Update GL text using RFBISA00

Hi all ,
I have a requirement where i have to update the spanish short & long text that has been maintained for some GL accounts.
I tried using FM GL_TEXT_UPDATE, but that did not work.
Now i have come across this report , through which we can make changes to the GL accounts, but i dont know what king of file should be uploaded.
It would be nice if anyone can help me with what kind of file structure should be used to upload to the report.
I need only to change the spanish text.
thanks in advance.

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    I currently have a project where the client has requested to have the ability to update the text fields inside the project at a later date.
    This is due to the nature of the content changing rather rapidly, i would like to set this up so the client can manage this them selfs.
    What would the best way to do this be?
    I'm thinking XML, an external XML sheet were by Captivate imports the text from this XML sheet and then displays it within the specific text fields contained within the captivate output.
    This way the client would just update the external XML document(cut and paste the text in) and then the text would be dynamically updated in the published Captivate document.
    any help would be amazing !
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Lieve
    But isn't this thread more about an end user having an ability to change text after the Captivate has been published and delivered? I could see where that might be useful if making changes then publishing to create a new output. But I'm interpreting that the situation here is that a Captivate project has been published and delivered, and some mechanism is desired that allows the recipient to modify an external XML file to influence changes in the already compiled Captivate output.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Creating a long text using ABAP code.. fm SAVE_TEXT

    When you create an order via IW31 one of the options is to click on the text button and create a long text. I am basically trying to mimic this action from within my ABAP code.
    The text id details are as follows:
    Text Name       500000015000046  which is (5000000 + order number)
    Language        EN
    Text ID            KOPF         Order header text
    Text Object      AUFK       Order text
    If i manually create the text within the transaction i am then able to view and update it via function modules READ_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT. But if the text has not already been created READ_TEXT obviously returns nothing as it does not exist and SAVE_TEXT does not seem to created it!
    Anyone know how i would go about creating this text using ABAP code?
    Hope this make a bit of sense
    Thanks in advance

    I have implemented the code as i think it should be. See below, can any see what is wrong. If i add init_text it makes no difference and adding the commit_text just makes it hang
    DATA: IT_TEXTS type standard table of TLINE,
           wa_texts like line of it_texts,
           wa_txtheader type THEAD.
    wa_txtheader-TDID     = 'KOPF'.
    wa_txtheader-TDSPRAS  = 'EN'.
    wa_txtheader-TDNAME   = '500000015000056'.
    wa_txtheader-TDOBJECT = 'AUFK'.
    wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
    wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
      wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
    wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
    wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
      wa_texts-tdformat = '*'.
    wa_texts-tdline = 'hello'.
    append wa_texts to it_texts.
        CLIENT                = SY-MANDT
        HEADER                = wa_txtheader
        INSERT                = 'X'
       SAVEMODE_DIRECT       = ' '
       OWNER_SPECIFIED       = 'X'
      LOCAL_CAT             = ' '
      FUNCTION              =
      NEWHEADER             =
        LINES                 = IT_TEXTS
       ID                    = 1
       LANGUAGE              = 2
       NAME                  = 3
       OBJECT                = 4
       OTHERS                = 5
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.

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    Does the iPod work OK?
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    Look at the dock connector on the iPod. Compare with the iPod that does work/connect.
    I suspect you have a 2G iPod. Those can only go to iOS 4.2.1
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    iPod touch (3rd generation) features a 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display and 32 GB or 64 GB flash drive. You can browse the web with Safari and watch YouTube videos with Wi-Fi. You can also search, preview, and buy songs from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPod touch.
    The iPod touch (3rd generation) can be distinguished from iPod touch (2nd generation) by looking at the back of the device. In the text below the engraving, look for the model number. iPod touch (2nd generation) is model A1288, and iPod touch (3rd generation) is model A1318.

