Unable to log and capture HD from HVR-25J

Does anyone know why I am not able to capture 1080i50 material from HVR-25J to the FCP 5 running in MAC PRO 3.0GHZ.
The setup i have in the HVR is:
i link set to HDV (i link off).
video out is 1080i50
i link is connected to fire wire in mac and i could see that in system profile.
Setup in FCP:
sequence pst: HDV 1080i50
capture preset: HDV
Device control:Sony HDV 1080i50 Fire wire.
The mesage in FCP is "unable to locate the following external devices: HDV (1440*1080)50i
Thanks for any help

just to clarify ... iLink set to HDV (iLink off) ?
is it on or off? maybe try turning it On

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    I am unable to go into Log and Capture mode in FCP 4. I can capture from firewire using I movie just fine so I know the sytem works. The minute I open Log and Capture from within FCP (with the JVC Mini-DV camera hooked up thru Firewire), it crashes. Help. I upgraded from FCP 3 to FCP 4 a couple years ago and it hasn't worked right since. Would re-installing the FCP 4 upgrade work? Also, my system works very sluggish. Please explain to me how I would make the veersion of FCP 4 my boot disk. I realize that I can't have the FCP 4 application and the media on the same drive but is there a way to partition one of my drives and make FCP one of the startup disks? Hope this isn't too confusing. Thanks.

    First off, FCP 4 was darn unstable. FCP 4.5 is a free upgrade and is STILL the most stable version out there. FCP 5 is getting there.
    Secondly, try:
    Shane's Stock Tip Mantra: If the program was working fine, and now isn't, or just isn't working the way it should, the first things to do are:
    1) Trash your FCP preferences. Download the appropriate version of FCP Rescue at http://fcprescue.andersholck.com/ and run it.
    2) Open the Disk Utility and Repair Permissions.
    As for partitioning the hard drive, that isn't necessary. Hasn't been since FCP 3.

  • Unable to "Log and Capture" with Canopus

    Hello all -
    Recently bought a Canopus ADVC700.
    Connected it to my Apple G4, running FCP HD 4.5 and to my Sony DSR20 VTR.
    Audio and video can be caputred using the "Capture Now" method, but I'm unable to log shots and then capture.
    Tried several work-araounds, using "Easy Setup" and "Capture Settings", but I have zero control on the Sony deck.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I've contacted Canopus and awaiting a reply...also checked their website to see if I needed a driver (which there appairently isn't one).

    I kinda think you've configured this all wrong and Canopus is now part of Thomson/Grass Valley so I'm not at all surprised that the support on this product is a little, umm, lacking.
    I would try this to start and then start on other variations if it don't work.
    DSR20 - Firewire - ADVC700
    DSR20 - RS422 Dsub cable - ADVC700
    ADVC700 - Firewire - Apple G4
    FCP's capture/control configs should be set to firewire, logically.
    DSR20 control menu should be set to rs422
    ADVC700 should be set to rs422 control
    Thinking through what you have going on this sounds logical to me.
    I don't understand why you're using S-video between the DSR20 and the ADVC700. You're undergoing a conversion of DV25 to analog if you use S-Video as well as the bnc composite spigot and then converting back to DV25 in the 700.
    Do you need a frame sync or just RS422 control?
    Is there any reason you can't use a [Keyspan 28X|http://www.keyspan.com/products/usa28xg> with an [Addenda|http://www.addenda-elect.com/product.htm] Mac to RS422 cable? I used this set up for a long time on my G4 and it worked great with my JVC vtr.

  • Preview disabled in log and capture

    I am using Final Cut Pro 7 on the latest iMac i7.
    I have a DVCam deck connected to the iMac via a firwire 800 cable.
    There is a DV tape with DV footage in the deck.
    I am able to control the deck from log and capture but the display is the colour bar window with PREVIEW DISABLED on it.
    I have checked and double checked that my settings are correct, that video and audio are selected in capture settings etc etc.
    Everything is selected correctly on the deck.
    All mu suer preferences and presets are also correct.
    I have trashed FCP preferences as well.
    The content on the tape is viewable fine on the camera and on an external monitor.
    So, in summary:
    I am unable to log and capture DV material from the tape even though the deck is controllable from log and capture window.

