"unable to load labview project" in Deployment Machine

Hi all,
well the Deployment Target works fine on Development machine
But has problem Loading on the Deployment System     "unable to load labview project"
has anyone had similar issues  and  ound a soln.
NI Support  has not responded yet to the solution.
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Hi aparab,
I think I will need more information to solve this issue.
You told "NI Support  has not responded yet to the solution." Do you already have a service request number of the NI support?
Can you post your project? Which RT-target do you use? Which hardware?
You can also post a MAX report of you windows computer and one of your target:
1. Start -> Programs -> NI MAX
2. File -> create protocol -> choose technical support and my system (development computer) -> next -> next -> choose path -> next -> finish.
3. File -> create protocol -> choose technical support and your RT-target (real-time system) -> next -> next -> choose path -> next -> finish.
Best regards
Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)

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  • Unable to load LabVIEW RT from drive

    Trying to boot RT on PXI-8187 controller with original setup, what ever RT boot selection is used either hardware switch or BIOS RT boot option, the terminal will show the following:
    Unable to load LabVIEW RT from drive!
    Booting safe mode from ROM...
    mount: Mounting /dev/Ma1 on /home/ftp/c failed: Invalid argument
    Entering safe mode.
    IP address is:
    Of course after that you can't do any thing to configure the RT target from the MAX on the host computer.
    Please Help.

    I used the recovery CD to change the file system to NTFS, it took a while and it installed windows XP from scratch differently from FirstWare that ghosts it (I think). And it didn't install any NI stuff what so ever.
    At the end I got the same result as with using the remote system format disk option.
    i.e. The RT controller boots in safe mode displaying the previous message without the mount error but this time I can configure the IP address.
    Still I can't install software to it, I get the list of features to install, I select them and press next, then I get a dialog saying:
    Cannot process install because other dependencies are required:
    LabVIEW RT 1.0.1
    LabVIEW RT 6.0.1
    LabVIEW RT 6.1.0
    LabVIEW RT 7.0.0
    LabVIEW RT 7.1
    Is this a host or RT Controller issue now?
    What's next? Thanks for the help

  • Unable to load LabVIEW VI into TestStand using LV Run Time only

    I'm unable to load some of my VIs into TestStand from LabVIEW.  I am using:
    TestStand 4.2.1
    LabVIEW 2010
    I have the appropriate patches installed for both TestStand and LabVIEW, and I still get the error.
    Attached is a message that I get when I hover over the "!" to explain my error.  The VI has the "Simple Error Handler.vi" as part of the build, and when I eliminate this VI from my VI, TestStand then loads correctly.
    Go to Solution.
    TestStand_LoadError_Hover.png ‏16 KB

    This fixed my issue as well. Thank you for posting this. I have repaired LabVIEW 2010 sp1, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW RT, DAQmx, and VISA 5.0. These are not small programs to do repairs on. Even after doing all of these repairs I still had issues with just labview coming up.
    Just by clicking on my lv shortcut to run the labview.exe I would get a loading screen for gws_int.vi This was before opening any projects or VI's. Labview was having many issues. Once the loading vi screen went away the standard labview 2010 startup page was present. But this page was dysfunctional. For example if you clicked tools and then options it would just totally crash LabVIEW, no error message or warning.
    Many people are suggesting to mass compile to fix this, but that is not an option. If you went to tools>advance>mass compile the same loading vi screen would come up (pic A), but then the mass compile program would have a broken arrow (pic b) I included a image to show people this. 
    The error list will always pop up, but there are no errors.
    I called NI tech support and they suggested that I repair all of my programs starting with the largest programs first. During the repairs I found this forum. I have over 30 different NI modules installed on this machine, I would have been at this for the next two days.
    Thank you very much for this.
    A good question is why didn't the repairs of these large programs find this, and would any repair of any module have fixed this?
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  • OpenDirectory: Unable To Load Replica List, after Time Machine Restore

