Unable to save or open files in Excel from Office 2011 on my Mac Air with Mountain Lion?

Excel 2011 no longer saves or opens files?

I found this page under Microsoft's web area listing known issues with Excel 2011 on the Mac.
One is entitled "You cannot save a file that includes a hyperlink".  That and/or other references on this page might be helpful.
http://mac2.microsoft.com/help/office/14/en-us/word/item/4ba243ae-1afa-4283-ba6a -d2a020dcc07a

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  • Open file in excel from labview

    I need a way to open an existing Excel file, that may or may not be open already.  I am using the attached "Open Specific WorkBook.vi" from the examples.  My LabVIEW program must be able to either open a specifc Excel workbook and worksheet even if it is already open.  Is this even possible, or would it be better to close it (if open), the open it again?
    Open Specific WorkBook.vi ‏37 KB

    As you probably know, nothing "bad" happens when you open Excel if it's already open, it just doesn't come to the front of your LabVIIEW ap. To get it to the front, Minimize the Excel window then immediately Maximize it (or Normalize it) programmatically with a PN.  I have tried many of the other methods (but not all of them) to no avail, this works for me. There may be a more elegant solution.
    There are other known methods to bring an ap to the front, with callbacks etc, but they can be clunky, or require Userlib32, etc. Since this property node already exists in your ap, it's comes at little expense.
    Of course, you may want to check that the ap was open before you do this, but even that is optional, at the expense of a little flashing on the screen.
    windowState.gif ‏4 KB

  • How can i stop an error message that comes up when i am using word? the error message is "word is unable to save the Autorecover file in the location specified. Make sure that you have specified a valid location for Autoreover files in Preferences,-

    how can i stop an error message that comes up when i am using word? the error message is "word is unable to save the Autorecover file in the location specified. Make sure that you have specified a valid location for Autoreover files in Preferences,…"

    It sounds like if you open Preferences in Word there will be a place where you can specify where to store autorecover files. Right now it sounds like it's pointing to somewhere that doesn't exist.

  • Developers I need an applescript that opens documents in excel from a specified folder and saves them as .xlsx from their current .xlsb

    Apr 3, 2014 11:12 AM 
    I tried simply renaming them however it just corrupts the files when I do it like that so I need the applescript to open the files in excel and the save them as .xlsx to test I only need it one folder but if it works I'd like to be able to do it for all documents with .xlsb extentions that are in a huge folder with subfolders that contain a mix of .pdf, .docx, .xlsx and .xlsb. Please Help.
    Applescript Editor, Mac OS X (10.6.8) 
    I have this question too (0) 
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    Re: I need an applescript that opens documents in excel from a specified folder and saves them as .xlsx from their current .xlsbApr 3, 2014 11:19 AM (in response to mule13470) 
    In that huge folder I only need the .xlsb files opened and saved to .xlsx not the others, in case that wasn't clear above.

    In that huge folder I only need the .xlsb files opened and saved to .xlsx not the others, in case that wasn't clear above.

  • Preflight keeps saying  "Unable to save the PDF File after post processing"

    I'm at a loss how to overcome this. Spent almost a whole day, together with another person, trying to fix it with no success!
    I use Adobe pro CC on a PC
    I usually receive pdf files from this one client who edits and formats a book in Mac Pages. Up until a few days ago I had no problems converting the client's pdfs into pdf/x3, but the last three versions of the latest file have stumped me.
    Just to test, I first just tried to convert the file (33MB), unchanged, to pdf/x3 using the save as other option - message reads  "the document has been saved, however, it could not be converted according to the selected standard profile: convert to PDF/X. Please use preflight with the profile "Convert to PDF/X" in order to identify those properties of the document which prevent it from being compliant to this profile"
    if I then choose under Profiles - convert to PDF/X3 - it says no problems found, and appears to have saved the file. If I try to save again as a pdf/x3, just to make sure, it then tells me it's not pdf/x3 compliant
    OK - so then I go back to preflight - and choose the standards function - then pdf/x3, then continue with the default colour profile. About halfway through the conversion, at the point of saving the file,  I get the message "unable to save the pdf file after post processing"
    So far I've had no luck figuring out what this is.
    I then choose the option of "verify compliance of ppdf/x3" - message reads "pdf/x3 version key (GTS_PDFXVersion) missing", and "Trapped key not true or false"
    Help!! How can I be sure the file converted / or not?

