Upgrading Operating System in Boot Camp Partition

I am currently running Windows XP in my Boot Camp partition. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out in October. Can I so this with the upgrade version of Windows 7 without removing the Boot Camp partition? I understand that you can't install an upgrade version of an operating system when you create a boot camp partition, but I'm wondering if you can do so if you are upgrading an existing operating system?

Only Vista, and you would need NTFS and do clean install.
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  • "Error loading operating system" in Boot Camp/VMWare OK

    Hi, I'm getting "Error loading operating system" followed by the pc blinking _
    when I try to boot directly into Windows XP Pro using the option key at startup now w/ Boot Camp. But the partition works fine when using VMWare Fusion from within Mac OS X.
    It used to work fine booting both into boot camp and VMWare. Any ideas, I'm pretty stumped here....
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    Yes I am sure I've read of others, but on VMware Fusion forum.

  • I guess I didn't explaine that I have a healthy operating Windows 8 Boot camp partition on my hard drive. When I upgraded to Mavericks I am no long able to access the bootcamp partition from the disk icon in system preferences; the Windows 8 works fine.

    On both Mini Mac and iMac 27" I am no longer able to utalize the Startup Disk icon in System Preferences; the Windows 8 on Bootcamp partition works fine if I close the Mavericks OX and select the Windows partition at bootup from the hard drive. My question is why don't the icon in System Prederences work anymore since I upgraded to Mavericks. Also, Users & Groups, Printers & Scanners icons no longer work either.

    On both Mini Mac and iMac 27" I am no longer able to utalize the Startup Disk icon in System Preferences; the Windows 8 on Bootcamp partition works fine if I close the Mavericks OX and select the Windows partition at bootup from the hard drive. My question is why don't the icon in System Prederences work anymore since I upgraded to Mavericks. Also, Users & Groups, Printers & Scanners icons no longer work either.

  • Does anyone know what will happen to my boot camp partition once I upgrade to lion?

    I have MacBook Pro (4,1) running leopard 10.6.8 and am hesitant about the upgrade to lion because I have a FAT boot camp partition with window xp in it and a number of apps that I wouldn't like to lose in the process. Does anybody know how the upgrade handles the boot camp partition?

    While this is the way it is supposed to work, because the Lion upgrade does try to create a new Recovery HD partition on the system disk, there is a chance that the BootCamp partition can be corrupted. Unfortunately Apple does not provide a tool or instructions on how to backup the BootCamp partition. I have had good results with WinClone even though the program seems to be no longer supported. I have just restored my XP BootCamp partition after my live partition was apparently corrupted by my Lion install. My recommendation to anyone running a BootCamp partition would be to back it up prior to any upgrade attempt.

  • Scanning windows boot camp partition for viruses from mac system

    is there any way that i can scan my boot camp partition (windows hard drive)from my mac operating system since i think this will remove more viruses and leave less chance for them to reappear.

    I would first buy or find the best malware/spyware AV software and firewall.
    An ounce of prevention costs less than the pound of cure.
    Backup Windows image with WinClone or something.
    ClamXav or Intego AV 5 are two ideas mentioned earlier.
    If you use the web and email you need to install some programs, free or commercial.
    My hat goes to Norton 2009 or their Windows 7 beta of Norton 360 v3 after using Kaspersky and AVG Suites.

  • Will upgrading to Snow Leopard affect my Windows 7 boot camp partition?

    Did some preliminary searching on this before posting but couldn't find with confidence my answer. Does anybody know? Details below.
    Q: Will upgrading to Snow Leopard affect my Windows 7 boot camp partition?
    I'm running 10.5.8 on a single drive with two partitions. 1st partition for OS-x is extended (journaled), 2nd partiction (ntfs) has solid version of Windows 7 RC, build 7100 running.

    Hi Michael,
    here are some nice 'Myths and Facts' about Intel Macs and BootCamp http://refit.sourceforge.net/myths/
    Bottom line: while not exactly needed for installing Windows on an Intel-based Mac, the BootCamp Assistant 'streamlines' the process with a nice GUI (no need for 'cryptic' Terminal commands).
    Mac OSX as of now (10.5 Leopard and above) plus the uptodate firmware for Intel-Macs already include everything needed to install and boot Windows.
    Deleting or reformating an OSX partition does not affect the Windows partition.
    However a repartitioning of course does, if the Windows partition is on the same harddisk.
    But even a repartitioning of any other harddisk (ones that not have the Windows partition on them) does not affect the Windows partition.
    Did that myself when adding/upgrading the harddisks in my Mac Pro.
    Nonetheless, when 'fumbling' with harddisks and partition structure I always have backups of my important files at hand.
    Take care

  • I have recently purchased a hybred 750GbHDD as an upgrade for my MAC Book Pro (Intell Version) I have a boot camp partition to the original 500GB HDD. How can I expand both partitions to fit the new drive?

