Updated ios6 and now no sound / Thinks headphones are in!!

I have an ipad 3 32gb wifi that i only bought last week... Everything is fine and loved it but updated it yesterday with ios6... at first it was fine but after a couple of hours it randomly started thinking it had headphones plugged in (never even put headphones in since i got it) and it wont play sound unless i do put headphones in. ive tried system restore, putting some headphones in and out the jack but nothing.. I played tetris for a few minutes and suddenly there was one second of sound, before it disappeared again!!!
Does anyone else have the same issue?? and if so how do i resolve??

Same problem here. I have unpluged and restarted, but no sound from optical.

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    You can't merge accounts or copy content to a different account, so anything that you bought or downloaded via the old account is tied to that account - so any updates that those apps get you will only be able to download via that account. You can change which account is logged in on the iPad via Settings > Store

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    Error 13, 14, 35 and 50 (or -50)
    These errors are typically resolved by performing one or more of the steps listed below:
    Perform USB isolation troubleshooting, including trying a different USB port directly on the computer. See the advanced steps below for USB troubleshooting.
    Put a USB 2.0 hub between the device and the computer.
    Try a different USB 30-pin dock-connector cable.
    Eliminate third-party security software conflicts.
    There may be third-party software installed that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting one or more TcpWindowSize entries into your registry. Your default packet size being set incorrectly can cause this error. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet-size modification for assistance. Or, follow this article by Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to reset the packet size back to the default for Windows.
    Connect your computer directly to your Internet source, bypassing any routers, hubs, or switches. You may need to restart your computer and modem to get online.
    Try to restore from another known-good computer and network.

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    The only restore I can find is from 2010.

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    See Empty/corrupt library after upgrade/crash.



    you may put your device in dfu mode then connect it to itune ,after that there may be a message come up and say you have to restore your device. Restore your device to 5.1.1 then when you finish update it from itune not from your device directly.

  • Updated my ipad mini and now voice sounds on movies are muffled...were fine until update!  How to fix?

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    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.) http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1430
    Check your settings. The iPads have a small switch on the right edge. It can be used as a rotation lock to keep the screen from automatically reorienting itself as you move around, but you need to have the tablet’s settings configured properly. That same switch, right above the volume buttons, can also be set to function instead as a mute button to silence certain types of audio.
    If the switch is set to work as a mute button, you can change its purpose to “screen-rotation lock” by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen. On the Settings screen, tap General on the left side, and on the right side of the screen flick down to “Use Side Switch to.” Tap to select Lock Rotation or Mute to set the button’s function. Even if you set the side switch for your preferred use, you can still mute the Mini or lock the screen. Just double-click the Home button, and when the panel of apps appears along the bottom edge of the screen, flick the row from left to right with your finger. Tap the icon on the far left side of the row to either lock the iPad’s screen or mute the iPad’s alerts, notifications and sound effects. Music, podcasts and video are not muted unless you turn the volume all the way down.
    iPhone: No sound or distorted sound from speaker
    iPhone: Can’t hear through the receiver or speakers
    To solve some sound problems, just follow these simple steps
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap on General
    3. Tap on Reset
    4. Tap on Reset All Settings
    What this effectively does is to reset some of your Settings to factory default. It’s not a complete removal of settings. It removes all of your preferences for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do No Disturb, Notifications, General, Sounds, Brightness & Wallpaper and Privacy. It doesn’t affect your data. All of your email accounts will remain intact, as well as any SMS text or iMessages.
     Cheers, Tom

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    Hello Brendan
    If you open the pages (that were exported from Muse) locally from your computer, do they look fine? You need to go to the place where you exported as HTML from Muse and open the pages from there. If they look fine there, then the version of the pages exported by Muse is fine.

