Umlaut characters getting distorted while displaying in Web dynpro java

Hi All,
I have a scenario where I am reading some string values from  a properties file placed in java DC.
The values read from properties file are to be displayed in  Web Dynpro application.
The string values contain some umlaut characters eg (ü,ä).
While displaying in web Dynpro application the umlaut characters  are getting  distorted.
Any pointers for the same?
Radhika Kuthiala

Hi Radhika,
Solution1> you can convert the property file in the encoded format, in the DC having the pr0perty file.
use this command in the command line:-->native2ascii -encoding utf8 file.txt file2.txt
Are we renaming hte files after changing the format?
In one of my previous project we have property file with the french character so we got error, to avoid this we have manually transtaled the file and utilized in the application and used the command in dos promt:-
native2ascii -encoding utf8 source.txt destination.txt ,
here if you want to replace the existing file u have to give same name source and destination file. But we have created 2 seprate file. after translation you will something like Fre/uooch king of output.
Solution3> you can read the file and save in the Strign format and use java package import java.nio.charset.; and encode the string. ---
Pls refer the below link:-
Hope this may help you.

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    We have 2 team in our project, one offshore team and one onsite team. We have NWDI also in our landscape.
    I have created 1 project in my local NWDS from DTR using create project  option from NWDI track , when i do any modification in that web dynpro code once it appears in my local NWDS, its asking for the activity, all this is fine.
    But when my offshore team send me this project from offshore (offshore team also working on this project), i go to my local machine under C:\Documents and Settings\user\.dtc\0\DCs\\.. (workspace, where all the project folders are created in my local machine ) and replaces the web dynpro project  (which i created using create project option from NWDI track ) with the project which offshore teams gave me  that is I copy paste the project folder I received from offshore team.
    I closed the NWDS and reopened NWDS, i did repair and reload also, but now when i try to do any code modification in that project its not asking any activity at all. So i want to know the reason why its not asking activity at all while modifying the code.
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    Hi GLM,
    I think you might be right that some files are in read as well as write mode. I went to my local machine and checked the project folder C:\Documents and Settings\user\.dtc\0\DCs\\testproject\_comp\.dcdef  file , its not in read only mode, that is read only flag was not checked.
    I again checked the mode of .dcdef file in other web dynpro projects which are asking for the activity in all those projects mode of .dcdef was read only that is read only flad was checked in .dcdef file.  ( I am not sure is .dcdef file only giving this problem that si because of this file not in read only mode I am not asked for the activity)
    So could you plzz tell me how to make in read only. when ever i click the read only check box of .dcdef file and reload the project in my NWDS. that read only check box is getting removed. how to do this..
    regarding your query, landscape in offshore team and onsite team are different, client has not provided nay access to its landscape to ofshore team so offshore team can not check in / check out the code written by me and same applies to me I can not check in / check out the code written by offshore team , only option is offshore team do some changes in the code and send the project folder via email and I have to deploy in client landsacpe and do further modification.

  • " APPLICATION NOT FOUND"  while deploying Web dynpro java Application

    Hi, I am getting a message that "application not found " While deploying the web dynpro java application .......... please give me a solution for this .

    Hi Ram,
    This error comes generally when your webdynpro project does not have an application. To create an application in your webdynpro project follow the underlying steps:
    <Project>->WebDynpro->Applications ---> right click and create New Application.
    Follow the steps to create the application.
    Now if you create archive and deploy, it will not give you the error again.
    Best Regards,

  • Animated GIF image gets distorted while playing.

    I have some animated gif images which I need to show in a jLabel and a jTextPane. But some of these images are getting distorted while playing in the two components, though these images are playing properly in Internet Explorer. I am using the methods insertIcon() of jTextPane and setIcon() of jLabel to add or set the gif images in the two components. Can you please suggest any suitable idea of how I can get rid of this distortion? Thanks in advance.

