Update a DFF in per_all_assignments_f table

Hello gurus,
We are storing information from a legacy system in one of the assignment attributes in the per_all_assignments_f table.
I'm aware that using an API would be the right approach to update any columns on the table.
I'm curious to know what are the things to check (specifically user hooks) when updating a dff using a simple update statement??
My question basically is, since I'm updating just a dff, how can I check what are the things that can be  affected by the update statement?

Quoting the flexfield manual..
Warning About Changing Data
Oracle provides powerful tools you can use to insert, update, and delete information in an Oracle database. But, if you use Oracle tools like SQL*Plus or Oracle Data Browser to modify Oracle Applications data, you risk destroying the integrity of your data and you
lose the ability to audit changes to your data. Because Oracle Applications tables are interrelated, any change you make using an
Oracle Applications form can update many tables at once. But when you modify Oracle Applications data using anything other than Oracle Applications forms, you may change a row in one table without making corresponding changes in related tables. If your tables get out of synchronization with each other, you risk retrieving erroneous information and you risk unpredictable results throughout Oracle Applications.

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  • How to update the data in sqlserver table using procedure in biztalkserver

    Please can any one answer this below question
    how to update the data in sqlserver table using procedure in biztalkserver
    while am using executescalar,typedprocedure getting some warning
    Warning:The adapter failed to transmit message going to send port "SendtoSql1" with URL "mssql://nal126//MU_Stage2?". It will be retransmitted after the retry interval specified for this Send Port. Details
    Please send me asap....

    Hi Messip,
    A detailed error would have helped us to answer you more appropriately but
    You can follow the post which has step by step instructions, to understand how to use Stored Procedure:
    S Tiwari|User
    2013: Inserting RawXML (Whole Incoming XML Message) in SQL database

  • How to Update Particular row in a table from OAF page

    Hi Can anyone please help me on the following requirement:
    In my oaf page i am displaying table values(supplier site details from base tables) with update and delete icons . When i click on update button a new page opens in which we used to update the values and click on apply button which again comes back to the original page.
    So when i click on apply button on update page i have to first search for the site in the site table whether it exists or not, if not exists i have to create a new row and save the data, if site exists in the table i have to update the row of a table for that particular site. I have written code for this but unable to achive the requirement, it is not updating the existing row of the table. And i am doing all this on the Temp tables.
    So now when i save, previous transaction is also updating along with the current transaction. That means when i m trying to save 2nd transaction values , 1st transactions values are getting updated with the 2nd transaction values(2 rows are getting updated)
    Can anyone help me with the code used for updating the current row of the table. Please correct me if i m doing anyting wrong in code.
    following is the current code i m using and which is failing :
    Controller Code
    if(pcontactaction.equals("createECdetailsEvent")) {
    String currentSiteName=pageContext.getParameter("SiteName");
    System.out.println("Selected Site Name is : " + currentSiteName);
    Serializable x[]={reqNum,suppId,currentSiteName,pnotifMethod,pfaxNum};
    System.out.println("Invoking AM Method.........");
    System.out.println("initCreateECDetails Method Executed. ");
    , null //not needed as we are retaining menu context
    , null //not needed as we are retaining menu context
    ,null // no parameters are needed
    ,true //retain AM
    AM Code
    public void initUpdateECDetails(String request_number,String supplier_id,String site_name,String site_id,String notification_method,String fax_number)
    OADBTransaction localOADBTransaction = getOADBTransaction();
    String siteToUpdate;
    String siteidToUpdate;
    System.out.println("Site Name to Update or Create is : " + siteToUpdate);
    System.out.println("Site Id to Update or Create is : " + siteidToUpdate);
    System.out.println("Inside Update EC Details MEthod.");
    OAViewObject suppSiteDetVO = getFLPOSSuppSiteDetailsVO1();
    FLPOSSuppSiteDetailsVORowImpl sro=null;
    String existingWhereClause = suppSiteDetVO.getWhereClause();
    suppSiteDetVO.setWhereClause("SUPPLIER_ID = :1 AND REQUEST_NUMBER = :2 AND SITE_ID = :3 ");
    suppSiteDetVO.setWhereClauseParam(0, supplier_id);
    suppSiteDetVO.setWhereClauseParam(1, request_number);
    suppSiteDetVO.setWhereClauseParam(2, site_id);
    int rowcount = suppSiteDetVO.getRowCount();
    System.out.println("Fetched Rows : " + rowcount);
    if (rowcount == 0) {
    Row row = suppSiteDetVO.createRow();
    System.out.println("Row is : " +row);
    String siteId = getOADBTransaction().getSequenceValue("FLPOS_SITE_ID_SEQ").toString();
    System.out.println("New Site ID : " + siteId);
    row.setAttribute("RequestNumber", request_number);
    row.setAttribute("SupplierId", supplier_id);
    row.setAttribute("SiteName", site_name);
    row.setAttribute("SiteId", siteId);
    System.out.println("New Row Created for Supplier Site.");
    System.out.println("Data Saved to table.");
    System.out.println("Inside Else Block ");
    try {
    System.out.println("Inside Try Block ");
    Row[] row = suppSiteDetVO.getAllRowsInRange();
    for (int i = 0; i < rowcount; i++) {
    sro = (FLPOSSuppSiteDetailsVORowImpl)row;
    String psiteName=sro.getSiteName();
    Number psiteid=sro.getSiteId();
    System.out.println(" p Site Name is : " +psiteName);
    System.out.println(" p site id is " +psiteid);
    if(psiteid.equals(siteidToUpdate) ) {
    catch (Exception e) {
    System.out.println("Exception in update : " + e);

