Unix version of Netweaver Dev Studio, Newbie question

I have a very silly newbie question.  Is there a unix version of netweaver developer studio and if so what is the path to the executable?
Thanks in advance

I don't think so.  NWDS is built on top of Eclipse which is an open source project by IBM.   Check out there site.
As of right now,  I don't believe that SAP is offering a Unix version and I doubt that they will.
Rich Heilman

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  • Is SAP Netweaver Dev.Studio(version 2.0.3) not applicable for Portal app's?

    Hello All,
    On Windows XP system,I have installed "SAP Netweaver Dev.Studio(LICENSED version 2.0.3)", system is perfectly as per the requirements including the jdk 1.4.2 version.
    After the installation,there is no menu item for creating the Portal Application project in the New->Project menu items.Is this version 2.0.3 not compatible for working with SAP Enterprise Portal applications?In the documenatation of the same,SAP says that we can work even as a standalone application (only the IDE for developing the Portal objects)?But there is no provision for this?I have not find any documentation related this problem?Request your help for the advise.

    You need to have at least SP 9 for that option to show up.

  • Latest version of Netweaver developer studio.

    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me the latest version of Netweaver developer studio and the place from where we can download it.
    Thanks in advance,

    You can download from the following location. By the way iam giving the location for all 3 different versions of sap netweaver developer studio(Assuming that you want to develop some mobile applications)
    http://service.sap.com - >Software Download - >SAP Support Packages - >Entry by application group - > SAP Netweaver - >SAP Netweaver ->
    From here you have option to download 3 different versions. One is Sap NW 04 which is for Mobile Infrastructure 2.5, second is SAP NW 7.0 for MI 7.0 and last one is SAP NW Mobile 7.1 for SAP NW Mobile client 7.1.
    So based on that you can click either on 1. SAP Netweaver 04 - >Entry by component - > Developer Studio ->NW deveoper studio->win32 and download the latest version which is SP22.
    2. SAP Netweaver 7.0 - Entry by component -> Developer Studio - > NW developer
    studio 7.0 ->WIN 32 and download the latest one which is SP15.
    3. SAP Netweaver Mobile 7.1 - >NWDS UPDATE SITE CE 7.10->#OS independent->and download the latest one which is SP05.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards,
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  • Netweaver Dev Studio

    Is there any blog which I can follow to create a java mapping in NWDS and import it into XI?

    Following blogs will help you
    Some docs -
    About Netweaver Developer Studio-https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/9221b490-0201-0010-0e90-8cc75cde876c

  • JDBC Connector in NetWeaver Dev Studio WebAS

    I am attempting to deploy a web module that utilizes a WebAS datasource for an external Oracle database. I expect to add a JDBC Connector leveraging the Oracle JDBC driver. I have been unable to deploy the Oracle datasource.
    I receive the stack trace below whenever I attempt to Start the datasource. I find many posts asking about this error but never have I found an answer as to the cause or resolution. OSS Note 751175 describes this as a classloader problem with connectors but it does not offer any repair method that works with this problem (in my case).
    I've had this problem with NetWeaver SP7 and it remains with SP10.
    Does anyone have explanation? Can I expect to test such applications in NetWeaver's standalone WebAS?
    Best regards,
    ava.rmi.RemoteException: Error occurred while starting application in whole cluster and wait.; nested exception is:
         com.sap.engine.services.deploy.exceptions.ServerDeploymentException: Clusterwide exception: server ID 4114150:com.sap.engine.services.dbpool.exceptions.BaseDeploymentException: Cannot create DataSource "CMR".
         at com.sap.engine.services.dbpool.deploy.ContainerImpl.startDataSources(ContainerImpl.java:1836)

    Hello Benny,
    One of my co-workers resolved the problem which boiled down to driver configuration confusion. Here's what we learned:
    No SDA component was required though this was a good exercise for us to go through.
    The driver (JAR or ZIP) file can be added simply using the Visual Administrator JDBC Connector Runtime tab.
    We were not able to activate more than one type of datasource at a time (feature, bug or something else?)
    The following configurations start okay:
    Driver: Oracle's classes12.zip
    JDBC Version: 1.x
    Driver class: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
    Database URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port:instance
    User&Password specified.
    Driver: Oracle's 1.4 ojdbc14.jar
    JDBC Version: 2.0
    Driver class: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSourceFactory
    Datasource type: ConnectionPoolDataSource
    CPDS Classname: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource
    Additional properties:
    URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port:instance
    User = xxxx
    Password = yyyyy
    **Will not start but the failure is expected***
    Driver: Oracle's classes12.zip
    JDBC Version: 1.x
    Driver class: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource
    Database URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port:instance
    User&Password specified.
    We do need to run multiple datasources using Oracle and Sybase so I'm hoping the issue we encountered is simply configuration issues again.
    I appreciate your time and feedback Benny!
    Best regards,

  • Create Entity Service as Web Service wrapper for Netweaver dev studio 7.1

    I am totally new to Netweaver.
    I was trying to create a CAF service that wraps my own service.On searching i found this document
    [https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/11669cea-0c01-0010-63b2-b98c35b1b370] where the process was mentioned.But this document is on netweaver 7.0 and i am working on 7.1 .
    Here while trying to create a entity service, its mentioned in the doc to right click on the entity service node..but in my netweaver i dont find that node anywhere..the only nodes i see are external and modeled..I am assuming the components must have chaged for version 7.1..
    Can anyone tell me where i can find the updated documentation for Netweaver 7.1 to create a entity service as a webservice wrapper.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you Dipankar..that solved my problem.