    In the code below is a self contained JComponent that paints a series of BufferedImages as an animation. You can pause the animation, and you specify the delay. It also has two static methods for loading all the frames from a File or a URL.
    Feel free to add functionality to it, like the ability to display text or manipulate the animation. You may wan't the class to extend JLabel instead of JComponent. Just explore around with the painting. If you have any questions, then feel free to post.
    The downside to working with an array of BufferedImages, though, is that they consume more memory then a single Toolkit gif image.
    import javax.swing.JComponent;
    import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
    import java.awt.Graphics;
    import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
    import javax.imageio.ImageReader;
    public class JAnimationLabel extends JComponent {
        /**The default animation delay.  100 milliseconds*/
        public static final int DEFAULT_DELAY = 100;
        private BufferedImage[] images;
        private int currentIndex;
        private int delay;
        private boolean paused;
        private boolean exited;
        private final Object lock = new Object();
        //the maximum image width and height in the image array
        private int maxWidth;
        private int maxHeight;
        public JAnimationLabel(BufferedImage[] animation) {
            if(animation == null)
                throw new NullPointerException("null animation!");
            for(BufferedImage frame : animation)
                if(frame == null)
                    throw new NullPointerException("null frame in animation!");
            images = animation;
            delay = DEFAULT_DELAY;
            paused = false;
            for(BufferedImage frame : animation) {
                maxWidth = Math.max(maxWidth,frame.getWidth());
                maxHeight = Math.max(maxHeight,frame.getHeight());
            setPreferredSize(new java.awt.Dimension(maxWidth,maxHeight));
        //This method is called when a component is connected to a native
        //resource.  It is an indication that we can now start painting.
        public void addNotify() {
            //Make anonymous thread run animation loop.  Alternative
            //would be to make the AnimationLabel class extend Runnable,
            //but this would allow innapropriate use.
            exited = false;
            Thread runner = new Thread(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
        public void removeNotify() {
            exited = true;
        /**Returns the animation delay in milliseconds.*/
        public int getDelay() {return delay;}
        /**Sets the animation delay between two
         * consecutive frames in milliseconds.*/
        public void setDelay(int delay) {this.delay = delay;}
        /**Returns whether the animation is currently paused.*/
        public boolean isPaused() {
            return exited?true:paused;}
        /**Makes the animation paused or resumes the painting.*/
        public void setPaused(boolean paused) {
            synchronized(lock) {
                this.paused = paused;
        private void runAnimation() {
            while(!exited) {
                if(delay > 0) {
                    catch(InterruptedException e) {
                        System.err.println("Animation Sleep interupted");
                synchronized(lock) {
                    while(paused) {
                        catch(InterruptedException e) {}
        public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
            if(g == null) return;
            java.awt.Rectangle bounds = g.getClipBounds();
            //center image on label
            int x = (getWidth()-maxWidth)/2;
            int y = (getHeight()-maxHeight)/2;
            g.drawImage(images[currentIndex], x, y,this);
            if(bounds.x == 0 && bounds.y == 0 &&
               bounds.width == getWidth() && bounds.height == getHeight()) {
                 //increment frame for the next time around if the bounds on
                 //the graphics object represents a full repaint
                 currentIndex = (currentIndex+1)%images.length;
            }else {
                //if partial repaint then we do not need to
                //increment to the the next frame

  • I am getting a error while executing the Web Dynpro Application Page.

    Hi All,
    I am getting a Error while executing a web dynpro application ::: 
    : Navigation in Phase WDDOMODIFYVIEW Cannot Be Triggered. Component: Z_WEP_PERSONAL_DATA, View: OVERVIEW, Window: Z_XXP_PERSONAL_DATA
    I have checked this error description in ST22  :
    What happened?
        The exception 'CX_WDR_RT_EXCEPTION' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere
        the call hierarchy.
        Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not
        adequately responded to, the running ABAP program
         'CL_WDR_CLIENT_APPLICATION=====CP' has to be
    Error analysis
        An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.
        The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_WDR_RT_EXCEPTION', was not caught
        therefore caused a runtime error.
        The reason for the exception is:
        Navigation in Phase WDDOMODIFYVIEW Cannot Be Triggered. Component:
    Can u plz help me regarding this error.

