Unable to create image buffer after RAM preview

Running into an odd and frustrating error. Built a comp using the new Ray-traced 3D renderer and now I'm regretting being an early adopter big time with all the problems I've been encountering with it. The latest comes whenever I do a longer RAM preview in an attempt to watch the whole duration of my comp. It will get to about 170 frames or so, at which point I've interrupted by pressing spacebar because I don't need to see all the way to the end of my work area (around 220 frames). It'll play the RAM preview back fine, and even loop it, but as soon as I stop playback, I get this error message: "After Effects warning: Unable to create image buffer." There's only one button: "okay" and as soon as I click it the same error pops up again and it will never go away, forcing me to close AE from the task manager. I've taken to saving before every RAM preview like I used to do with Flash before previewing my buggy swfs for fear I'll lose all my work after previewing. Any ideas about what might be causing this?
Some more details about my comp:
1920x1080 @ 29.97
Ray-traced 3D
About 70 3D layers (I'm guessing this is my downfall - new renderer not designed for this many layers?)
Running Windows 7 Professional
i7 2600K
2x GTX 570 video cards running latest driver (301.42, CUDA 4.2.1)
508GB free on my 2TB internal drive where the project and cache lives
From my GPU info window in case it's useful:
Fast Draft:
Texture Memory:
600.00 MB
NVIDIA Corporation
GeForce GTX 570/PCIe/SSE2
Total Memory:
1.20 GB
Shader Model:
4.0 or later
Driver Version:
2 (GeForce GTX 570, GeForce GTX 570)
Current Usable Memory:
1.04 GB (at application launch)
Maximum Usable Memory:
1.25 GB

Yeah, some buffer is very likely not flushing when you interrupt the preview and then there is no more memory on the graphics hardware. Consider setting the work area and your preview options to use only the work area. if it finishes the preview "correctly", it may not suffer the issue. Beyond that - raytracing doesn't/ shouldn't care about the number of items. The math is such, that it makes no difference whether you render a million polygons or just one. Of course there are still limitations due to the GPU dependency, but I doubt you ever truly exhaust the cards' geometry buffers. Compared to pixel data that is a small amount...

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    It crashes almost every time after RAM preview. I think it gives an error, but it's buggy and i can't see it correctly. The error box, the timeline, effects tab etc goes completely black. Can't close the program from anywhere else, only from task manager. And what's even more weird - it doesn't let me do a print screen of the crashed UI. What is there to be done?
    Can't imagine it's because of the computer. I've got 32gb of RAM, 4gb graphic card with CUDA, i7. 2-3 months old, works perfect with other programs. Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!

    Does it do it when your RAM preview with just a solid in your project, and nothing else?

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    I have a 32 bit application that has been running for years with no problems under XP and MS Server 2003.
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    I'm not sure who the culprit is: 2008 32-bit or the 11g drivers.
    I just know that some of our transactions fail because ODBC has problems and this is killing us.
    As you see we are still running on a 32 bit OS and have created the ODBC DSNs using odbcad32.exe.
    The application connects to the DB and works MOST OF THE TIME but random transactions now fail because of this error.
    If I try to kill all of the *.tmp files from the windows temp directory it seems to solve the problem for a while but then the problem comes back rather quickly.
    Any help here would be apprciated.

    This may solve the issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/130719
    Don't just delete the offending file...it will be recreated eventually. Post a dummy file to prevent the error from reoccurring.
    My only question is why you put more info on database and ODBC versions here and not in your SR? I'll note this in your SR for ya ;)

  • Could Not Create image buffer & placing new RAM

    I 'm all the way from Holand ;) and I hope someone can help with the following:
    I'm running AE 7 and with the original configuration it ran well while rendering. But after putting 4 GB extra (total 6 GB) -I did it in the right way; 2x1 GB RAM in the upper tray and 2x2 GB in the lower tray- I constantly get the error 'Could Not Create 1920x1080 image buffer'. My computer (system profiler) detects the full 6 GB RAM though. Do I have to change any settings in AE 7? AE detects only 3.0 GB...
    I have no idea if it's a software or hardware problem. Maybe it's because I have the brand new Macpro 2.8 Ghz with 8800 GT card?
    Hope to hear from you guys!

    >I have no idea if it's a software or hardware problem. Maybe it's >because I have the brand new Macpro 2.8 Ghz with 8800 GT card?
    Both. When you change the RAM amount but do not re-initilaize the system, some kernel extensions and caches will not be cleared, resulting in wrong memory mapping for compatibility apps under Rosetta. You should be able to do that using OnyX or TinkerToy or by repairing your system with the install disks. Other than that it's somewhat pointless to run a non-intel-native version of AE on such a powerful system. You are wasting a lot of performance here. Only CS3 will improve matters, but to use the full potential of multiprocessing with HD comps you will need a lot more RAM than the 6GB you have.

