Update Outbound Delivery in EDI Process - Urgent

Hello experts,
I have to update outbound delivery for picking & PGI in EDI.
I recognized the standard BAPI - BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC for this process, but it doesn't confirm picking.
I also recognized the IDOC - IDOC_INPUT_DELVRYwhich doesn't create partner function.
So now I need to choose any one & enhance with the help of User exit. I found a user exit in IDOC for creating partner function but there is no user exit in BAPI for picking confirmation.
Please suggest me which is the best to use an IDoc or create a custom BAPI for this scenario with pros & cons.
Thanks in advance,
Sangeetha K

Hi gurus,
Please help me with the issue.
Points rewarded........

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  • Get Outbound delivery No. for Process Order

    I need to track <b>Outbound delivery number from process order number</b>. In Process order transaction (COR3) i couln't see delivery number anywhere. Also i tried querying LIPS table with order number , but this takes huge time .
    I could see the process order number under 'financial processing' tab inside outbound delivery(VL03N) at item details level.
    Any transaction or table where i could trace outbound delivery number from process order number directly?(<b>Table is preferred solution</b>).
    Please guide.
    Thanks in advance.

    just check out in ur system in TABLE LIKP
    LIKP-TERNR ---> is ur order number for entry in AUFK
    just cross check this with AUFK-AUFNR
    the total sequence is
                     = LIKP-VBELN
    hope this helps ..
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  • BAPI - GR Against Outbound delivery in STO Process

    For RF transactions i need to do GR Against Outbound delivery in STO Process, For that I need BAPI . 
    Is the BAPI is 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE'. or something different.

    You can use this one.

  • Updating Outbound Delivery with picking and delivery quantity.

    I have a scenario where in an idoc will come from external system(DELVRY05) and based on the data in the idoc I have to update the picking and delivery quantity for the outbound delivery created in SAP.The idoc has the outbound delivery number and the quantity which is sent from the legacy system.
    I do not want to do googs issue,just updatation.
    How can I update the outbound delivery?
    Please help me.Its needed urgently.

    YOu can make use of the FM:
    see the sample code:
    Assume that it_500o has the Delivery Header details and it_5010 has item details
      LOOP AT it_5000.
        CLEAR lx_vbkok.
        CLEAR lv_vbeln.
        REFRESH lt_vbpok.
        REFRESH lt_prott.
        lx_vbkok-vbeln_vl = it_5000-order_number.
        lx_vbkok-vbtyp_vl = 'J'.
        lv_vbeln = it_5000-order_number+0(10).
        LOOP AT it_5010 WHERE order_number = it_5000-order_number.
          lt_vbpok-vbeln_vl = it_5010-order_number.
          lt_vbpok-posnr_vl = it_5010-order_line.
          READ TABLE lt_vbfa WITH KEY vbeln = lt_vbpok-vbeln_vl
                                      posnn = lt_vbpok-posnr_vl.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            lt_vbpok-vbeln = lt_vbfa-vbelv.
            lt_vbpok-posnn = lt_vbfa-posnv.
           lt_vbpok-vbtyp_n = 'J'.
          lt_vbpok-pikmg = it_5010-quantity. "Picking quantity
          APPEND lt_vbpok.
          CLEAR lt_vbpok.
    Update the Delivery
            vbkok_wa                           = lx_vbkok
      SYNCHRON                           = ' '
      NO_MESSAGES_UPDATE_1               = ' '
           commit                             = 'X'
            delivery                           = lv_vbeln
           update_picking                     = 'X'
      NICHT_SPERREN_1                    = ' '
      IF_CONFIRM_CENTRAL                 = ' '
      IF_WMPP                            = ' '
      IF_GET_DELIVERY_BUFFERED           = ' '
           if_database_update_1               = '1'
      IF_NO_INIT_1                       = ' '
      IF_NO_READ_1                       = ' '
           if_error_messages_send             = 'X'
      IF_NO_BUFFER_REFRESH               = ' '
      IF_NO_MES_UPD_PACK                 = ' '
      EF_ERROR_ANY                       =
      EF_ERROR_IN_ITEM_DELETION          =
      EF_ERROR_IN_POD_UPDATE             =
      EF_ERROR_IN_INTERFACE              =
      EF_ERROR_IN_GOODS_ISSUE            =
      EF_ERROR_IN_FINAL_CHECK            =
           vbpok_tab                          = lt_vbpok
           prot                               = lt_prott
      VERKO_TAB                          =
      VERPO_TAB                          =
      VBSUPCON_TAB_1                     =
      IT_VERPO_SERNR                     =
      IT_PACKING                         =
      IT_PACKING_SERNR                   =
      IT_REPACK                          =
      IT_HANDLING_UNITS_1                =
      ET_CREATED_HUS                     =
      TVPOD_TAB                          =

