Unable to view RAW thumbnails in Bridge since getting new camera

I have just purchased a new camera, and am unable to see the RAW file thumbnails as I would normally, when using the Photo Uploader in Bridge.
I have Elements 8, on a Mac.
I have downloaded the latest version of ACR, 6.2, in order to recognize the new camer's RAW files.
I can see the RAW image, but only if I open it via PSE8, and not when uploading to the Mac via Bridge. The only way I can see and process the RAW image is if I open the file via PSE8. If I look in Bridge, all I can see are lots of generic thumbnail images from PSE8.
My question mainly is how do I resolve this, as I am used to being able to see all of my RAW files in Bridge, and like using Bridge.
Do I need to update Bridge separately from ACR 6.2?
Many thanks.

Hi Barbara,
are you saying that I will not be able to use Bridge with any RAW file taken with the Lumix LX5?
If that is the case, what are m options? I would like to be able to see the thumbnails of the photos I have taken, in a Workspace setting, but at presnt, all I can do is see an individual photo by opening it via PSE8.
This is now extremely cumbersome, and frankly a real pain.
Would there be any advantage to purchasing PSE9?
I would appreciate any help at all.

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    I've just installed the trial version of Elements 8 on my Imac (Mac OS X version 10.6.3). I come from the PC world, so I'm kind of new at the MACs.
    I shoot RAW files with my Nikon D5000.
    When I upload them into Bridge, I can't see their thumbnails. I've checked my RAW preferences and it's 5.0, which I believe is the wrong version.
    So I followed the upload directions to to upload the latest version of RAW. When that completed I had a folder called AdobeCameraRaw -6.1 with 2 folders in it: AdobePatchinstaller and payloads. Neither of which do anything, nor do they match the instructions that came with the upload.
    When I click on the AdobePatchinstaller I get a error message that I need Adobe Application Manager, but I have no idea what that is or where to get it.
    Does anyone know about updating your RAW viewer?

    Go to http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/
    Change the drop-down up top to Camera RAW - Macintosh and Go
    Click on the ACR 5.7 link.
    On the page that comes up there is a download and instructions for various products including PSE 8.

  • Suddenly unable to view RAW previews in bridge

    I was recently using bridge and received an error message of some variety saying something about purging the cache so I closed the message and purged the cache.  Now none of my thumbnails are working for any of my RAW files.  I am running PS CS4.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for your help!

    Hmmm....I had 5.6 ACR installed but I can't tell if it's active.  When I try to do what you tell me above the logo for ACR plug in comes up in a box on the screen but then it disappears and nothing happens.  It's just a box that has the logo and version installed then it just takes me back to regular PS.  I did go back into bridge and I am unable to open any of my raw files in ACR, they just go straight to PS and the button on the toolbar is faded out and not letting me click on it.  This is making me think that it's a ACR issue.  I updated my software and my ACR 5.6 was updated with ACR 5.7 but I am still getting the same thing.  I run CS4 so I can't install the ACR 6.X.
    What else should I try?  Thanks again for your help.

  • Unable to view Raw Photos in Bridge CS4

    I'm using CS4 and Canon 50D with Windows 7 64Bit. I cannot view the Raw photos in the Bridge viewer. They open in Photoshop OK but just not able to view in Bridge.

    Thanks for your suggestions - I made sure I had only one camera raw file and that the latest plu-in were installed. After reading the support sites I finally was able to get it working very simply - going to View and then Show Hidden Files; that worked!
    Thanks Again

  • Unable to view .wmf thumbnail pictures - Windows 8

    I am unable to view the thumbnail pictures of a Microsoft clipart image on my computer.  I have had this problem before and I can't remember where I found a quick little patch/download to fix this problem.
    Does any one know how to fix this problem or know where the patch is?   I have Windows 8.
    Thank you.

    The IE app does not allow most plugins so it cannot run silverlight, you will need to keep using the desktop version.

  • Unable to rotate raw images in bridge, rotate buttons grayed out?

    Unable to rotate raw images in bridge, rotate buttons grayed out? 

    There is an ignore EXIF setting Preferences. I can't remember if that is Bridge or Photoshop, but IIRC it is for DNG files.
    Right.  Check Photosho > Preferences > File handling and make sure 'Ignore EXIF tag, is not checked.  I think that might do it, so long as it refers to sidecare files, because only RAW files would have one.

  • Need to view RAW thumbnails from Canon 7D MK II.  Using Elements 13.

    Has Adobe released codex for viewing raw thumbnails from new Canon 7D MKII?  When I call Canon, they suggested contacted Adobe.