  • Upload Task List Operation long Text using SAVE_TEXT-Urgent

    Hi ,
    I am trying to create Task List Operation Long text using the function module ..
    SAVE_TEXT .I am passing the following keys
    Text Name       300ATEST057 0000000900000009
    Language        EN
    Text ID            PLPO Long Text
    Text Object     ROUTING    Texts for task list types
    But the long texts are not getting updated in the Task lists operations .
    Can anyone please suggest whether SAVE_TEXT will work for Operation long Texts or not Are we missing something
    .This is pretty urgent requirement .Award points are assured.

    use function module create text
    check the sample code
          asnum LIKE asmd-asnum, " Service No
          text(5000)  TYPE c, " Long Text
          END OF itab.
    DATA: BEGIN OF itab1 OCCURS 0,
          asnum LIKE asmd-asnum, " Service No
          sequ  type i,          " Text Sequence
          text(5000)  TYPE c, " Long Text
          END OF itab1.
    To create Long Text lines for CREATE_TEXT function module
    DATA:BEGIN OF dt_lines OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE tline. " Long Text
    DATA:END OF dt_lines.
    Variable declarations for CREATE_TEXT function module
    DATA : dl_name TYPE thead-tdname, " Object Name
           dl_lan TYPE thead-tdspras. " Language
    Object ID for Long Text of Service Master
    CONSTANTS:c_best TYPE thead-tdid VALUE 'LTXT',
              c_material TYPE thead-tdobject VALUE 'ASMD'. " Object
    for file splitting.
    DATA: start TYPE i,
          len   TYPE i VALUE 92,
          totlen TYPE i,
          n TYPE i.
    PARAMETERS p_file LIKE rlgrap-filename."input file
    At selection-screen on Value Request for file Name
    Get the F4 Values for the File
          program_name  = syst-cprog
          dynpro_number = syst-dynnr
          file_name     = p_file.
    Start Of Selection
    *To Upload Flat file
          filename                = p_file
          filetype                = 'DAT'
          data_tab                = itab
          conversion_error        = 1
          invalid_table_width     = 2
          invalid_type            = 3
          no_batch                = 4
          unknown_error           = 5
          gui_refuse_filetransfer = 6
          OTHERS                  = 7.
      LOOP AT itab.
        itab1-asnum = itab-asnum.
        CLEAR: totlen,n, start.
        totlen = STRLEN( itab-text ).
        n = totlen / len.
        n = n + 1.
        DO n TIMES.
          itab1-text  = itab-text+start(len).
          itab1-sequ  = sy-index.
          start = start + len.
          APPEND itab1.
      delete itab1 where text is initial.
      SORT itab1 BY asnum sequ.
      LOOP AT itab1.
        dt_lines-tdformat = '*'.
        dt_lines-tdline = itab1-text.
        APPEND dt_lines.
    Call the Function Module to Create Text
        AT END OF asnum.
          dl_lan = sy-langu.
          WRITE : / itab-asnum.
              input  = itab1-asnum
              output = itab1-asnum.
          MOVE itab1-asnum TO dl_name.
              fid         = c_best
              flanguage   = dl_lan
              fname       = dl_name
              fobject     = c_material
              save_direct = 'X'
              fformat     = '*'
              flines      = dt_lines
              no_init     = 1
              no_save     = 2
              OTHERS      = 3.
          IF sy-subrc <> 0.
            WRITE:/ 'Long Text Creation failed for Service No'(001),
            WRITE:/ 'Long Text Created Successfully for Service No'(002),
          REFRESH dt_lines.
    in text file give first field records in capitals

  • About updating  long text  in the document item  with bdc of fb02

    I have a question about updating  long text  in the document item of sap:
    Can I directly updating the long text information with the fuction save_text?
    The long text is in :
    tcode: fb02 -->input document no ... --> Document overview --> select one document
    long text --> updating the value.
    Becaust I want to update some items in a G/L Account with bdc or other technique, but I found I can't   choose the items in the G/L Account with bdc automatically .That means I can't get the selected items and update them.So I try to update them with the function save_text  directly (I know the doc no,bukrs,fiscal year ,item no which will decide the long text item).
    Who can help me ?Or is there any way to solve the problem? Thanks very much.

    Yes, you can update directly using SAVE_TEXT.
    Check this for the same.
    [update long text in FB02|https://forums.sdn.sap.com/click.jspa?searchID=22194840&messageID=5418662]

  • Problem in populating PO item text using FM:SAVE_TEXT

    Hi All,
    I am having an issue with SAVE_TEXT FM,
    I need to populate the item text field:
    This FM works fine if the Item text field is blank and i am populating it with text, say "This is a test case",
    How ever if the text field is already populated say the item text field has "Testing", my requirement is i will append the new text to the previously existing, in this case it should come as "Testing This is a test case",
    For doing this i am reading the existing text using READ_TEXT FM and concatenating both the texts separated by space, and passing this to i_lines, how ever the O/P which i get in the text field is "Testing".
    Please advice.
    The cod is shown below:
        CLIENT                = SY-MANDT
         header                = t_head
         insert                = 'X'
         savemode_direct       = 'X'
        OWNER_SPECIFIED       = ' '
        LOCAL_CAT             = ' '
        FUNCTION              =
        NEWHEADER             =
          lines                 = i_lines
         id                    = 1
         language              = 2
         name                  = 3
         object                = 4
         OTHERS                = 5.

