will use as a service account for another system.
Please let me know how create DB account on UCCX.
UCCX version:7.1
UCCX database: MSDE

Here you go:
Open the command line on your UCCX server and do the following:
List the available sql instances you can connect to (and their syntax)
osql -L
From that list you should see one that looks like:
Connect to MSDE using your Windows local admin account (has admin rights in SQL)
List the current logins in SQL
exec sp_helplogins
Create a user account and grant access to db_cra database:
use db_cra
exec sp_addlogin 'username','password'
exec sp_grantdbaccess 'username'
exec sp_addrolemember 'db_wallboard_read','username'
* Sorry, I don't have a 7x system anymore and cannot tell you what the role name is for admin rights.  You could issue the following to get a list of other roles:
exec sp_helprole
Enabling Mixed Mode
Stop the Node Manager
Open Regedit and navigate to:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\CRSSQL\MSSQLServer\
Change LoginMode from 1 to 2
Start the Node Manager
*Remember to fix all HRC clients to support mixed mode (this is a manual task).  See here for help on that: https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/3116762

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    Yes same here, Ipad and Iphone 4S all iOS 5.1.1 behind a proxy....Safari works but pretty much none of my other Apps. proxy acceptance will be a critical blow in the war for the Enterprise market. I need access to Apps I now rely on and they simply do not work.
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    Common Apple, lets move on from Toys and get serious about work too. I am guessing there are a lot of us out there trying to make ipads work at work...help us out!

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    Manage the data on the device via iTunes.

  • UCCX 9.01 Database Access For a Third Party Application

    Hello Folks,
    I'm starting with Cisco UCCX (and Cisco Collaboration too) soo an old customer ask me for help in develop an Web Application to collect specific data from queues, agents... in the Cisco UCCX, until now everything is OK, no problem. This request was based because our customer has not adapted with the format of the data submitted for monitoring queues and agents presented by UCCX.  When we tried to collect those data from UCCX Server, we seen that UCCX have an internal Database and for collect data from this one is not possible by default by a Third Party Application. For this kind of solution, we'll need our UCCX server connecting directly with external Database (Like SQL, Oracle..) and a specific license is needed (Unified IP IVR or Unified CCX Premium). Then, our Application would collect data from this DB.
    is that right?
    Please feel free to share any suggestion and experience about.
    Best Regards,
    Rodolpho Pereira

    Hi Rodolpho,
    You need a PREMIUM license, in case you wish to integrate to an external DB (SQL, Oracle, etc). This is used in case of reading values from an external DB or writing values to the same using the DB Read and DB write steps.
    From my understanding, your customer needs to have a reporting capability through their third party application. This is generally termed as Wallboard.
    For more information on how to how to configure Wallboard, please check the Administrator guide for UCCX:
    Basically, the UCCX has a uccxwallboard user whose password can be changed from the UCCX admin page to be used to integrate with the third party software. This user has access to the Real Time Statistics tables on the UCCX and can be used to pull out the necessary data.
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi deepajithesh
    This feature is not available. Applications access the BlackBerry Network using the connection to BIS.
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    You can access EXIF data upon your C7-00 using Resco Photo Viewer, which is not however what you were asking for.
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Third-Party Application for Historical Reporting

    As we migrate from our current version of UCCX Premium 7.0(1)SR05ES06_Build063 to version 8.5.  We will be migrating the data over to new hardware.  We are concerned about reporting.  We currently have a lot of custom reports and we are uncertain how those will work after we migrate to the new database platform.  Can anyone recommend some third party applications that could give us more functionality that what the current and new versions have to offer?

    Hi Tracy
    I can't really comment on third party products, as I'm not familiar enough with any in particular.
    However - I have done a lot of migrations from Windows to Linux including custom reporting. The database schema is mostly identical, so migrating any of your reports should be possible. It's a little tricky as you have to know both MS SQL and Informix...  The Crystal templates themselves generally just work once you have done the SQL stuff and modified the XML report definitions.
    Aaron HarrisonPrincipal Engineer at Logicalis UK
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    third party application i mistakenly downloaded is disrupting my ios operating system . It is asking me for the serial number to my ipad 2 and to call a 800 number . What should i do ? My Ipad is messaging me to do this to solve the issue. I think it's some kind of virus or malware.

    It's a Safari phishing scam. Just ignore it. Don't click on any links or call any telephone numbers. Quit Safari.

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    Are there any third party applications available for the Mac and Frontrow...
    Apple has not released a "SDK" for Front Row (Software Development Kit). So, only Apple knows how to tie-in to the Front Row interface. This is a user-to-user forum, so none of us really know, but I doubt Apple will open Front Row for third party developers directly.
    There are other options for media players. You might take a look at .
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    Standard warning: It's against the Terms of Use of the Apple Discussions to post about ripping DVDs to your hard drive. With that said, the current version of Front Row will play VIDEO_TS folders if they live in your user's "Movies" folder (or there's an alias to their location inside your "Movies" folder). If you include a file called "preview.jpg" inside the VIDEO_TS folder, this image will be used by Front Row as the preview image.

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    What is the best way to integrate 'External non-SAP Purchasing Application' with SAP SD for third party purchasing/ drop shipping?
    Details about expected process Flow.
    Receive PO from customer into SAP > SAP SD creates Sales Order > ?? SAP Integrate with External non-SAP Purchasing Application to trigger purchasing > External non-SAP Purchasing Application creates PO, Ships Material to Customer Ship to address (drop ship), Sends Shipping confirmation (FCR) & Invoices to SAP> ??Receive FCR and Invoice in SAP > ?? Initiate SAP Accounts Payable (Vendor Payments) and Accounts Receivable (Customer Invoice) > ?? Update SAP SD Sales Order with shipping status>
    Questions we need to answer;
      - How to achieve '??' steps from above process.
      - What type of Master Data we will need to configure (Say Materials Item Category, Type etc.)
      - Any standards options to configure SAP SD (Type of Sales Order)
      - We certainly don’t want to trigger SAP MM Purchasing (i.e. PR, PO etc.). How can we bypass it.
      - How to make statistical receipts against sales order line items so that SO status will be updated.
      - How to receive Invoice and FCR from External non-SAP app to trigger AP and AR transactions.
      - Are there any SAP standard configurations/ BAPIs/ BADIs available to achieve this integration.
    Any inputs on above questions are appreciable.

    This question is resolved. We ended up activating purchasing module and used purchasing documents PR/ PO to integrate with third party purchasing system.

  • HT201335 Is there a way to get airplay to work from iOS to my macbook without having to pay for a third-party application?

    Is there a way to get airplay to work from iOS to my macbook without having to pay for a third-party application?
    I've been trying to get my iPhone screen to play onto my macbook.

    There are no free ways to do it that I have seen. However, Reflector is reasonably priced. http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/

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    I need to create a Sales order in a SAP system from a third-party applications. Please provide the list of BAPIs/Interfaces that are involved in creation of Sales Order.

    Check this link, explains step by step.

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