    >Navigation in Phase WDDOMODIFYVIEW Cannot Be Triggered
    Looks to me like you are trying to fire a navigation plug within WDDOMODIFYVIEW. According to the rules of the WD Phase Model this is not allowed.

  • Problem while creating SAP Web Dynpro iView

    I am creating SAP Web Dynpro iView from iView Template.
    The SAP Web Dynpro System Object is being created. The System Alias is also being created.
    The Test Connection is successful with Portal Server.
    Now, while creating SAP Web Dynpro iView from Template in Step 4:
    I am not getting my System while an old system which is being deleted is being displayed.
    Name of my System Object is: WD_System and System alias is: WD_Alias.
    The Step name is:
    Step 4:  Application Parameter
    Enter the paramater(s) of the application for which you want to create the iView 
    Kaushik Banerjee

    Hi Bala,
    I am not getting the System Alias under:
    User Administration-> User Mapping-> Logon Data(Select a Principal) (System Alias).
    The System is successfully built under System Amininstration->System Configuration->System Landscape->Portal Content->kaushikb named WD_System and System Alias is named as: WebDynpro_alias.
    The Test Connection is successful.
    I am displaying the result below:
    SAP Web AS Connection
      Test Details:
    The test performs the following:
    1. Checks the validity of the system ID in the system object.
    2. Checks if the system can be retrieved from the PCD.
    3. Checks if a SAP system is defined in the system object
    4. Validate the following parameters: WAS protocol; WAS host name
    5. Checks if the host name of the server can be resolved.
    6. Pings the server to see if it is alive.
    7. Pings the WAS ping service; works only if the service is activated on the ABAP WAS.
    8. Checks HTTP/S connectivity to the defined back-end application
    1. The system ID is valid
    2. The system was retrieved.
    3. The system object represents an SAP system
    4. The following parameters are valid: Web AS Protocol (http) Web AS Host Name (kolapon:50000)
    5. The host name kolapon was resolved successfully.
    6. The server kolapon was pinged successfully.
    7. The WAS ping service http://kolapon:50000/sap/bc/ping was not pinged successfully. If the ping service is not activated on the WAS, you can try to call the ping service manually.
    8. An HTTP/S connection to http://kolapon:50000 was obtained successfully.
    Kaushik Banerjee

  • Error While Deploying A Web Dynpro Appln thru NWDS

    I am getting an error while deploying a Web Dynpro Application through NWDS.Following is the Exception
    Aborted: development component '<ComponentName>'/'local'/'LOKAL'/'0.2006.':Caught exception while checking the login credentials for SAP J2EE Engine. Check whether the SAP J2EE Engine is up and ERROR: Cannot connect to Host: [sapsbx28] with user name: [J2EE_ADMIN] Check your login information. Exception is: Exception while trying to get InitialContext. [Root exception is Cannot authenticate the user.] (message ID:
    When i give a request for deployment it asks for the SDM password. I enter a valid SDM pwd. If i enter  a invalid SDM pwd i get  some other exception. So the pwd SDM entered by me is correct.
    can any one help me in solving this
    Nilesh Taunk

    Hi Nilesh,
           Try opening Visual Admin if your not able to login with username(administrator) and password. Problem with NWD2004s do the following steps.
    C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\configtool->configtool.bat->open it
    1. Click on Secure store
    2. Right you will find :
    admin/password/J2E->retype your admin passowrd which you gave during installation=>SAVE properly
    Restart the server and try login visual admin
           Deploy now...Other wise see this thread same error solved:
    Re: An Deploy Problem about Credentials.