  • SOAP unable to create a socket after OS upgrade OS/400 V5R4 to V7R1

    after we upgraded our OS from System i V5R4 to V7R1 we have problems with our SOAP adapters.
    In the runtime workbench and also in the SXMB_MONI the following error occured:
    SOAP: call failed: java.io.IOException: unable to create a socket
    Message-Verarbeitung fehlgeschlagen. Grund: com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessagingException: java.io.IOException: unable to create a socket
    Before the OS upgrade the adapter rans without any errors and we tested the connection to the partner
    with an system running V5R4 with success. So it seems to be an error that came with the OS upgrade.
    Any idea? Had any one the same error after migration to V7R1? Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

    we found out that the error is attached to DNS and Java stack. Our ABAP stack can set the url to the correct IP adress, if we configure a entry in SM59. Also the java stack calls our partner over SOAP with IP adress, but not with url. The urls are stored in the local host table, so we suppose that the java stack doesn't use the local dns table and doesn't ask our dns server for the right ip adress.
    Does anybody know this issue? The only change we did is upgrade OS/400 from V4R4 to V7R1. If a mod see this, I think it make sence to move this thread into the forum SAP on DB2 UDB for i5/OS (DB4). Thank's.

  • DPM 2012 R2 Unable to create protection groups after Cluster Migration

    Hi Team
    we have an issue relating to DPM 2012 R2. In our environment we have a Hyper-V Cluster and we recently did a Cluster Migration since Hyper-V Cluster was upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2.
    Before the upgrade, Windows Server 2008 R2 Cluster was protected by DPM Environment. After we upgraded we are unable to Create new protection Groups existing the new cluster and when we select VMs it's not showing up any members.
    Please let us know how we can solve this issue since the Cluster Nodes and the Cluster Name is different from previous Cluster, we were expecting that DPM would allow us to create new Protection Groups while preserving old protection groups for recovery later
    if needed. 

    you need to stop the Protection of the old HyperV Datasources
    Clear the Cache of the Protectiongroup,
    and read the new VM to Protectiongroup
    Seidl Michael | http://www.techguy.at | twitter.com/techguyat |
    facebook.com/techguyat |

  • Creating Image Buffer for long painting tasks

    in the post -
    tjacobs01 says...
    "First of all in this case you would definitely want to create your image before sending it to the screen. ... What you should do is create an ImageBuffer, clear the background, and then paint your graph on top of it."
    In my program I have a JPanel's paint method pass its Graphics2d object to a class that does A LOT of painting and processing.
    The performance is decent now but when i read that statement i realized i should probably be doing it that way.
    How would i implement an image buffer?

    i didnt realize there was a java2d section - i reposted this there.

  • After effect cs6 crashes after ram preview

    I've saved yesterday a project and opened today wanted to doulbe check everything so I run Ram Preview it rendered fine but as soon as I click a mouse button after effects just chrased
    Thank you for your help

    We need to know a lot more if we're going to help you. Please provide answers to the questions listed here: "FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?"

  • Temporary Machine Freezes After RAM Previews

    We're having alot of trouble pinning this down, and are using up alot of time approaching a deadline.
    I'm using:
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz
    8Gb RAM
    GeForce 9800 GT with 182.50 Driver
    Win XP Pro x64 SP2
    with AE CS4
    Up until a few weeks ago, this wasn't a problem, but basically, after a RAM preview, and in this case a 700 frames 1050x576 shot, single layer in the comp, no effects, with Task Manager reporting about 2.3Gb RAM in use during the preview - the machine locks up for tens of seconds, sometimes up to a minute or two when I come out of AE.  Can't open drives, can't access anything in fact, then suddenly it comes back and works normally again.  never crashes, just locks you out.
    Am I missing something here?  Is this normal?  The point is that through the back end of last year, I spent 14 hour days throwing long HD shots and comps at AE, doing RAM previews, etc., but it all worked fine.  Some slowdowns with that kind of data flowing through, but nothing outrageous.
    We spent today swapping out RAM modules, thinking it's a RAM issue, though there are no classic symptoms of RAM failure, but that hasn't helped.  Tons of free space on the two internal drives - 762Gb free on the boot drive, and 347Gb on a second drive.
    I would appreciate any ideas as we are up against a difficult and tight deadline, but as ever, this kind of thing happens.

    Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing? If so, make sure that you've got enough RAM reserved for other applications, including the OS. Actually, I'd try just turning Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing off to see if that alone makes your problem go away.
    A side note (perhaps not related to your issue): You didn't say whether you had installed the After Effects CS4 (9.0.2) update. That update fixed a lot of bugs.

