Unknown PC icon showing up in the shared drop down menu - a hacker?

There is an unknown PC "kirkshp" showing up in the shared drop down menu, that makes me worried. I have shut off my bluetooth, and airport connection for now but would like to know how this PC is connecting and how to eliminate this in the future.
Have seen many posts with this problem, but not a comparable situation as I don't even have wireless router in house - I am hooked in via ethernet but use airport when out of my studio.
Just want a simple, if temporary solution until I can learn more about network security - any wisdom out there? I would so appreciate it, thanks!

I think by Shared you mean the Shared Section in the Finder Window's Sidebar. If that's the case what you're seeing is probably because
(1) either you've joined an unsecured wireless network or
(2) your wireless network is unsecured and that person has joined your network
(3) both of you are using a freely available public wireless network
(4) your network is secured but has a weak password
(5) your network is secured with a password which has been broken
(6) your network is secured but you've given the user you're seeing the password
If (4) and (5) is the case change the password. If (6) perhaps you've forgetten? Perhaps the PC you're 'seeing' is named in a way you don't recognize as the person you gave the password to?
If (2) force users to require a password to join your network or disable the option that broadcasts your wireless network's name. That way no-one 'sees' your wireless network 'announcing' itself as such. The only way to join the network would be to manually enter its name which you would have to know in the first place. You do this using your gateway/router's web interface. Assuming your gateway/router supports this option?
If (1) you're probably looking at the person's PC whom the network belongs to.
As long as you don't enable Personal File Sharing, unrestricted SSH access or VNC then at best all they can do is 'see' another PC that happens to be connected to the same network. If you have enabled Personal File Sharing 'beef' up your passwords and begin to restrict which user/account is allowed access to Public Folders. Can you actually connect to that PC? Or is all you can do is 'see' it?
I actually don't see any of this as a 'problem'. For me this is how this part of the OS is supposed to work. Macs announce/broadcast themselves on P2P Networks using a variety of protocols - Bonjour/Rendezvous, NetBios etc. PCs do something similar. You may also find the PC that you can 'see' is not actually a PC but a Router/Gateway/Firewall. Some Thompson Gateways for example broadcast themselves as a 'PC'.

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    Is there a way to actually wrap the text and keep the box it sits in the same size?
    Height is determined by content & end-user's default text size.
    Look at the Adobe Forum top menu bar.  Mouse over Store > sub-menus.  When text wraps to more than one line, the sub-menu adjusts to content.  If you increase text size in browser it's more obvious.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

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    Have you selected an image?
    Unless a good explanation appears, you may start onthe list below.
    The following is a general list of things you may try when the issue is not in a specific file (you may have tried/done some of them already); 1) and 2) are the easy ones for temporary strangenesses, and 3) and 4) are specifically aimed at possibly corrupt preferences); 5) is a list in itself, and 6) is the last resort.
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    4) Move the folder (follow the link with that name) with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);
    5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options (follow the link with that name, Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy, Item 15) applies to CC, CS6, and maybe CS5);
    Even more seriously, you may:
    6) Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and reinstall.