    Yes I was/am aware of Preflight's inability to play nicely over cloud technologies in certain cases, especially wrt Standards technologies, this will be partially addressed in an upcoming version of Preflight without saying too much.  But the same thing could theoretically have happened if the file was also located on another local network client or server.  Leaving aside the argument that this may violate the Acrobat User Agreement - since purchasing the software, the user agrees to employ its functionality on a single host system and precludes host-client-based scenarios - this simply is not a supported use, meaning the user may not have expectations that it will work at all, if the applications requirements are not observed.  There do exist server-solutions for Preflight files within networks, but Acrobat and by extension Acrobat Preflight is not one of those solutions, and (still) belongs in the single host-based desktop environment.
    However most (99.9%) functions within Acrobat <-> acrobat.com file exchange are supported, file syncing across multiple devices will soon be supported, but Standards compliance is still admittedly a problem at this point.  Some testing has been done using 3rd party cloud technologies starting with enterprise-based solutions, such as Office 365, and this will continue to ramp up to include other 3rd party products.
    As for the second point, Preflight will usually change the PDF version to be complaint, are you saying that it was unable to do so in this case?  It seems that this error should have popped up during the normal Preflight conversion attempt.  Personally I think solving a workflow problem using the print path is a little bit of a heavy-handed approach, but if helped and the results are acceptable, then that is good.  Since that path is non-existent on a Mac, as one needs to Save as Adobe PDF from the Print dialog's PDF drop-down menu, I am assuming your workflow involved file creation on a Mac, then further processing on Windows using the PDF printer.  I am wondering if a simple resave/Save As... to PDF with overwrite on a Mac, or Preflighting the file using a PDF version compatibility profile before the PDF/X conversion would have helped.  Since there are such a multitude of methods that a PDF can be created, there are also many ways within Acrobat that a user can shape the file to be compatible with the expected workflow, ie, 'many ways to skin a cat', without being morbid.

  • I cannot open files in excel with error message "The file name or path contains invalid characters

    I cannot open files in excel with error message "The file name or path contains invalid characters

    Found the solution. The hardrive name was changed to "/" which is not a recognised file path character. So I changed the name to "Mac" then I was able to already open all files in excel and word

  • Save all Open Files in CS4?

    Hi all,
    Looking for a script that will save all open files as a a JPG to a specific directory.  I tried using this in CS4 but it doesnt work.  It just opens the save dialog and thats it.  Want something a bit more automated:
    var tempFolder = new Folder ("C:/Your_Temporary_Folder")
    var DL = documents.length;
       activeDocument = documents[a-1];
       var AD=activeDocument;
       var imgName= AD.name;
       imgName = imgName.substr(0, imgName.length -4);
       saveFile = new File("C:/Your_Temporary_Folder/"+imgName+".jpg");
       saveOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions();
       saveOptions.embedColorProfile = true;
       saveOptions.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE;
       saveOptions.matte = MatteType.NONE;
       saveOptions.quality = 12;
       AD.saveAs(saveFile, saveOptions, true,Extension.LOWERCASE);

    Hi guys,
    That fixed it.  The other problem was that the name length was too short:
       imgName = imgName.substr(0, imgName.length -0);
    So I corrected that as well.  Thanks for your help.
    Is it possible to add a "close without prompting to save" in the script?  So it basically saves the file then closes the window in PS without prompting me to save it again?

  • Unable to save or download files, already tried suggested options

    I'm not the most tech-savvy creature on the planet, so bear with me.
    For a while now, I've been unable to save or download files using Firefox. IE isn't working either, but I only initially used IE on this computer to download Firefox anyway. I've tried the [http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Unable%20to%20download%20or%20save%20files suggested options].
    I'm not incapable of downloading though - Steam and the Blizzard launcher are still working as always. AVG's updating download, hoever, doesn't appear to work. On occasion, I have been able to download things - VLC Media Player and seldomly an item I attempt to download will successfully be saved. It's so infrequent and unpredictable though, that I can't reliably find out what's allowing me to do so. Needless to say, since my virus and spyware scanners appear to be borked, I'm more than a touch worried and unable to download any suggested alternatives.
    When downloading a file, it will briefly appear in the location I saved it to before vanishing. I ask now because my computer's performance has seriously dropped within the last month or so, and I'm not convinced I'll be able to sort it out while I'm so thoroughly grounded without downloads.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi there, I've had a java problem ever since i removed an old version thinking that i didnt need it because i had newer versions, well, i've learned alot since then, but unfortunately not enough. I play an online game called runescape. For one month now, i've been searching up on google, EVERYWHERE, trying to find help so i can play my game again.
    I get up to a point where the game loads the game script, and on 100% comes up with an error "Error_loader_savefile - Unable to save to cache". I've tried everything, i've installed almost all of the java versions, I've been through environment variable settings and made sure that the PATH is pointing to a version of java, What can i do, im desperate for help, please post back. CHEERS

