Unable to disable Save and Cancel button on change user answer form

I am not able to disable Save and Cancel button on change user answer form depending on a condition. Any kind of help will be appreciated.

save and cancel are the default buttons
check the disable default buttons...

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  • Disable Save and email button.

    In the PO Adobe output form MEDRUCK_PO, I need to disable the Save and email button when print Preview is done. The Print button can be disabled by setting  SFPOUTPUTPARAMS-NOPRINT = 'X'.
    Can you please let me know if the Save and Email buttons can be disabled?

    The Save buttom cannot be dissabled.
    The available params are:
    Optional: Set output parameters
    gs_outputparams-nodialog = ''.
    gs_outputparams-preview = ''.
    gs_outputparams-getpdf = 'X'.
    gs_outputparams-nopreview = 'X'.
    gs_outputparams-noprint = 'X'.
    gs_outputparams-noarchive = 'X'.
    gs_outputparams-nopributt = 'X'.
    gs_outputparams-arcmode = '1'.
    gs_outputparams-noarchive = 'X'.
    Open print job
    ie_outputparams = gs_outputparams
    OTHERS = 1.

  • PresaveAction() Popup message box with save and cancel button

    I want to give user an option from popup box with the message "Are you sure to Save you record".
    I got below javascript code but don't know how to show two buttons on popup if user wants to recheck before final saving then he should click CANCEL otherwise SAVE button.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function PreSaveAction()
    alert("Your request has been submitted");
    return true;
    Please advise in above code. 

    For your requirement, you can use the JavaScript Confirm Box which will contains two buttons in a popup window.
    Here is a demo about checking the value in the “Title” field, if it equals “asdf”, then a Confirm box will come out, then user will be able to choose whether to save or not.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    function PreSaveAction()
    var txtStatus = $j(":input[title='Title']").val();
    if(txtStatus == "asdf")
    alert("Invalid Input");
    var r=confirm("Are you sure to Save you record?");
    if (r==false)
    var statusfocus = $j(":input[title='Title']");
    statusfocus .focus();
    return false;
    return true;
    Feel free to reply if there still any questions about this.
    Best regards
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Hide "Save and Lock Button" Button in the HTML Editor

    I have created a doc file and saved it as a webpage. Then i have uploaded the file to the KM Content. Now this file can be edited online. When i choose the Html Editor, i get 3 buttons. Out of this, i have to disable "Save and Lock Button" button. Can anyone please help me reganing this. This is urgent

    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    In the renderbutton() button, the new buttons are being created. But if we comment that part of the code, i guess the new button will not be created. I am very new to all this. Please explain . i am talikng about the following code:
    if(lockResource.canExecute() && lockResource.isResourceLockedByMe())
                        //save = new Button(WdfEventDispatcher.dispatchableControlID(this, "onSaveAndUnlock", url));
                        //save.setText(getBaseBundleString("com.sapportals.wcm.control.edit.ResourceEditControl", "btnSaveAndUnlock"));
                        //buttonGrid.addComponent(buttonGrid.getCurrentRowIndex(), buttonGrid.getCurrentColumnIndex(), save);
                        //buttonGrid.setCurrentColumnIndex(buttonGrid.getCurrentColumnIndex() + 1);
    Actually, the problem is "Save and Unlock " button is behaving weirdly, even though, user is clicking in it , it is remaining locked. At first, we thought the user was clicking "Save and Hold Lock" by mistake. So we wanted to disable it.But now the problem is somewhere else. Can you please help

  • How to disable Save and SaveAs Button in Adobe Reader ??

    I am having Dynamic XML Form (XFA based) designed on LC Designer ES2
    I Want to disable Save and SaveAs button  whenever it would be opened in Adobe Reader only.
    Other way around, i want to provide only facility to save form programmatically through Javascript to apply validation.
    Plz help
    Thnx in advance..!!

    I can apply folder level java script ...But How to handle this way on CLIENT SIDE..???

  • Using Tiscali Webmail with Firefox 6. If I try and delete an email the Ok and Cancel buttons are disabled and nothing happens, have to use F5 to take me back. IE8 works so is this a compatibility issue?

    Using Tiscali Webmail with Firefox 6. If I try and delete an email the Ok and Cancel buttons are disabled and nothing happens, have to use F5 to take me back. IE8 works so is this a compatibility issue?