    Please answer following:
    1. Are you using EO based VOs or ReadOnly VO?
    2. What is your VO Query for the search and update?
    3. Why have you based your logic on site_name; you should have used site_id?
    4.Are you getting correct site name in handling createECdetailsEvent event in CO?
    5. In case of update are you getting correct values on the Update Site Details?
    6. On coming back from Update page to Supplier Site Search page, do you see old values of the site or the new values in the results table?
    Please share the screenshot if possible.
    [email protected]

  • Get Error while update the User defined row table through DSK Code

    Hi experts,
    I have got an error while updating the user row defined table.
    Error is - "Invalid row"
    I have created one master table "@CBF_FARM " and Child table "@CBF_FAR1"
    First i inserted 5 record in the child table so in my my child table there are 5 Line id (1,2,3,4,5 one for each row).
    after that i delete 2 rows (3rd & 4th row) from child table now in my child table there are 3 rows( Line id 1, 2, 5). Please See attachment.
    Now i am updating  the last record of child table through Code  (Line id is 5)  from other form, then i got error  invalid row.
    Following Code used for updating the user defined child table.
      SAPbobsCOM.GeneralService oGeneralService1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData oGeneralData1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataParams oGeneralParams1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.CompanyService sCmp1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData oChild1 = null;
                                    SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataCollection oChildren1 = null;
                                    sCmp1 = clsAddOn.LDNA_Company.GetCompanyService();
                                    oGeneralService1 = sCmp1.GetGeneralService("CBF_FARM");
                                    // Get UDO record
                                    oGeneralParams1 = ((SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataParams)(oGeneralService1.GetDataInterface(SAPbobsCOM.GeneralServiceDataInterfaces.gsGeneralDataParams)));
                                    oGeneralParams1.SetProperty("Code", oForm.Items.Item("edtFarmCd").Specific.Value);
                                    oGeneralData1 = oGeneralService1.GetByParams(oGeneralParams1);
                                    // Add lines on UDO Child Table
                                    oChildren1 = oGeneralData1.Child("CBF_FAR1");
                                    // Create data for rows in the child table
                                    SAPbouiCOM.Item oItem = oForm.Items.Item("cmbShed");
                                    oCombo = oItem.Specific;
                                    string ShedCode = oCombo.Selected.Value;
                                    ldna_Rec = clsAddOn.LDNA_Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.BoRecordset);
                                    string strQuery1 = "select LineId from [@CBF_FAR1] where U_ShedCd = " + ShedCode;
                                    oChild1 = oChildren1.Item(ldna_Rec.Fields.Item("LineId").Value - 1);
                                    oChild1.SetProperty("U_Status", "Ready For Schedule");
                                    //Update the UDO Record
    Please Help me it is an urgent requirement,