    There was a new update released yesterday called Camera Raw 8.7.1.  If you haven't updated yours then it is worth a try but your particular camera wasn't mentioned in their blog.
    <Camera Raw 8.7.1 is now available>
    Good luck.

  • Unable to view images in my document in the new Maverick Pages!

    Unable to view images in my document in the new Maverick Pages!
    Opened an old doc which had about a hundred placed jpegs in it and when I opened it, Pages said that it wasn't including the background color nor the placed images. Why?

    Hi Suresh,
    Please check that you have crystalreportviewers11 (for version XI) or crystalreportviewers115 ( for version XI R2) folder in your BO installation and your web.xml has correct reference to it. You can copy this folder over in your web application and
    Add an entry in web.xml as follows ( if it doesn't exist)
      <param-value>/<your application name>/crystalreportviewers115</param-value>
    crystalreportviewers11\115 have images folder which contain all the images for Logo and toolbar. Check the images folder in viewers and make sure that they exist.

  • Photoshop Elements 8 - unable to view RAW files

    I have been using Adobe Elements 8 since it came on to the market. I use Canon Cameras and my latest one being a 1Dmkiv.
    When I got the Canon 1D I down loaded the appropriate RAW file I think it was 5.6 and followed the instructions and changed the Camera Raw.8bi file and it worked perfect and I was able to view and edit Raw files.
    Last week my computer failed and I have had a new hard drive and hence have had to upload all my software. I installed Elements 8 back onto the computer and reinstalled the photograph catalogues I had backed up within Elements 8 before the computer crash.
    When the photographs in the catalogues were viewed only JPEG files were visible, the raw files are shown as a a grey negative with a zig zag across them. I thought that I would have to upload again the lates RAW update, which I did and went through all the instructions as given by Adobe. I changed the Raw.8bi file within Elements 8 and I still am unable to view any Raw files within Elements 8. I desperately need access to these files. Any help would be appreciated
    Best regards

    Thanks so much for your reply. My problem appeared to be that most of the thumb
    nails had lost their links and I had to individually update the thumbnails from within the program. It wasn't a problem
    with the RAW file not being updated.

  • Unable to see RAW thumbails in bridge

    I'm not seeing RAW tumbnails in bridge CS4, whereas I can see them on the desktop screen when I copy them there. If I browse to these files in bridge again I still can't see the thumbnails, and at the same time it is visible on desktop. I downloaded Pentax drivers, graphic card drivers and moved over files to other locations. Also the open in camera raw function is not lite up in Bridge. Files open by the way when I click on them in Camera Raw. Any suggestions? I'm running Windows Vista. Thanks.

    art impression wrote:
    I downloaded Pentax drivers, graphic card drivers and moved over files to other locations. Also the open in camera raw function is not lite up in Bridge. Files open by the way when I click on them in Camera Raw. Any suggestions? I'm running Windows Vista. Thanks.
    The camera software should not have any influence on how Bridge processes pictures.  One red light is moving files.  If you have edited the RAW files and them moved it, or renamed it,  outside of Bridge you could get the XMP file seperated from the image file (or different name).  If that happens it might cause you loose the thumbnail.  To check this you can look at the folder in Windows Explorer, but as they are hidden files the option to view hidden files must be checked.  While there also check to see if the thumbnals are OK.  If some do not show you may have a contaminated file casusing the problem.
    Once you check on this select tools/cache/purge cache for xxx folder (use problem folder).  Let them rebuild and see if you get the thumbnails.

  • No longer able to view NEF files in Bridge or edit in Camera Raw 4.6

    I have found similar questions in various Adobe forums, but I have not located a solution to my problem.
    Bridge CS3
    Photoshop CS3 Extended
    Camera Raw version
    Nikon D300s
    Up until 2 weeks ago I have been copying my NEF files from my CF card via reader, opening Bridge, selecting thumbnail of NEF and opening it in Photoshop CS3. At which point I can process with Camera Raw 4.6.
    Now, once new NEF files copied and Bridge opened, I only see NEF icons. When I double click the file, Photoshop opens and a box appears with the following text: Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.
    Upon inspecting the differences between NEF files that I can edit and the new NEF files that I cannot, I notice in the metadata file properties that the application of the successful files is ver. 2.00 and the duds is ver. 1.00.
    What "application" is the metadata referring to? I think this may be a Nikon setting, but it would help me understand the problem better if I knew what "application" this is.
    I can convert the new NEF files into jpgs using Adobe DNG Converter, but this GREATLY complicates a previously straightforward work flow process.
    Thank you for any light that may be shed on vexing dilemma,