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    It took me awhile but I found what I was looking for. This is posted at http://www.tuaw.com/2012/07/29/get-save-as-back-on-mountain-lions-file-menu-easi ly-and-without/
    Option 1. Terminal.app If you are comfortable using Terminal.app, you can add a different keyboard shortcut this with one simple line. First, quit all your apps except Finder and Terminal. Then paste this command (as one line) into Terminal.app (and press Return):
    defaults write -globalDomain NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add 'Save As...' '@$S' 
    view rawdwrite-global-saveas.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub
    That's it!
    Launch TextEdit and open the 'File' menu and you should see "Save As..." back in its rightful spot with its original Command + Shift + S shortcut, as shown in the image above.
    Aside: After you enter the 'defaults write' command, you will not see any confirmation that it was entered correctly. Terminal.app is a little terse sometimes. If you want to verify it from the command-line, enter this:
    defaults read -globalDomain NSUserKeyEquivalents
    and look for "Save As..." = "@$s"; in the output.
    Option 2. System Preferences.app If you would rather not use Terminal, it's still very easy to add the keyboard shortcut.
    Launch the System Preferences.app, then open the "Keyboard" preference pane.
    At the top you will see "Keyboard" and "Keyboard Shortcuts" – click "Keyboard Shortcuts" (labeled '1' below). Then in the list on the left side, click "Application Shortcuts" (labeled '2' below). Then click the "+" button (labeled '3' below):
    Once you press that "+" button, a small window will appear asking you to enter the title of the menu item and the keyboard shortcut that you want to use.
    Enter "Save As..." in the "Menu Title:" field, and then press the keyboard shortcut that you want to use. In the example below I pressed Command + Shift + S:
    Note: It used to be true that you had to enter an actual ellipsis (which you can get by pressing Option+ ; on a US-English keyboard). However, when I tested this in Mac OS X 10.8.2, it worked with three consecutive periods.
    Bonus Tip: Hide the "Duplicate" menu item.
    In my original article I suggested that you also enter a keyboard shortcut for "Duplicate" and while youcan do that if you wish, you do not need to do that.
    However, if you would like to hide the Duplicate menu item, you can do that. There are two steps: first, remap "Save As..." to Command + Shift + S (as shown above). Then the 'trick' is to remap "Duplicate" to Command + Shift + Option + S.
    What you will have done is swap the keyboard shortcuts for "Duplicate" and "Save As..." which means that OS X will make "Duplicate" the optional command. If you open the "File" menu and hold down "Option" the "Save As..." command will change to "Duplicate"
    (Thanks to TUAW reader 'rbascuas' for pointing this out in response to the original article!)
    Important Addendum: "Keep changes in original document"
    As we reported in August 2012, the "Save As..." command in early versions of 10.8 had an unexpected and likely unwanted side effect in Mountain Lion: it would save the changes in the new document (created by "Save As...") but would also save the changes to the original document.
    However, Apple realized that users might not want that behavior, so in Mac OS X 10.8.2 they added an option "Keep changes in original document" which you can see here:
    Option A: If you want to save the changes you've made in the document and then save the document with a different name, then make sure that the box is checked.
    Option B: If you want your original document to stay as it was when you last saved it and create a new document based on the modified content of that document, then make sure that box is not checked.
    If you do not see the 'Keep changes in original document' box, then the application is probablygoing to give you the "Option B" behavior, but if you are not sure, I would suggest choosing Cancel in the "Save" dialog, then copy and paste the contents of the document into a new file, and save the new file. I know that's several extra-and-less-convenient steps, but if you are worried about preserving the original document, better safe than sorry.
    You could also save the file, duplicate it in Finder, and rename the new instance. Open old file and revert to previous save using 'Versions'.
    Frankly,I wish that Apple had just left the "Save As..." command alone, but for some reason they didn't ask my opinion. That said, I'm glad that they brought it back in Mountain Lion. I would have paid $20 for that feature alone.
    Note: This article was re-written and republished on 2013–02–21. The original process still works, but I wanted to update it to reflect some additional information.

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    Those links in the Edit menu are only highlighted if there is something to do:<br />
    Paste should be enabled if the clipboard has data placed on it by a previous Copy or Cut and you have set focus on a text area or field that allows to paste that data.
    Copy works if some text is selected.

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    I am running on a Mac (Lion) with FF 25.0. I typically hide the toolbar because I like to max out my screen space without having to go into full screen mode. So I typically use a custom keyboard command to navigate forward and back during my browser session, but occasionally the keyboard command fails and the page is unresponsive. In the past all I had to do was go up to the History drop down menu and choose "Back" or "Forward". I would also use the "Home" selection to get back to my homepage. But ever since I updated to 25.0 those selection are now gone from the History menu.
    Is there any way to restore them? And are they gone for all users (was this a global change) or are one of my add-ons simply not playing nice and causing this problem? TIA!

    On WinXP Back, Forward, and Home was last in the Firefox 3.6 versions and disappeared as of Firefox 4.0 - and hasn't been seen since.
    Doesn't the Mac OSX versions of Firefox have Back and Forward in the context menu (right-click), as Windows and Linux versions do?

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    I am on a Mac. I am running Firefox 14.0.1 In the tools drop down menu, there is no options button. where is it or how do i restore it to the tools menu?

    Thanks for the reply, but I didn't understand it. As you can tell, I am not very good with computer jargon. So, I have to be walked through every step.
    Still, I think you were not trying to answer my Tools/option question so much as tell me how to do something else. On this, I could be incorrect.

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    you don't tell us Device or OS?
    Quoted from  Apple's "How to write a good question"
       To help other members answer your question, give as many details as you can.
    Include your product name and specs such as processor speed, memory, and storage capacity. Please do not include your Serial Number, IMEI, MEID, or other personal information.
    Provide the version numbers of your operating system and relevant applications, for example "iOS 6.0.3" or "iPhoto 9.1.2".
    Describe the problem, and include any details about what seems to cause it.
    List any troubleshooting steps you've already tried, or temporary fixes you've discovered.

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    Filter>Filter Gallery>Textures

  • How do you remove old email addresses from the invitee drop down menu in Calendar

    How do you remove old email addresses from the invitee drop down menu in Calendar

    Back up all data.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.iCal/Previous Recipients.plist
    Right-click or control-click the line and select 
    Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open with an item selected. Quit the application if it's running. Move the selected item to the Desktop, leaving the window open. Relaunch the application and test. If there's no change, quit again and put the item you moved back where it was, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Otherwise, delete the item you moved.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). In the Finder, select
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