Unable to take the printer files and printing issues in 10g reports

Hi all
recently i have migrated reports and forms to 10g. able to view reports thru browser properly when i am printing , alignment is getting disturbed. we have printer files , copied in forms directory as well as in reports directory.
how to print the report output from browser to printer .
all reports are character mode reports.
plz help me to sort out the issue.

Good Morning venu,
We generate to File as PDF and we could print after saving in local or network folders.
It works for us.
If you have any more questions, please post it.
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  • Lenovo Thinkvanta​ge Access Connection​s prevents Microsoft File and Printer Sharing

    We have several Think pad laptops deployed in our company, including G41, T61, and T500 models.  We are using Numara's Track It software to inventory our workstations and laptops.  The auditing process needs to have Microsoft File and Printer Sharing turned on in order to work.  We have enabled a group policy to set this to on by default.  However, the Thinkavntage Access connections manager for the LAN connection overrides the GP and turns off the File and Printer Sharing by default.  What's worse, with it off, we can't remotely manage the machine's services or even access the registry.  We know that his is the issue, because reconfiguring the access connections manager to allow the file and printer sharing will allow all of our remote administration tools to work, insluding the inventory audit.
    Does anyone know how to disable the access connection manager from running remotely?  or does anyone know how to change the settings remotely to all for the microsoft file and printer sharing to be enabled by default.  I would hate to have to visit each user individually just to turn off a setting. 
    anyone else run into headaches because of this "security feature"? 

    1.Find snetcfg.exe on internet
    2.Create batch who runs snetcfg with this commnads from network locations
    (this setting enable  File and Printer Sharing)
    snetcfg -u MS_Server
    snetcfg -c s -i MS_Server
    3. Deploy and run batch on laptops (GPO)
    4. Deploy new AC profiles settings  (.loa)
    sorry for my english

  • X301 "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" removed at re booting (XP SP-3)

    Even if I run the “Network Identification Wizard” (under System properties/Computer Name) to join a Workgroup, the box ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’ remains unchecked.  If I ticked it manually, it remains checked for the current session, but it is unchecked at booting.
    The same occurs with the Windows Firewall (I am running that from Symantec). I switch the Windows Firewall off, but after rebooting, it appears selected again!.
    This happens only with my brand new ThinkPad X301, which came with Vista. The package included a kit to convert to XP, but this installed a ‘naked’ XP, which required downloading from Lenovo and Windows about 1Gb of files (bad service, Lenovo guys!).
    I wonder which “safety” issue of the X301 causes this, but how can I stop this happening? (It does not occur with any of my two old ThinkPads, also running XP SP-3 and Lenovo software).
    Go to Solution.

    See -> http://www.vistax64.com/vista-networking-sharing/72537-file-printer-sharing-turned-off-reboot.html  Here is the text. Re: File and Printer sharing turned off on reboot
    In my case, it was in Lenovo's "ThinkVantage Access Connections" applet. It
    is additional security that is applied at the CONNECTION level.
    Here is how I fixed it:
    1. Double click on the ThinkVantage Access Connections applet in the
    notification area.
    2. Click on the MANAGE button on the toolbar
    3. Select the SSID where you want File Sharing to work, and click EDIT
    4. Click on the ADDITIONAL SETTINGS tab
    5. Next to "Network Security", click the SETTINGS button
    6. The first option in Security Settings is "Disable file and printer
    sharing". UNCHECK this box. Click OK for 3 levels of dialog boxes, then
    close Access Connections
    Although these directions are specific to ThinkPad notebooks, the same
    principle may apply for other manufacturers' connection managers.
    Best of luck!

  • How to check if file and printer sharing is on or off

    i want to evaluate if the windows file and printer-sharing is turned on or not with a script.   
    With regshot i found out that the DLL hgclp.dll is involved but not which registry-entry is the one set.

    i know it should be but on some machine it is not the case even if the domain-bind etc is fine.
    Manual workaround is to look at each one by hand and set it to enabled. Gpupdate does not change something in these cases.
    If i had a way to validate this setting via script it'd be faster.