    once u use the save_text also
    with save_text u are updating the STXH table .
    there is one field in stxh table which is once updated shows the text in the sceen.
    or u can run a bdc put the default text where u want to put and afterwards when u use create_text and commit_text,u ll be able to see the text in the screen.

  • Update Long Text of Production Order

    Hi ABAP Gurus,
    We want to update some information in long text automatically while releasing production order.
    We try PPCO0007
    We found that we must update AUFK-LTEXT as 'E' then we can see long text via CO02, CO03.
    Without updating AUFK-LTEXT, even if the long text value saved in SXTL, but it can not be displayed via CO02, CO03.
    After saving the text using 'SAVE_TEXT' function module and commiting it we update the 'ltext' field in AUFK table.
    SELECT SINGLE * INTO wa_aufk FROM aufk WHERE aufnr EQ '000012345678'.
    wa_aufk-ltext = 'D'.
    MODIFY aufk FROM wa_aufk.
    However, it only works when we go to CO02 and press 'Save' button without changing anything.
    If we press 'release' button, AUFK-LTEXT will be overwritten by system. >_<
    What we expect system to do is that when we release production order, AUFK-LTEXT can be changed to 'E', so that we can display long text via CO02, CO03.
    Please help.

    There is no standard SAP enhancement we can use for this purpose.
    We have developed another program to maintian the long text in production order.
    This call can be closed.

  • Keeping edits when updating linked text file

    My main use of indesign is laying out text files that are created in work. They need be linked, becuase the authors of these files are constantly updating them.
    I place the file, and then format the tables to make them look better, and also sometimes add images into the text
    However, when the original changes, and I update the text box with the new text, all the formatting i've added is lost.
    This must be a common problem with linked files, so, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Most importantly would be a way to automatically apply / keep the stlying for the tables.

    You can try exporting to RTF and relinking those files back to your
    document and letting your writers work on those, but InCopy is far
    better solution.
    Why not download the demo and show them how much time they'll save with
    it? Or bring in a consultant who can demonstrate it. I've found that
    doing a demo can really open some eyes to the possibilities.

  • HT3529 When texting with other iphone users, the text used to be in a blue bubble. Now it's green. What happened? Am I being charged for these text messages now? I'm with Verizon if that matters.

    When texting with other iphone users, the text used to be in a blue bubble. Now it's green. What happened? Am I being charged for these text messages now? I'm with Verizon if that matters.

    Thanks for the help, Allan Sampson.
    I updated itunes, shut the phone off and on, it still didn't give me blue bubbles. Kept following the suggestions on the page ...  I didn't know there was an IMessaging switch, but, shoot, it was OFF. Anyway, I toggled it on and now the text bubbles are blue again.