    It appears OP solved the problem: [/questions/874744]

  • How to set Save and Apply button to disabled

    Hi all
    i need to disable the save and apply buttons according to some action the user is doing, when the user changes some LOV value the save button should be disabled
    the following code i am using is not working to disable the button,
    public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean) {
    String val = "";
    String message = "";
    int statusVal = 0;
    try {
    super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    if ("empPositionChange".equals(pageContext.getParameter(OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM))) {
    OAMessageChoiceBean rGBean1 = (OAMessageChoiceBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("Status");
    if (rGBean1 != null) {
    val = (String)rGBean1.getValue(pageContext);
    statusVal = Integer.parseInt(val);
    if (statusVal == 1) {
    OAApplicationModule am = pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
    OAViewObject vo1 = (OAViewObject)am.findViewObject("WOCreateUpdateVO");
    if (vo1 != null) {
    OARow row = (OARow)vo1.getCurrentRow();
    String ReasonCode = (String)row.getAttribute("Attribute1");
    //message = message + ReasonCode;
    if (ReasonCode == null) {
    OASubmitButtonBean savebBean = ((OASubmitButtonBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("Save"));
    if (savebBean != null){
    OASubmitButtonBean applybBean = ((OASubmitButtonBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("Apply"));
    if (savebBean != null){
    catch(Exception exception){
    throw new OAException("Error in Staffing Query: "+exception, OAException.ERROR);
    please any one had this issue.
    any help??

    i am using this code in the processRequest
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean){
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    OAMessageChoiceBean mcb = (OAMessageChoiceBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("Status");
    FireAction firePartialAction = new FirePartialAction("empPositionChange");
    as for tracking the error it is giving me nullpointerexecption on the OASubmitButtonBean savebBean = ((OASubmitButtonBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("Save"));

  • Reg: save exit and cancel buttons

    In normal report programs when we enable the back , exit and cancel buttons they work fine without writing any code.but its not in the case of Module pool why?
    In thr normal reports where does the code come from?

    Module pool programs is nothing but screen flow + reports...
    Here we designing the screens....
    So we hav to to give every functionality.. for all buttons and menu items of the appeared screen...
    Where as in reports...,
    We are just using the standard screen (sellection screen and list output screen ) s mostly...,
    Here also some times we hav to go for created screens.. nothing but.... interactive reports...,
    There we need to give again all those functionalities...
    To see the BACK button logic and other logics in the reports...,
    Ex: PAI event of SAPLWBABAP program..., 
    You can find that name with...
    By giving /H and enter before ur action...

  • Interactive report - unable to disable save report option

    I am using an interactive report and unable to disable "Save Report" option... Although the option is unchecked under "Include in Actions Menu" section... Others' are working fine, I just can't disable "Save Report" option...
    Thanks in advance...

    When you are logged in as both a Developer and End User, you will ALWAYS see the Save button, even if it is disabled. This is so that you can save the Defaults for an IR. Thus, if you click on the save option, you should only see one item - Save Report Defaults. You will not be able to save a custom report.
    Your end-users are not logged in as developers, and thus, won't see any save icon at all. In fact - if you log out of APEX and run just your application, neither will you.
    - Scott -

  • Mapping enter and esc to ok and cancel buttons

    Does java's fine API offer any method of mapping Enter and ESC to OK and Cancel buttons in a customized JDialog?
    The current way I'm doing it is through a brute force of adding a KeyListener to every component in the dialog box (in an automated way), is there another way?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Yes. Because if you really get stuck then he won't help you and then you are doomed.
    If anybody was rude it was him, and if anybody is an
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    without providing any reasons or rationale?Reasons and rationale have been provided but I guess you didn't grasp them the first go around so here goes.
    1) You were impatient
    You waited 30 minutes before whining and bumping. That is impatient. Nobody is being paid to deliver answers to you.
    2) You posted in the wrong forum.
    This is not the Swing forum is it? No it is not.
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    If you had searched for even up to 15 minutes (and you wouldn't have needed this long) then you would have had your answer in half the time. Searching saves YOU time.
    4) You were rude
    When the facts (and please note the use of the word "fact" not personal opinion) above were pointed out to you then you were rude.
    Finally the "you are an idiot" problem. I will give you this is the most subjective of the lot although given that you cannot dispute ANY of the above facts (although you seem to be trying and that's helping to make the case that you're quite the idiot) that's really not saying much.
    However, it seems to me that if Person A wants the assistance of Person B (who is a valuable resource of information for person A and others) it does not seem wise for Person A to be rude to person B. So in the case of Person A who is rude to Person B who they are relying on as a free resource we can make the assertion that Person A is an idiot.
    In case you couldn't follow that you are Person A.

  • How to disable save and close ribbons

    I want to disable Save and Close ribbons that user only use the Submit button.
    what am i do?

    there are 2 ways
    1. to hide it using JavaScript 
    Add a Content Editor Web Part on the page, and add the following script in the web part:
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">
    you can use the below link to customize the ribbon elemnets
    Whenever you see a reply and if you think is helpful,Vote As Helpful! And whenever you see a reply being an answer to the question of the thread, click Mark As Answer

  • How to remove default Apply, OK and Cancel buttons in portlet edit mode.