  • Netweaver dev studio 7.1 CE authorisations for deploy

    the help says that only users with administrators group can deploy applications from developper studio 7.1...
    This seems extreme... nobody will give administrators rights to all developpers in a centralized environment.
    What kind of authorizations (actions) did you give your development users in a centralized development environment in CE 7.1... view logs.. debug etc.

    Hello Thierry
    In order to deploy applications using the Deploy Service on the SAP J2EE
    Engine, you must be authenticated as a user from the administrators
    group. No other users have authorizations to perform this function.
    The same authorizations are required also for the update and single file
    update functions performed via the Deploy Service.
    Please see tha same description here:

  • Netweaver dev studio problem

      I'm trying to edit the error message file in the jar file using NWDS. I import the current jar file, edit the file with our new message and then try and export a file. I get a 'resource is out of sync' error pointing at the file I've changed. How can I get passed this please.

    Hi Phil,
    Do you have winrar installed in you PC. I think you missed something.
    Please follow below might help for modifying umelogonbase.jar
    - Copy umelogonbase.jar from NWDS and put new folder in your desktop (Also take backup for that)
    - Extract umelogonbase.jar using "Extract to umelogonbase". it will create umelogonbase folder.
    - Change the properties file as required under umelogonbase folder
    - After modifying, Go to umelogonbase folder >> Select All (using Ctrl+A) >> Add to Archive >> Change the umelogonbase.rar to umelogonbase.jar file >> then OK
    - Now remove the umelogonbase.jar file from lib folder from NWDS and copy modified one and paste it.
    Please let us know if any issue on this
    Hope it helps
    Edited by: Arun Jaiswal on Apr 14, 2010 8:37 PM

  • NWDS: NetWeaver Development Studio

    I begin to learn to create a Java mapping and I have a question about NWDS.
    Our NWDS uses the version 2.1.2 of Eclipse.
    Is it normal?
    Is there a mean to use the version 3.0? (more user-friendly)

    Hi Mickael,
    Please post this question on the portal and application server forums-you will get a better response:-)...btw, here are some threads which have discussed the same question:-
    eclipse version of netweaver developer studio
    Using Eclipse plugins with Netweaver Developer Studio
    Eclipse Release of Netweaver Studio and other plugins

  • Problem with NetWeaver Developer Studio

    I have NetWeaver Dev Studio 2.0.9 installed. I have JDK version 1.4.2_11 also. The environment variables are all set properly.
    I can create a new Java project without problem, but any time I try to create a new "Portal Project", I get a "Invalid Project Description" error. I also get this same error when I try to import a .par file. The project paths are named differently from the file names, etc.
    I have uninstalled all JDKs, JREs, etc, and uninstalled Netweaver and reinstalled everything, to no avail.
    Any assistance in this matter would be most appreciated.
    thank you,

    To solve your problem you need to copy all your workspace contents to some other place .
    Uninstall your NWDS & Delete all the previous Workspace.
    Reinstall NWDS & it will work fine .
    All The Best
    Do reward Points.

  • Can't create portal application project with netweaver development studio

    Hi All,
    I want to follow the toturial (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/9e/7d96f7087311d7b84600047582c9f7/frameset.htm) to create a portal application with netweaver , but I am failed at the first step, I can not found "Portal Application Project" option by new->other.
    the version of netweaver development studio I am using is
    Version: 7.2.0
    Build id: 200702220224
    do I need to install a plug - in? if yes, anyone can tell me where to download it?
    thanks & regards, Bin

    In NWDS goto Windows> Open Perspective> others--> Enterprise portal select this and ok....
    Goto File> New> Project> select Portal Application> enter project name and click ok...
    refer this blog also...
    Overview of the Content Development Process

  • Netweaver Developer Studio JSPDynPage

    I am developing a small app using JSPDynPage. when i try to open the JSP page in the pagelet folder. Instead of opening the file in the editor, its asking for whether i want to save it or open the file.If i say open it opens in a notepad, if i say cancel I am getting the below message.i can see the source code when i click the source tab. I am using demo version of Netweaver developer studio. I think it s not finding right editor to open.
    Action canceled
    Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable.
    Please try the following:
    Click the  Refresh button, or try again later.
    If you have visited this page previously and you want to view what has been stored on your computer, click File, and then click Work Offline.
    For information about offline browsing with Internet Explorer, click the Help menu, and then click Contents and Index.

    The problem has probably been caused by a file association made outside of Netweaver i.e. opened a .JSP file with notepad in Windows.
    Deleting the association with .JSP files in the control panel should remedy the problem.
    If you can't delete it using the normal method (through control panel, folder options, File types), remove the association by editing the registry.
    As soon as I deleted the association it worked fine again.
    Changing the file associations within Netweaver itself didn't work as it seems to rely on the association in the Windows registry.   To change your editor in Netweaver use Window > Preferences > Workbench > File Associations.
    Hope this helps anyone who encounters the problem.

  • Run time error when loading external dimensions in Dev Studio

    I'm getting a run-time error when I try to load externally managed dimensions in Dev Studio using "Discover" button. The dimensions appear in the state folder so they got loaded fine but not sure why they are not being loaded into dev studio.

    Your question relates to the Endeca Commerce product(s), and would be better asked in this forum: Technical Questions .

  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.1 SP03 PAT0007 Build id: 201006212332

    Where can I download this version  SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.1 SP03 PAT0007
    Build id: 201006212332
    And also I need rules composer and process composer perspectives to it. Please advise

    i think you need nwds 7.11 for bpm and brm development
    download the base file there and run online installation.
    it also tells you how to install.

  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio in Windows Vista 64bit?

    Can I install the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio on Windows Vista 64 bit ?

    Hi MixMoraes
    If you use the trial version only NetWeaver Developer Studio works, the application server don't, because its only 32 bits.

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