  • Updating Outbound Delivery Bill-to Using SD_PARTNER_UPDATE

    Hi everyone,
    I have a requirement to update the outbound delivery partners, specifically Bill-to and Payer.
    The customer system version is 4.6c, so the BAPI to update the delivery found in 4.7 onwards is out of the question for now.
    I found a function module SD_PARTNER_UPDATE, however I am having difficulty in making it work, even with the COMMIT statement.
    Does anyone have any experience in using the function module, and can you provide at least an idea on how to populate and properly use it?
    Thanks in advance.

    A better option would be to use a break point on this FM while creating a sales order. That way you will know how standard uses this FM.

  • Outbound delivery for external processing Purchase order

    Hi all ,
    In external processing, I have an external activity.
    The PR and then the PO are created with acct *** F  and no material.
    In that case the shipping tab is not opened in the PO line details and thus
    I can not create an outbound delivery in order to print a shipment doc for that PO .
    Is ther any workaround for creating such outbound delivery or at least
    print a shipment document ?

       As of my knowledge, STO (intracompany sto) is not possible without material code. For the item category U, the material code is mandatory. You may check in OLME - External Representation of item categories.

  • Update Outbound Delivery

      Which BAPI/FM can update the outbound delivery??

    Hi Kit..
    I think WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE is available in your system ..just try this
    The Documentation for this FM is(This is the Translation for German documentation )
    Changes of supplies With this functional module supply data can be changed. The component can accomplish updates from the commissioning over Kommissionierbelegfluesse (quantities & weights), if the parameter sits UPDATE_PICKING and quantities, weight and volume updates without Kommissionierfluesse, if UPDATE_PICKING on SPACE sits. In this case there is only one a mark feedback to each position. In VBPOK and VBKOK there is control parameter for this, which changes are accomplished. Kommimengenaenderungen are always accomplished in basis quantity unit, changes of delivery volume always in sales unit of the supply position. If not over Kommissionierrueckmeldung one works, all information must be given to a supply position with the call, subsets and weight feedbacks are not possible. In the case of loads several sentences with different loads can be acknowledged to a VBPOK POSNR_VL. The fields in the Include VBPOKKOMMI within the structure VBPOK are relevant only for the case of the Kommissionierrueckmeldung with use of Kommissionierbelegfluessen (e.g. WM Transportauftragsrueckmeldung). The Aufrufer must evaluate both the minutes table PROT and intercept the EXCEPTIONS ERROR_MESSAHE and OTHERS.
    And If you still want to know how to use this FM ,,Click where used list for this FM and see how it is being used ,and try to do the same as per your requirement
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  • Error - Outbound delivery - WM

            I am facing error while creating the outbound delivery ( Return order process)
    "Error while determining ref.mov.type for WM via Table 156S: 161/X/X/ /L/X/"

    The detail error are as below:
    Error while determining ref.mov.type for WM via Table 156S: 161/X/X/ /L/X/
    Message no. L9029
    The system attempted to find the reference movement type for the Warehouse Management system. A corresponding entry is missing in table 156S with the argument 161/X/X/ /L/X/.
    The argument consists of:
    IM movement type
    Indicator: Value update
    Indicator: Quantity update
    Special stock
    Movement indicator
    Access indicatorsure
    Indicator: Consumption
    When I enter the outbound delivery number in VL02N then at the time of entering the storage location  I am getting the above error. The same config setting I am able to create the delivery number in quality server and even developemnt previously it was working and suddelnly now I am getting the error.

  • Create Inbound Delivery from Outbound Delivery create

    This is what I am trying to do...
    1. Create PO (me21n)
    2. Create Outbound Delivery based on PO (VL10g)
    3. PGI (this creates a DELVRY03 IDoc)
    (IDoc is created at this step, no issues so far)
    4. Based on the Outbound DELVRY03 IDoc I want to create Inbound Delivery. Inbound IDoc is created, but not posted to Application. It gives me the following error...
    "Item 00000 of purchasing document does not exist".
    Please help me resolve this error message.