    I followed the following instructions provided on another thread (Open Directory: "Unable to load replica list"):
    Many Open Directory problems can be resolved by taking the following steps.
    1. The OD master must have a manually-assigned IP address on the local network, not a dynamic address.
    2. The primary DNS server used by the master must be (that is, itself) unless you're using another server for internal DNS. The only DNS server set on the clients should be the internal one, which they should get from DHCP if applicable.
    3. Verify that the master's hostname matches its domain name by running the shell command
    sudo changeip -checkhostname
    4. Follow these instructions to rebuild the Kerberos configuration on the master.
    5. If you use authenticated binding, check the validity of the master's certificate. The common name must match the hostname and domain name. Deselecting and then reselecting the certificate in Server.app has been reported to have an effect in some cases.
    6. Unbind and then rebind the clients in the Users & Groups preference pane. Use the fully-qualified domain name of the master.
    7. Reboot the master and the clients.
    8. Don't log in to the server with a network user's account.
    9. Export all OD users, delete them, turn off OD, turn it back on, and import. Ensure that the UID's are in the 1001+ range.
    And got the following results:
    Resulted in the following console output: The names match. There is nothing to change.
    The touch command resulted in "No such file or directory." I circumvented this by manually creating the migration directory, then running the command again. The killall command failed saying "No matching processes were found." Opening the server app after that shows no change.
    My trusted certificate was apparently not restored from the backup, as it was no longer listed. I switched to the self-signed one until a CSR can be made.
    I'm not clear on what this actually means. There is no unbind or rebind functionality in the server app. Not to mention that my users or groups are no longer listed.
    Nothing changed after rebooting the server.
    Have always logged into server using the local server admin account.
    Where is this done? I don't see any place to do this in the Server App.
    At this point I'm suspecting that there are some serious Time Machine recovery bugs with server, as I have tried with multiple different restore points all ending in the exact same result.
    Any recommendations on where to go from here? I would love to do a fresh install, but need to archive the data from the server first. Unfortunately, I don't see how I can export each users' data without being able to log in as them.

    There seem to be some issues with PostgreSQL not running. Marketcircle Daylite and Billings Pro also won't start, and are showing errors to that effect.

  • CVI2013 unable to load LabView RunTime-Engine?

    CVI2013 cannot load the LabView Runtime_engine any more?
    With CVI2012 no problems.
    I have tried it with an external dll generated with LabView 2012 (see my last post)
    and with the same dll generated with LabView 2013.
    Always the error message 998 occurs.
    Any ideas? 

    Hi Bernhard,
    thanks for your reply.
    I have created a small project with the LabView DLL.
    With CVI 2013 the programm won't start and shows the system error 998.
    With CVI 2012 it works.
    Hope you can reproduce this behaviour.
    Best regards
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  • Unable To Load Specific Project

    Dear all,
    I seriously need help here. I've been working on a project for a few weeks and just a day ago while i was halfway working on it, iMovie'09 exited unexpectedly. When i relaunch, i've been having problem loading this specific project. It kept having the spinning icon on the preview window and stays that way forever.
    I have no problem loading other projects. What could've happened?? I can't afford to redo the entire project as it is a real pain to do so! I could remember the last thing i did before iMovie'09 exited was copying & pasting some text from the web to that project i was working on. And suddenly this happened.
    I've tried reinstalling iMovie, deleting project folder, disabling fonts, etc but to no success.
    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thank you.

    Has anyone had any luck repairing, rebuilding or recovering a damaged project? I think I'm suffering the same thing. In my case, the project loads into the project window so I can see the clips, transitions and such, but it will not play. So close, and yet so far.
    I've been searching this forum for answers. There are a lot of reports of projects that suddenly "die" but it seems that every thread ends with a question mark and no solution.
    If there's no way to fix a broken project, this is a very serious flaw that everyone should consider before devoting days of effort to an iMovie project. Of course backups will save some effort but let's face it, most programs don't routinely produce damaged files. This needs to be fixed or users need to warned up front of the possibility of losing hours of work.

  • Unable to load the project. latter is probably damaged or contain outdated elements

    any one can help me with this probleme

    I am the one with the problem wich kaderdz exposed. Sorry for my English writing, my first language is French!
    I still have the same problem and some of my projects won't open (months of work...).
    The few projects that opens are kind of weird : only one chanel work in the audio, and the "title" window has also change. Here are some screen shots of what happens :
    message 1:
    message 2 - translation : impossible to charge the project. It is damage or contain obsolet elements :
    message 3 :
    title window :
    I would be so grateful if you can solve the problem. It's a lot of work!!

  • Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project.  The project is invalid.

    We're having troubles opening/viewing our 'prepsmart' project
    on our production server. (It works fine in our test environment).
    I have tried re-installing RoboEngine 4.0, and successfully
    re-generated and re-published the project to the server. However,
    when I try to access the project using a url like:
    it displays the message: "Contragulations The RoboEngine has been
    successfully created. To get started using RoboEngine, you need to
    publish a project. Please see the getting started guide or
    deployment manual that corresponds to your authoring tool for more
    information. "
    I see the same screen if I click on "View Project" within the
    RogoEngine Configuration Manager.
    When I click the Troubleshoot icon in the Configuration
    manager, it lists the following errors:
    Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project. The
    project is invalid.
    Project prepsmart cannot be found.
    Unable to locate the ' ' window.
    Cannot find the list of projects.
    If I specify a specific page (i.e.
    it displays the help page. So, I
    think the web site is configured and working OK.
    Any ideas why I can successfully publish the project, but
    RoboEngine can't find the project?