    I have recently purchased a hybred 750GbHDD as an upgrade for my MAC Book Pro (Intell Version) I have a boot camp partition to the original 500GB HDD. How can I expand both partitions to fit the new drive?
    I have tried bootcamp and have had no luck due to the fact that boot camp doesn't see the additional HDD space of 250Gb. What am I not doing?

    Ouch, well there is a problem.
    This is the stack of partitions on your old drive
    EFI (hidden)
    Lion (50GB say)
    Bootcamp (50GB say)
    Lion Recovery Partiton (hidden)
    This is the same stack on your new drive imaged from the old one.
    EFI (hidden)
    Lion (50GB say)
    Bootcamp (50GB say)
    Lion Recovery Partiton (hidden)
    Emtpy Space (100GB say)
    This is what you want
    EFI (hidden)
    Lion (100GB say)
    Bootcamp (100GB say)
    Lion Recovery Partiton (hidden)
    EFI has to be at the top of the drive and Lion Recovery has to be at the bottom of the drive.
    And you only have four partitions.
    You can't move the Lion Recovery Partition or Bootcamp partiton, however you can expand the Lion Partition into empty space below it. (but can't delete or move the Lion Recovery partition)
    Your Duplicator duplicated perfectly, too perfectly Likely would work with same sized drives/partitions.
    This is what your going to need to do.
    You need to move the Bootcamp partition to a blank external drive using WinClone and disconnect. This is so you have two backups of it. (one on your old 500GB drive)
    You will need a drive enclousre or IDE/SATA to USB adapter cable for the older 500GB drive and option key boot from it. (some enclosures can't be booted from so check first Other World Computing is good place to ask)
    Download the free Carbon Copy Cloner, grab any new files off the new 750GB internal drive to the old 500GB your booted from.
    Open Apple's Disk Utility and Erase with Zero option the entire internal 750GB drive and let it rip, this will map off as many bad sectors and improve reliability.
    Now use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the 500GB Lion + Lion Recovery Partitions to the internal 750GB, it will "fix" things and place Lion Recovery at the bottom of the drive where it belongs, give all the extra space to OS X Lion.
    Next your going to have to follow WinClones instructions to restore your Bootcamp, likely you will have to recreate the Bootcamp partition first (in Bootcamp) to the size you want and then clone. Likely Winclone may "fix" Windows to recognize it's in a new larger partition now. I don't know you'll have to check as I haven't used it.
    When Bootcamp creates the partition it will place it near the bottom next to the Lion Recovery Partition.
    As you know you will have to re-validate Windows with Lord Redmond or it expires as you changed the hardware.

  • Upgrading to OS X Lion - Effects on Boot Camp partition

    I have a 2011 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and I also have a Boot Camp partition with Windows 7 in it.
    Will upgrading to OS X Lion using the Mac App Store affect my Boot Camp partition? Any recommendations on how I should do this?
    Thank you.

    External hard drives are the cheapest insurance you can
    get for a computer.  Even if you don't update, there is always
    a chance the hard drive or even the computer could die.
    Any way, I installed Lion on two machines with Bootcamp
    partitions and had no issues.  Both were Windows7 64 bit.
    I think it just grabs the 650 meg it uses from the OSX

  • Upgrading MBP HD with a boot camp partition

    Hi all,
    I'm upgrading the HD in my late-2006 MBP. It currently has a Boot Camp partition running WinXP and between the two partitions, I've run out of room. I've upgraded Mac HDs before and know about Carbon Copy Cloner, but I am not sure how to migrate both partitions. Is there a software tool that will clone both partitions at once? If not, how do I go about doing this?
    Thanks in advance,

    I don't know if I want to go the virtualization route.
    Both VMware Fusion and Parallels offer a free 30-day trial, in case you want to check it out, and VirtualBox is free.
    Thanks for leaving feedback in Apple Discussions by marking a "helpful" post.
    Good luck.