  • Date Column not getting sorted in a table in web Dynpro Java

    Hi All,
    I am facing an issue while sorting the date column in a table in my web dynpro java application.
    When the date is displayed in the sql format in tha table, I am able to sort the date column successfully but when we convert the date field from sql format to util format in our table and then sort it does not work.
    Kindly let us know the steps to be followed in this case to sort the date column of a table in Simple Date format as we do not want date in the sql format to be displayed.
    Thanks & Regards,

    You might want to check whether both your browser's language settings are identical. The browser language could also determine the date format.
    As a workaround, you could add an extra attribute to your context, and set the calculated property to 'true'.
    In your table, add a new column and bind to this new attribute, and hide your original date column
    If you sort using the date column that's hidden now, you could use the calculated field to fixed-format your date the way you prefer (by using the SimpleDateFormatter class for instance)

  • Web Dynpro Java : Failed to get deployable object part info for component

    Currently we have a web dynpro java project which connects to the ABAP backend with Web Services. Everything seems fine, and when we transport to the production server via NWDI, we have the following error. Everytime we try to access the application , the error is occurred. Failed to get deployable object part info for component com.sie.attachmentcomp.AttachmentComp
    It is working properly in our development , and testing environment. Only production has this error. And one weird thing is that this particular error occurred only sometimes to some user. For example; I could not access to the application with this error yesterday but my friend can access. Today, I can access in the morning but my friend cannot. For another friend , Yesterday he can access by using IE but not by Firefox. But today Firefox is fine but not with IE. It seems crazy.
    For more information, in our J2EE engine for the production server, we have 3 server nodes (clusters). And we are not sure it is the source of the problem. Is there any solution , and any way to know from the application that we are on which server?
    We also go and check from the Content Administrator in Web Dynpro Console. Under our project name, in the list of Components, sometimes we can see AttachmentComp but sometimes not.
    Please help us as our project is about to go-live next week.

    Hi Meenge,
    Please check below document for finding root cause for "Failed to start deployable object part info for <development component> and application <application name>"
    Hope it helps

  • Any way to get HTTP header in web dynpro Java?

    Is there any way to get HTTP header in web dynpro java? This method gives me the params. Is params same as header? It doesn't have any way to retrieve header data. I am on NW 7.0.19

    Dear Faraz,
    I'm afraid the code you've pasted is only to retrieve URL parameters.
    Have you tried this document to see if it offers any good hint:
    Not sure if you can process the HTTP header with a WD4J.
    An alternative could be to develop some Portal component in plain JAVA working as a proxy to call your WD4J afterwards.
    That portal component would process your HTTP header and forward any parameter to your WD4J.
    But this is me just guessing.
    Kind Regards

  • Display sapscript form in Web Dynpro Java

    Is it possible to print an existing sapscript form i.e. PO from ECC to my Web Dynpro application? I have successfully created a Web Dynpro Java application to create POs but now have a requirement to display or print the PO?
    Can someone provide me with a sample code? I'm hoping to be able to do this without using Adobe.
    Again, thanks for all your help.
    Best regards,

    Hi mark,
    Without Adobe also u can display PO order.
    Below is the code to open a HTML window from WDJava, with data from WDJava...
    Inside DoInit()
    IWDAttributeInfo attr1 =
    ISimpleTypeModifiable mtype1 = attr1.getModifiableSimpleType();
    IWDModifiableBinaryType btype1 = (IWDModifiableBinaryType) mtype1;
    btype.setFileName(attr.getName() + ".html");
    _contentType = mtype;
    Where htmlfile is a context attribute of type binary... and do a global declaration like this
    ISimpleTypeModifiable _contentType = null; (This declaration can be done at the end of your view's coding between Begin Others and End Others)
    inside on action print
    public void onActionPrintData( wdEvent, java.lang.String videoName )
    //@@begin onActiondisplayVideo(ServerEvent)
    byte[] content = new byte4028;
    try {
    content = this.displayPrint().getBytes("UTF-8");
    //Where content is loaded with data from displayPrint() method, which is holding the HTML *page to be displayed to the user *
    IWDWindow win =
    .getWebResource(content, WDWebResourceType.HTML)
    // wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("444444444444");
    } catch (Exception e) {
    wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportException ("Unable to open window"+e,false);
    Now finally, design your HTML Page inside the method displayPrint() like this
    public java.lang.String displayPrint( java.lang.String strVideoName )
    //@@begin displayPrint()
    String htmlcontent=null;
    htmlcontent="content what you want to show in print window";
    use script inside the html content to do a print... like window.print();
    return htmlcontent;
    Sunaina Reddy T

  • Reading and displaying Ms.Word document with web dynpro java

    I'm using NetWever developer studio 7..0.21.
    I'm developing web dynpro java application.I'm in difficulty to read and display word document with its original format in web dynpro view. Is it possible?
    If possible , is there a blog etc.?

