Unwanted Pictures in Gallery

I have Tomtom 6 running on my N95. However in the Gallery I have a load of icons from Tomtom (custom icons) and also some pictures from the map application.
Is there any way to set them so that they are not visible in the gallery?
The best way to get a quick response is to use the boards. Please do not be offended if I don't answer emails immediately.

For anybody else having this problem I installed Y-Browser and used that to set individual files attributes to hidden. This worked. Many thanks scooby for pointing me in the right direction
The best way to get a quick response is to use the boards. Please do not be offended if I don't answer emails immediately.

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  • How do i delete an unwanted picture folder from my iphone 4?

    how do i delete an unwanted picture folder from my iphone 4?

    Are these photos that were sync to your phone via itunes?
    If so you unsync them.

  • I need a way to errase the pictures in Icloud. In the line of duty I take pictures that I don`t want to be in Icloud. I need to be able to erase the unwanted pictures. thank

    Allo, I my line of duty I need to take pictures that I don`t want in Icloud. I need to be able to erase the unwanted pictures. There most be a way to go in Icloud and erase the unwanted pictures. Now, when I erease the pictures on my phone, my children could still see it in my photo stream on Apple tv. I still want to use the photo stream on apple tv, but I want to be able to erase the unwanted pictures. Merci JB

    Currently there is no way to erase or delete pics from the photo stream.

  • I have Droid Maxx Motorola X8 System version 4.4.4 cannot transfer email pictures to gallery

    I have a Droid Maxx Motorola X8 System version 4.4.4
    I cannot transfer email pictures to gallery - I have tried everything as in menus etc.

        Hi deezee7!
    Let's get this figured out! Have you attempted to download and save the picture? What menu options have you tried?
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  • How do you delete unwanted pictures from the photo library on the iPhone 4s? The one with the Daisy icon...

    How do you delete unwanted pictures from the photo library on the iPhone 4s? The ones in the Daisy icon...

    Pictures in Photo Library are synced from your computer and must be deleted from there, followed by re-sync.  Photos in Camera Roll can be deleted from your iPhone directly (tap arrow in top right, tap the pictures you want to delete, press the Delete button).

  • I am getting unwanted pictures of swatches

    I am getting unwanted pictures of swatches, hundreds of them with titles like resources, DropZoneArt, Art, Baby mosaic, etc. They just keep flooding my photo library and when I put in trash they keep coming back, help!

    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    Click on the Add Library button,                         
    and select the library you want to add from those in the selection window.
    Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the Library ➙ Rebuild Library menu option
    In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    Click on the Create button.
    Note 1: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments. However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost.
    Note 2:  Your current library will be left untouched for further attempts at a fix if so desired.
    Delete the "swatches", etc. from the new library and see if the come back or not.  If not you can continue using the rebuild library.

  • Pictures in gallery won't open after using MediaShare to upload to a PC

    I have a Motorola Droid 2 Global, and recently uploaded pictures to the computer using Media Share, and a USB connection. After I did that, in my Gallery, I can see the thumbnails of my photos on my phone, but if I tap the picture to open it, it shows an empty movie reel picture, and I cannot access the picture. If I plug the USB back in, and copy/paste pictures just that way, I can get the pictures on my computer. BUT I just want to have the pictures on my phone, and be able to open them on my phone.

    LovebugKZ, thank you for sharing your concerns about your gallery. I would suggest trying a few basic troubleshooting steps first like power cycling the phone, if you haven't already. Next, clear the data/cache from your Gallery. This will not erase any pictures, as they are stored on your SD card.
    Please let us know if you need further assistance. 

  • Cannot share pictures from gallery directly

    After I installed the new Belle update from Nokia in the beginning of Feb 2012 I face the problem with photo sharing on social networks directly from the gallery on my Nokia 701.
    In the new update one of the component belongs to Social alongwith Microsoft Business Apps which some how disintegrated the sharing option provided in the gallery with the social application. Now if I try to share a picture it throws a message "Feature not supported".
    Did anyone have the same problem?
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    yes i've the exactly the same problem i've updated my s/w from nokia care as well but nothing will happen at all,after udating it'd work only for 3 days and after that i got notification to update and install ms apps after doing the same i've facing again the same problem

  • No pictures in Gallery

    I have not deleted any pictures in my gallery.  Tried to open gallery, and no pictures.  All pictures were gone.  What could have happened?  How can I recover?  

    This happens to me quite often. Usually I just exit out of the gallery, and re-enter and they are there.  Sometimes I have to do it a few times.  And occasionally I have to just reboot the whole phone.  And I always make sure to transfer my photos to my computer every couple weeks.  You just can't trust a DROID.

  • Orphan Pictures in Gallery ? iPhoto '08

    Greetings folks....
    I created a Gallery....
    Published an event
    Deleted the Gallery item from iPhoto (No longer displayed in iPhoto...)
    Photos still visible on gallery.mac.com ?
    Any idea on how to remove a set of pictures displayed in Gallery that
    were not properly removed by iPhoto?

