Unable to Login to Creative Cloud App

Photoshop CC was crashing every time I attempted to open a new file inside of the application (Photoshop would stay open as long as did not attempt to open a file.)
I uninstalled PS CC.
When I attempted to reinstall. I received the following message in the CC app:
"Unknown Server Error: Sign in is currently unavailable. We are unable to access your account. Please try again later."
I ran the CC cleaner, restarted, and reinstalled CC. I am still receiving the message and unable to login.
My password has been reset from the recent security warning, and I am able to login to my Adobe account online, and everything seems to be in order.
I am running on OS X 10.8.5.
HELP, please.

Hi Bethany,
Welcome to the Community!
Try Solution 2 in this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/unknown-server-error-launching-cc.html, if doesn't work then try others.

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  • Problem with login on creative cloud app for windows.

    Hi everyone.
    Since yesterday I am having problems logging in at Creative Cloud on my windows desktop. I insert the user + password and after a few seconds i receive a message that I just logged off, without event logging in first.
    Here is a screenshot.
    Translating from portuguese, it says:
    "you logged off"
    "Login to continue"
    In other words: I am unable to login, and I receive this weird messe like i had just logged off.
    Please help.

    Hi Ronaldo,
    If you are continuing to experience difficulties with being unable to sign into the Creative Cloud desktop application then please see Unable to sign in to Creative Cloud after latest update - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/unable-login-creative-cloud-248.html.
    Thank you for posting on Adobe Forums.

  • Unable to login to Creative Cloud

    After starting CC the window is complete grey without any contents. When I start an CC application the Adobe Login window is shown. After the sign in with my id and password this erro message was shown:
    There was an error with this action. Try again later.
    I have this problem since 3 days. A uninstall and new installation of Creative Cloud does not resolve the problem

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  • Does the Creative Cloud app on Mac have to launch at login to check for updates?

    I don't really care to have the Creative Cloud app on my Mac running all the time.  I don't use any of the features for it other than to update apps.
    If I UNcheck "Launch at login"....will I still get notified of updates?

    I certainly didn't have the Application Manager running all the time in CS6.  Adobe must have had a background process checking for updates because in CS6 where there was an update, I would get the update icon in my menubar.
    What I'm wondering now is.....does CC have a similar process that will notify me of updates?  I don't want to have to manually launch the Creative Coud app just to check.

  • Cannot login to Creative Cloud, "Unable to reach Adobe servers," error message, but other people in the office can login.

    All Adobe apps have the "Sync Settings" button grayed out, and in the Creative Cloud app the prefs are grayed out. I think all these problems started with the last Yosemite 10.10.2 update. That was the same time my palates stopped working on dual monitors with any Adobe app. Help? Please? I already tried deleting the OOBE folder.

    Yosemite sometimes has problems, often related to "default" permissions needing to be changed
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  • Creative Cloud App / Windows 8 / New computer / app loging me out everytime!

    I have bought a new computer, an Acer E1-570 I have been trying since last Thursday to install the creative cloud app on this computer and do my work, but none of the online solutions you offer work....

    Sign Out When Sign In http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1450581?tstart=0 may help
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    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Getting signed out right after I sign in to Creative Cloud app

    I just downloaded the Creative Cloud app to manage my applications.
    Right after I sign in, I get a message saying I was signed out. What's wrong?

    Sign Out When Sign In http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1450581?tstart=0 may help
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  • How do I re-download Acrobat pro XI when Creative Cloud app thinks it's still installed?

    I've been having no end of grief with Creative Cloud on my late 2009 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac, running OS X 10.9.2. It slows my finder redraw down so that sometimes it takes 5 minutes to display the contents of a folder in the finder.
    So a couple of months ago I removed the Creative Cloud app from my machine, and things started running smoothly again except I was unable to update the rest of my CC apps.
    Needing to update the Camera Raw plugin for Photoshop CC, I reluctantly reinstalled the Creative Cloud app, which refused to recognise that I had a bunch of Adobe apps installed (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Bridge) ... all except Lightroom, which it recognised. So I uninstalled all my apps and re-downloaded them through Creative Cloud so CC would 'see' that I had the apps. Not so easy with Acrobat XI: I had problems opening it so I went through the 'Uninstal Acrobat XI' app in the Acrobat folder, and now Creative Cloud thinks it's still installed and therefore I can't download a fresh copy.
    Should I go through the rigmarole of uninstalling Creative Cloud again and run the risk of it losing track of all my other apps once again, or is there another way to work around this? Every time I try to download from the Adobe site it launches Creative Cloud...
    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me please.

    With the help of Adobe support, I signed out of Creative Cloud and signed back in. Although I'd done this yesterday with no result, it worked this time and I'm currently reinstalling Acrobat.

