Unable to find SAP Server in SAP Management Console

  I installed NSP Server in my Windows XP i used to work on this system.
  I downloaded 90days licence from SAP site and it is valid upto 20060701.
  Today we i try to start NSP Server using SAP Management Console there is server appearing in the tree which is usually appear in left panel.
  Could any body help me how retrive the Server in SAP Management Console

Hi uma
check the following service is running under windows service manager.
control panel->Administrative tool ->services
find the following service
sapnsp_instance number.
this service might be stop. start it.
also check the logon information for service.
now check the sap MMC.

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    Dear Friends,
    How to monitor all SAP Server through solution Manager?
    Is it possible if yes then how? Please forward configuration and transaction also.
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    Hi sachin,
    You can monitor your sattilite systems through solution manager.
    If you want to monitor systems in solution manager means you need to configure those systems in solution manager.
    Before including the systems in solution manager we need to create a solution using tcode <b>DSWP</b>.
    After that you can include the systems using tcode <b>SMSY</b>.
    For configuring the systems we have lot of phases its very difficult to explain here.
    Try to login to<b> service.sap.com</b> and <b>help.sap.com</b> find the helpfull guides.
    i hope it will help you.
    any issues post it.
    kiran kumar.v

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    hi, please check in the firefox ''menu ≡ > options > advanced > network > connection - settings...'' if firefox is set up to directly connect to the internet ('no proxy').
    and maybe also run a full scan of your system with the security software already in place and different tools like the [http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free free version of malwarebytes], [http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ adwcleaner] & [http://www.kaspersky.com/security-scan kaspersky security scan].

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    This is asked and answered many times every day.  The forum search bar is on the right side of this page.
    Disable your firewall/security software and try again.

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    Message Edited by giyad on 06-26-2009 11:17 AM

    I do have the exact problem with my bold, I have my laptop and a nokia phone connected to home wi-fi and both working perfectly.
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  • I keep getting 'unable to find requested server' while trying to go on internet

    I bought the Blackberry curve last week and have had pblms connecting to home wi fi.  I have it all set up and the fone recognises the wi fi on it and only let me connect once to the wi fi. After that it keeps coming up with the message - unable to find requested server - even though it did work once the first time after I had set up the wi fi wizard.  I had put in the key.  Can someone help please.

    Hi gerrybl,
    Welcome to the Suppport Forums!
    Can you provide more information please?
    Do you have a data plan with your wireless provider that includes internet browsing?
    Are you able to complete all the steps in this blog post to connect to Wi-Fi? http://bbry.lv/oXh7oV
    Are you able to connect to any other Wi-Fi networks or Hotspots?
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    I had this problem untl I setup a Hom Network that included my smartphone which shows up with it's own separate IP address. My office PC is the host and it is ethernet or wired network. I have 2 wire gateway wifi modem and all is supported by my carrier. I feel confident if you contact your ISP and ask for help in setting up a Home Network your problem will be solved. Btw, make sure your wireless Customer Service is informed by their Internet Service Support and by yourself. Good luck

  • Unable to find the software in SAP Market Place

      I am unable to find the following software in SAP Market Place.
          1. SAP BusinessObjects Live Office XI 3.1 Service Pack 3
          2. SAP BusinessObjects BI Widgets XI 3.1 Service Pack 3
          3. Life Cycle Manager Service Pack 3
          4. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.2 Service Pack 1
    If anyone is aware of where I can get these software in SAP market place, please let me know the way to get these software.
    Thanks in advance.

    Go to http://service.sap.com/patches and navigate to Browse our download catalog->SAP BusinessObjects portfolio
    The patches for LiveOffice and BI Widgets can then be found under SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform (SBOP Enterprise)->BOBJ ENTERPRISE XI 3.1
    The patches for LifeCycle Manager can be found under SBOP LIFECYCLE MANAGER
    The patches for Data Services can be found under SBOP DATA SERVICES->BOBJ DATA SERVICES XI 3.2
    Hope this helps.