    Error is - "Invalid row"
    Now i am updating  the last record of child table through Code  (Line id is 5)  from other form, then i got error  invalid row.
    As per my knowledge
    What i understood is you have 5 lines and you are going to be update 5th line
    am i correct..
    while u are updating the line in child table
    you have to consider like this..
    line number         u have to update like
    1                                        0
    2                                        1
    3                                        2
    4                                        3
    5                                        4
    which means in child table treat
    line 1  as 0
    line 2 as  1
    line 5 as 4
    If you want to update the line 5 u have to mention 4 th line

  • Update partner function in KNVP table using FM sd_customer-maintain_all

    Hi All,
    I have to update Partner Function ‘PARVW’  in KNVP table using FM sd_customer_maintain_all.
    I had already created a BDC program for updating which is running successfully.
    But  my requirement is to create a BAPI using FM customermaintain_all.
    Ex:  Tcode VD02
              KUNNR          PARVW             KUNN2
    Old data      123          Z1          70006666
              123          Z2          70007777
    Req. output      123          Z1          70006666
              123          Z1          70007777
    PARVW ‘Z2’  should not exist after updation.
    When updating, I am getting the error message to my inbox as
    “ Error Info...   F2 802: System error in table KNVP ”
    The above error is triggered while committing work after execution of  ‘SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL’.
    The options I tried while looping at internal table containing kunnr, parvw & kunn2
        I_KNA1                              = w_kna1
      I_KNB1                              =
        I_KNVV                              = w_knvv
      I_BAPIADDR1                         =
      I_BAPIADDR2                         =
      I_MAINTAIN_ADDRESS_BY_KNA1          = ' '
      I_KNB1_REFERENCE                    = ' '
      I_NO_BANK_MASTER_UPDATE             = ' '
      I_CUSTOMER_IS_CONSUMER              = ' '
      I_RAISE_NO_BTE                      = ' '
        PI_POSTFLAG                         = 'X'
      PI_CAM_CHANGED                      = ' '
      PI_ADD_ON_DATA                      =
      I_FROM_CUSTOMERMASTER               = ' '
      E_KUNNR                             =
      O_KNA1                              =
      E_SD_CUST_1321_DONE                 =
      T_XKNAS                             =
      T_XKNBK                             =
      T_XKNB5                             =
      T_XKNEX                             =
      T_XKNVA                             =
      T_XKNVD                             =
      T_XKNVI                             =
      T_XKNVK                             =
      T_XKNVL                             =
        T_XKNVP                             = I_XKNVP
      T_XKNZA                             =
      T_YKNAS                             =
      T_YKNBK                             =
      T_YKNB5                             =
      T_YKNEX                             =
      T_YKNVA                             =
      T_YKNVD                             =
      T_YKNVI                             =
      T_YKNVK                             =
      T_YKNVL                             =
        T_YKNVP                             = i_yknvp ***
      T_YKNZA                             =
      T_UPD_TXT                           =
        CLIENT_ERROR                        = 1
      KNA1_INCOMPLETE                     = 2
      KNB1_INCOMPLETE                     = 3
      KNB5_INCOMPLETE                     = 4
      KNVV_INCOMPLETE                     = 5
      KUNNR_NOT_UNIQUE                    = 6
      SALES_AREA_NOT_UNIQUE               = 7
      SALES_AREA_NOT_VALID                = 8
      INSERT_UPDATE_CONFLICT              = 9
      NUMBER_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR             = 10
      NUMBER_NOT_IN_RANGE                 = 11
      NUMBER_RANGE_NOT_EXTERN             = 12
      NUMBER_RANGE_NOT_INTERN             = 13
      ACCOUNT_GROUP_NOT_VALID             = 14
      PARNR_INVALID                       = 15
      BANK_ADDRESS_INVALID                = 16
      TAX_DATA_NOT_VALID                  = 17
      NO_AUTHORITY                        = 18
      COMPANY_CODE_NOT_UNIQUE             = 19
      DUNNING_DATA_NOT_VALID              = 20
      KNB1_REFERENCE_INVALID              = 21
      CAM_ERROR                           = 22
        OTHERS                              = 23.
    IF sy-subrc eq ‘0’.
    Commit work and wait.
    All above tables have a field called ‘KZ’ which has options
    E-………(I don’t know)
    Ex: T_XKNVP structure = KNVP Structure + Field ‘KZ’.
    Documentation for this FM is not Available in English or German
    1.  I tried sending Z2  KZ as ‘D’ first &  Z1 with KZ as ‘I’ with business partner of Z2 (KUNN2)
         as single update.
    Ex: T_XKNP table
    KUNNR          PARVW             KUNN2          KZ
    123          Z2          70007777     D
    123          Z1          70007777     I
    2.  I tried it as a separate delete record and insert record i.e calling the FM twice .
    3.  I tried passing table  T_YKNVP with old partner data + TXKNVP table new partner data
    Ex: T_YKNP table
    KUNNR          PARVW             KUNN2          KZ
    123          Z2          70007777     U or space (I tried both one after another)
    4. All combinations for field ‘KZ’  are tried.
    Please help me to overcome this problem.
    I )   I need which parameters are to be passed to FM for updating partner function in KNVP table .
    II)   Do I need to pass structure I_KNA1 or I_KNVV to FM ? (Blank or with values corresponding to   
         partner function ).
    III)  Any sample code which can guide me.
    Even a small hint or clue from you will certainly help me.
    Thanks in Advance.