    Very grateful for your response and time.
    The Application I am talking about can be found when you open up a NEF file in Bridge and look at the Metadata tab on the right. Within that is the File Properties tab and the Application Ver. is the 3rd item from the top (after Filename and Document Type).
    Yes, I do have only the one ACR file (Camera Raw.8bi.) in the program file/COMMON FILE/Adobe/plug ins/cs3/file formats.
    I have also realized (brilliantly late in the game) that it is only the NEF files shot from my new D300s that do not work. No problem with the NEF files shot with my D100. So this leads me to conclude that my Bridge/Photoshop CS3 does not support the Camera Raw 5 that seems to be required for the D300s. Argh.
    By upgrading my camera equipment, I have outmoded my requisite software.
    I must say, that the recent post advisory on the forum site ("Raw files appear as icons") was supremely timely. While this does not solve my problem, it did help me understand the compatibility issues with the D300s and CS3. I have learned the following: D300s are supported by Camera Raw 5.5 which does not work with CS3. Is this correct?
    Dazed, but not beaten down,

  • Unable to view RAW files

    I recently bought Lightroom 4.4 for use on an IMac (10.8.5) but cannot view RAW (NEFF) files.  A chat forum suggested downloading a DNG converter but I am still struggling to see the RAW files.  What am I doing wrong?

    Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube
    LR/PS - The Advantages of the DNG File Format | Adobe Evangelists - Julieanne Kost | Adobe TV
    Basically, you start the DNG converter. It will prompt you for a folder containing raw files. Choose the folder, but don't open it. Then, choose the destination folder, then click on the Convert button. It's very simple.

  • Opening RAW files in Bridge - not recognized as "Camera RAW files"

    I would appreciate any help with this as I am frustrated after spending hours trying to figure this out:
    I use a Mac OS X laptop
    I have a Panasonic (DMC FZ8) camera that I've been taking RAW pictures with. I plug my camera into my computer and try and open the RAW files directly from the camera using Bridge (I have Photoshop CS2)..I have also tried copying the files to a folder on my desktop and opening from there. The problem is that Bridge doesn't recognize my .RAW files as actual "Camera RAW" files and the icons remain as the Preview icon and not actually a preview of the image. If I click on it to open it in Photoshop the "Photoshop RAW Options" come up set on 8 bits and when I open it, it's just a gray screen. I have checked the settings for RAW Camera and the Panasonic RAW files .raw is selected. I have also tried selecting "show only camera raw files" in my window that is open and my .RAW files that are there gray out - so the program isn't recognizing them.
    I just downloaded the Plug-in 3.7 Camera Raw and had to create folders for it in Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS2/File Formats. the only folder I had was Application Support/Adobe so the rest I created.
    I'm now lost as to what I should do next. Nothing I try seems to be working.

    >I plug my camera into my computer and try and open the RAW files directly from the camera
    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
    That is a monumentally bad idea. Transfer the closed files to your local hard drive first.
    This excerpt is from a long-gone post by the late, lamented author Bruce Fraser:
    Bruce Fraser - 4:17pm Jun 14, 04 PST (#5 of 21)
    Opening files directly from the camera is a bad idea for a variety of reasons*, and it most certainly isn't faster than using a FireWire or USB2 card reader.
             Drains the camera battery
             Runs the risk of the software you're using to open the images writing to the card and destroying the format
             Runs a small but significant risk of USB power frying the camera
             Slowest method known to mankind of getting images off a CF or SD card

  • Computer can't find printer since loading new camera software

    i tried uninstalling the printer software, and then reinstalling but the set up assistant does not recognize the printer. its an hp multifunction printer, but the hp site was no help. if i reinstall my system software do you think it will help? also, do i need to back up all my files before doing this? will i lose my applications?

    How about removing the new camera software since installing it caused the problem?

  • Viewing RAW images in Bridge CS3

    After downloading a EOS Canon picture (*.CR2) the Bridge shows the picture correct in thumbnail mode (1).
    Switching to Viewing screen mode (2)  the RAW picture starts somewhat blurry but within a few seconds it switches to a clear picture.
    Recently this feature does not work anymore. The picture remain blurry
    What have I done wrong or unintentional changed?

    In the viewing screen and slide show mode problems frequently point to the video card driver.  Make sure you have the latest update.  In some cases the latest update can BE the problem.  If so try rolling back to the previous version that worked.
    Another option you can try is to go to advanced preferences and select "use software rendering".

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