Unstable screen distortion after startup - scrolls left to right rapidly

My Mac Mini (2.0/2GB/GMA 950) will not provide a stable screen after startup process completes - the screen rapidly scrolls left to right (possibly right to left, cant be sure) and the mouse pointer appears broken up until I move the mouse to the lower right corner of the display.
I can get a menu bar menu to drop down, then move the mouse to the corner to stabalize, then use the keyboard to active available commands - but any movement of the mouse cause the screen to resume the instability.
this only occurs after the initial staup process completes - the startup icons display normal until the loging window or desktop is displayed - then the display goes unstable, scrolling horizontially rapidly.
This occures in any display resolution I can access, with alternate mouse & keyboards, and even without mouse or keyboard. Also occurs after changing back to original 2x512 memory modules.
This also occurs with a clean statup from the original installation DVD as well as a 10.5 & 10.6 installation DVDs which suggests a Hardware failure.
However when I boot into Windows XP using the BootCamp partition the system behaves completely normal - no display problems what so ever.
Any suggestions on how to narrow this down to a software driver or hardware? Any notices from Aplle that relates to this to a hardware problem?

Hi. After a 'hard shutdown' - such as pulling the plug - the boot directory may be damaged. It may help to boot from the most recent system disc DVD that you have - could be the 10.4 retail disc - and use Disk Utility to Repair Disc
If Disk Utility finds errors it cannot repair, you could try DiskWarrior
You can boot from the DiskWarrior CD and run it - or download it to the laptop and run it, from the laptop, on the G5 internal boot drive, via firewire TDM
If none of this helps, please post again. Good Luck.
PS Have assumed you are on 10.4 - for 10.3 boot drive repair see
Oh - and if you are on 10.4.3 or higher - if Disk Utility on the system DVD repairs the boot drive ok, you may then wish to run the Disk Utility > Disk Verify (the one on the 10.4.3+ boot drive) - just to check. More Good Luck.

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    The startup disk may need repairing ...
    Restart your Mac while holding down the Command + R keys.
    From there you should be able to access the built in utilities in OS X Recovery

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    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 18 juillet 2011 22:38:20
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    Does not sound too healthy! You should take it to the Genius bar in the Apple store. May need the hardware looked at...
    It's most probably a backlight issue. Take some piccys of it while it isnt working now!!

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    Go to Solution.

    Hi pkbsr.,
    I'm using Windows 7 on my computer, and that is definitely not what I'm seeing. However, if clicking the scroll wheel is showing the Alt-Tab flip, then Multisim will not be able to scroll. (It is a quite complicated, but if you are seeing the Alt-Tab flip, Multisim will never know that the scroll wheel was clicked.)
    I did  a quick search online to try to come up with why Windows might be intercepting the click. Do you have any Windows customization software installed, for example AutoHotKey? If not, are you able to scroll using the scroll wheel in other applications? For example, in Internet Explorer
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    Senior Software Developer
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    Circuit Design Community and Blog
    If someone helped you, let them know. Mark as solved or give a kudo.

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    then FixedRowHeaders True for my row header. The headers are fixed ihen scrolling down in Report Builder although the row header overlaps when scrolling to the right.
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    I would really appreciate any help.
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Cielle,
    Based on my understanding, you design a report on Report Builder 3.0 with fixed row header. When you scroll right, the fixed header works fine in Report Builder 3, however, the fixed header displaced on Report Manager.
    In Reporting Service, if we choose “Header should remain visible while scrolling” option, generally, the column header will be displaced and visible as we scroll right. So please check if you select this item in Tablix Properties. If so, please unselect
    this option then check if issue persists. Besides, as we tested in our environment, fixed row header works fine both on Report Builder 3.0 and Report Manager. Please refer to the screenshots below:
    So in your scenario, I would like to know the detail settings for row headers and your report design. If possible, please provide some screenshots about scroll right results both on Report Builder 3.0 and Report Server.
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    When I wake my computer up from sleep the screen  used to, at times, be distorted in that the words would be widened.  I would put it back to sleep and usually it would fix itself but not always.  Sometimes I would have to restart it or completely shut it down but as of today I can't get the distortion to go away.  It started doing this within the first year I bought my laptop; I've had it about 27 mo. now.  Could someone tell me what I need to do to fix this annoying problem?

    1. as advised above make sure you have latest bios installed with your unit (F.29 for 1/2015)
    2. check your VGA driver and if you have newer than in hp.com go back to HP driver (sp56458)
    3. your unit use VGA chip in AMD cpu and shared memory. Try to move your 4gb memory module to second memory slot and test
    If none above will help you can backup your personal data and do factory reset = recover your SW image to factory SW installation (F11 when system starts)
    If none above then you have hardware issue and your unit need HW troubleshooting. There might be memory, CPU or mainboard issues. Please contact HP service for more help.
    I am an HP employee.

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