    i have the same problem. I need to update the partner function PARVW thru a program that i created. I tried to use this FM but it didn't work. Anyone knows another FM that i can use to update the KNVP table?

  • Vendor field not updated in CRM pricing condition table

    We have maintained condition table with Material and Vendor fields in ECC and table is active
    After replicating this table from ECC to CRM, vendor field not updated in table and it is inactive.
    There is any mapping settings required to update vendor field in CRM table from ECC.
    Please help me out to solve this issue
    kishore kumar

    hi,  the data field of vendor is a standard one or custimizing one?
    I remeber there is a data mapping setting in CRM, for condition field.   If you want to mapping a ERP standard field to a CRM custmizing one, you need to setting your rule in it.  Maybe you can find it in SM30 view.
    I can't login a CRM system now, so sorry for not offer your the view name.

  • Need help in SQL Query: Update a row in a table & insert the same row into another table

    I want to update a row in a table say Table A and the updated row should be inserted into another table say Table B. I need to do it in a single SQL query and i don't want to do it in PL/SQL with triggers. And i tried with MERGE statement but its working with this scenario. (Note: I'm using Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
    Thanks in Advance.

    Using Sven's code as an example, you could save the updated row in a sql plus variable. (also untested):
    SQL> var v_id number
    update tableA  
    set colB='ABC' 
    where colC='XYZ' 
    returning id into :v_id;
    insert into table A_History (ID, colA, colB, ColC)  
    select id, ColA, ColB, ColC  
    from tableA  
    where id = :v_id;   

  • Updating a field in multiple tables at the same time

    Hi All,
    I have a table with right and wrong values of a field 'id'. I want to replace the wrong values in all the tables at all_tab_columns with the right values. I did the following and it did not work. Please help.
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE Clean_ID_Proc(v_id number) IS
    right_id number;
    v_table_name varchar2(100);
        Select correct_id into right_id from tb_id
        where wrong_id = v_id;
        FOR table_cur IN (select * from all_tab_columns
                            where column_name = 'ID')
          EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'update '||table_cur.table_name||'  set id = '||right_id||' where id ='|| v_id;
        END LOOP;     
    END;The error I have been getting is :
    [1]: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    [1]: ORA-06512: at "schema.CLEAN_ID_PROC", line 12
    [1]: ORA-06512: at line 1
    Thanks in advance

    user7415666 wrote:
    Hi All,
    I have a table with right and wrong values of a field 'id'. I want to replace the wrong values in all the tables at all_tab_columns with the right values. I did the following and it did not work. Please help.
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE Clean_ID_Proc(v_id number) IS
    right_id number;
    v_table_name varchar2(100);
    Select correct_id into right_id from tb_id
    where wrong_id = v_id;
    FOR table_cur IN (select * from all_tab_columns
    where column_name = 'ID')
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'update '||table_cur.table_name||'  set id = '||right_id||' where id ='|| v_id;
    END LOOP;     
    END;The error I have been getting is :
    [1]: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    [1]: ORA-06512: at "schema.CLEAN_ID_PROC", line 12
    [1]: ORA-06512: at line 1
    Thanks in advancewhat is the actual table_name of the table being updated?
    who owns this table?
    which USER owns & runs posted code?
    why did you bother populating TB_ID table instead of doing the UPDATE at that time?