  • Want to upgrade Windows and migrate to a new Boot Camp partition

    I'm a dedicated Mac user who must on occasion use Windows at work.
    Knowing that it's always best to make changes one step at a time, I'm looking for recommendations before embarking on a multi-step upgrade and migration:
    MBP 2009, Core 2 Duo, 3.06 gHz, 8Gb RAM, 500 gb hd
    OSX Lion10.7.1
    Parallels 7
    Windows XP SP2
    No Boot Camp Partition
    Create a Boot Camp partition and migrate Windows to there
    This will allow me to keep all my Windows files in one place and have access to them regardless of whether I boot into Windows natively via Boot Camp or via a virtual device using Parallels
    Upgrade to XP to Windows 7 using Windows 7 Pro Upgrade for Vista
    I bought this as a pre-release two whole years ago
    Hey -- was told then on the MS web site that this path would work...
    Use iCloud to sync my Apple stuff with my Windows stuff (Calendar, Contacts)
    I currently do this successfully via MobileMe and Outlook Exchange
    However, iCloud requires that syncing with Windows requires Vista or newer (so gotta go to Windows 7, 'cuz ain't going Vista)
    Migrate all my Windows applications and files without having to do clean installs
    I know, clean installs are always better
    However, IT support at work is always overloaded, so I choose this route for now
    Also, I regularly use Super Duper to back-up (clone) my internal HD  -- and have restored a number of times, always successfully -- so that necessary step is well covered.
    Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance.

    I ended up deleting my WinXP partition and the upgrade to OSX 10.7 went fine.

  • Windows 7 Boot Camp partition doesn't show in the System Preferences.

    I'm running an up to date 10.6.2 on my OS X partition and Windows 7 x64 on my boot camp partition. When I looked at the start up disk preference pane the windows 7 installation didn't show. Is this normal? 32bit XP always showed in the past. If not, what should I do to fix it? I know that I can boot into windows by holding down the alt key on boot but I would like to know this is working correctly.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Steve Bunt
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    Make sure that you have a good install of the Apple drivers (boot camp 3.x) in Windows and that Boot Camp Control Panel there works so that you can set the default OS to either, and that it works.
    But yes, someone else mentioned the same problem or bug.
    The only cause I've seen in the past was where Mac OS X had an NTFS driver and control panel (Paragon, MacFUSE, etc) and you had to use their control panel in OS X.

  • How can I get Lion to recognize my boot camp partition.

    Yesterday morning I found my mac suffered from a b-tree failure and was unable to access OS X 10.6. I ended up booting into my Boot camp partition of Windows XP and backed it up then reinstalled Snow leopard. Then I upgraded to Lion, saw it fail due to a partitioning issue, created a 2gb partition called Mac HD 2 (by shrinking mac hd), saw i could install but not full install. So I created another partition and installed Lion successfully. Got into Lion and shrunk my 2x 2GB partitions into one 4GB partition. My Windows XP hard drive boot camp partition was still on my desktop. I can access all the files but I can not boot into it. When I hold down the option key there is only Mac HD or Recovery partition.
    Is there any way to get the boot camp partition to work?
    I did notice that when I was looking through the settings I could choose which HD was the default boot option. Mac hd with 10.7 and a folder called Windows XP were both available.

    We also cannot get Robohelp to recognize our FrameMaker installation. 
    We are using Robohelp 9  and Framemaker 11.
    We are in the process of moving all of our Robohelp content to Framemaker, but our project team still needs CHM files for the next release or so.  So we figured we could move our content to Frame 11, then import the Frame content into Robohelp when we needed to generate the CHM files.
    The process works great when we use RH 10 and Frame 11, but we get the following error when we use RH 9:
    "This operation cannot be completed without FrameMaker.  Install FrameMaker and try again."
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Frame 11 and RH 9, but am still getting the same error.  Buying a set of new Robohelp 10 licenses probably isn't an option.
    Any other suggestions?

  • How do I make a clone of the Boot camp partition?

    My MacBook Air (10.6.8) is having problems and I need to send it away for repairs. Before I do that I want to make a clone of everything and put it on my new MacBook Pro (10.7.2)
    I am making a clone of the Mac partition using Carbon Copy Cloner. That has worked well as a backup for me.
    The only problem is I need to make a clone of the Boot camp partition (Windows partition) and I don't know how.
    I want to make an exact clone so it has all the operating system, files and everything.
    The other question is when should I make a Bootcamp partition?
    Should I migrate the clone to the new mac using Migration Assistant, and then make a boot camp partition? And then what are the exact steps putting the clone onto the boot camp partition?
    Thanks for any help.