  • Update Project Server using PSI

    I need to update a project server 2007 file (tasks and custom fields) using PSI on a weekly basis. How do I update a required custom field in the project using C# and PSI web services? I get the following error when I save the changes:
    projectSvc.QueueUpdateProject(jobId, sessionId, projectDs,
    PSCLientError Output:CustomFieldRequiredValueNotProvided        mdpropuid:
    System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: ProjectServerError(s) LastError=Cus
    tomFieldRequiredValueNotProvided Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError cons
    tructor to access all error information
       at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.WebService.Project.QueueUpdateProject(Guid
     jobUid, Guid sessionUid, ProjectDataSet dataset, Boolean validateOnly)
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Web;
    using System.Web.Services.Protocols;
    using System.Threading;
    using PSLibrary = Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library;
    using IntegratedMasterSchedule.ProjectWebSvc;
    using IntegratedMasterSchedule.WebSvcLoginWindows;
    using System.Net;
    using System.Globalization;
    namespace IntegratedMasterSchedule
    public partial class MasterSchedule
    private static CustomFieldWS.CustomFields customFieldClient = new CustomFieldWS.CustomFields();
    static void Main()
    #region Setup
    const string PROJECT_SERVER_URI = "http://ServerName/xxx";
    const string PROJECT_SERVICE_PATH = "_vti_bin/psi/project.asmx";
    const string QUEUESYSTEM_SERVICE_PATH = "_vti_bin/psi/queuesystem.asmx";
    const string SESSION_DESC = "Sample utility";
    Guid sessionId = Guid.NewGuid();
    Guid jobId;
    // Set up the Web service objects
    ProjectWebSvc.Project projectSvc = new ProjectWebSvc.Project();
    projectSvc.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
    QueueSystemWebSvc.QueueSystem q = new QueueSystemWebSvc.QueueSystem();
    q.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
    //Get the project
    Guid projectId = GetProjectUidFromProjectName(projectSvc, "Project Name");
    // Read the project you want
    Console.WriteLine("Reading project from database");
    ProjectWebSvc.ProjectDataSet projectDs = projectSvc.ReadProject(projectId, ProjectWebSvc.DataStoreEnum.WorkingStore);
    #region Change task name and update
    // Check out the project
    Console.WriteLine("Checking out project");
    projectSvc.CheckOutProject(projectId, sessionId, SESSION_DESC);
    // Make changes
    // - Note: Task 0 is the summary task which can't be changed.
    projectDs.Task[1].TASK_NAME += " Changed";
    // Save the changes
    Console.WriteLine("Saving changes to the database");
    jobId = Guid.NewGuid();
    projectSvc.QueueUpdateProject(jobId, sessionId, projectDs, false);
    WaitForQueue(q, jobId);
    #region Check in
    // Check in the project
    Console.WriteLine("Checking in the project");
    jobId = Guid.NewGuid();
    projectSvc.QueueCheckInProject(jobId, projectId, false, sessionId, SESSION_DESC);
    WaitForQueue(q, jobId);
    #region Exception Handling and Final
    catch (SoapException ex)
    PSLibrary.PSClientError error = new PSLibrary.PSClientError(ex);
    PSLibrary.PSErrorInfo[] errors = error.GetAllErrors();
    string errMess = "==============================\r\nError: \r\n";
    for (int i = 0; i < errors.Length; i++)
    errMess += "\n" + ex.Message.ToString() + "\r\n";
    errMess += "".PadRight(30, '=') + "\r\nPSCLientError Output:\r\n \r\n";
    errMess += errors[i].ErrId.ToString() + "\n";
    for (int j = 0; j < errors[i].ErrorAttributes.Length; j++)
    errMess += "\r\n\t" + errors[i].ErrorAttributeNames()[j] + ": " + errors[i].ErrorAttributes[j];
    errMess += "\r\n".PadRight(30, '=');
    Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Red;
    catch (WebException ex)
    string errMess = ex.Message.ToString() +
    "\n\nLog on, or check the Project Server Queuing Service";
    Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Red;
    Console.WriteLine("Error: " + errMess);
    catch (Exception ex)
    Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Red;
    Console.WriteLine("Error: " + ex.Message);
    Console.WriteLine("\r\n\r\nPress any key...");
    static private void WaitForQueue(QueueSystemWebSvc.QueueSystem q, Guid jobId)
    QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState jobState;
    const int QUEUE_WAIT_TIME = 2; // two seconds
    bool jobDone = false;
    string xmlError = string.Empty;
    int wait = 0;
    //Wait for the project to get through the queue
    // - Get the estimated wait time in seconds
    wait = q.GetJobWaitTime(jobId);
    // - Wait for it
    Thread.Sleep(wait * 1000);
    // - Wait until it is done.
    // - Get the job state
    jobState = q.GetJobCompletionState(jobId, out xmlError);
    if (jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.Success)
    jobDone = true;
    if (jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.Unknown
    || jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.Failed
    || jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.FailedNotBlocking
    || jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.CorrelationBlocked
    || jobState == QueueSystemWebSvc.JobState.Canceled)
    // If the job failed, error out
    throw (new ApplicationException("Queue request " + jobState + " for Job ID " + jobId + ".\r\n" + xmlError));
    Console.WriteLine("Job State: " + jobState + " for Job ID: " + jobId);
    Thread.Sleep(QUEUE_WAIT_TIME * 1000);
    while (!jobDone);
    static public Guid GetProjectUidFromProjectName(Project proj, string projectName)
    Guid result = Guid.Empty;
    ProjectDataSet dsProjectList = new ProjectDataSet();
    dsProjectList = proj.ReadProjectList();
    for (int row = 0; row < dsProjectList.Project.Count; row++)
    if (projectName == dsProjectList.Project[row].PROJ_NAME.ToString())
    result = dsProjectList.Project[row].PROJ_UID;
    return result;