  • Triggers to Update rows in the same table

    I have a table called as "Cal" which has the following fields
    There will be many records with the same recurring id and If the Description field is Updated, then I would like to Update the same description to all the records with the same recurring id (same table). I have tried it with triggers and the I get the ORA-00036 Maximum number of Recursive SQL reached error.
    I have a a row level trigger which captures the change and I use the statment level trigger to update the description field (same table) and I get the error mentioned above.
    Thx in advance

    I have three kind of suggestion.
    (1) Use session variables in a package as flag for prevention from infinitely recursive calling.
    (2) Use temporary tables for similar reason.
    (3) Use instead-of-trigger (need to create view).

  • How to update fields in the target table in correspondance with the source file values

    Environment: win7, SQL server 2008 R2
    Application: Microsoft Management SQL Studio 2008 R2, Business Intelligence 2008 - SSIS
    SSIS competency level: Novice
    Problem: I have been trying to update some of the fields in the destination table,student table, in reference to data set in the staging table and ssn table.  I was able to insert/load new data to the destination using look up transformation
    while the driver is ssn (data mapping) but i couldn't know how to update some of the fields in the student table while keeping the orignal pn_id of both tables(ssn and student tables), because pn_id already exists in the SSN table and student table. There
    are other records also associated with the pn_id so I am not allowed to update the pn_id in the destination tables. For example,
    SSN Table (pn_id,ssn)
    Staging Table (ssn, id, pn_id, name, subject, academic year, comments)
    (288258466, 1001, '770616858',Sally Johnson, English,A, 2005,'great student')
    (176268917, 1002, '192160792',Will Smith, Math,38000,C, 2014,'no comments')
    (444718562, 1003, '260518681',Mike Lira, Math,38000,B, 2013,'no comments')
    Student Table (destination table)(id,pn_id,subject,academic year, grade, comments):
    (1001, '000616850', ' ',' ', ,'')
    (1002, '002160790', ' ',' ', ,'')
    Expected Results:
    My goal is to have student table updated as the following:
    Student Table
    (1001, '000616850', 'English','A' ,2005 ,'great student')
    (1002, '002160790', 'Math ',' C',2014 ,'no comments')
    please advise

    Why can't you use simple UPDATE command in EXECUTE SQL Task as below,
    INSERT INTO SSN VALUES('000616850',288258466)
    INSERT INTO SSN VALUES('002160790',176268917)
    CREATE TABLE Staging (ssn BIGINT, id INT, pn_id BIGINT, name VARCHAR(100), subject VARCHAR(100),grade VARCHAR(10), [academic year] INT, comments VARCHAR(100))
    INSERT INTO Staging VALUES(288258466, 1001, '770616858','Sally Johnson', 'English','A', 2005,'great student')
    INSERT INTO Staging VALUES(176268917, 1002, '192160792','Will Smith', 'Math','C', 2014,'no comments')
    INSERT INTO Staging VALUES(444718562, 1003, '260518681','Mike Lira', 'Math','B', 2013,'no comments')
    CREATE TABLE Student(id INT,pn_id BIGINT,subject VARCHAR(100), [academic year] INT, grade VARCHAR(10), comments VARCHAR(100) )
    INSERT INTO Student VALUES(1001, '000616850', NULL,NULL,NULL ,NULL)
    INSERT INTO Student VALUES(1002, '002160790', NULL,NULL,NULL ,NULL)
    UPDATE Student SET Subject = C.Subject, [academic year]=C.[academic year], grade=C.grade,comments=C.comments
    ON A.pn_id=B.pn_id INNER JOIN Staging C
    ON A.ssn = C.ssn
    SELECT * FROM Student
    Regards, RSingh

  • What's the best way to insert/update thousands records in multiple tables

    Can anyone give an example of how to insert/update thousands records in multiple tables on performance wise? or what should I do to improve the performance?

    You can see a set of sample applications in various scenarious available at

  • Updating 'Payee acct no' in table PAYR for 'Check' Payment through F110.

    Hi All,
              Automatic Payment is done for vendors with payment method 'C' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Check'. Here table PAYR is not updating the vendor bank account in field 'Payee acct no'. This field is updated for payment method 'A' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Bank Transf'.
    Please help to find the solution for updating 'Payee acct no' in table 'PAYR'.