    Iam facing problem in customizing default edit mode of portlet, my question is how to remove those default buttons and how to implement our own links for SAVE and CANCEL functionality. Because if we implement our own <form> in edit JSP page then default form will override our own <form> and default buttons works rather then our own forms.
    Please someone help me on this.

    Ah, this one is easy, if im not mistaken, set this tag in your provider.xml
    Defines whether RenderManager should automatically render the portlet's container (border and title) in "Edit" and "EditDefaults" modes before and after processing/invoking the page.
    This however means you have to write your own renderer for the customize page. Then you can add your own code for the buttons and the events behind them.
    I created my own derived container and added this line to my provider.xml
    <containerRenderer class="nl.rsm.eventCalendar.myContainerRenderer"/>
    This is however for rendering the showmode of the servlet, dont know if this is the same
    render class for the editmode.
    Do you realy need custom save functionality, Oracle also has something called DBPreferenceStore, you can store self defined attributes into the database. Perhaps this is sufficiant enough.
    anyway good luck, if you find out all the correct steps to take, please share, im also interested

  • Yes, No and Cancel Buttons on Pop-Up for BACK or NEW button

    Hi Experts,
    First scenario:
    We have crated few mandatory fields in incident when ever we are not filling the mandatory fields and try to SAVE (Incident Tool bar button) the Incident, it will Check for any Error Messages, before saving the Document,
    If entries not found in mandatory fields record will not get saved.
    This functionality we are controlling in EH_ONSAVE method of the SRQM_INCIDENT_H/IncidentOV.
    Second scenario:
    But After filling few fields in Incident screen, If I click on NEW button for a new incident or BACK button ,  it give one popup with message Do you want to  save the changes ? With Buttons Yes, No and Cancel. If I click on the Yes button Incident gets saved with an IRN number without entry of any mandatory data.
    How can I control the second scenario as first scenario? Please suggest how to controll Yes, No and Cancel Buttons on Pop-Up for BACK or NEW button as SAVE button.
    Thanks in advance

    you can control  the pop-up SAVE button without saving your details or write your ownlogic on pop-up save.
    please refer to this post.
    Re: Suppress POP-UP

  • Save and Close button issue in CRM 2013 for Activity Type Appointment

    Hi All,
    Have come across a strange behavior in CRM 2013 and would like  to be sure that it really is an issue which others have encountered too.
    Open a Case record, and click on Activity navigation link to see the Open Activity Associated View. Then try creating an Activity of type Meeting and click on
    Save & Close button (not just Save). When you refresh the view, the activity might show up. But repeat the same steps and create another Activity of Type Meeting and this activity will not show up. It doesnt show up even in the All Activities
    view. Seems like the activity does not get created when using Save and Close button.
    This behavior is replicated even on online 30 day trial version. Any inputs?

    The problem only occurs when your appointment times clash.   "Save and close" just throws the appointment away.  "Save" tells you about clash (or perhaps it's just unavailability) and allows you to ignore and continue with the

  • CRM 2013 - "Save and Close" button behavnig like "Save and New"

    I am working in CRM 2013. I have a scenario in which I am saving new opportunity product record through javascript and preventing original save of CRM. Save is working fine. After save, I need to refresh the screen. So I have used "Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm"
    to open newly created item in edit mode. When I click on "Save and Close" button on this new form in edit mode, instead of closing the opportunity product screen, it opens new entity form. So in short, after saving the record, if I click on "Save
    and Close", it behaves like "Save and New".
    Any one facing such issue?

    Save & Close seems to behave like the Save & "Back" Button, so the form tries to return to the new form, that was opened before.
    But I have no solution for this behavior...

Maybe you are looking for

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    I've modified the PDF Binder sample to get a plugin that would open PDF's and Tif files, and save them as PDF/A-1b (code below). It's working. The problem: it's processing too slow (compared with the Actions batch processing)... and I've been getting

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    Hello Gurus, to be more clear with my question, I try to explain it by an example: A characteristic value assignment is made while busy with a sales order creation (VA01) for a configurable material SHOWER CUBICLE (material type KMAT). One of the cha

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    Where  can i download free themes and games in bb curve 8520? a site that dont have virus. new in bb. thanks Solved! Go to Solution.

  • Editing Video in PS CS4 Extended

    I am unable to open video in PS CS4 Extended. I tried two different extensions, .mpg and .mov. I get an error that says the file can not be opened. Yes, I am sure I have PS Extended. Thanks!