Unable to check for available downloads. The network connection timed out.

I downloaded iTunes 10.1.2 last week, and attempted to upgrade some music to iTunes Plus. I'm showing 35 items in my download queue, but when I attempt to download I get a message "Unable to check for available downloads. Network connection timed out."
I e-mailed Apple Tech Support multiple times, and received their standard list of links for things to try. So far I have reinstalled iTunes, turned off my Norton Firewall, checked the program rules settings, flushed the dns cache, and unchecked the "allow simultaneous downloads" box. Still no luck.
Apple's last e-mail requested I send them my account info so they could reset my password, and check my system. I'm still waiting for that to happen.
I'd appreciate any user suggestions for this problem.

Fundamentally it is an apple itunes server issue - if you have a lot of downloads the "check for downloads" request can take longer than the default windows internet connection timeout setting - which is 30 seconds on more recent versions of windows.
You can work around it though - without requiring apple to "segment" your download list, by adding a windows registry setting.
Apple re-enabled my downloads after I was burgled and then I was stuck - my "check for downloads" was always timing out - and the support guy had no clue - so I went digging, and found a a microsoft article here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/181050 which tells you how to change change that default timout value by adding a registry setting. Besides adding the ReceiveTimeout setting detailed on that page - I also changed the KeepAliveTimeout - just in case.
HKEYCURRENTUSER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ReceiveTimeout
which I set to 180000 milliseconds (3 mins)
HKEYCURRENTUSER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\KeepAliveTimeout
which I set to 181000 milliseconds (3 mins and 1 second)
Use regedit to make the change - both settings are DWORDS with decimal values. You'll need to restart your PC to apply the change.
After the change and restart and one initial failed attempt the request for downloads worked - when the apple itunes server responded after 2 minutes !!

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  • Unable to check for available downloads. the network connection was lost

    in my downloads window in iTunes it shows i have "28 iTunes downloads available". when i try to download them, i get the error "Unable to check for available downloads. the network connection was lost."
    my connection is fine though, as i can individually download purchases by clicking on the cloud icon.

    I followed the advice on Holgr's link, i used screen flow to capture the error message, and then made the video available to apple support. My issue was immediately escalated, and my account started working again shortly after.
    I received no additional messages from tech support, i had no idea the problem was resolved until i tried it again.

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    I am trying to download an update to my iphone, but in the middle of the download, I get an error message that reads, 'There was problem downloading the software for the iphone. The network connection timed out'. Any idea how to reslove this issue?

    Hi Robertfrom Denver.
    Did you try the solution given, and if yes, did it work?
    I have done several "attempted downloads, and see the full file download, typically taking 30 minutes to complete, and then something goes wrong.
    I am happy to suspend AV and FW software, but would like to know if it is a good fix or not first?
    HelenfromBroughton Astley

  • Everytime I connect to update message comes up saying There was a problem with the downloading The network connection timed out what should I do

    After connecting with itunes phone starts update but then message comes up saying "There was aproblem downloading the software for the iphone The network connection timed out" How do I fix this problem?

    Usual cause of this is security software on your computer: Firewalls & Anti-Virus software. Turn off or disable all of that stuff, try again.

  • Unable to check for purchases..... timed out.

    On 7/1/08 I bought 353 tv episodes.
    Initially a few downloaded while I slept that night, but then they stopped, and ever since then i've been getting this message.
    "Unable to check for purchases. The network connection timed out.
    Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again."
    1. I don't use any sort of firewall or router.
    2. I don't have any anti-virus/adware/malware/etc software enabled.
    I've tried flushing the DNS, I've tried deleting temporary internet files, i've deleted cookies, history files, all that. I added it to trusted sites. There is nothing blocking this connection, and I can connect to anything else just fine.
    In fact, I can even connect to the store. If I purchase a song it will download.
    And a few times i've been able to get it started in the past 13 days to where I am down to only 179 left to download.
    It must have to do with how many things are in the queue is all I can imagine, although I have gotten it to work a few times.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.... 13 days and only able to download half of what I bought is really upsetting.
    Thomas Cag
    BTW I am using vista 32 bit
    Oh, and i've tried connecting with WIFI, WWAN and a cable modem connection.

    I am having the same problem, only a little more insidiously. What happened to me is I successfully downloaded a bunch of iPhone Apps, mainly with iTunes 7.7.0 under Windows XP. I then upgraded to iTunes 7.7.1 and when I tried to use the "Available Updates..." button on the Apps screen, I am told that I have not downloaded any of the purchases I already have. So I am told to "Check for purchases..." and I do this, but I always get the timed out message like you. It says it needs to download 292 things. It just doesn't make any sense! I can't update my apps because iTunes THINKS I haven't downloaded them, but I HAVE downloaded them. And what's more, iTunes thinks I need to re-download them, but when I try to do that, I get a Time out. And further, my theory is that it is BECAUSE there are 292 items it needs to download that it Times Out! I believe the connection is not actually timing out, but that the server is taking too long to assemble the message (plist) and thus the issue is really that the time outs in iTunes are set to short. I want to binary decompile iTunes and change the time out value but that would be illegal in my country, much as it would make people like you and me have a much sweeter life. Alas.