  • AMD FireGL GPU + Creative Cloud app = Color Depth & other Issues

    Hello,  I am writing this post to help anyone who may have ran into the same issues I am seeing with my AMD FireGL graphics adapter when using the Adobe Creative Cloud app on a windows 7 PC.
    I ran into a problem installing and setting up the Creative Cloud app on my new workstation that has an AMD FireGL graphics processor.
    First off, the system is new (dell precision m4800, with an AMD FireGL V M5100 GPU), and has all the most current drivers and updates available.. that is to say, this is not a hardware issue.
    The system operates just fine outside of the Creative Cloud app, but when I installed and attempted to login to Creative Cloud for access to download Illustrator, etc., the Creative Cloud app would open up and then only display a blank white page.  No graphics, no data, just white.  
    When I got stuck at this point I called Adobe support and spoke to a rep who had seen the issue before. The rep worked around the blank white page in CC by loading the windows device manager and manually disabling the AMD FireGL GPU device to re-install and login to the Creative Cloud app.   This temporarily forced windows to use the default/dummy VGA graphics driver supplied with windows.   With windows using the dummy 256-color vga driver we were able to get the creative cloud app running and get me logged in to install my design software. HOORAY!--or so I thought....
      At this point I assumed the issue was resolved, but I found that there was a new issue popping up every time I rebooted my system.  Windows would load and log me in using the 32bit color depth setting, but as soon as the Adobe Creative Cloud app started up, my color mode would switch to 256 colors... D`oh!  
    Obviously I don't want to run at only 256 colors, and neither should you!  Adobe, why does my color depth change to 256 colors every time the Creative Cloud app is loaded?
    If you want to temporarily reset the color depth to 32bit, you can go to Control Panel -> Display -> Adjust Resolution -> Advanced Settings -> Monitor Tab -> & select "True Color (32bit)" from the Colors drop-down menu.    Using this method will allow Adobe Creative Cloud app to continue running 24/7, however this is only a temporary fix, which will need to be applied every time the system is rebooted, or any time a user logs off then back in.. Frankly, its a bit of a PITA, so why bother?
    The permanent fix is simple.. go to Start -> & do a Search for "msconfig".   Once found, run the msconfig utility and switch to the "Startup" tab, where you will be presented with a list of boot time startup items.  Find the one labeled "Adobe Creative Cloud" and disable it by removing the check mark from the corresponding check box.   Then click OK.  You will be warned that a restart may be required.. go ahead and re-start.   This time, when the system boots, Adobe Creative Cloud will not load, and your color depth will remain at 32bit.  YAY!
    If need be you can always load up Creative Cloud manually from the start menu if you need it, but it will knock your color depth back to 256 colors.  Thus far i have had zero issues using adobe photoshop or illustrator without first loading the Creative Cloud app, so it isn't required.  If i need updates or need to access other features within the Creative Cloud app i can, but it doesnt need to run 24/7 to use other adobe apps.
    The short explanation is that Adobe is failing to fully and properly support the AMD FireGL graphics platform.  The adobe rep i spoke to essentially said the same thing, but made certain to blame the graphics device and not adobe software--sure thing boss.   The truth is that the FireGL and its varients have been on the market as long or longer than the nvidia products that are supported fully by adobe. 
    It is clear that Adobe has made a choice not to fully support AMD Workstation graphics (FireGL) since not only is the Creative Cloud app broken and causing problems, but also no graphics acceleration features work in any of my installed adobe apps.. I basically get a message saying "please us a supported graphics processor".  Seriously, how is FireGL not "Supported"?
    I am not an AMD or FireGL fanboy.. Frankly I cant stand AMD graphics adapters and I genuinely prefer nVidia on my personal systems.  At home, my 5 year old $100 nVidia gaming card is fully supported in all the adobe apps..
    At work, however, I have no choice what hardware is provided to me and this lack of FireGL support has negatively impacted my productivity more than once.  Admittedly, nvidia has much more market share than AMD in the workstation graphics realm, but that does not mean adobe should just ignore AMD completely!
    Hopefully this post will shed some light on issues with Adobe Creative Cloud app and FireGL graphics cards that others may be experiencing.
    Good Luck!

    Minor correction...  I called my GPU the FireGL, which is the old market name..  The current, proper market name is FirePro.. same line, just new branding after AMD purchased ATI.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud App does not show downloaded apps and shows "download error"

    I am not a full paying member just yet, and have been using Photoshop on trial for my graphic design courses. With the app, instead of showing me that my 30 day trial is over, I get a download error and contact customer support message. I have completely deleted and redownloaded the Creative Cloud App twice already, but am not sure how to fix this problem so I am still unable to download my free trials before purchase.
    How can I fix this problem?