    Hi cochocip,
    your projectDataSet has no custom field (required) set
    The md_prop_uid is the uid for this custom field).
    If your custom field is not based on lookup table, you can use a code like this:
    Log to CustomFields webservice
    Get Custom field's md_prop_uid using ReadCustomFields.....
    and add this code after
    // Make changes
    // - Note: Task 0 is the summary task which can't be changed.
    projectDs.Task[1].TASK_NAME += " Changed";
    WebSvcCustomFields.CustomFieldDataSet newCF = customFieldsWS.ReadCustomFieldsByMdPropUids(new Guid[] {
    p_md_prop_uid }, false);
    WebSvcProject.ProjectDataSet.TaskCustomFieldsRow a = projectDs.TaskCustomFields.NewTaskCustomFieldsRow();
    a.CUSTOM_FIELD_UID = Guid.NewGuid();
    a.MD_PROP_UID = p_md_prop_uid;
    a.MD_PROP_ID = newCF.CustomFields[0].MD_PROP_ID;
    a.PROJ_UID = p_prjDS.Project[0].PROJ_UID;
    a.TASK_UID = p_taskGuid;
    a.FIELD_TYPE_ENUM = newCF.CustomFields[0].MD_PROP_TYPE_ENUM;
    switch (newCF.CustomFields[0].MD_PROP_TYPE_ENUM)
    case 21: //String
             a.TEXT_VALUE = p_value;
    case 15: //number
             a.NUM_VALUE = Convert.ToDecimal(p_value);
    case 4: //DAte
             a.DATE_VALUE = Convert.ToDateTime(p_value);
    where p_value is the value that you want save in this field.
    I hope this code can help you

  • Can I type a large document on my iPad2 or only small amounts of text using Notes?

    Can I type a large document on my iPad2 or only small amounts of text using Notes?

    You can create larger documents e.g. Documents To Go (http://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/documents-to-go-office-suite/id317117961?mt=8) allows you to create/read/update word and excel documents, as well as supporting other document types. There is also a 'premium' version of the app : http://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/documents-to-go-premium-office/id317107309?mt=8 .

  • Error 4 when updating the text data

    When i am trying to load the data  using IP i am facing the issue Error 4 when updating the text data.Please suggest me
    Edited by: srikanth reddy612 on Dec 15, 2011 12:45 PM

    hi srikanth,
    you might have selected given lowercase data
    and please check in the Infoobject the lowercase Checkbox is unchecked then it will allow you to update from IP.
    also check in the Datasource fields tab whether particular field is unchecked with lowercase.
    if checked all records you are pushing will have to be in uppercase.
    Sankaresh S

  • Recogize text using OCR not available

    I have Acrobat Pro 8.  I have several scanned fileds that I'm trying ot OCR.  The option under Documents (recognize text using OCR) is not listed.  Only Find the first OCR suspect and Find all.
    Any ideas?
    Please advise.  This is a priority project and OCR would save a lot of time and money.

    I was having the same issue with Acrobat 9.  The only way we could get it working was to reinstall to version 9.4.  Something with the update to 9.5 or 9.51 removed that option, which is a very important option.  As 9.5 had an important security patch, I hope this is fixed soon.

  • [svn] 3291: Update example to use swfobject.

    Revision: 3291
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2008-09-22 08:46:23 -0700 (Mon, 22 Sep 2008)
    Log Message:
    Update example to use swfobject. Update text of link in app to Download Flex 4. It was Flex 2.
    Modified Paths:
    Added Paths:
    Removed Paths:

    please replace this text (which is not records but just text, and therefore we can not query it):
    TransactionID  ProductID       Quantity        QuantityOnHand
    1                          1                     
    2                     ?  2
    2                          1                     
    3                     ? 5 = 3+2
    3                          1                     
    1                     ? 6 = 5 + 1
    4                          1                     
    9                     ? 15 = 6 + 9
    with a DDL+DML queries to help us help you.
    >> DDL+DML are queries to create your relevant table and a query to insert the sample data.
    [Personal Site] [Blog] [Facebook]

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