  • Event id related to the removal of the file and print sharing for networks

    Hi ,
    Recently print team has migrated the print server from the physical old server A to the VM server A-new .After the migration ,  the server A-new is retained with the name server A shutting down the old server .
    But the clients are reporting that they are not be able to print because we found that due to this print team migrated the old print server to the new print server with the duplicated entries which reflected in AD. This our server team came to know once
    the complaint raised  by the site person to us saying that their printers are not working at all.
    While checking the issue only then we found that the duplicated entries are found in the AD for the printer objects published in the AD.Print team has done the improper migration and left to server team saying that it is our responsibility to solve the issues.
    And I suspect that somebody has  removed the file and print for networks in the network portion of the windows.We came to know only when we try to take any share either file share or print from the particular server to file server.
    After enabling that option in the network portion , everything got resolved as the duplicate entries removed from the AD and published one instance of the printers.
    I need to find the event in which this action has been triggered to remove that component and from that to identify who has done that..
    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks & Regards S.Swaminathan Live & let others live!!!

    There are some print events on the Domain Controller if one of the DC "pruned" the old print objects.  Unfortunately these are information events logged to Print-Service Operational channel which is not enabled by default.  You might
    be lucky and someone had these events enabled. 
    Check if the channel is enabled on all your domain controllers. 
    Alan Morris formerly with Windows Printing Team

  • Issue : Read a text file and print the same

    Hi, My requirement is to read a text file and print it the same way.
    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    import java.io.FileReader;
    public class CatFile {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
         FileReader file = new FileReader("D:/Test/Allfiles.txt");
         BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(file);
         String text = "";
         String line = reader.readLine();
         while (line != null)
              text += line;
              line = reader.readLine();
    The text file i used contains
    but my output is ABC.
    What change should be made to print it the same way in the txt file ?

    Hi EJP,
    I modified the code based on your suggestion and now its working as expected. Thanks
    Modified code :
    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    import java.io.FileReader;
    public class CatFile {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
         FileReader file = new FileReader("D:/Test/Allfiles.txt");
         BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(file);
         String text = "";
         String line = reader.readLine();
         while (line != null)
              line = reader.readLine();
              text += line;

  • Searching a text file and printing the line if found!

    Hi, Im fairly new to JAVA and have been googling this for hours and havent found any results that
    have helped me...
    Im looking to search a text file for a value that is in a that is delimited by colons
    eg 45787 : 398948 : 398884 : 398984
    IF that value is found I need to print this entire line and move it into a string.
    I can work out the delimit part, the problem for me is a)searching the text file
    and b) tell java to print that line only??
    Any help would be very very much appreciated

      public void printCourses() throws Exception
                stuinput[] courseObjArray = new stuinput[10]; //Make sure this is the same as the ammount in the text
                   Scanner sc = new Scanner(new File("testfile.txt"));
                   int i=0;
                   boolean found = false;
                   //Delimit this line with scanner
                   Scanner sc1 = new Scanner(sc.nextLine());
                   courseObjArray[i] = new stuinput(sc1.next(),sc1.next());
                   for(int i1 = 0;i1 < courseObjArray.length;i1++)
                   String courseCode2 = "courseObjArray[i1].courseCode";
                   if (courseCode2  == "12345")
                   else{System.out.println("Not Found");}
           }hmmm just wondering why could this method always return a "Not Found"....if the text file had a whole bunch of values like this
    isnt it surposed to return 1 "Working"?? because there is a 12345 in on of the line, in the semi colon delimited line with 2 values, one being the course code, one being the course name??
    Given that there is 10 lines (from Array Object)

  • File and Printer Sharing Problem with WRT54G

    I am currently having problems sharing files over my network. My setup consists of:
    3 laptops (wireless)
    1 desktop (wired)
    WRT54G V6.0 router with firmware version 1.00.9.
    All of the computers have File and Printer Sharing enabled, unique names, and are on the same workgroup. However none of the computers can see one another. When I try to view workgroup computers for my network places, the explorer window stops responding for about 30 sec. and then spits out a dialog with the error:
    "Workgroup is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
    The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."
    I think that this problem has something to do with the router, as I have been successfuly sharing files and a printer with these settings using a microsoft 802.11b router for over a year. After purchasing the linksys and swapping it out with my old router, filesharing no longer functions.
    I have spent a little time browsing the forums and have seen other posts from people with simmiler problems, but was unable to find any solutions.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I'm having the same problems as you are, I have 2 computers on wired the other wireless the router is in between and I can't access from either side, although I can ping and remote connect but just cannot share files across the network. I have looked all over the forums too and there saying to ditch linksys and do something else.
    Its not you thats caused this it is the firmware and the router that have the problems.
    My Specs:
    That new firmware update 1.00.9 just isn't working right. I might downgrade my fireware to fix this problem.
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  • Need to take a value from the csv file and query in a OAF page.