    Hello Sneha,
    Outbound delivery cannot be created against the purchase order. In a third party scenario where in we receive the shipping Notification(SN) from the vendor, it comes as Delvry02 IDOC to our system. The IDOC gets posted as Inbound delivery for which Goods Recipt happens against the Purchase order using the transaction MIGO. This updates the vendor confirmation table EKES. If you see the Confirmations tab in purchase order you will see the Inbound delivery number and external delivery number.
    Outbound delivery gets created against the sales order and uses the stock posted by the goods receipt to issue the goods. The ASN signals(DelVRY03) gets created after PGI happens in the Outbound delivery.
    The Process is like
    Purchase Order(ORDERS05) goes to vendor --- > Vendor Manufactures the goods sends back Ship notifcation(SN) -> SN posts the goods Inbound Delvery is created and GR happens.-> Outbound delivery gets created and ASN signals go to the forwarder.
    Do revert to me for any further clarification.

  • Auto Packing in outbound delivery via IDOC

    Hello All,
    I got a requirement for Auto-packing in outbound delivery via IDOC process.
    Can anybody through some light on the above requirement in finding Message type, process code and so on...
    your every suggestion or hint will help me to fulfill the requirement.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

    Auto Packing message type: SDPACK
    Process code: SDPA
    Basic type: SDPAID01

  • Urgent help needed-Updating an outbound delivery.

    I have created an outbound delivery for a stock transport order in using VL10D.
    The otbound delivery then goes to a different system wherein it is updated with picking,packing and shipping info.Then it comes back to SAP in the form of idoc(DELVRY05).Now what I need is to write a code in an exit(I know where to write the code) from where the data in the idoc will update the outbouned delivery with picked and delivered quantity.
    I tried using FM's SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING and WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 but it is not working.Also where will I get to see the update if it happens.
    Please help me.Its required urgently.

    I m trying to understand this requirement. Your IDOC comes in with updated information for a delivery thats already available in the system.
    In this case, the IDOC would lock the delivery object for its ude, so writing FM's directly might not help.
    Please let me know your process code or your inbound FM. If it is IDOC_INPUT_DELVRY, then it already uses a WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 , so there is little reason why you should be calling the FM again.
    Please note that when this comes in it creates an inbound delivery rather an outbound. So, is your third party system sending you back an outbound IDOC?
    Do you want to update the delivery that u sent out ( SD) to the third party system from that information.
    In that case, please use BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC. This is for delivery conformation from a third party system. The documentation is very clear and there are toms of examples on SDN.
    Please reward if useful.

  • Urgent-Help needed in FM to update picking quantity in outbound delivery.

    I have to automatically update the delivery and picking quantity for an outbound delivery without doing any post goods issue.Could you please help me with any FM which does this with proper explanation.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    The above FM will update Picking in delivery
    Check the structure VBPOK ,within structure VBPOKKOMMI(Include structure)
    Field is PIKMG.

  • Automatic update of HU data in Outbound delivery

    Hello all,
    I would like to create an ABAP program to automatically update the HU data in an outbound delivery. The purpose is to have an excel spreadsheet with the HUs per delivery and download them into the outbound delivery without the need to use manual actions.
    Does anybody know of a FUNCTION, BAPI, IDOC or anything else that may assist me in this task ?

    Go To transaction BAPI, look at Logistics General -> Handling Unit Management -> Handling Unit
    If you want to create a delivery and know the materials and HUs just populate the delivery IDoc and process it.
    If you want to pack material by uploading this spreadsheet then look at LM* transactions as that is quickest way to find what you want.

  • Goods Movement and Updation of outbound delivery.

    I am using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to do a transfer posting with movement type 411K.After doing the posting I am updating the outbound delivery for the PO using BDC recording.
    The problem is that after doing the transfer posting when I try to update the outbound delivery with picked quantity and picked date it is giving an error that "Article (the article number) is blocked".Due to this the outbound delivery is not getting updated.
    Could you please help me to understand why I'm getting the error and how to eliminate it? Need your help urgently.

    Hello Shashank,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Please let me know do these bapis mentioned by you fulfill my requirement.
    Any sample code u have to use this bapis.

  • Picked quantity not getting updated in ERP outbound delivery

    Hi All,
    I have an outbound delivery which is replicated from ERP to EWM. I have confirmed the Warehouse task for picking & completed PGI in EWM system. The status update has taken place in ERP delivery (i.e ERP delivery status shows that goods movement is complete and the distribution status shows processing of the delivery in the decentralized system is complete). However the picked quantity (LIPS-PIKMG) is not getting updated in the ERP delivery. How do i make this happen?
    Smitha Pai

    Hi Smitha
    Picked Qty in ECC will never get updated when do the PGI in EWM. I think, this field is not designed when delivery is distributed as system assume picking will be done in other system in this case it is EWM.
    But You can always refer VBFA (Document flow table) to identify the picked quantity if you are working z report or interface to send this information.

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