    It's a Sony DVCam DSR 11 deck which will play mini DV or DvCam tapes recorded in PAL or NTSC.
    I haven't changed anything on the deck at all since last usung it a few weeks ago with the G5 and Tiger OS. I simply unplugged the firewire and plugged it straight into the new iMac.
    The old G5 was running FCP6, but because the G5 and Tiger (it's was a pre Intel machine) won't run FCP7 I decided to use this as the reason to upgrade and chage to the iMac i7 Lion OS.
    The material in question is PAL DV on mini tapes.
    The camera is a Panasonic DVX100A and only capapble of recording in SD DV.
    All the selection switches are correct on the deck. I'm puzzled why I can get the image and capture from the camera, with the same cable, and yet not from the deck.
    Thanks Michael

  • Audio lag from Canon XHA1 speaker during log and capture

    Hey All,
    I'm working with a Canon XHA1. I'm logging and capturing video shot in HDV (1920 by 1080) @ 60i, . I can see the video on screen but the audio playing back from the camera is about half a second behind what I'm seeing on screen.
    My video monitor on the camera sincs up fine with the audio during this process AND my final capture is fine. It's just hard to work with this audio delay during the log and capture.
    Is this a settings issue? I don't think I can monitor sound through the computer during log and capture, right?
    Here are my settings:
    Sequence preset:
    HDV - 1080i60
    Capture preset: HDV
    Device control preset:
    HDV Firewire Basic
    Video Playback: None
    Audio Playback: Default
    Any suggestions?
    AND can anybody tell me what Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i60 means?
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Oh, and I neglected to mention I'm using a MacBook Pro running 10.4.10 and I'm running FCP 5.1.4
    Thanks in advance.

  • Log and Capturing from USB device?

    I have a VHS connected to my G5 using an InterView RCA to USB device. Is it possible to log and capture into FCP5? I seem to be getting the sound okay, but can't get the video.

    You can't capture to FCP without timecode.<<</div>
    Not true. You can easily capture non-timecoded footage from any number of sources, including VHS. Set FCP's device control to "Non-Controlable Device" and use "Capture Now." The source player will need to be connected to your DV device (camcorder, VTR or converter).
    VHS decks don't generate timecode<<</div>
    Also not true. Most pro VHS and S-VHS VTRs have both VITC and LTC capability.

  • Importing Footage from Camera (Log and Capture)

    I am importing footage from my camera onto FC. Now my laptop doesn't have nearly enough space to import all the footage, but I have an external HD with 500 GB which is more than enough. But when I press log and capture, it immediately takes up space on the computer. Is there a way to import the footage directly to the hard drive?

    In Final Cut Pro, go to the menu Final Cut Pro > System Settings.
    When the System Settings Pane opens, on the Scratch Disks Tab, you can deselect your system disk and select your external drive as the location for the media you are using. You need to deselect the system drive, not just add your external. When done, click OK. Any media you have already transferred to the system disk will still be available for use in the edit, this will direct FC to use your external as the media storage device from this point forward.
    Your external drive should be connected to your computer via firewire or esata, USB (other than USB3) is not recommend for video work, and may give you performance issues.

  • CHALLENGE: CAPTURE files from JVC H7 Camcorder to FCE via log and capture.

    Thanks to this forum I can now capture from my JVC HD7 in real time. BUT, the utility File>Log and Transfer seems lots better. See www.apple.com/finalcutexpress/ and look at the video AVCHD capture. My JVC AVCHD does not seem to be able to log and capture. Maybe some genius can figure it out. Please help.
    Thanking in advance.

    Attn: Tom Wolsky.
    I was disappointed to hear I could not capture by Log and Capture with the JVCE Everio HD7.
    May I ask, Do you know any comparable camcorder with a 60 meg HD that would.
    Or what would be the best method to capture from the JVC?
    I have your book on order and looking forward to it.
    Thanks for ant help,

  • Logging and capturing from a hard drive camera

    I recently bought a jvc hard drive camera. It saves the video to 2 files a .mod file and a .moi file and when I try to use these in FCP it does not recognize these file types. Any help would be appreciated.

    Has your camera a firewire port? To use Log and Capture you must use such port. What model is it?