    I have a requirement to take the list of employee numbers in a csv file and display its corresponding job on the page.
    I have created a item 'MessageFileupload' where the user will upload the csv file containing the employee number and a Button 'Display Jobs' which will display the corresponding jobs on the page.
    Any idea how to take the values from the csv file and query it?

    Hi ,
    Below code works from above blogs.
    package xx.oracle.apps.pa.Lab.webui;
    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    import java.io.IOException;
    import java.io.InputStreamReader;
    // import java.io.*;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.common.VersionInfo;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAApplicationModule;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAViewObjectImpl;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAControllerImpl;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAPageContext;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OAWebBean;
    import oracle.jbo.domain.BlobDomain;
    import oracle.cabo.ui.data.DataObject;
    import oracle.jbo.Row;
    * Controller for ...
    public class deptCsvUploadCO extends OAControllerImpl
      public static final String RCS_ID="$Header$";
      public static final boolean RCS_ID_RECORDED =
            VersionInfo.recordClassVersion(RCS_ID, "%packagename%");
       * Layout and page setup logic for a region.
       * @param pageContext the current OA page context
       * @param webBean the web bean corresponding to the region
      public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
        super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
       * Procedure to handle form submissions for form elements in
       * a region.
       * @param pageContext the current OA page context
       * @param webBean the web bean corresponding to the region
      public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
        super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
        // Code Addition Started for CSV upload
        OAApplicationModule am = (OAApplicationModule) pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
        OAViewObjectImpl vo = (OAViewObjectImpl) am.findViewObject("deptCsvVO1");
          //if ("GoBtn".equals(pageContext.getParameter(EVENT_PARAM)))
           if (pageContext.getParameter("GoBtn") != null)
          System.out.println("Button Pressed");
              DataObject fileUploadData =(DataObject)pageContext.getNamedDataObject("FileUploadItem");
              String fileName = null;
              String contentType = null;
              Long fileSize = null;
              Integer fileType = new Integer(6);
              BlobDomain uploadedByteStream = null;
              BufferedReader in = null;
                      fileName = (String)fileUploadData.selectValue(null, "UPLOAD_FILE_NAME");
                      contentType =(String)fileUploadData.selectValue(null, "UPLOAD_FILE_MIME_TYPE");
                      uploadedByteStream = (BlobDomain)fileUploadData.selectValue(null, fileName);
                      in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(uploadedByteStream.getBinaryStream()));
                      fileSize = new Long(uploadedByteStream.getLength());
                      catch(NullPointerException ex)
                      throw new OAException("Please Select a File to Upload", OAException.ERROR);
                      //Open the CSV file for reading 
                      String lineReader=""; 
                      long t =0;
                      String[] linetext; 
                      while (((lineReader = in.readLine()) !=null) )
                      //Split the deliminated data and
                      if (lineReader.trim().length()>0)
                      linetext = lineReader.split(","); 
                      //Print the current line being
                      if (!vo.isPreparedForExecution())
                        System.out.println("Trimmed "+  linetext[1].replace("\"", ""));
                      Row row = vo.createRow();
                      row.setAttribute("Deptno", linetext[0].trim());
                      row.setAttribute("Dname",linetext[1].trim().replace("\"", ""));
                      row.setAttribute("Loc",linetext[2].trim().replace("\"", ""));
                      //row.setAttribute("Column4", linetext[3].trim());
                      catch (IOException e)
                            throw new OAException(e.getMessage(),OAException.ERROR);
              //else if (pageContext.getParameter("Upload") != null)
              throw new OAException("Uploaded SuccessFully",OAException.CONFIRMATION);     