    Payee account number is appearing because to transfer the payment you will need account number of the payee in the master and same is system deriving so that it is displaying the PAYR whereas you do not need account number to pring the check.
    Still if you want to derive payee acocunt number then try following..............
    Go into Check payment method in country payment method in transaction FBZP.
    Under required master data specification select Bank details and Account number required under that.
    Now try if payee account number is updated.
    Prerequisite will be you must have maintained acocunt number in the vendor master record otherwise payment will not be executed.
    Chintan Joshi

  • Updating data in the database table

    Can any help me in the code for updating data in the database table.

    Hi Rahul,
    A slightly longer procedure that i'm adding here...
    1.) Create the component (i'm sure you have this covered)
    2.) Next on the button click that updates the database - add an action.
    3.) double click the action so that you are taken to the methods section of the view.
    4.) next you need to add the code that is required the update the database - this will be in the form of the above two posts.
    5.) compile and test the application
    Let me know in case you need further information on how to do this with a function module or something.

  • Update all rows in a table which has 8-10 million rows take for ever

    Hi All,
    I have to update 8million rows on a table. Basically have to reset the batch_id with the current batch number. it contains 8-10 million rows and i have tried with bulk update and then also it takes long time. below is the table structure
    sales_stg (it has composite key of product,upc and market)
    I have to update batch_id,process_status to current batch_id (a number) and process_status as zero. I have to update all the rows with these values for batch_id = 0.
    I tried bulk update an it takes more than 2hrs to do. (I limit the update to 1000).
    Any help in this regard.

    The fastest way will probably be to not use a select loop but a direct update like in William's example. The main downside is if you do too many rows you risk filling up your rollback/undo; to keep things as simple as possible I wouldn't do batching except for this. Also, we did some insert timings a few years ago on 9iR1 and found that the performance curve on frequent commits started to level off after 4K rows (fewer commits were still better) so you could see how performance improves by performing fewer commits if that's an issue.
    The other thing you could consider if you have the license is using the parallel query option.

  • Updatable Materialized View and Master Table on same database

    Hi all,
    My first question - Is it possible to have an Updatable Materialized View and the associated Master Table located on the same database?
    This is the requirement scenario:
    One unique database D exists.
    A is a batch table. Only inserts are allowed on Table A.
    M is an updatable materialized view on Table A (Master). Only updates are allowed on M (no insert or delete).
    Requirement is to push updates/changes from M to A periodically and then get the new inserted records from A into M via a refresh.
    Is this possible? What other approaches are applicable here?

    My question is related to the implementation and setup of the environment as explained in the above example. How can I achieve this considering that I have created an updatable m-view?
    If possible, how do I push changes made to an updatable m-view back to it's master table when/before I execute DBMS_MVIEW.REFRESH on the m-view? What is the procedure to do this if both table and mview exist on the same database? Do I need to create master groups, materialized view refresh groups, etc.?
    One more thing.. Is there a way to retain changes to the m-view during refresh? In this case, only newly inserted/updated records in the associated table would get inserted into m-view. Whereas changes made to m-view records would stay as-is.
    Hope my question is directed well. Thanks for your help.
    - Ankit

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    I just bought and turned on my new 12-core Mac Pro, and the built-in iSight is running very slowly--that is, at a very low frame rate. I'm testing it in Photobooth, but also runs slowly in other applications. And I'm pretty sure it's not just the dis

  • Importing bc4j from jar in project

    Hi, since we have a complex application, we want to group application modules logically into smaller modules (submodules), which must be combined to yield more complex modules. Every submodule lives in its own project, so reusing a submodule in a mor

  • Spotlight shortcut causing dock.app crash continuously

    Users of 10.8 that are experiencing constant crashes please note: if Spotlight Shortcut are changed to a shortcut keys used by other app. this cause constant crashes. Reset Spotlight keyboard shortcut to default shortcut in Preferences solved the pro

  • Bootcamp: No sound running Windows 8.1

    Year: Mid 2011 Memory: 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics: AMD Raedon HD 6770M 512 MB Software: OS X 10.9.4 (13E28) I have recently set up bootcamp on my 2011 iMac and installed official Windows 8.1 from a disk. I have NO sound at all when running the Window

  • Can you install Lion server but still use the mac as normal?

    I have a Macbook Pro and I would like to install Lion server. I was wondering if when I buy it off the mac app store if it works like any application so I can like close out of the server and use the mac as normal like to get on the Internet, or if L