  • Perturbing FCP 7 Log and Capture Question

    I tried to digitize some HDV footage this afternoon, in theway I’ve always done it, but now suddenly it doesn’t work.  Details to follow, but first my rig:
    Mac Pro (Nehalem 2009) running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, NOFIREWIRE 400 PORTS
    Final Cut Studio 2 with FCP 7
    Sony Z1U HDV/SD videocamera connecting to Mac Pro via i.linkcable (aka firewire); I am using this to ingest because I can’t afford a deckat the moment.  I know about thewear on the heads, etc., etc.
    OWC Mercury Elite-Al Pro external media drive connected tocomputer via eSATA.
    Here’s the scenario (keeping in mind that I’ve done thiscountless times in the past with no problems):
    I connect the Z1U to the OWC drive with a 4-pin to 6-pinstandard FW 400 cable.  I do thisbecause the Mac Pro does not have any FW 400 inputs but the OWC drivedoes.  So I am in effect“daisy-chaining” and perhaps this is the problem.
    I turn on the camera.
    I start up FCP. It tells me:  “Unable tolocate the following external devices: HDV (1440 x 1080) 60i.”  After hitting “check again” a fewtimes, I hit “continue.”
    I load my new project, into which I want to bring all thiswonderful HDV footage of my friends’ wedding.  And, as I have done so many times, I hit command-8 to bringup the log and capture window.
    To my horror, it says, “Unable to initialize capturedevice.  Device is not connected orthe capture preset is not setup [sic] correctly.”  Etc., etc.
    I have read many posts here and elsewhere on similarproblems, so let me say what I have done:
    I check Easy Setup: It says HDV – 1080i60, which is what it should say.
    My Audio/Video Settings are:
    Sequence Preset: HDV 1080i60
    Capture Preset: HDV
    Device Control Preset: Sony HDV Firewire
    Video Playback: None
    Audio Playback: Default
    So now I go to my camera.  It is set to output HDV.  Component says 1080i/480i.  i.LINK Convert is off. Down Convert says Squeeze, but I assume that’s meaningless since thei.LINK Convert is set to off. A/V>DV Out is set to off.
    None of this makes a lick of difference, as far as I cantell.
    I shut off the camera and disconnect the cable, thenreconnect the cable and turn it back on. No help.
    I trash my FCP preferences, start FCP again, redo myprefs.  Nothing.
    I hit the reset button on the Z1U.  Nada.
    I do all this and then reboot the computer.  Bupkis.
    The footage was definitely shot in HDV.  I can play it fine on the camerascreen.
    I check the cable, which is brand new; it is firmly in placeon both ends.
    Okay, so now I turned off the camera, quit FCP, ejected theOWC drive and turned it off.  Iunplugged the eSATA cable.  I wentand got my MacBook Pro and connected it to the OWC drive with a FW 800 cable.  The camera was still connected to theOWC media drive via the i.LINK cable. I turned on the drive; I turned on the MacBook Pro; I turned on theZ1U.  I started up FCP, and here’swhat happened:
    It worked perfectly. No problem recognizing the camera, noproblem controlling it from the L&C window.
    You might say that this solves my problem.  But I prefer to edit on my desktopcomputer, and I am irritated that I can’t figure out what’s wrong.  My suspicions are that it must havesomething to do with the cabling. FCP is working just fine with the Z1U routed through my media drive, theOWC.  The only differences are thatmy drive is not connected to the computer via eSATA but FW 800.  I see no differences in the settings.
    Any insights?

    From what you say, I would suggest that the OWC enclosure does not utilize/energize the firewire interface when it is using the eSata.
    This is just a guess.
    Connect the Drive/Camera to your desktop via the FW800 cable: Mac Pro > FW800 Cable > OWC enclosure >FW 6Pin to 4 Pin Cable > HDV Camera. The speed difference between eSata and FW should be minimal as in each case you are limited by the FW400 connection at the camera.

  • Log and capture or Log and transfer?

    I'm a newbie to FCP, I've been working at it and researching, so I have a basic understanding, been able to do some good stuff, now I'm looking to find more time-economical ways to do things.  I'm a football coach, looking to cut up game films into individual plays (1 play per clip), and ideally being able to name each clip by it's play name "Trap" or "Pop Pass" for example.  It looks like I need to get into logging if possible.  My workflow at present when dealing with an opponent's film is to take a DVD, and get it onto my computer using MPEG Streamclip.  I've been using DVC-PAL as a codec at someone's suggestion, I can't rmemeber where I got that.  Is this a mistake?  Anyhow, I now import that movie file into FCP using File>Import.  At this point I can't do any logging though, if I try Log and Capture or Log and Transfer I get "Unable to initialize video deck", though it tells me I can still use Capture Now.  Once it opens the Log and Capture window, I get "Error: this operation requires a controllable deck."  and directs me to the Audio/Video Settings.  Here's where I'm pretty much lost.  Do I try to adjust settings from here?  If so, to what?  Do I need to start by changing my MPEG Streamclip settings and then trying to match those up in my FCP Audio/Video Settings?  Or do I need to completely overhaul the way I'm approaching this?  ARGH!  I've been impressed with myself getting to this point, any help from here would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!