  • Problem with file and printer sharing

    I just installed a Linksys WRT54G to replace a D-Link wireless router and cannot reestablish my file and printer sharing since replacing the router.  I had file and printer sharing working fine before installing the WRT54G.   All of the computers are running either XP Pro or 2000 Pro.  I have two printers attached to one of my computers that I was previously sharing with all of the other computers on our home network.  One is attached via a parallel port, the other via a USB port.  
    Here's what I've tried so far without success.
    1.  The IP of the WRT54G is, and the IP's it assigns to my LAN computers begin 192.168.1.XXX.  The old IP of the D-Link was and its LAN IPs were 192.168.0.XXX, so I've gone into my firewall and changed the settings for the range of trusted computers to correspond to the WRT54G's IP addresses.
    2.   I've tried uninstalling the printers and reinstalling them, including reinitializing printer sharing.
    3.  When I try to use the Windows  "Add printer" wizard to add a networked printer, it can see the computer that has the printers attached, but it does not see the printers.
    4.  I haven't fooled around with the file sharing settings, but they've all be lost too, so I suspect there is a common problem for both printer and file sharing.
    Any suggestions would be most welcome.  I don't know what would be different about the WRT54G that would cause this problem.

    Try this to Enable File and Printer Sharing...Turn Off the Router Firewall...Make sure the Windows Firewall is also Off...

  • File and Printer Sharing problem

    Message Edited by bartman_60042 on 11-13-2007 05:47 AM

    Oops...somehow submitted without any text.
    My set-up: Linksys Cable Modem with Linksys Wireless Router.  2 Desktop Computers (Black and Grey) and 1 Laptop.  Windows XP SP2 with all current upgrades on each.
    While setting up File and Printer Sharing, I have the following:
    1) The Black computer can file/printer share from both the Grey computer and Laptop.
    2) The Grey computer can only file/printer share from the Laptop; not from the Black computer.
    3) The Laptop can only file/printer share from the Grey computer; not from the Black computer.
    All 3 computers were configured the same as far as I can tell.  The only difference I notice is that the Black computer boots without the XP 'login' screen (no password required), could this be causing the problem?  If this is the issue, how would I change the settings to 'login' to the Black computer?  Any thing else which may be wrong?

  • I am trying to print a color photo on my MacBook Pro from iPhoto (not using Photoshop) using Epson 2200 printer, and everything I do in the Color Matching and Print Settings results in a photo with a pink cast to it. What am I doing wrong?

    I am trying to print a color photo on my MacBook Pro from iPhoto (not using Photoshop) using Epson 2200 printer, and everything I do in the Color Matching and Print Settings results in a photo with a pink cast to it. What am I doing wrong?

    Have you checked the ink cartridges and made sure the nozzles are clear? Are you able to print from outside of iPhoto with the correct color?
    Try the following: make temporary copy of the library and do the following:
    1 - delete the iPhoto preference file, com.apple.iPhoto.plist, that resides in your
         User/Home()/Library/ Preferences folder.
    2 - delete iPhoto's cache file, Cache.db, that is located in your
         User/Home()/Library/Caches/com.apple.iPhoto folder. 
    3 - launch iPhoto and try again.
    NOTE: If you're moved your library from its default location in your Home/Pictures folder you will have to point iPhoto to its new location when you next open iPhoto by holding down the Option key when launching iPhoto.  You'll also have to reset the iPhoto's various preferences.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Linking contiguous copy into InDesign

    Hello. I have a job that has say 10 different paragraphs of copy turning into a lot of variants. For instance: Letter 1 has copy 1, 2 and 3 Letter 2 has copy 1, 2 and 4 Letter 3 had copy 1, 4 and 8 Is there a way to import copy into InDesign and if i

  • Make pop-up appear as the topic only (i.e, w/o the screen layout)

    Hello All, I'd like to use pop-ups in my current project but I'd like for the pop-ups to appear as the topic only without the corresponding screen layout (side bar, contents, index, glossary, etc.).  I'm generating in Multiscreen_HTML5. When I previe

  • Industrial Hygiene_Safety measure

    Dear All, In Edit Workarea (CBIH02) screen when I try to click on Safety measure icon, system is issuing an error-"The role of person responsible does not exist". When i click on help the description is as below: The role of person responsible does n