    Here are some previous coments made on this forun regarding backup of a Boot Camp  partition. I use Paragon HDMSuite 2011.
    Casper 6 does seem to work;
    WinClone was handy for XP users but doesn't for instance check for errors during the backup only during restore.  Winclone was discontinued at 2.2, all 2.3 versions are hacks (removal of the OS check seems to be the main thing) There has been no deveoplment or support for a while now.
    Acronis 2011 w/ plus pak, didn't work well previously
    Ghost 15 - probably not
    Casper 6 works for Windows on Boot Camp only
    CopyCatX is more lengthy and sector copy so takes the longest.
    Paragon Hard Drive Suite 2011 because it works great
    and they have CampTune
    Windows 7 system backup and restore - Apple's goofy HFS read-only interferes with system and file backup.
    I have also used Casper, Clonezilla and Paragon but less regularly, Casper failed a few times, I stopped using it, Clonezilla worked but took forever (for me) Paragon (which I have only used twice) was the best but my sample is limited.
    I have restored from DU, CCC, SuperDuper and TM, they all worked, TM was slower but not a lot, you can boot from the others, which I prefer.
    HDM 2011 can do either offline or online backups, the difference is that with an offline backup, the entire partition (or disk) is unallocated. In an online backup, the backup utility is running against a partition that may be making changes to itself. When you run CCC or SD! in OS X, you're running an online backup. However, I would recommend (at least for the first backup) that you boot from the HDM recovery CD to do an offline backup. This will ensure that you have an *exact* copy of the parition/disk.
    Since this is you first time backing up your partition, I would suggest using one of the Backup Wizards. They'll guide you through the backup process and keep you from doing something wrong  Similarly, use the Restore Wizard to restore your partition/drive.
    HDMS 2011-  back up a dual-boot Mac to an external USB drive, do:
    1) Boot from the Recovery Disk (I'm assuming that the backup hard drive is attached before you reboot)
    2) Select Paragon Hard Disk Manager
    3) Launch the Backup Wizard by selecting Wizards > Backup Wizard
    4) Select the Mac hard disk (not the partition) where it asks "what to backup"
    5) On the Backup Destination page, select "Save data to any local drive or a network share"
    6) Hit the radio button for the "Save to local drive option" (unless you got a boatload of DVD's  )
    7) Select the external USB drive as the backup destination
    8) Look over and correct the name and comments
    9) Hit Next to start the backup
    When it's done, you have an entire copy of your Mac's HD saved to external media.
    If you need to recover your HD, just run the Recovery Wizard and reverse the process.

  • How do I write to my boot camp partition with Paragon NTFS that comes with Mountain Lion?  Or how do I get my boot camp partition to show up in Paragon's "Available NTFS partitions:" panel like my external hard drive does?

    I've just set up boot camp on my MacBookPro with a freshly installed Mountain Lion and Windows 7. 
    I would like to read and write in both directions from drive to drive if possible.  I've hunted around quite a bit to try and work this out, and so far I understand that one can write to or transfer files from one drive to the other with Paragon NTFS among other softwares. 
    I noticed when I looked in my system preferences the utility "Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X" came with Mountain Lion and it will recognize an external hard drive when I have one plugged in under "Available NTFS partitions:".  However, it does not automatically recognize my NTFS boot camp partition nor does it automatically give me write access. 
    Is the Paragon NTFS that comes with Mountain Lion limited in some way? 
    Do I still need to purchase and download the software of the same name from Paragon to get the full write privilidges I want or is there something I can do to get the version of Paragon on my MAC to recognize and give me write priviledges to my boot camp partition?
    I'm open to all suggestions to get the read / write access between partitions in my boot camped drive.
    MacFUSE is also listed in the System Preferences of my machine (it also came with Mountain Lion), if that helps.  I'm still working out exactly what each of these is supposed to do and how I can use it to accomplish the task at hand.
    My boot camp drive does appear normally in other contexts and in disk utility it indicates that the drive is mounted.
    Thank you for any guidance you can give me. 

    Interesting. Comes with? you didn't have either before? Paragon is commercial and is now v. 10.0, they were the only one keeping updated and was supporting 10.7.4. I would not enable more than one.
    For writing to HFS Paragon has theirs but probably give the nod to MacDrive there.
    I never do an upgrade to a new OS over the old system, I backup (clone) and format the drive with the new OS and do the install so whatever is there I know is clean and also to keep from carrying around leftovers from years and systems past.
    I would assme Paragon is limited. Try their site and knowledge base?
    Paragon HFS
    Paragon NTFS

  • Boot Camp Partition no longer shows in StartUp Control Panel

    My Boot Camp partition no longer shows in StartUp Control Panel, but does show up using Option Key at startup. This started soon after the latest Parallels update. The Boot Camp partition seems normal and healthy in the finder. Once started via the Option Key, Windows XP-SP3 runs fine. Upgrading to BC 3.0 did not have any affect.
    I've tried LOTS of troubleshooting strategies, including completely deinstalling Parallels. Deleting obvious preferences, etc.. No joy.
    Any suggestions?

    if I remember correctly Parallels installs some kind of file system driver to OSX to access NTFS files system partitions.
    The 'case of the missing Windows partition' is widely spread when using these NTFS file system drivers in OSX.
    (Others are NTFS-3G; Paragons NTFS for Mac and Tuxera NTFS for Mac).
    To my knowledge there is no other remedy to this phenomenon then to deinstall the NTFS drivers.
    But as long as the Option-key is working maybe you can live with it.
    Or use rEFIt http://refit.sourceforge.net/ as a Boot-Menu.

Maybe you are looking for

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