Unable to edit "Note:" field in Address Book

I have updated to Mac OS X 10.6.4 one week ago (from 10.5.).
Now for the first, I am trying to edit the "Note:" field of one of my contacts, but I am neither able to add text, nor can I delete text.
I have 47 lines of text in that Note field and wanted to add a few words, but after typing it, it keeps disappearing after a few seconds. If I delete a few lines of text, they keep reappearing after a few seconds.
Editing the Note field (which has less lines of text) in another contact first exhibited the same behavior, but now works flawlessly.
Having the "Edit" button depressed or not, does not make a difference.
Address Book Help says that this happens when there is not enough disk space, but I have over 41GB left.

Hello Marcus and others,
I have experienced the same issues with my Address Book (version 5.0). First things first, let me suggest you complete a back up of your address book:
1. Go to the File drop down menu
2. Click on Export
3. Select *Address Book Archive* from the 2 choices
4. Choose where you would like to store this back up. Let's just say the Desktop for now.
5. Disclaimer, any unsaved data will be lost during this reset, so please back up all files you will need.
6. After you have successfully archived your Address Book, turn off your computer.
7. Now here's the important part, hold down the power button for at least 6 seconds or until you hear a loud sound or tone. This should reset your settings back to default.
This is how I just fixed the problem with editing the Notes of my contacts in my Address Book 5.0
Good luck and I hope this helps someone.

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    I am unable to edit a card in address book properly. If I try to enter a birthday in the birthday field by either May 2, 1972 or 05/02/1975 no input of any kind sticks. 
    Can anyone tell me why and how to fix this problem?

    There is something really weird going on. 
    If I start a blank test card and I type (all end in return):
    December 1 1973, the field goes blank
    If I type December 1 (return), the field changes to 1 December.  Then, if I put my cursor in, I can go back and add 1973, but not with the orignal December 1.
    I CAN write 1 December 1973, but not December 1 1973.
    This is bizarre.  It worked just fine before Lion. 
    In Canada (which is my chosen country and language on my keyboard when I set up my user) we say Month/Day/Year.  In Quebec I believe they would write 1 December 1973, but in Ontario we would write December 1, 1973.
    This is no longer intuitive and a huge time waster!

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    Hello chaps,
    I'd like to be able to take a screengrab from streetmap and bung this into the notes field of Address Book so that I have a handy map of where my contact is whether I'm online or off. Anyone know of a way to do this?

    So far as I am aware, the notes field will only accommodate text. However, you could consider using the URL field for a reference to a file containing the map data, such as:

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    I am unable to use the note field in Address Book

    What would we do without you? Thanks, It works now, but it isn't as easy as before, you have to find EXACTLY the right spot, which is NOT GOOD!
    Hopefully, there will be a fix.

  • Bug in editing of "Note" field in Address Book

    If an address card starts out with an empty Note field, it stays that way,
    as there appears to be no way to enter text into that field in Edit mode.

    I think it is a protection mechanism - edit mode is for changing details of addresses etc, but the notes field does not need edit mode. I suppose it should be editable in either mode, but it isn't, so just turn of editing if you want to edit it

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    And icloud has its own (issues) and Community.
    There are support pages for every product, use the tab "Support"
    or go to: http;//www.apple.com/support/mail /cloud /lion /macbookpro
    and this is NOT a forum devoted to macbook or laptops. but to 65lb towers

  • Parsing Notes Field in Address book with Applescript

    I've been working with Applescript to create a custom workflow for a mailer app that I'm creating. I want to store information about a particular contact in one of the following two formats:
    Test 1
    Test 2
    [aDate] | Text text text text
    The | is a delimiter. I want to get the aDate and use that as part of a text and then parse this string into the following:
    {"aDate","Text text text text"}
    Unfortunately all of my attempts seem to treat the notes field as one long string. Has anyone been able to parse the notes field of data?

    Once you get the note paragraph into a string (noteString), useset oldDelims to Applescript's text item delimiters
    set Applescript's text item delimiters to "|"
    set theDate to first text item of noteString
    set theText to second text item of noteString
    set Applescript's text item delimiters to oldDelims
    While Applescript will reset the delimiters, you should always do it yourself as I did.

  • Not all fields in Address Book are syncing

    For some reason not all the fields in my address book get synced from one computer to another. The template for all the fields in address book are the same on the different computers but the 'Department' field does not get synced. Any ideas how to fix this?

    So sorry...yes I'm using Contacts from Outlook.
    When I launch Field Mapping from the Advanced Settings for Address Book, the Handheld fields that are available for me to map to my Contacts in Outlook, do not include the fields previously mentioned so there is no way for me to map them to a destination field in Outlook.
    Maybe I'm using an old version of Desktop Manager??? Mine is version (June 11 2003)...could you please let me know what version you have?
    Many thanks!

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    How do I delete old email addresses from the pop-up list that comes up when I put a letter into the "To" box? They are not in my Address Book.  Wrong addresses get in the way and I sometimes select the wrong one.

    Edit the list the comes up when you go to the Window menu and select "Previous Recipients".

  • Search option does not work in address book

    The search field (upper right corner of window) does not work in address book (version 4.0.5) of my friend's Power Book. I eliminated the possibility of a corrupt plist (preference) file by dragging them to the desktop and restarting but it still didn't help. Any other ideas?