    Hi Willi Adelberger,
    Please refer the kb: http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/kb/effects-launch-mac-os-109.html.
    Romit SInha

  • Adobe Creative Cloud app not displaying already installed apps and can't install new apps Mac OS 10.9

    I've been using the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 for a couple weeks now perfectly fine, until yesterday. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects quite extensively. This morning, I opened the Adobe CC app and all but Adobe Acrobat Pro show installed.  The other already installed apps have buttons to "install" but clicking this button shows the "Exit Code: 7 - Unable to complete Silent workflow" error in the logs. Ive tried disabling my Sophos antivirus program and restarted several times.  The already installed applications themselves seem to function normally, they open and work projects. I've even tried to uninstall one of the already installed programs (Bridge) and it fails to uninstall, saying I need to restart my computer and disengage my anti-virus, which I've done. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Adobe CC app as well, and have the same result.  Help.

    So I've completed the solutions listed in the help article with no changes. Here is how it has gone with each solution listed in the article. Also, it is not clear in the article whether these steps are to be done in sequence or may solve the problem individually, but since Solution 1 fails for me, doing them in sequence was impossible.
    Solution 1: Mac OS: Run the uninstaller in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers folder to remove the program listed as up-to-date.
    This does not work because uninstalling any of these applications does not work. As I stated in the post, the uninstaller for all of my adobe applications (photoshop, bridge, indesign etc) throws the same error each time saying I need to: restart my computer (done) close all applications (done) and disable my antivirus (done, which was fully engaged when I installed the apps originally with no issue) and disable my firewall (done, I don't use one). Not sure what I'm missing on that, plus its a real bummer that I need to reinstall all of my CC apps even if the uninstaller did work because my creative cloud app won't recoginize they've been installed.
    Solution 2: Remove the OPM.db file and relogin into the Creative Cloud desktop application using the Adobe ID tied to your subscription.
    This did nothing.
    Solution 3: Download and install the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app from Creative Cloud for desktop.
    This did nothing.
    Solution 4: See the steps listed in Solution 1 to remove all installed Adobe Creative software. Once all Adobe Creative software has been removed, use the CS Cleaner Tool to ensure a complete removal.  You can find details in Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6.
    This did not do much because I can't uninstall the software to begin with.
    What am I missing?

  • How can i delete my old verify E-Mail and register with my new E-Mail into Creative Cloud App on the PC?

    I want to register with another Account into my Creative Cloud. When i download Creative Cloud, they always say that i must accept and verfiy my E-mail at my e-mail adress, but i have forgotten the whole password of my e-mail. So i created an new adobe account and wanted to login with this account into creative cloud. but everytime i am in creative cloud i only can accpet and verify the old email, i can't do something else. i uninstall creative cloud and install it again from the new accout, but everytime i only can verify the old email. Could anybody help me and say how i can register with my new email , so that i can verify with my new email?
    I got an PC with Win7.

    I did, but they can't help me too. I uninstall the App, and reinstall it like 10 times, and everytime it is this: (Screen: Screenshot by Lightshot)
    I don't know anymore the E-Mail Password, because it was just an fun E-Mail Adress.
    Could anybody help me and say how i can register in the Adobe Creative Cloud App on my Desktop with my new Account?
    But thanks for the help attempt Sheena.

  • Creative cloud app for mac has no apps in it after update

    creative cloud app for mac has no apps in it after update "Download Error" I have already tried quitting and reopening and restarting.

    Hi CORP Lab,
    You can surely try the steps suggested by kglad and also if you can please share a screen shot of the error message ? When you try and login to the Creative Cloud Desktop Application , what is the message that you are getting ?
    Kartikay Sharma

  • Download Error in my Creative Cloud Apps Folder

    In my Adobe Creative Cloud "Apps" folder I'm getting the following message: Download error. Unable to reach Adobe servers. Please check your internet connectivity, firewall settings, and then try again. (400)
    Any ideas on what's going on?

    Hi Michael,
    Please see Sign in or activation errors | CS6, CS5.5 Subscriptions, CS6 Perpetual http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html for common steps to resolve the difficulties you are currently experiencing.
    If you are on a managed network?  If so please see refer your I.T. department to the Adobe Creative Cloud Service Access Documentation for IT section of http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/enterprisedeployment.html
    Let me know the results.

  • Creative Cloud App Blank Screen

    Hello guys,
    I have just bought Creative Cloud and i try to download my app, well: i open my creative cloud app, i enter my login details and after that the windows shows the loading icon.
    Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-10-20 19.33.15.png
    I have already tried to rename the opm file..
    Any idea how to fix it?

    Right click on Creative Cloud Desktop > Run With Graphics Processor > Integrated graphics.
    This issue comes when you use dual graphic card on your computer.

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