  • Save all open files?

    Is there a way or a script to save all open files in Adobe Illustrator?

    Thanks. How would one edit this, especially so that it doesn't close the files?
    Do I just delete the 4th line from the bottom?
    var WR="WR-SaveAndCloseAll v0.2\n\n";
    if (language == "de") {
      var MSG_nodocs = WR+"Kein Dokument ge\xF6ffnet.";
      var MSG_ask = WR+"Sollen alle Dokumente gespeichert und geschlossen werden?";
    } else {
      var MSG_nodocs = WR+"You have no open document."
      var MSG_ask = WR+"Are you sure to save and close all open documents?";
    var itemstoprocess=0;
    var error=0;
    var Docs=documents.length;
    if (Docs<1) {
    } else {
      if(confirm(MSG_ask)) {
        for(var i=0;i<Docs;i++) {

  • Acrobat 9.5, file corruption when combining .pdfs created from Word or Excel (from Office 2010) into a larger .pdf document

    In Acrobat 9, when I combine .pdfs created from Word or Excel (from Office 2010) into a larger .pdf document, there is data corruption. Some of the text appears as blank boxes when the pages are inserted into the larger .pdf, the main document. I have so far solved this by "printing" the files to .pdf, and then inserting them into the larger .pdf main document, but this creates a fatter .pdf file that is much larger than would otherwise be the case. Are there any other solutions within Acrobat 9, please? If this bug has been solved in Acrobat X or XI, please advise. Thanks.

    As far as the images are concerned, that may be a result of your choice of job settings. You may want to use the Press or Print option if the image quality is important. I assume you are talking about bit images in this case.
    As to the hangup, have you checked to see if AcroTray is active on your system? It may not be running as needed. In the meantime, try checking print to file and then opening that file in Distiller to complete the conversion to PDF.
    Before you ever try a reinstall, you need to do a repair first to see if that resolves the problem. There are a lot of unknowns about your exact process for the printing and your job settings that may be part of the problem. The rest of your system setup is useful in some cases, but did not help me see your problem.

  • Opening files in ps from lr.....

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help......?
    When i open files in ps from lr, the images don't have the exposure changes i've made in lr. Is there anything I can do to stop this as it's very frustrating to have done colour changes etc, then no have them shown in ps.
    Thanks in advance

    Kara_Rue wrote:
    The jpgs contain my photoshop edits so that is why I save them. As far as I know, the lightroom data will be retained but any additional photoshop editing will need to be saved in some format. I'm a professional photographer so I like to have the JPGS easily available for when people order prints.
    I suppose that is just a difference in our personal workflows. Since JPEG files are compressed with lossy compression, many people prefer to keep the TIF or the PSD that Photoshop creates. That file contains all of the Photoshop changes as well as the original Lightroom adjustments. And there is no quality loss in those files. Then JPEG images are created as needed for printing or sharing on the web. And once that purpose has been met, the JPEG files are deleted. But your workflow seems to be different, and one that you are comfortable with. Sorry for harping like I did. I didn't even think about your need to upgrade ACR. Just be aware that if you decide to upgrade it will be necessary to upgrade both programs in order to keep everything in sync.

  • Can someone please help, I have a dvd disk containing lecture videos, on a Windows pc it works fine, and the disk opens to the dvd menu. However on my macbook pro running Mountain Lion, it opens as a data disk, with video and audio in two seprate files??

    Can someone please help, I have a dvd disk containing lecture videos, on a Windows pc it works fine, and the disk opens to the dvd menu. However on my macbook pro running Mountain Lion, it opens as a data disk, with video and audio in two seprate files??