  • Could not stop SAP Server from SAP Management Console

    I have a AS-JAVA Server.
    I am trying to stop the SAP Server from the SAP Mananement console located in http:
    It asks me for a user id. I specify the Sidadm user id and the same pop up appear again
    Please assist

    I typed the password of SIDadm and still the popup comes asking me for password
    The password i typed is corect

  • Unable to find the server in the MMC

       I had installed a server in my fine and it was running fine for a month.But after restarting my machine,i was not able to find the server in the SAP MMC. Only "SAP" was visible and all the components could not be found.But all the files are there..can anyone suggest me what could be the problem and what should be done to rectify it.

    Hi Uma,
    Open your SAP MMC and from menu option select file->add/remove snapin...
    Click on add button and then select "SAP Systems manager".
    Click next on the next screen and then specify System ID, Instance (as hostname instanceNumber) and then click on add button.
    It will add this system in the list in sapmmc.

  • Error in opening SAP BODS 4.2 Management Console

    Hi All,
           I am getting the below error when I tried to open the Management Console in SAP BODS 4.2 SP1. Please help. Error is attached.

    Go to BIP Server->services.msc->Business objects data services->stop and restart the services.
    For Tomcat also stop and restart the services.

  • Error message - Unable to find proxy server - how can I solve this problem

    When I try to enter some sites I get the error message: Unable to find the proxy server, Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that can't be found. This happened suddenly and I'm not sure why or how I can fix it, it doesn't help that most help site are blocked. Im using a Mac 10.5.8 and Firefox 15.

    You can check the connection settings.
    *Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network : Connection > Settings
    If you do not need to use a proxy to connect to internet then try to select "No Proxy" if "Use the system proxy settings" or one of the others do not work properly.
    See "Firefox connection settings":

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    Hi, I have just got a WRT160N V2, it is working fine apart from one irritating issue. I am unable to browse a web server running on my local network by the computers (servers) name. If I use the IP address it works fine. Viewing my shared files and folders  with Windows Explorer using servers name also works fine. The problem seems to be limited to web browsers, I have tried Internet Explorer and Chrome, neither can find the server using its name, using IP address they can. I have checked NetBIOS settings on all connected computers and they are ok. If I switch back to my old Netgear router the problem goes away. So, it seems it's something specific the the WRT160N. This isn't a huge issue as I can fix by adding a line in the Hosts file. I just wondered if this is a known issue?
    Many Thanks

    The first thing that you can try is upgrading the firmware of the router..
    Reset the router for 30 sec , reconfigure the router again and then try to setup the web browser for the server.

  • Safari unable to find Hotmail server

    I am about to scream.
    First, my Mail application on my MacBook kept saying that all of my email account's passwords were incorrect. Once I thought I had tackled that problem yesterday by visiting each email site to ensure my password was, in fact, correct, I get on my computer today to discover that my Hotmail account in the Mail app is unable to be connected. I try, then, to visit Hotmail/Outlook's website, and I keep receiving the error: "Safari can't find the server." I am trying to post a question/concern on Outlook's Support Boards, but that requires me to log in, and the "Can't find server" error keeps coming up.
    Is there something wrong with my computer, or is Hotmail/Outlook down for today? My important emails are sent to that account, so if it is something I can fix, please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

    See if Open DNS helps ..   Apple recommends it here > Safari 5.0.1 or later: Slow or partial webpage loading, or webpage cannot be found
    Open System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS
    Click + and type:
    Click + again and do the same.
    Click OK.
    Quit and relaunch Safari then try accessing your Hotmail account.
    If Safari can access your account, then you should be able to via the Mac Mail account as well.

  • Can't find SQL Server 2012 Configuration Manager

    In my Win8 I can't find SQL Server Configuration Manager.
    I need to connect to an SQL Database using a specific port.
    Does anyone know how to do that?
    Thanks a lot!!

    Hi Lina,
    Did you install multiple SQL Server instances on your local server? We can not configure SQL Server 2012 instance under SQL Server 2008 R2 Configuration Manager.
    If you had installed SQL Server Configuration Manager with SQL Server 2012, you can try to run "sqlservermanager11.msc". If this is not opening then you might not install SQL Server 2012 Configuration Manager.
    Fanny Liu
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    Fanny Liu
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