    Does it show up in the list of published albums in the Preferences window in the Web Gallery tab? If so, I would think that you could hit Check Now and have it copy it back into iPhoto. Once there you can try to delete it again.
    If that didn't work:
    Mounting my iDisk in the Finder, I see a folder called _gallery in the /Web/Sites folder. Inside that appears to be all of my Web Gallery photos. I haven't tried and don't recommend messing around with the files in there, but I bet you could delete stuff.

  • HT4528 How do i delete unwanted pictures from my itunes account? my iphone will not let me delete them on there and i cannot find an option on itunes to get them off of my phone

    How do I delete pictures from my itunes account.  I have blank pictures that transfered from a different device and it doesnt give me an option of my phone to delete them.

    There are no pictures on your itunes account.
    Do you mean pics that are on your iphone?
    Delete them the same way you put them there.  The sync process.
    Open itunes, connect iphone, go to photo tab, select what you want, sync.

  • Sharing pictures from gallery to facebook

    Hi all, got a new 1020 in replacement for my old one which melted while charging, and for some reason can not see Facebook as one of the options under "share", under gallery / camera roll. Facebook app installed and logged in. Anyone knows how to resolve this? Txs!!
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    Which Facebook application are you using ?
    Try THIS

  • How do I delet unwanted picture folders in my I phone 5

    I Got tons of unwanted pics stored in my I phone 5 n I dont know how I can delet the so I can have more storage  the pics came automatically to my I phone off our laptop when I hook my I phone up to it to get started n now our laptop is broke so I fony know what to do

    Photos that were copied to your iPhone by syncing with a computer are normally removed by doing another sync with the same computer. Before clicking on Sync, however, you must deselect the unwanted albums in iTunes on the computer. Then when you click Sync or Apply the deselected albums will be removed from the iPhone but they will remain on the computer.
    In your case you no longer have the com[puter. So you will need to set up iTunes on another computer (perhaps you have a new one) and organize your content there. Then when you sync your iPhone with the new computer albums that are not on that computer will be removed and deleted from your iPhone.

  • Can't view Picture/Video Gallery After 4.08 Update

    So after receiving both updates just a day apart now after the last update (4.08) I can't view my pictures or videos I had saved and even if I take a picture it still says "No Pictures or Videos Found" and I removed my media card 2 check and see if it had erased anything but my pictures and videos are still there, so what could be the problem? Can someone let me know?

    Yes it will as i maid the mistake of Doing it and found out the Hard way.  All 749 of them including the one's i took of my Aunt that i'll will Never Get back Again. So if you have pictures of your kids or love ones ( DO NOT ) Do The Data Clear  I'll  REPEATE IT AGAIN  DO NOT Do this Or you Will loose your Pictures  ... B33
    I Would like to Also add By doing This data Clear All music is wiped as Well:
    It would've been kind of nice to Have a " F.Y.I " here to let one's know that this can Happen.... 
    I want to add first of all it may have seemed i'm upset!  i'm not an this can happen to all of us. 
    I just want to ask if you give info witch is good as we all can use it. PLEASE PLEASE ! if it's going to erase all important things Let us know as some of us we tend to forget to ask like i did an go ahead an go thru with the Data clear an loose our imprtant stuff that means most to Us.. 

  • Unwanted picture rotation

    Lightroom 4.4 rotates pictures from sony nex5n (raw-format) randomly (automatic rotation in the camera is turned off). There is an attribute from the camera, that gives lightroom the wrong rotation. Can this be turned off?

    You may have missed the note I added after posting the reply. The Data Explorer plugin will only help you find images that have been rotated from inside LR. I apologize for any confusion. The Data Explorer plugin is still a very useful tool. From the Library module go to toolbar Library> Plugin Extras> Explore.
    You can locate images by orientation using LR's filter bar as I described without any plugin. The only issue is that some images will need to be rotated 90 degrees CW, some Counter-CW and some may be 180 degrees (upside down).
    The ideal solution is an option to turn-off the orientation sensor in the camera, which apparently is not available on the sony nex5n. The next best option is the ability to turn off reading the EXIF Orientation inside LR, which also appears unavailable. I've sent an email to Rob Cole to see if any of his plugins can filter by the EXIF 'Orientation field:
    Tag value
    Flipped horizontally
    Rotated 180°
    Flipped vertically
    Rotated 90° CCW and flipped vertically
    Rotated 90° CCW
    Rotated 90° CW and flipped vertically
    Rotated 90° C

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    I have tried "Page 2- #" (note the space) as well. This doesn't work in FF4 either.

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    The Sun Update Connection System client, version 1.0.8 is now available as software update 121118-08 (SPARC) or 121119-08 (x86). Version 1.0.8 is the biggest update we have produced since the initial release of the Sun Update Connection and includes