    Hello Vipul Kumawat,
    I saw a related thread from here:
    Their solution is related to fix corrupt Visual Studio.
    So may I clarify the following:
    1. What's your Visual Studio version?
    2. Have you ever tried to repair Visual Studio from control panel first?
    3. Can you reproduce this issue when access any other new projects? For example, Store App, WPF App, or even new simple Windows Phone app? What's the result if you use them?
    Best regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Unable to load project after delete some path with files but not used at all

    Im using the demo of Premiere Pro CC last demo download today.
    All the fuc**ng day editing some videos, and saved, then I deleted som efolder containing some video files (almost not used) then when I try to open premiere the project I were working, premiere opens, load and freezes and nothing happens, it keeps on the main area withouht any windows, and I cant get my 10 hours of work What happening with thei premiere ? And Im unable to open the project in Premiere CC 7.0 from another computer as saif it was done using new version.
    Or never never more use premiere

    Don't do this mid stream in EDIT
    ... I deleted som efolder containing some video files (almost not used)...
    TRY  - Go to you Back Up project file or an Auto save and hope that recovers some of your work afterrestoring what you deleted.

  • Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database

    I have Robohelp 2002r2 and am creating Robohelp HTML help.
    The project was ok yesterday but today when I try to open it I get
    the error message "Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable
    to load database". I tried the solutions in the knowledgebase
    (rb_3245) but still no luck. I can't even create a new project
    either or I get the same message. Anybody know what to

    Welcome to the forum.
    The message is usually easily dealt with. I haven't checked
    the article as you didn't include a link but I'm guessing it
    involved deleting a couple of files and then using the HHP file to
    open the project.
    What is more worrying is that you cannot create a new
    Have you tried opening one of the supplied sample files?
    Are your projects stored locally and not on a network?
    Have IT given you a new profile to log on with?
    Has anything else changed in your environment?

  • Project Error: Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database

    I checked an HTMLHelp project out of SourceOff Site (SOS),
    then attempted to open it locally with RoboHelp 5 when I got the
    error message: "Open project was cancelled or RoboHelp was unable
    to load database."
    I found the TechNote for this error message (rb_3245) which
    said to delete the .xpj and .cpd files, then right-click the HHP
    file and click Edit to open the project. This worked fine for
    opening the project, however the Primary Layout Source defaulted to
    WebHelp. I reset the Primary Layout Source to HTMLHelp which caused
    all of the graphics in the project to not display. I fixed this
    issue, compiled the Help, and all appeared to be fixed. I checked
    the project back into SOS to back it up. This morning, I checked it
    out of SOS and tried to open the project locally again, only to get
    the same error. I closed the project, undid the check-out, and
    asked another writer to check-out the project then open it locally
    to see if he got the same error. He did not get the error.
    I am not sure what could be wrong on my computer that is
    causing this error. I had no problems opening and using this
    project until yesterday and I made no file name or path changes to
    the project. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

    Welcome to the forum.
    The message is usually easily dealt with. I haven't checked
    the article as you didn't include a link but I'm guessing it
    involved deleting a couple of files and then using the HHP file to
    open the project.
    What is more worrying is that you cannot create a new
    Have you tried opening one of the supplied sample files?
    Are your projects stored locally and not on a network?
    Have IT given you a new profile to log on with?
    Has anything else changed in your environment?

  • "open project was cancelled or the application was unable to load database for..."

    I'm doing a project for my Professional Writing course and I
    have to use RoboHelp to create an online help document. The
    professor provided templates for us to use but when I go to open
    the project file I get the following error: "open project was
    cancelled or the application was unable to load database
    for....(then the directory)"
    I know the project file isn't corrupted because the members
    of my class are using the same one without issue. I tried
    re-downloading the file, I also re-installed the program itself,
    still with no luck. I'm using a Trial Version of RoboHelp 6.0 .
    The only other suggestions I have seen are that I don't have
    edit perms for the system, but it's my personal laptop and I have
    full admin privs. I thought at first that the folder was read-only,
    but when I opened it up all it displays is the little green box in
    the checkbox (which doesn't mean the folder is read-only, it's just
    some stupid windows default, it's only read-only if the box is
    actually checked). I tried making the entire directory read-only
    and then turn it off but still get the same error.
    Any suggestions?

    There's a topic on my site about Opening Projects that
    includes the method of deleting the CPD and XPJ files but I didn't
    cover that as the project is good for everyone else. Anything is
    worth a try at the moment though.
    Another thing to try is to rename the course folder, then
    create a new folder with the same name plus all sub folders. Then
    move the files across. That will ensure the folder properties are
    good and not read only. Yes I know what you said but again anything
    is worth a try.
    Also, in the last post you are saying the directory is not
    read-only. I assume the files are all good?
    Ref my previous post, is it the case that now you are getting
    an error before the original error would have popped up?