    You have to use the Office Integration Library. Please, follow the documentation below:
    I hope this helps you.

  • Blank adobe form displayed in  web dynpro application

                 I have created an Interactive Adobe form using web dynpro Java. When I run the form (in IE), a blank page is displayed.
    If I keep the Adobe reader open and run the form on IE, the form is opened in reader and it's working.
    When I access the same form on a different system, there is no problem.
    Does this have anything to do with the IE settings or Adobe Reader version/ updates.
    I have checked the adobe reader version and it's the same on both the systems.
    Adobe Reader Version : 8.1.2.
    Adobe Designer 7.1
    SAP NW 2004s - SP 15
    Thank you,

    Not sure what the problem could be, here are some suggessionsu2026
    Check whether you have enabled the option Display PDF in browser in the Adobe Reader.
    I should be under:   Edit > Preference > Internet
    Also, in your Web Dynpro Application, try to set the u201CdisplayTypeu201D property of your Interactive form to ActiveX
    Else, just try upgrading your Adobe Reader to latest version!
    Hope this helps,

  • How to display smartform as PDF in web dynpro java

    Where can I find sample program to display smartform as PDF in web dynpro java.

    1. Create a smart form in the R/3 side
    2. Now create a function module with the corresponding export parameter:
    3. Make sure that the function module is marked remote enabled. 
    4. In NWDS  create an Adaptive RFC model which points to the FM created in R/3 under the webdynpro application
    5. Now create an application and view inside it to display the PDF and Insert a frame inside the view
    6. Create a  value node and an attribute say url of type string inside that node and bind it to the source
    7. In the doInit() method place the following code
    >    ZTest_Pdf_1_Input input = new ZTest_Pdf_Input();
    >    wdContext.nodeZTest_Pdf_Input().bind(input);      
    >    try {                       
    >            wdContext.currentZTest_Pdf_InputElement().modelObject().execute();
    >            }
    >  catch (Exception e) {
    >                        e.printStackTrace();
    >            }          
    >  wdContext.currentInternalElement().setUrl(convert(wdContext.currentOutputElement().getBin_File()));       
    Inside that view create a method to convert the string to url so that it can be passed as a string to the setUrl method of the currentContextElement() , say convet(byte[] doc_content) which return a string.
    Inside that methos write the following code,
    >         String url = "";
    >           WDWebResourceType webResType = WDWebResourceType.PDF;
    >            IWDWebResource webResource = WDWebResource.getWebResource(doc_content, webResType);
    >            try {
    >                        url = webResource.getURL();
    >            }
    >  catch (Exception e) {
    >                        e.printStackTrace();
    >            }          
    >            return url;
    Hope It will be helpful
    Sam Charles J.

  • InteractiveForm UI Element in Web Dynpro Java - Image not displayed on form

    Hello Experts,
    Using: NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.0.1_06; Adobe Livecycle Designer 8.1.
    I have an image "image.png" in my src/mimes/components/ folder within my web dynpro java project.
    I load the image into my context in wdDoInit method in the comp controller:
    In the interactiveform I have an ImageField on the form and have set its properties as follows:
    Field - URL = http:[host]:[port]/webdynpro/dispatcher/InteractiveFormComp/src/mimes/components/
    Field - Embed Image Data = "checked"
    Binding - Default Binding = Image
    However, no image ever shows up on the form. I have also been through many threads in the forums but havent found a solution. Can anyone please assist me?

    I tried using jpg and bmp. Didn't work.
    Any other suggestions?
    Solved it!
    Edited by: Marshall Mathers on Mar 9, 2011 9:53 PM

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    How do you install the "add-in" on adobe connect?


    i have trry reading th archive thread about this but i dont understand a word iam really new to java i have this problem symbol  : variable cirumference location: class CircleCirum *          cirumference = 2 * 3.14 * radius;* *          ^* C:\Docume