    If searching in Spotlight works, I don’t know what could be the problem. You may try this:
    1. Open Address Book.
    2. As an extra safety measure, do File > Back up Address Book and save the backup wherever you wish.
    3. Go to Address Book > Preferences > vCard, set the vCard Format to 3.0 and check Export notes in vCards. Close the Preferences window when done.
    4. Select the All group in the main Address Book window and do File > Export Group vCard (the command should read “Export Group vCard”, not just “Export vCard”).
    5. Quit Address Book, Mail, and any other applications that might use Address Book for something. Or just quit all applications to be on the safe side.
    6. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/ and trash any ABPerson.skIndex files you may see there. Open Address Book and check whether the problem is fixed.
    7. If the problem persists, quit Address Book again, in the Finder go to ~/Library/Application Support/, and move the entire AddressBook folder out of there, e.g. to the Desktop (to be deleted after fixing the problem and making sure you don’t miss anything).
    8. Open Address Book and try doing File > Revert to Address Book Backup to restore the backup you made in step 2. If the problem persists, repeat step 7 and this time try doing File > Import > vCards to import the cards exported in step 4.
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. That is, ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder, i.e. /Users/username/Library.

  • Contact Modify & Create Date not displayed in Address Book

    I use the create & modify date a lot in Microsoft Outlook's contacts.  Although those fields are supported and updated by the Apple Adderess Book, I can't see a way to display or sort on those in the Apple Address Book.

    After several days of trying, i finally seem to have it working. What i ended up doing was exporting my backing up my addresses on another computer that still had Snow Leopard on it. I exported both as .abbu and vCards. I was then able to get the vCards into iCloud.
    Problem was, i could not get them to import into Contacts in Mavericks. I could not even add the iCloud account to contacts. It would let me sign in and choose contacts, but iCloud never showed up in the accounts nor did the contacts show up in Contacts.
    After trying repairing permissions and resetting the PRAM to no avail, it occured to me to delete the Address Book folder from /Library/Application Support
    Once that folder was gone, i was able to add iCloud to the accounts and import the .abbu file from Address Book.
    So if you did not export your Address Book contacts before updating, you will need a second computer that is still running Snow Leopard to export the contacts. Then you can delete the Address Book folder from the Library and you should then be able to import the contacts into Contacts on Mavericks.
    Hope this helps.

  • Synchronized Contacts do not appear in Address Book

    I have OS 10.6.6, iSync 3.1, Address Book 5.0.3 and a NOKIA 6500c Phone. I successfully installed the plugin for the Nokia (at least it seems like it, the phone is recognized).
    I have like 6 contact in Address Book and like 150 on Phone. When I do the "first time" sync I chose "merge" phone and computer. When doing the sync, on the phone display a status bar appears and it says x/150 synchronized, as should be, and within a few seconds its done. But the contacts do not appear in Address Book. I've tried this a few times after resetting the syncing settings and everytime I do the first time sync, it appears to work, but nothing appears in Address Book.
    Funny is: If I change the phone number of one of the existing 6 entries, that I have in my AddressBook on computer, on the phone, the change is synchronized to the computer. But no new entries are entered on the computer.
    What am I missing?
    Thank you!

    There should be an option within the phones menus somewhere.
    I think its something like choose Edit on a contact and change the *Store to* option to phone
    Or, it may be something like this:
    http://forums.wireless.att.com/cng/board/message?board.id=motorola&thread.id=104 625
    The phone's manual may help.

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    When sending calendar invite to "invitee" an old address appears. This guy is literally dead (may he rest in peace) and has same first name as person I send to all the time. So "dead" guy always pops up. Can't find his address to delete anywhere -- not in previous recipients, not in my address book, does not "auto-populate" when I try to send an Email. Still shows up everytime I want to send iCal invite. Spooky. Help me delete this guy from my iCal invitee options so he can truly rest in peace. Thanks!

    MacBook Pro - where you actually want and thought you were posting?
    I assume it is in a cache - maybe even on servers.

  • Printing notes in the Address Book

    I would like to print a page including the notes in the address book for a particular addressee. The style in the print window lists only mailing labels, envelopes, lists or pocket addresses, none of which prints out the notes in a line by line format as shown on the screen page in the address book. I have been highlighting the entire name address, etc. with the notes and transferring it to a word processing file for printing or have been snapping a picture of the page with the command + shift + F-3 keys but these seem to be awkward solutions to what should be a straight forward print job. What am I doing wrong?

    That's been my frustration as well. I wanted to pdf all my contact info to carry with me on a USB key in case I needed something from the Note section. The iPhone truncates the note section to about the first 2,500 characters. So if you have contacts with long Notes you've got a problem. I thought a had a work-around, but pdf'ing the Contacts didn't work because it won't print more than 1 page per contact and prints the partial Note in two narrow columns, truncating the rest of the Note. I can't believe more people haven't complained about this. Before migrating to Address Book (I used Outlook), I made extensive use of the Note section.

  • SMS - Sending to numbers not in your address book and inserting smiley faces

    I'm new to the world of Blackberry and sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - I've trawled through and can't find anything similiar.
    When composing SMS messages, I can only send to those people who are in my address book as the address book automatically opens when you select compose SMS.
    Obviously there are times when you need to text to numbers not in your address book so how do you do it?
    So far the only solution I have got is to add numbers to my address book and then delete them.  Surely there must be a way you can just enter the number manually when you need to?
    Secondly is there a shortcut on the Blackberry Pearl to insert smiley faces in SMS messages without entering :-) manually?
    Thanks for your help
    I love my Blackberry

    You right. I misread. Hitting the SYM key is only for messenger, not for SMS. I didn't anyway to insert emoticons into an SMS message
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