  • Open project was cancelled or application was unable to load database for pathname

    My pc is installed with Robohelp 3x. Recently I shifted the
    pc from one room to anther. Now when I attempt to open my existing
    workable solution, it give me the following message: "Open project
    was canceled or application was unable to load database for
    <pathname>". Do I need to call for Robohelp technical
    support? If yes, can someone provide me the toll free number?
    Can someone pls advise?

    Thanks Peter, managed to get in through the link you've
    given. I seriously doubt it has anything gotta do with a corrupted
    project. I have 2 working projects last week but they can no longer
    be opened this week.
    I tried even to created an empty project from scratch. It was
    created successfully but when I reopen the project, it shows the
    same error message.
    Could there have been other possibilities or ways which I can

  • Project Details Web Part Unable To Load

    We have recently migrated a customer's Project Server 2007 instance to Project Server 2013. While opening some of the projects in PWA to edit the project custom fields, we encountered an error "This Web Part was unable to load.". Further investigation
    found that it was due to some non-mandatory custom fields having lookup tables and graphical indicators, but were entered as blank. We did not have any problems in Project Server 2007. Is there any solution for this?
    The ULS log shows the following error: 
    [bucketHash:E8DACC42] Webpart ProjectFieldPart failed in PageLoadComplete. Unique ID: 06385c9c-53dd-20d6-7f2f-37a33f0b405c System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast DBNull.Value to type 'System.Guid'. Please use a nullable type.     at System.Data.DataRowExtensions.UnboxT`1.ValueField(Object
    value)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.CustomFieldUtil.<BuildCFInputRow>b__0(DataRow row)     at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator`2.MoveNext()     at System.Collections.Generic.List`1..ctor(IEnumerable`1
    collection)     at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToList[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.CustomFieldUtil.BuildCFInputRow(Control ctlParent, CustomFieldsRow cf, String cfID, Hashtable htValues,
    ArrayList clientIdAl, ArrayList divBtnPairs, Boolean useSecondaryUid, Boolean fieldReadOnly, Boolean isBulkEdit, String currency, Boolean loadDefaultForLU, Boolean forceSingleValue, LookupTableDataSet ltds, Nullable`1 serverSeparator, Page page)    
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.RenderReadWriteProjectField(Guid customFieldGuid, ProjectFieldDisplayModel customFieldInfo, Literal lblName, Literal lblDescription, PlaceHolder pchCFControl, String[] containingElements)    
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.ProcessCustomFieldControl(Guid customFieldGuid, Literal lblName, Literal requiredControl, Literal lblDescription, PlaceHolder pchCFControl, String[] containingElements)     at
    Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.ReplacePlaceHoldersWithCustomFieldControls()     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.PWAResiliencyPart.PageLoadComplete_ResiliencyCallback(Object sender, EventArgs e) StackTrace: 
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (sig=85ae470f-554c-4a8c-992e-92aeb657c829|2|microsoft.office.project.server.native.pdb, offset=3C1E) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (offset=1255D)

    Try to update web from following after migration you need to perform below for web part
    $Web = get-SPWeb $Web.AllProperties | Format-Table
    $Web = get-SPWeb 
    $Web.AllProperties | Format-Table
    also from you last reply i understood that after removing custom field which are having graphical indicator and look up PDP is working as expected. It means look up and graphical indicator is creating issues.
    For Custom field which are having look up field if no value will be selected then it may give error its a expected behavior. It means you need to fill values in those custom field else you will face issue.
    For Graphical Indicator issue: Go through below links 
    Hope it will help. Please let me know the out come. 

  • Project Server 2013 - This webpart was unable to load

    Hi all,
    I am getting the following error in project server 2013 project sites:
    This webpart was unable to load. For more information, please contact your server administrator.
    I only get this error message on 'Project Summary Web Part'.
    Any idea what it could be?
    Thank you,

    Hi there!
    I got similar problem in a PDP that was working perfectly even after migration to 2013. On this case, my PDP was showing the webpart that let you to choose what fields and custom fields want to show on a specific PDP.
    I created a copy of the crashed PDP and got the same error. So I bet for remove all the custom fields and add one by one to see what happens. The surprise came up when it started to work when my PDP had just pair of custom fields. With this procedure,
    I found that the problem was on some specific custom fields created that had null values to all the projects created before. Once I forced value on those fields it worked properly!!
    Sometimes EPM2013 has a very strange behavioural and in some cases just clicking on EDIT and SAVE  without any change have solved some of my problems too.
    I hope it helps this to you and feel free to contact me if I can somehow help you :)

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