    You may need a 3rd party application to view the DVD in a wWindows format such as

  • Avi files of Excel screen shots and activities on a PC with Camtasia

    I'm creating avi files of Excel screen shots and activities on a PC with Camtasia, moving them to FCP5, and converting them to QuickTime movies. I've tried lots of settings at both ends of the process. The clips look great if played on QT pl;ayer or other players and not bad when played in the FCP viewer. They lose a lot of resolution when I move them to the timeline, render them, and view on the canvas. Any idea what settings I should use to get these clips looking really good? Thanks very much.
    Ernie Horan

    Ok then. DVD is 720x480, essentially a DV image. But there is a lot you can do to maximixe the process. The idea being that you should maintain the best possible image all the way through the process until you absolutely HAVE to stomp on it. Little incremental quality changes at various stages will drive you crazy if you get a bad result at the end. You'll spend all your time trouble shooting which combinations caused the unacceptable condition. Better to only have one process to mess around with.
    First off, what are your output options from camtasia? DO export in QT. Codecs, frame sizes? Frame rate?
    Is there an 8 bit uncompressed video codec?
    And keep in mind that a full computer screen is NOT 720x480, so that's your first issue right there.
    You're going to have to supply us a lot of information for us to be of any real help. Might just start with a pan and pencil and doing short camtasia captures and try putting them in different sequence settings until you find the best combination.
    This is not what you want to hear, but I think it's the reality. Sorry not to be more help, but I haven't done one of these in years.

  • Open dialog crashing in Photoshop Elements 11 (Mac OS X Mountain Lion)

    I downloaded the trial for Photoshop Elements 11 for Mac. I'm using Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4).
    In the File > Open dialog, if I touch either of the two pop-up menus at the bottom of the dialog, Photoshop Elements crashes. This is 100% consistent and reproducible.
    This means I'm having a bit of trouble getting started at all. Mac users (10.8.4), can you confirm / deny this issue? Thx.
    Oh, by the way, exactly the same thing happens with the pop-up menu in the Save dialog. So if I want to set the image format to save in, I crash.

    Fixed the crash! Unfortunately I'm a bit hazy on the details. The key move was telling TinkerTool to revert to all defaults. But as to exactly which setting was triggering the issue, I'm not sure. I've restored a lot of my TinkerTool settings and the crash has not returned. So clearly I have not yet hit on the crucial one.
    The key observation here was that the crash was not occurring in a new clean user account. So evidently there was something about my primary user account that was essential to the crash. That started me on a long slow process of testing...

  • I just made the update with "Mountain Lion" on may MAC. Now I am not able to open all my Word-Documents any more. What can I do?

    I just made the update with "Mountain Lion" on my MAC. Now I´m not able to open all my (old) Word-Documents any more. What can I do?

    Office 2004 Applications Won't Work in Lion
    You must have Office 2004 which is a PPC-only suite and will not work in Lion. You need to upgrade to Office 2011 - Mactopia - or you can try the freeware suite, Libre Office, that is functionally similar to Office 2007 for Windows except it works on Lion.
    You may want to consider as well:
    These two suites are similar to Libre Office but not as current or as well-supported:
    Open Office
    And, then there is Apple's iWork suite:
    Pages - word processing and layout
    Keynote - presentation
    Numbers - spreadsheet
    Each can open and save Office compatible files. They may be purchased separately via the Mac App Store for $19.99 each.
    (Access to the Mac App Store requires Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or higher and an Apple ID.)

Maybe you are looking for

  • FTP Adapter not writing the file in FTP directory

    We have desiged BPEL Process which will get data from Oracle and write in txt file in FTP directory. For last few days, we are getting following error when we invoke the BPEL Process: file:/u102/product/

  • Mini Display cable length

    Can anyone tell me how long exactly the mini display cable is for the 24 inch dispaly. tks

  • Problems installing Windows XP

    I need to install Windows on my Mac to enable me to run my husband's accounting software. I partitioned my hard drive via Bootcamp successfully. I then tried to install my brand new Windows XP disc, the Mac shut down and then when it rebooted the scr

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    Is it possible to use a web site for a web cam so someone could watch me while we talk. What is the best software to sue for a web cam? I have the Ceative Web Cam NX. Thanks

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