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    I cannot creat a workspace as described in the installation guide :
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    I can see the logo using "", but not if I use the machine
    name instead of the "IP"
    When I go to ""
    The concole line of IE7 dispaly "Error on page"

    Process with success:
    unzip the packet in: C:\APEX
    1. Install:
    @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
    2. Change to password:
    3. Run apex_epg_config.sql
    On windows:
    @apex_epg_config.sql (page 30, the guide of intallation)
    Important:Replace SYSTEM_DRIVE:\TEMP by C:
    E.g.: @apex_epg_config C:
    After this, follow the next steps
    Finish! Just execute apxldimg.sql script if you is upgrading from a preview release.
    Now try the connect on the browser IE6 o later:
    Then create your workspace.
    Edited by: [email protected] on 10/03/2009 11:59

  • Fresh Install (10.9.1) Unable to create OD accounts after crash and reboot

    I have a real big issue and I was hoping if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction.
    I have installed a new Server (10.9.1) for a client and everything has been working fine for over a month now, DNS resolving, users being able to login etc, no issues at all.
    But today (last night) the server crashed and they rebooted it, and today when i try to add a user I get an error:
    existing connection is not authenticated: password change denied
    I OK it then Cancel the adding, but find the user being added (bizarre!)
    When I try to setup the user email on the server for testing, I get an error with password being wrong, and I can't change the user password, with reset password the drop down just stays there and I have to cancel it.
    As a note, all current users within the OD are working fine. And as a test I tried to change a password for a current user and getting the same issue above. They are not mobile accounts, the server is being used for Email, Cal, Card, VPN and AFP only.
    I have had this issue before when installing a fresh server and the way I fixed it was to delete the OD and start again, but this time I have many users with a lot of emails/data so I need to be able to fix it rather than starting again.
    I have checked the DNS, flushed it, rebooted to no avail. Also I have cheked and tried fixes that have been posed on this form but most are talking about migration erros, even so they don't seem to work.
    Has anyone else had this issue? and fixed?
    Mac mini 2012 16GB 10.9.1
    Server 3.0.1

    Process with success:
    unzip the packet in: C:\APEX
    1. Install:
    @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
    2. Change to password:
    3. Run apex_epg_config.sql
    On windows:
    @apex_epg_config.sql (page 30, the guide of intallation)
    Important:Replace SYSTEM_DRIVE:\TEMP by C:
    E.g.: @apex_epg_config C:
    After this, follow the next steps
    Finish! Just execute apxldimg.sql script if you is upgrading from a preview release.
    Now try the connect on the browser IE6 o later:
    Then create your workspace.
    Edited by: [email protected] on 10/03/2009 11:59

  • Unable to create image-based pop-up menu

    Working in FW MX (yes, I know I'm behind the times!).
    Created a pop-up menu; want to experiment with image-based
    options, rather than html. When I choose IMAGE on the Appearance
    tab of the pop-up editor, no styles are available in the style
    choosers for up/over states. (And there ARE styles in the
    assets--including some that I've just created.) Furthermore, when I
    click through the NEXT buttons to DONE, then return to edit this
    pop-up menu, it's defaulted back to html. Image just won't stick.
    The documentation says this should be simple and
    straightforward, but it ain't. I've spent several hours struggling
    with this.

    Okay, on the suggestion of one tech support person, I logged
    in as a different Windows user. Whaddaya know, the style options
    were there! However, when the file is exported, all I get is the
    html version, no image/style-based popup. Same when I preview it in
    browser (IE7, FireFox). But the preview in the pop-up editor does
    show the styles applied--they just don't make it to publication for
    some reason.

  • Disk Utility can't repair disk; unable to create image

    Hi all,
    I had posted a couple days ago because my MBP (2011, 1 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5) was running very slow. I ran EtreCheck, and it turned out that my HD had a number of errors. The next day, before I could back everything up, I had the grey screen on both safe mode and regular mode.
    I tried Command+Option+P+R and it brought me to the Utility screen where I was able to run Disk Utility. I tried to repair, but the disk was unrepairable. I then tried to create an image of the HD on a new 1TB external drive, but when the progress bar got to about 50%, it failed. I tried this three times and it failed each time. The error message each time was "Input/Output error." Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could possibly back up my HD, or is all lost?
    Here's a pic:

    Booted into the Recovery Partition, try Disk Utility/Restore to copy the files to an external drive. Note the warning that this will reformat the drive, meaning any data on the drive will be erased.

  • Create image buffer with dll function

    I have a usb barcode scanner which I control with a bunch of functions in a dll file. I used the wizard which was pretty straightforward. Now I can send most of the commands I want but have a slight problem when initializing image mode. There is a createimagebuffer function but it wants a string input, "a pointer to the destination buffer for image data returned from the scanner". What am I suppose to point at and how do I do it? Im new to this (first time experimenting with dll files) so I may have missed something important.

    It should point to a string. The string should be large enough, e.g. it
    should have a lot of characters in it. If the function also has a length
    input, you can configure the dll so that the string length is automatically
    linked to that input.

  • Unable to create recovery disc, after burn failed to verify

    I had tried thrice  to create recovery disc in DVD but every time MSG comeing some error is there unable to verify
    Kindly Help

    Recovery partition is meant to be used on a working system, it can however be used in a different manner but is difficult for most people unless you are a computer geek of sorts.
    See this thread on how someone used the files from the restore partition to recover to a new hard drive, you would need another working Windows PC to do this.
    If you call HP on the phone they can verify for sure if they have the recovery discs or not.
    If they do not, you can purchase them here

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