  • Updated firefox and now my pogo game windows are not opening fully

    pogo game windows are smaller than they should be. Can't see other people chatting in rooms

    You posted with a Firefox 3.6.12 user agent:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101026 Firefox/3.6.12
    Did you reinstall an older Firefox 3.6.x version (3.6.16 is current)?
    This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Bookmarks_history_and_toolbar_buttons_not_working_-_Firefox
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Lost_bookmarks

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    I recently updated my iPhone 4 to ios6, and now when I connect to itunes it says ,"The iPhone “_____’s iPhone” cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.6.3 or later. Go to www.itunes.com to download the latest version of iTunes."
    My itunes is currently 10.6 (40), and when I check if theres an update it says, "This version of iTunes (10.6) is the current version."
    I have a 13" white macbook (I don't think apple sells it anymore). Software: Mac OS X Version 10.5.8.
    According to my software update, it is currently up to date ("Software Update doesn’t have any new software for your computer at this time.")
    I tried downloading itunes 7, but says I can't ("This software requires Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later.")
    How much would the software update to 10.6.8 cost? And what are the steps to doing it?
    Thank you.

    No - I updated my iphone last week to ios 6 and now when I use my phone in my car to listen to my music on the iphone it says 'no directory...'.  I tried another iphone, just updated, and it said the same thing - then I asked if I could use a iPod, it's the old version ios 5 and it worked fine. 

  • I have just updated my software to 10.8.2 and now my sound doesn't work. Any suggestions?

    I have just updated my software to 10.8.2 and now my sound doesn't work. Any suggestions?

    I used disk permission repair to try to resolve this as well as a 'soft' restart. Still have a grayed-out mute checkbox in the sound section of system preferences.

  • Syching my iphone4 after updating to ios6 and now half my photos aren't showing up in my phone.

    syching my iphone4 after updating to ios6 and now half my photos aren't showing up in my phone.

    Did you restore from backup on iTunes or did you use iCloud?
    Did you sync with iTunes? Is iTunes section for photos checked to sync all your photo locations?
    Also, with photo streaming sometimes you need to switch from Album to photo stream to see some photos.
    If your photos are on your computer still, they can be added back. if not and you depended solely on iCloud, then they may be gone.

  • HT4623 I've updated to IOS6 and now i couldn't open any apps and they're automatically close. And can't sync with itunes properly.. Help me!!

    I've updated to IOS6 and now i couldn't open any apps and they're automatically close. And can't sync with itunes properly.. Help me!!

    Perform a Reset... Try again...
    Reset  ( No Data will be Lost )
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons.

  • TS3212 hi my iphone was updated to IOS6 and now it wont play my music it just scroles through all the titles please help

    my iphone was updated with IOS6 and now it wont play any of my music it just svroles through every song and wont stop i turned it off using the twin keys start and turn off but still no help please can some one halp me this apple softwear is crap

    Hi alicia243,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If your iPhone wont power on, I recommend going through these steps first:
    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting
    Will not turn on, will not turn on unless connected to power, or unexpected power off
    Verify that the Sleep/Wake button functions. If it does not function, inspect it for signs of damage. If the button is damaged or is not functioning when pressed, seek service.
    Check if a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is activated or there are signs of corrosion. Learn about LCIs and corrosion.
    Connect the iPhone to the iPhone's USB power adapter and let it charge for at least ten minutes.
    After at least 30 minutes, if:
    The home screen appears: The iPhone should be working. Update to the latest version of iOS if necessary. Continue charging it until it is completely charged and you see this battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen . Then unplug the phone from power. If it immediately turns off, seek service.
    The low-battery image appears, even after the phone has charged for at least 20 minutes: See "iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive" symptom in this article.
    Something other than the Home screen or Low Battery image appears, continue with this article for further troubleshooting steps.
    If the iPhone did not turn on, reset it while connected to the iPhone USB power adapter.
    If the display turns on, go to step 4.
    If the display remains black, go to next step.
    Connect the iPhone to a computer and open iTunes. If iTunes recognizes the iPhone and indicates that it is in recovery mode, attempt to restore the iPhone. If the iPhone doesn't appear in iTunes or if you have difficulties in restoring the iPhone, see this article for further assistance.
    If restoring the iPhone resolved the issue, go to step 4. If restoring the iPhone did not solve the issue, seek service.

  • HT1766 I update my iPhone to ios6 and now it won't download anything why

    I update to the ios6 and now I can't download anything why

    try the following
    -clearing multi tasking ( double tapping then home button, hold down a app and hit the minus sign on all the apps)
    -sign out and back in to the app store
    -reset the phone
    -restore the phone as new

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