    Log and Capture is used if you are capturing footage from tape based formats.  DV, HDV, HDCAM...others.
    Log and Transfer is for tapeless camera systems.  P2, XDCAM, Canon DSLR, AVCHD. 
    If your footage comes from DVDs...and you convert the footage to QT files...then you simply go to FILE>IMPORT.  You don't log with this method.  Just import and work with the footage.

  • Eject Button for Log and Capture

    Does anyone have a solution for ejecting tapes from the Log and Capture screen so the tape is ready to change when you get to the deck? This seems like a feature that would be really helpful for users using "Professional Decks". I have a BetaCamSP in one in NTSC and and one in PAL, a D-2 deck, a DNW-A45, a DigiBeta and a HVR-M35U. I use an AJA for I/O. Thanks

    It's been on lots of request lists as I think it's in the Avid GUI.
    But tape is dead so they're probably not going to bother. There's even been talk that Apple may (maybe even should) remove the whole log and capture interface as it's one of the oldest parts of the application and a major pain to rewrite to 64-bit. Third party apps, including the QT 7 player, can be used for tape capture.
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  • Log and capture problems for HDV using FCP 5.0.1

    I cant seem to get a picture in my log and capture browser when using HDV. The screen says my camera is connected, I see timecode correctly rolling in sync with my cameras timecode, I can use the controls, but no picture on the screen?
    When I hit capture now, the capture screen pops up and gives a message "waiting for data from device".
    we shot at 720p at 25fps, there is no capture preset for this in my version of FCP. Could this be the problem? Please help!!

    Thanks for responding.
    It's a mac osx 10.4.11 and a 2 ghz intel core duo. I'm using easy set up in final cut pro, but there is no option for hd fire wire basic (which apple support told me to look for). The only hd options are 1080i50, i60 and 720 p30. The other hd options are for the apple intermediate codec. When I use the easy set up for hd 1080i60, then go to log and capture, it doesn't give me the preview window to set in's out, batch capture etc. It only lets me capture straight from the camera and I have to manually stop it and start it which is a major pain. Plus the clips need to be rendered once I put them in a timeline. I've shot and edited on mini dv with final cut for nearly 7 years, but now that i've tried to upgrade and shoot hd mini dv, all of these problems have arrived in capturing. I'm starting to think my version of final cut pro (5.0.1) just doesn't work with hd, unless it's very time consuming. Any ideas?

  • Log and Capture in FCP 6.0.5 flash red frames

    So I have been having a very odd and troubling issue during my log and capture stage in post production, whenever I try to import a tape into FCP I get this intermittent red colored frame that flashes for what I could only guess is a frame and it happens probably every ten frames or so; I've tried every combination of hardware troubleshooting from a different deck and camera, tapes from all different times and cameras and formats, different firewire cables and even different firewire ports.
    Has anyone has any experience with this or even anything like this, and if so how can I make it stop, I have even tried that final cut maintenance program and basically everything short of a clean reinstall... do I really have to go that far!?

    Some users have success with the newer drivers others not so fortunate.
    Read through this thread:

  • No Audio during Log and Capture

    Hello, I have FCP 6.0 and am unable to hear my audio during log and capture. I have this problem on all 5 G5 Macs that I have, and have tried different editing docks and cables. I have used FCP for more than 5 years and have never had this problem. iMovie has audio during capture, so I am convinced that there is a pre-set in FCP that I don't have checked properly, but I've been over them many times and still have no answer. I searched past forums and didn't really find anything helpful to me.
    My pre-sets are set to DV NTSC 48kHz and the playback pre-sets are set to default. I can hear audio of my clips after I log and capture, but I still need to hear audio during importing. I'm more confused than anything. If anybody has had this problem before or any suggestions for me, I'm all ears.

    ... as Bogie says.
    However... this is a non-feature that dates back to slower CPU days... yet, still with all the different formats and such I (ME!!) I believe it's still good practice to leave it off.
    Devoting as much CPU work to the capture process lessens the chance for something to go wrong. You can easily monitor the audio directly out of the deck as needed.
    Sure -- octo cores need 30 apps open just to get your money's worth and I'm sure you won't have any issues using an 8th of one to send audio thru itself while the other 7 and 7/8ths are used for capture... but who wants to risk it?
    Not me... I'm to old to change my ways.
    Blast you FCP v1.2.5 on a beige G3 with 7gig and 15gig hard drive -- you taught me well.

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