  • Unable to check for available downloads. The network connecting was lost.

    I have purchased a film on my Apple TV and now want to download it to my iTunes on my MacBook. I can see that I have 1 available download, but when i try to down load it, it just keeps saying:
    "Unable to check for available downloads. The networl connection was lost"
    I know there is not a problem if my network!
    is anyone else having the same problem? Is this a problem with iTunes or my MacBook?

    Hello loz114,
    This is frequently due to an inability to establish or maintain a connection to the iTunes Store. The following article provides some useful information and troubleshooting steps that can help restore this connection.
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store

  • HT203128 "Unable to check for available downloads. The network connection was lost." I have 3 downloads from yesterday that I receive this error code. Any ideas?

    I have 3 downloads from yesterday that I receive this error code. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

    I may have stumbled upon something that could help. A type of "detour" around the problem.
    I just started experiencing this problem a few days ago. Anytime I'd try to download a song/video/movie, I would get the message, "Unable to check for available downloads. The network connection was reset".
    So, instead of selecting "Check for Available Downloads" under "Advanced" menu...
    I logged into "My Account" page in itunes. If there are available downloads it comes up at the top of the page with the option button "Download Now". When I select that -- it downloads immediately.
    Can't promise it will work every time. But it's worked for me so far. Good luck...

  • Not the normal "unable to check for available downloads"

    This is my problem: I had my iTunes running for about a week now, during which i have purchased passes and music. These are the regular items that would be updated daily. The thing is i have not been able to get iTunes to get the updates(there have have been an outstanding of 10 of these) and i have not been able to download my music either... It's not a firewall problem because i still can download and receive podcast. I have check automatic settings as well as attempting manual updating, neither works providing "Unable to check for available downloads." I attempt downloading the updates through the email links... which shows that i have updates but when loaded the iTunes nothing happens. This is ongoing for the past 48+ hours.... Please help?
    Message was edited by: WhiteSin

    I have the same problem, going on five days and 8 backed-up downloads.
    I contacted them and they have not been able to help me even though they've tried.
    I am pretty much 99% sure it's not my computer/internet/firewall that is the problem. I didn't change anything and this suddenly happened.
    msconfig showed no conflicts and diagnostics ran clean.
    I am very frustrated.
    I have checked elsewhere and one online forum said that a digital booklet might be holding up the queue. Have customer service delete it and reinstate it to the back of your queue. I don't think I have a booklet downloading (I'm really not sure) but I DO know SOMETHING is holding my DLs up. I'll edit this again to let you know if that was the problem. I just sent them another message.
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  • "Unable to check for available downloads" since upgrade to 8.1

    It appears a number of people are having this problem but are all under different headings...
    I can purchases new music/items and have them download right away, but it appears anything that was waiting for me to download prior to the upgrade to 8.1 is stuck somewhere. When checking for Downloads (no matter which way you do it) I get an error that says "Unable to check for available downloads. The iTunes store is temporarily unavailable."
    Troubleshooting guides suggest ensuring your firewall is allowing all permissions appropriately... I even turned them to "ask for permission" so that I would know it was trying. No luck.
    When is Apple going to recognize there's a problem? If I can purchase new items and get them to download right away, clearly there is no issue with ISP or Firewall.

    Having the same issue. I even downloaded a rental last night to have it disappear this morning and it says I have purchased the rental but never downloaded it. I have played with all network settings include as open as possible and no luck.

  • I'm trying to download songs that was transferred via Carbonite, not getting message that states "Unable to check for available downloads, iTunes is temporally unavailable"

    I'm trying to download songs that was transferred via Carbonite, not getting message that states "Unable to check for available downloads, iTunes is temporally unavailable".  What do I do?  Any suggestions??

    Same problem, I have a season pass for Mad Men and suddenly cannot download, says iTunes is temporarily unavailable. Problem occurred before I updated to the new iTunes and afterwards, on two different computers. Here is what Apple had to say:
    "I have verified that the iTunes Store is functioning and accepting connections, which indicates that the issue is related to your internet connection, local network, or your local computer itself. This article outlines some of the likely culprits:
    Apple Discussions are another source of information about iTunes, where everyone from new users to professionals can interact and share their knowledge and experiences. You may find another user with the same operating system or ISP that may be able to help resolve this issue. You can find the iTunes discussions group at:
    If you are still unable to connect to the iTunes Store or receive this error, you will need to call our AppleCare technical support team. A representative will be able to tell you about Apple's complimentary and fee-based support options and can help you determine which option might be most helpful in this case. To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:
    so far, no luck.

  • ITunes 9 - Error: Unable to check for available downloads - Grrrr

    I'm getting this frustrating error message while trying to download a digital booklet for Jay Z's Blueprint 3.
    Furthermore, it's not allowing me to download any new content. This is very frustrating.
    I'm getting the following message:
    Unable to check for available downloads. An unknown error occurred (1008).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    I also have this same problem with iTunes 9 - I bought a song from the iTunes store successfully, but it hasn't downloaded. When I go to the "Store" menu and select "Check for available downloads" it works for a while and then gives me an error message saying:
    "*Unable to check for available downloads. The network connection timed out.*
    Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again."
    It seems that there are others experiencing the same problem, any help from Apple on this one would be greatly appreciated.
    I know my connection is working fine, and I can access the store with no problem - it just won't let me download stuff!

  • Unable to check for available downloads...  Try again later.

    "Unable to check for available downloads.  The iTunes Store is temporarily available.  Please try again later."   Forever, really.
    It all started when I attempted to "Download All Updates" (104 of them) and it crashed.  Now it tells me that I've already purchased the items, and to "Check for Available Downloads", which throws the above error for going on three days now.  Email support has not answered my inquiry / report.
    In the meantime, the "Genius Folks" in the Apple Store inspired me to a partial workaround, at least to whittle down the queue.  By installing the apps to my device, updating them there, and syncing them back to iTunes.  But I still have a few stuck in some weird state, that iTunes is unprepared to process.
    BTW, the geniuses never heard of this problem, even after I showed them that a quick Google search came right back with 404,000 hits.   I've seen iTunes unable to connect to the Store when there were too many updates, for years, on both Windows and OSX, and many released versions, but I've always been able to download them individually, instead of in bulk.  First time it crashed and left me hosed.
    Seems like a server-side issue.  Any suggestions on how to get through to the powers that be, and have my queue cleaned up?  And maybe get the attention of the Q/A and development departments to actually acknowledge and fix a long standing and most inconvenient bug?

    Thank you so much - I have spent the last 4 days scouring internet forums trying to solve this problem (I couldn't connect to the iTunes store/download any apps or updates) and just as I was about to give up I stumbled across your post. I can't believe I've had such big problems all because of the ampersand in my billing address! How did you discover this?! It's such a small detail! To my huge relief it's all sorted now and I can now update my apps and download again! I'll be cancelling my appointment at the genius bar tomorrow too! Thanks again very much!

  • Unable to check for available downloads.

    I've been getting the message, "Unable to check for available downloads. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." all September long and I'm not sure how to fix it.
    I've been told by iTunes support that it should be up within 24 hours but it's been over 500 hours so far.
    I've been told maybe my iTunes is out of date but I have the most recent.
    I've also been told it's my ISP/ net connection but I have no problems downloading some things.
    I have had 40 items unable to be downloaded for a while and that annoyed me but tonight I tried downloading 5 more songs and then I had to accept a new 'Terms of Service' so I did and then those 5 ended up with the 5 others in some kind of file purgatory.
    Not sure how much this could help but iTunes Support doesn't seem to care and they just told me to ask here instead of them.
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    And how do you check each pending download? My download screen has absolutely nothing on it. At the bottom of it there is "16 iTunes Downloads Available." I click on the download button next to it and get the same error: "Unable to check for available downloads. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Help, I just bought an app I'm dying to play on my iPod!

  • Can't download purchased content. "Unable to check for available downloads"

    I can no longer download purchased content. Each time I check for available downloads I get an error message that says "Unable to check for available downloads. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."
    The screen says I have 17 itunes downloads available but cannot download them. The most recent purchase I am not able to download is Season 3 of Dexter in standard def and some other season passes. This is really annoying; I already paid for the content and am not able to watch it...

    After sending two e-mails and recording a screen-cast video solved the problem.
    Source: http://posterous.thisux.com/fixed-itunes-9-error-unable-to-check-for-avai

  • Unable to check for available downloads. An unknown error has occurred. (-50)

    When I click on a station, it pauses for a few seconds and then gives the error message "Unable to check for available downloads. An unknown error has occurred. (-50)". I wanted to check on other solutions before I uninstall.

    Hi, remainingahab.  
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Here is an article that I would recommend going through when experiencing error -50.
    iTunes Store: "Error (-50)" when downloading purchased content
    Jason H. 

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